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After a week that’s been noteworthy for more than its share of downbeat gun-related news, it’s nice to close things out with a heartwarming story, right? Especially the kind of warm fuzzy you only get when a woman dispatches a wanna-be rapist to the second circle of hell. From “[T]he shooting Saturday occurred when 33-year-old Taos [NM] resident Lawrence Sandoval forced his way into [an un-named] woman’s home. She told deputies that she believed he followed her home from a gas station…According to deputies, the woman says Sandoval grabbed a knife, put the knife to her chin and told her to take off her clothes. The woman told deputies she then reached under her pillow, grabbed a loaded gun and shot him.” Larry won’t be bothering any more women. Ever. No one from the Brady Campaign or Mayor Bloomberg’s office could be reached for comment.

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  1. “No one from the Brady Campaign or Mayor Bloomberg’s office could be reached for comment.”

    Someone should actually e-mail them this story and vigorously call them about it until they can get a comment.

    • Yeah, no kidding. But we shouldn’t hold our breath on that because they’re only focused on creating victims in the world, not heroes and role models.

      • Dan Z and RF should send someone to go Michael Moore on them. Show up at their office and demand answers. lol

        • Good idea! Lets’ cut out the middleman and send Robert & Dan!!! My contribution of $5 for travel expense is in the mail.

  2. Crap Michael B…. You beat me to it!!!
    Congrats to the lady with the heavy duty pillow. I hope she is fine and all goes well if she has to appear in court for anything.
    One less bad guy, one more victim saved! A win all around!!

  3. Now, my wish for the day. That every woman hear this story. How interesting would it be for rapists if ALL (okay, I will settle for 99.9%) women were armed and prepared to defend themselves?

    • Amen! The more women in this world who learn to handle and shoot guns and then actively carry them, the safer our world will become.

  4. Great job by the would-be victim. If more people would think quickly and act calmly (and own guns), then we might well have even more precipitously falling crime rate.

    One point: I think Mr. Sandoval will be spending time in the Seventh Circle of Hell. The second is for lustful, and rape is not a passion problem. He should be in with those who are violent.

    • As I was about to post…Rape is a crime of violence against women, not a crime of passion or lust.

  5. Here’s the broad, general fact which one can discern from the FBI’s UCR, and not just for women:

    When one is criminally assaulted/robbed/invaded/etc, your chances of coming out of the encounter alive and uninjured go UP as you bring more force into the encounter.

    Your worst possible outcomes are those where the victim is passive and follows the oh-so-terribly helpful advice of the police and politicians – ie, offer no resistance and give them what they want.

    Bloomberg is guarded by his paid step-n-fetchits with guns, so he doesn’t have to sully himself with matters of his own protection, and therefore he’s able to claim to the contrary.

  6. Is it common practice to keep a gun under your pillow now? There have been multiple stories with this being the way that the gun was accessed lately. I don’t routinely place my head on loaded weapons and fall into a state of unconsciousness and wouldn’t recommend anyone else do it either, but you can’t mess with those results. Good job unnamed woman.

    • It is a very old-school technique. Yes, lots of people, especially women, used to sleep with a S&W or Colt under the pillow.

  7. No, the worst possible outcome is that you are slaughtered in your home, which may occur whether you do not resist or resist unsucessfully. Sometimes passive works and the criminal leaves you alive, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes resistance will cause the perp to flee, other times it may trigger a murderus retaliation. I don’t know of any studies that suggest the probability of any given outcome.

    • There have been some studies on the success rate of various actions versus violent crime, and the numbers show that using a gun defensively is almost always more effective in stopping the criminal act and bringing the victim through unharmed.

      I’ve seen a nifty little chart that summarizes the success rate of various tactics. A version of it was published here on TTAG a while back, I think. I couldn’t find that one. This one isn’t very easy to read, but has the same basic info:

  8. Time for a little show and tell. I’m originally from West Virginia, no secret there. On my Dad’s side of the family we have some not so savory members of society. Lot’s of violence and jail time there, and surprise, they’re all white.

    Had a first cousin. Pure biker trash. In and out of jail. His daddy did a strecth in the pen for rape. Cuz was in and out of the crossbar hotel for numerous reasons, mostly violence related. A lot against women. Met a woman in a bar and told her what he was going to do to her, that was his idea of romance. Told her her opinion in the matter meant nothing.

    She proved to him you can’t rape a .38. 6 times center mass and he died on the bar floor. Her hearing lasted about 20 minutes and she was ruled as justified.

    Fortunately for me my father broke with his family young and married a good woman that made it easier for him to live right and raise his kids right.

    i have always said that if you talk of empowering women and don’t include guns in the discussion you’re deluded or an outright liar.

  9. I guess it depends on the person and the pistol.

    Every night, as I lay me down to sleep, there’s a P7 under my pillow with a full mag and one in the chamber. You can’t “nudge” a P7 into an AD, and since I live alone, I don’t have to worry about mis-identifying a friendly.

  10. yeah OHgunner, Unless you have wandering hands while you’re asleep, kind of like sleep walking but with just your hands, no better place to keep a loaded gun to deal with immediate threats of a home invasion when asleep.

    P.S. I had this as a reply but it ended up at the bottom, computers!

  11. Two years ago during a winter storm a car pulled out from a stop sign and my wife struck the vehicle. My wife called me and I came down to wait for the police with her. After the Denver Police Officer took all the info from both drivers he returned to his patrol car. A few minutes later he got back out of his car and returned to my wife’s door. The Officer said: You have a CCW in total disbelief. She’s close to 60 gray hair, 5 ft 6 in, 120 pounds and looks harmless, expect she never goes anywhere without her Glock 27. We both have had our CCW’s for nine and a half years and regularly go to the range. She also has 2 S&W’s a SIG and a AR 15. She shoots my 1911’s and 44’s. We both sleep with handguns in the headboard, her Glock 27 and one of my Ed Brown’s. My son (Marine) his wife, son (12) and daughter (14) all are active shooters.

  12. What’s disturbing about this article is this line: ”
    The Santa Fe New Mexican reports that search warrant affidavits say the shooting Saturday occurred when 33-year-old Taos resident Lawrence…”

    The cops got a search warrant to search the victim’s home??? What was on the warrant, what were they looking for that they needed a warrant? Sounds like tyranny to me.

  13. My friend “Lenny” has a CCW for 45 States! He is from Calif (1 of 5 States with no CCWs). Recently Len was visiting family in Flagstaff, Az., which is a “quiet” rural town that accesses the Grand Canyon. He was heading back to San Diego by fueling up at a gas station 1st. While there a black male approached him and ask for change$. Len said “No!” Before Len could finish saying “No” the guy jumps and knocks him stomach down on the ground. The fight continues for about 4-5 mins with the assailant pounding Len! Finally, the guy punches Len in the face which causes him to fall landing on his right side. Both men are exhausted by this time and the assailant pulls a Buckmaster Survival Knife from his waist! NOW it is Crystal-Clear what the “Intent” is! Len could not pull his Licensed Waistband weapon (.45 Kimber Pro TLE II) because he fell back lying on his right side. Seeing his life begining to END, Len pulled his ankle weapon, a Glock 26 (Gen 4). Len drew the pistol and fired ONCE, which finds it’s mark just to the left, center mass of the chest! The assailant yelled once “OW!” His eyes rolled back to his head and he falls face down….Dead! No charges were filed and the weapon was returned 24 hrs later By the AZ highway patrol.

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