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Sure, Tuesday night’s results were a little tough to swallow, but we haven’t run across anyone who’s taking it quite as hard as the owner of a firearms training facility in eastern Arizona. From “Cope Reynolds, proprietor at Southwest Shooting Authority in Pinetop, Ariz., told Examiner Friday that he is absolutely serious and he does not care if it upsets some people. His approach is visceral.” While tiny Pinetop’s a little off the beaten path, we doubt explicitly excluding members of the blue crowd will hurt bidness much. And the publicity won’t hurt, either. You gotta do what you gotta do in a tough economy, right?

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  1. Except if Reynolds had any integrity and truly cared about gun rights, he’d have added Romney voters to the banned list too.

      • Right, pointing out Romney’s anti-gun crusade (signing the Scary Looking Weapons Ban, publicly stating multiple times that semi-auto weapons can only be used to kill people, etc) is an “ignorant statement”. Perhaps you should do a little reading on the person you think so highly of.

        • Toten,

          Perhaps you should do a little reading on Ralph’s explanation of those events, or a little reading of BHOs support of AWB 2.0 on a federal level.

          Then again, you can wait until BHO expressedly or tacitly supports a UN Arm Trade Treaty.

        • Accur81,

          I’ve read many other MA citizens posts about the events as well as sites that looked at the actual law (and the process behind passing it) compared to the bullshit that the NRA put out – Romney did them no favors. Given Romney’s openly anti-gun stance through his entire career up until the moment he decided to run for President, I don’t doubt for a second that he’d support the same bans Obama does.

          This is exactly why people need to lay off the drugs and thinking that putting an R after someone’s name magically makes them pro-gun. It doesn’t and it leads to this foolishness of promoting Romney as being pro gun when every single fact says otherwise.

        • Most of what you say on here is usually ignorant. Romney was the only person with any chance of unseating Obama. Not voting for Romney is like handing reelection to Obama, oh yeah, that’s what happened. So yes what you said is beyond stupid.

        • Jim, I know this is really hard, but look at Romney’s record as governor and his speeches / interviews pre-presidential campaign. He supports the same fraking policies that Obama does. The only difference of having Romney in the White House would be the skin color of the person violating our rights and increasing Federal government power.

          Again, you’ve yet to provide any facts that show Romney would be better for gun rights, merely insults for someone who’s not brainwashed into the “Republicans good; Democrats bad” mentality.

          Oh, and if you did some math, you’d see that even if every single Gary Johnson voter in states that went for Obama had voted for Romney, Romney STILL would have lost. Voting for Johnson was a vote for freedom and actually upholding the values the Republican party claims to support but totally ignores – and it didn’t change anything about the election of the outcome. Try another excuse for your RINO losing.

        • Read this slow and maybe you’ll get it: While Romney was not an ideal candidate he is not Obama. He stated he would not pursue a AWB while Obama said he would. Same goes for the UN thing. With Romney as the only alternative not voting for him handed the election to Obama who is obviously much worse than Romney. It isn’t about votingrepublican, it’s about not reelecting Obama. We did not have a third option so suggesting that I shouldn’t have guns because I voted FOR THE ONLY OTHER GUY IN THENRACE BESIDES OBAMA is indeed moronic.

        • Jim, I know this is difficult, but policitians lie. Romney said he wouldn’t pursuse a AWB, but the fact that he already DID pursuse (and sign) one, plus was very vocal about how semi-autos are evil and their sole purpose is to kill, means that it’s very likely that Romney was lying. The same goes for the UN thing. When a candidate changes literally every position in order to be able to claim that they oppose the incumbent, you know that they’re lying.

          I already pointed out that even if every conservative who didn’t vote for Romney voted for him, he’d still have lost – but you don’t care about facts.

          We did have a third option – we had a candidate (the only candidate actually) who was pro-gun, pro-small government, pro-following the Constitution, etc. Everything Republicans like yourself claim to be for – yet you vote against. Now you could just be lying about your views, but the most likely explanation is that you spent so many decades being told that gun owners only vote Republican and that any non-Republican is evil that you don’t even think – you just blindly regurgitate that same crap without realizing that you’re promoting your enemies.

          You voted for an anti-gun candidate. Just because your anti-gun candidate puts an R after his name does not magically make him pro-gun. Perhaps you should learn something about our political history before making more uninformed comments.

        • There was not a third candidate that had any chance of winning and you know it. I didn’t want Romney as a candidate but that’s who we got thanks to retards being in charge of the party. You still can’t seem to grasp that simple truth that there was only one alternative to Obama. You’re just too invested in your train of thought to even realize the argument I made.

