Does Anyone Think Biden’s Seen the Latest Polls on Support for Gun Control? Anyone?

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From the CCRKBA

The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms today is calling on President Joe Biden to acknowledge the results of a new ABC News/Washington Post poll released this week showing 51 percent of Americans oppose a ban on so-called “assault weapons,” a 10-point rise in opposition since 2019.

“The poll results were available a full day ahead of Biden’s State of the Union address,” noted CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb, “yet there he was Tuesday night, telling Congress and the American people to ‘ban assault weapons now,’ as if ordained by some higher power to ignore the Constitution and stigmatize millions of law-abiding gun owners just to enjoy a brief moment of manufactured drama near the end of his speech.”

Biden’s gun prohibition crusade dates back decades. A perennial anti-gunner, he let slip during a CNN Townhall broadcast in 2021 that he not only wants to ban semiautomatic rifles, he wants to ban the most popular pistols in America as well.

CCRKBA national television advertising, viewed by millions of Americans, included Biden’s unintentional admission during that Townhall session, “Whether it’s a 9mm pistol or a rifle, it is ridiculous. I am continuing to push to eliminate the sale of those things.” Thanks to that advertising effort, the public now realizes Biden’s true goal is to ban all privately owned firearms, one step at a time, and they don’t support him.

“This is such a dramatic shift in public opinion that not even Joe Biden and his speechwriters could claim not to have noticed,” Gottlieb observed. “The White House pays attention to polling, so we can only conclude the president was hoping nobody would notice. Well, we did, and we’re calling him out. He can’t just sweep this new survey under the rug.

“Biden needs a bogey man cause,” he continued, “and guns have always been his favorite target. It’s easy to demonize firearms when you’ve got an establishment media to parrot, rather than challenge, anything you say because much, if not most, of the press is ignorant about guns and the millions of citizens who own them.

“But,” Gottlieb stated, “the public appears to be catching on, even if the White House press corps is oblivious. We’re encouraged by the new poll results because they suggest people are finally figuring out that the problem isn’t guns, but the policies of this administration and Biden’s allies on Capitol Hill and in state legislatures. The country is changing course and Biden should get aboard. He needs to abandon the ship of gun prohibition because it has clearly run aground, is taking on water and is sinking.”

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  1. Biden is not motivated by polls. But then, neither am I. What he wants is for everyone to do as he asks without question. You should follow his dictates simply because he said so otherwise you are a “threat to democracy” (as if this country were a democracy). He wants gun bans and everyone else in this country should comply. This is the very definition of ‘tyrant’.

    • Remember what Elon Musk said: “The Real President is whoever controls the teleprompter.” Biden is nothing more than a Manchurian Candidate in an empty suit. His ‘Handlers’ are making all the decisions. He is the tradeoff made by the Liberal Progressive Democrat Leadership. For allowing an old man with Dementia to live out his dream of being President.

      • The tactics smelly democRats use to demonize Gun Owners is nothing more than the same tactics used by Jim Crow Gun Control democRats to demonize Black Americans…Today’s Gun Control democRats simply erased Black in their Jim Crow playbook and inserted Gun Owner. Sneaky democRats get away with what is blatent discrimination against citizens exercising a Constitutional Řight because way too many Gun Owners are history illiterates who are numb to cuts from a thousand razors because they do not know Jim Crow from Old Crow.

        • Is Jim Crow related to Fred Bear?
          This has to be Dacian on meds.
          “Debbie” has a penis and babbles. again.

      • Liberals had NOTHING to do with Biden getting elected. He’s about as “liberal” as Dick Nixon. So find another bogeyman to project your delusions upon.

    • THERE WILL BE more ‘orchestrated’ gun violence on the innocent. The ‘swamp’ does NOT care how many are purposely sacrificed, in the name of disarming the lawful gun owner, just so long as the ‘sheeple’ get tired of the news media harping on gun confiscation and they ignorantly (democrats) believe that that is the answer.
      ONE of the communist ‘planks’, IS getting rid of private gun ownership AND The Second Amendment.

    • Is Biden capable of reading and understand what he’s read? Or does Jill read the daily briefings aloud and hopes he understands? She’s the real president.

  2. Biden and the ruling clique don’t care about no stinking polls, they want what they want when they want it.

    Gun control is like a religious belief to them. Anyway, the goal isn’t to make people safe, it’s to make themselves safe from “the people”. It’s all about the few at the top making the rest of us subservient to their will and disarming us is a necessary step to achieve that goal. Polls be damned.

    • At last someone is paying attention. It is all about their safety not ours. Climate change is their religion, and their vehicle to arrive at one world government. Eyes to see, ears to hear.

  3. Why would the communists that own the left wing portion of the Democrat party and Biden himself care? It isn’t like he can be re-elected. They have less than two years to do whatever damage they can to gun rights and the courts may block most or all of that.

  4. Has he seen them? No.

    If he did, would he care? No.

    Does he understand the Constitution and the concept of inherent rights? No.

    Does he care that his proposals would only penalize law-abiding citizens and not criminals? No.

    Is he in charge of deciding the flavor of pudding he’ll have after dinner? No.

  5. It’s typical politics. Play to the base for donations, then pretend to be close to the center close to election time to fool the voters in the middle. Getting elected (or re-elected) is all that matters to them.

    • Yep, that’s been the Democrat party’s playbook for the last 50+ years, but the internet has made it increasingly difficult for them to conceal the pretending. And yep, again, acquiring power is the only thing that matters.

