Big Sandy’s Comin’ – Lessons from Katrina

It’s happening again. Random atmospheric events are combining to put the smackdown on a good portion of the country, this time aiming for the Northeast. As a former resident of Florida who’s weathered several hurricanes, I can offer this advice: be prepared, and do it now. There are plenty of lists of emergency supplies, and […]

DGU Week In Review

It can be hard to quantify defensive gun uses. Sure, we hear about bad guys getting shot every day, but it’s rare these days for a story to be press-worthy if no shots are actually fired. Bruce Krafft does an excellent job cataloging the meager data available for no-shots-fired DGUs, and I can only point […]

DGU Week In Review

A very interesting – if not obvious – statistic came bubbling up while perusing this week’s DGUs. Areas with restrictive gun ownership laws have fewer defensive gun use incidents. Imagine that. We just had our first DGU from our nation’s capital, for instance. Ironically, the only way our victim was able to acquire a gun […]

DGU Week In Review

The case for carrying a handgun is made in headlines around the country every single day. Circumstances are as varied as the different locales; the incident could occur when we’re at work just as easily as when we’re sitting at a traffic light. However, the most common location for defending yourself against a lethal threat […]

Alex Puts Her Trust In Strangers

Crossing the threshold of self-perceived safety and uncertainty can be tough for some. Attaining your goals at a young age leaves some in a coddled, sterile environment, free of the pressures of living in our hostile, unfamiliar world. Your perception is not necessarily everyone else’s reality and sometimes you need to break out of your […]