Did the ATF Approve Straw Purchases Headed for Mexico?

If this allegation by Carter’s Country in Houston, Texas is true, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (and Really Big Fires) has been encouraging at least one gun dealer—probably more—to break the law against selling guns to so-called straw purchasers buying guns to smuggle into Mexico. This at the same time that the Agency was busy sucking $83 million dollars out of the taxpayer’s wallet to create Project Gunrunner to combat the problem, which it was enabling. The key point in that equation: we have no evidence that the ATF successfully prosecuted ANY of the purchasers flagged by Carter’s Country on behalf of the feds.

TTAG is investigating the drug cartels’ arms supply for an article in the Washington Times. Suffice it to say, the ATF has been playing-up the “iron river” of American guns heading south, knowing that this river is really a trickle, and that their efforts are the law enforcement equivalent of pissing in the wind. Or, if you prefer, a lousy landing at the wrong airport. More information to follow . . .

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