        • Totenglocke, i tip my hat at you. thank you for dropping the knowledge.

          jim, the irony of your statement is so rich, i can cut it with a knife,

          “You’re just too invested in your train of thought to even realize the argument I made.”

          LOL your idea of ONLY ONE CANDIDATE is perpetuating the hegelian dialectic that is leading to the republican and democratic puppet show and why nothing will get done. ever. congratulations, you just proved me right.

        • “Then again, you can wait until BHO expressedly or tacitly supports a UN Arm Trade Treaty.”

          jeeeheeezuz on a peace tree, how many times does this have to get refuted? the UN arms treaty is continually being thrown around and inducing panic among the american gun owner. Just take a trip to snopes and politifact.

        • “You still can’t seem to grasp that simple truth that there was only one alternative to Obama.”

          No, Jim, there wasn’t. THAT is what your party loyalty has blinded you to. Romney and Obama support the same policies. Whether Romney won or Obama won, we still have a hardcore anti-gun, anti-Constitution, anti-civil liberties person in the White House. You can go ahead and vote for someone who doesn’t support your views because “Well, he’s not the other guy…though I can’t find a difference in their policies…but this guy has an R after his name, so he’s better!”. I on the other hand can stand and say that I voted to support gun rights, the Constitution, civil liberties, less government spending, against the endless wars of aggression, etc.

          The end result is the same, but at least my conscience is clear. I’m very glad I didn’t throw my vote away on Romney merely because he “had the best chance of beating Obama”.

        • Why are we still arguing about the election. Newsflash: Obama won re-election. Now is the time to come together as gun owners if you want to keep the govt. from infringing on your rights.

        • How have you people even made it this far? At the polls there were two candidates for the office of president. TWO. We either got to vote for Romney or Obama. Those were the two choices on the ballet. That is my point. I never said I liked Romney. He’s not even a real conservative. I said that he was the only other person to vote for this election. You can have your fantasies but there were only two names on that ballot and of those two Romney was the least destructive. That was my point. All of that other garbage you yahoos are puking all over this post about the evil Republican Party or whatever is not only nonsense, but irrelevant to why I said totentglock made an ignorant statement in the first place.

        • “How have you people even made it this far? At the polls there were two candidates for the office of president. TWO.”

          You still arent getting it. There are more than TOW candidates in office. This is really starting to get sad. The state has really pulled the wool over your fucking eyes. You do realize your idea that there are only two parties guarantees that there will never be change.

          “You can have your fantasies but there were only two names on that ballot and of those two Romney was the least destructive.”

          In your opinion he was the least destructive. I certainly dont agree. We cannot add another trillion to the defense budget. not gonna happen. we cannot go to war with iran. So your idea that Romney is self-destructive is really being short sighted.

          All of you self-highlighted patriots still voted for a guy that passed a assault weapons ban in your state. hilarious. no wonder the republican part has chased sensible people out.

      • I have a feeling that Toten won’t read the link – he’s too busy being ‘right.’

        Regardless, we have in office the man who was voted in by both the electoral college (which I don’t particularly care for) and the popular vote. Time to move on and stay watchful.

      • nice source LMAO!!!

        From Legislation “During the Romney Administration, no anti-Second Amendment or anti-sportsmen legislation made its way to the Governor’s desk.”

        Horse shit.

        Read this and weep.

        “In 2004, in the middle of his single four-year term as governor, Romney signed a permanent ban on assault weapons — reportedly the first such state law in the country. “These guns are not made for recreation or self-defense,” the Globe quoted Romney as saying. “They are instruments of destruction with the sole purpose of hunting down and killing people.”

        “Despite that provision — usually a deal-breaker for gun-rights groups — the measure received support from pro-gun groups because other provisions lengthened the terms of firearm ID cards and licenses to carry firearms. The Globe reported that during the 2008 campaign, Romney described the bill as a “consensus measure” and a “positive step.”

        But why stick to facts? this kind of behavior proves my point in why I left the republican party a long time ago.

  2. As long as the pro-2A cause is tied to the Republican party it is going to be ignored in a Democratic Washington, DC. We have to work with the politicians that we have in office, and stop relying on the GOP taking office next year (or the year after, or the year after that, etc) to protect or return 2A rights. The GOP certainly has not been reliable on 2A rights in my lifetime.

    • “As long as the pro-2A cause is tied to the Republican party it is going to be ignored in a Democratic Washington, DC”

      Bingo. Decouple it and you might be taken seriously by more people and effect actual change.

    • +10e6

      Decoupling gun rights (and libertarian-leaning consevatism) from 13th-century ideas about science, religion and women is crucial to broadening our appeal. It’s just as important as getting people of color involved in the shooting sports.