      • The Dems have certainly perfected the electoral process to win every time. They will support an opposition for now to maintain pretences.

  6. If even if he saw the poll, there is no guarantee he would know what he saw or care.
    In the left’s mind their polls are gospel and ours are trash.

  7. “Does Anyone Think Biden’s Seen the Latest Polls on Support for Gun Control? Anyone?”

    Does anyone in their right mind think it would make a difference? Pudding head doesn’t think anything. His administration drugs him up to get through interviews. He can’t even regurgitate teleprompter lines without adding the literal “repeat line”. I would absolutely love to screw with that teleprompter. It would be so much fun.

    • Ross,
      Right! This idiot has to be introduced to the mirror by one of the jackals in his administration. Then he stares blankly into it with an empty thought bubble above his head just like one of my favorite cartoonists Branco portrays him.

  8. even if he did read it or knows about it he wouldn’t care anyway. he wouldn’t care if guns were proven to be 100% safe in all circumstances because he wants to get rid of us owning any weapons to defend ourselves against their Draconian ways.

  9. I’m not particularly concerned about Biden. Political make-up has vastly altered Biden’s gun agenda and threats which like himself are empty shells.

    Important court decisions such as Heller, Bruen, McDonald and Caetano have groomed the slopes for gun rights and while the wheels of justice do turn slow, one can visualize a foreseeable and inevitable long-term success.

  10. Would a pro-2a president take 51% as a mandate to push pro-gun policies as a capstone feature of an administration?

    51% is a coin-toss, subject to the emotions of the day. Not surprising an anti-gun party would discount the data.

  11. Do approval ratings matter? LGB is oblivious (except for his pedo proclivities) while his crew is filling lower federal courts with political communists.

  12. Listen here Jack. You’re gonna learn to love my favorite four letter word: B-A-N, as in ban assault weapons now! Having 9mm assault weapons are one of the classic hallmarks of being a fascist. Listen up folks. I freed Nelson Mandela from prison so we didn’t have to live under fascist rule. No joke! I’ll be damned if I’m going to sit by, and sleep on the job, while America becomes great again! THINK ABOUT WHAT’S YOU THINK ABOUT!

  13. A ban on assault weapons …??? Are they going to dis-arm the military ..??? I don’t know about you, but I do not know anyone who has an assault weapon.

  14. Without going to specific models or cosmetic features define assault weapon. Just a generic definition. Since actual, select fire, burst fire, or full auto weapons are not commonly available to the general public, assault weapons are a non issue. Semi automatic, or self loading firearms are common designs and have been commonly available for a century in various calibers and formats, there is no way to eliminate them.

  15. “Without going to specific models or cosmetic features define assault weapon.”

    Are you kidding? Really? Define an assault weapon?

    Here ya’ go:
    Any object used in assaulting another person is, by definition, an “assault weapon”.

    Including the planet-busting .9mm, with chainsaw bayonet, that firea over 100 rounds per second, so long as the thingy in the back is up. Ok, you’re right, even if the thingy in the back is down, the .9mm with chainsaw bayonet is an assault weapon.

  16. Biden is lost. He’s protected by handlers and everything he does is carefully choreographed so as to avoid obvious exposure to his failing mental state. It’s going to get steadily worse, not better.

  17. “Biden is lost.”

    Not to worry, Dr. Jill is preping for her campaign for president. She will keep Biden propped (literally) until she is ready to become the face of the Biden campaign. I don’t think, should she live, Jill Biden will countenance a second presidential term with Kamala as VP (and there are no prohibitions on Dr. Jill being the VP candidate for Joe 2024).

  18. We finally see a regime that will attempt, if they see any way possible to take our guns. FJB has already said he’d use F16s and nukes on the people. No one should give an inch when they come for our guns. Remember if you don’t have guns you can grab them off the battlefield when your neighbors put down the government men.

  19. I cannot comment my thoughts on here. No doubt they’d get me a visit from the FedBois (Phuck Them Too).

  20. When you treat your citizens like second rate people in favor of criminals, minorities, illegals, and whoever they favor over the average American Citizen what do they expect. People are wising up about their socialist agenda and are starting to realize all these policies are aimed at subjugating the American Public. Most people in this Country are committed to seeing that does not happen and as things get worse more and more people will gravitate to the anti-Biden side.

  21. Public opinion polls, statistics, facts and the Constitution don’t matter to the Communists who are now in power in America. They have an agenda to disarm ‘We the People’ so that they can totally dominate and control us without the threat of armed resistance. FJB is just an empty suit and ‘useful idiot’ that is the public face of the real power brokers that control him. Let there be no doubt that the Communist Democrat Party’s real goal is to make private gun ownership illegal. They have been at this for over 60 years by exploiting tragic events and using ‘crime’ as an excuse to fool the public into buying their hidden agenda under the guise of ‘public safety’. Dictatorship 101 — Control the guns, control the people.

  22. Biden has always been a fool and a liar. Now he is a senile fool and a liar. The only people worse than him are the fools who voted for him. But we know what Democrat voters are like. Just look at the fools in PA who voted for Fetterman, and look what they got for their efforts. We can only hope that enough people have woken up by 2024 to get Biden out of office.

    • “Just look at the fools in PA who voted for Fetterman,”

      That election is working as designed. The people in charge knew Fetterman couldn’t function, but the sympathy vote was too valuable to pass up. Fetterman will be replaced with someone who could not have won the popular vote.

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