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There’s never a shortage of DGU articles, it seems. Wouldn’t it be great to wake up one morning, pull up the news, and not be able to find a single shooting story? Sadly, that ain’t gonna happen. Seems there’s a never-ending supply of criminals, thugs, and other assorted dumbasses, ready and willing to contribute their stories – and often their lives – to the library of defensive gun use incidents…

Sometimes the story carries a touch of humor, usually involving nudity or getting shot in the ass. These stories get play, not from any desire to cover citizen self-defense, but because there’s a hook, a tagline that’ll get clicks and reads for the news department. Another popular type of story is the “hero epic,” where a local news reporter gives it their all, telling the tale of a brave and often quotable member of society doing their part to rein in crime. It helps if the antagonist is dumb enough to rob an openly pro-2A establishment.

When the target’s an elderly woman on oxygen, you have to wonder just how low a lowlife can go. Good thing this granny was packin’ a .44. “It’s a big gun,” she said. Well, yeah. Thanks, unnamed lady, for putting a .44 slug in the unnamed guy’s unnamed body part.

You know it’s a different world from the one experienced by the anti-gun types in their anti-rights metropolis, when you see the local news sporting a poll asking what to do if there’s a mountain lion on your porch (shoot it, of course). Rapid City, South Dakota resident Tom Wilson was cleared of all charges after the court decided his fatal shooting of 21-year-old Dallas Two Bulls was justified. Two Bulls’ twin sister was getting drunk with the 69-year-old Wilson, and when Dallas showed up, you could say he was agitaged. He took a baseball bat to Wilson, beating him up pretty bad before Wilson pulled a 9mm handgun and killed Two Bulls.

Right up there next to, “Old People are Good Shots and Will Kill You” should be, “Don’t Mess with Women Named Bertha.” That lesson was lost on young Michael Sizemore, who didn’t think his newfound friendship with Roy and Bertha Lowman was moving at an acceptable pace. Things got hot, he was asked to leave, and he did what any not-too-bright newly-minted adult would do: picked up a metal pipe and started beating the shit out of the Lowman’s car. Roy went to stop him, and ended up on the hard end of the pipe. Bertha would have none of that. Three shots from a rifle put three bullets in (or through) Sizemore, who’s in serious condition.

Neighbors friends, and relatives can be crazy, but it’s nice when they have your back. A seven-year veteran deputy of Harris County, Texas, shot and killed 22-year-old Corey Hayes, who paid the price for escalating the situation after everybody else did the right thing. When a domestic argument turned ugly, Hayes’ mother and grandmoter ran from their apartment and to the safety of their neighbor, the aforementioned reserve deputy. Hayes followed, breaking down the deputy’s door, and received one round to the chest.

Rounding out this week’s DGUs, Detroit’s back on the map where another Good Citizen took control of the situation and killed one of two robbers at a local hot dog joint. I can hear the screams of the grabbers, “But a good Coney isn’t worth dying for!” It’s not the Coney we’re defending; it’s the life of the guy making the Coney, the girl at the register, and the innocent patrons. Good thing someone took action, or this could have been just another CGU tragedy.

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  1. This has been happening since Cain slew Able and will continue to happen. I’m always interested in reading about citizens defending themselves, thanks for the articles. As I’ve aged, I realized I have no choice but to use a gun to protect myself. There are many old timers like me who have a gun for self defense. It’s a dangerous game to attack the old folks.

    • As I’ve aged, I realized I have no choice but to use a gun to protect myself.

      Smart man. I’m 65 and my days of going all kung phooey on a bad guy’s a$$ are over. But I’m pretty sure that I can still shoot better than he can, and in defense of my own life I’ll also be a whole lot meaner than he will.

  2. I appreciate the DGU updates. It’s a public service and I relate them to friends. One complaint :the “elderly” woman on oxygen turned out to be 63…..please, I’m almost 61 and far from elderly.

  3. I didn’t start to carry until I was in my late 40’s. I just cannot defend myself against thugs that are 20 years younger and 100 pounds heavier that travel in numbers greater than 1. With the never ending attempts to disarm the public it would seem that turning me from senior citizen (62) into stalking prey is of no concern to the brady bunch, Obama, et al. Maybe I should learn karate. Don’t most people start to learn self defense when they hit 60? (sarcasm). Why must we be left total defenseless in a crumbling society? Maybe it is an extension of eugenics or Obama’s way of reducing SS liabilities. And relying on the local constables is a bit lame. All they will do is outline where I fell, if they remember their chalk, and interview my widow, if she survives.


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