      Just trying to ‘energize the base’ is a suicide pact, because the base is getting smaller and older every year. Gun Culture 2.0 has bought us another few decades, at best, if we don’t do more recruiting and less preaching to the choir.

      • Amen!!! Chris hit it on the head!! Me personally I have always voted independent because the Dems and Reps neither one give a flying sh$t about the Average Joe.
        We need to find and promote Independent Politicians to truly further our cause and stand up for us!

    • Trying to convince Democrat leaders to support gun rights is like trying to convince the Roman Catholic Church to support satanism. Ain’t gonna happen in this lifetime or any other.

      Yes, there are plenty of A-rated Democrats, but none of them form part of the Party leadership. In the House, almost all of the Blue Dogs are gone. In the Senate, all of the A rated candidates had a hard time getting re-elected because current Dem orthodoxy requires them to hate guns in order to get money from MAIG, George Soros, the Joyce Foundation and the rest of that crew.

      We had high hopes for Kirsten Gillebrand from New York. She was A rated when she was in Congress and the leading Northern blue dog. Then she got offered the Senate seat and a position under Chuck Schumer’s desk, so she made a swift turnaround in order curry favor with the Dem bosses. She now an NRA F, which is requirement for Party leadership.

      Decoupling is a dream.

      • If democratic gun nuts can come out of the closet without being bashed by republican gun nuts who think they own the place, maybe the desire to win elections will change democratic party views on this issue.

        And decoupling is not a dream. Blue collar unionized labor are as into guns and traditional gun activities as anyone in the community. This issues has been decoupled for decades.

        Gun control is a losing issue for precisely one reason, because while the country is split half and half on other issues, gun owners are a growing majority. I’m looking forward to it going the way of segregation.

  3. Time will tell how friendly BHO becomes with the UN and their marvelous firearms treaty. I predict that be will support the measure after his usual “soul searching” spiel.

    On an unrelated note, in 2009 I predicted that:
    -Hopey / changy would either be complete BS or movement toward socialism
    -Universal Healthcare on a deficit neutral basis as promised would actually cost trillions of dollars
    -BHO would be weak on traditional energy and block new oil drilling / deep ocean drilling
    -our gas prices would be $5 dollars a gallon or more in CA at the end of BHOs first term (still cannot fathom why CA doesn’t build more refineries)
    -BHO would not balance the deficit due to increased entitlement spending.

    In 2016 I predict that
    – Obamacare costs will shut down small businesses
    -Obamacare cost will actually be 3-4 trillion over the first 10 years
    -the deficit will be 20-22 trillion
    -a UN Arms Treaty will be signed, to be put into effect in 2017 (to ensure that swing voters don’t vote Republican)
    -gas prices will be $8 a gallon
    -Chicago and NY politicians will successfully add violence taxes on guns and ammunition
    -Illegal Immigration, massive federal deficit, and desperation due to poor economy will be our nations greatest national security issues

    I would be happy to be wrong on all counts, and I would rather be free than safe.

    • You do realize that the Supreme Court ruled that individual gun ownership is constitutionally protected, and international law cannot override the Constitution? Less reading, more reading actual treaty language.

      • Again, I’d be happy to be wrong – in this case, at least. SCOTUS judges will be appointed, and the 2A can and will be infringed. Look at Chicago – it’s as if the 2A doesn’t exist, and it was ground zero for the DNC.

        I’m not saying that the sky is falling, just that good hardware is a solid investment.

      • @ Seb: You do realize ALL the dissenting votes in Heller & mcdonald were the democrat justices. One was a BHO appointment & the other(kagan) is a well known gun hater who will sure as hell rule against the 2A when she gets a chance. BHO will probably get 2-3 more SCOTUS appointments this time around & when the dems get the majority they’ll retry the 2A & shitcan it. I’m sooo sick of you ignorant BHO supporters trying to defend his asinine record on gun rights.

        • @Jamie

          Bullshit. In Heller, dissenting justices Souter and Stevens are republican appointees. In mcdonald, stevens again dissented. Again a republican appointee.

          Why do you post nonsense that is so easy to prove wrong?

          Justices do not always obey the marching orders of their masters.

        • Kagan has gone hunting with Scalia. Gun hater you say? Last I heard, she was looking forward to bagging her first antelope this past hunting season.

        • @ Dan: The reason those two were appointed by republicans is because the Dems controlled the Senate & wouldn’t confirm a conservative justice appointee. A POTUS can appoint anyone he wants but if the Senate won’t vote to confirm them it ain’t happening. You’re the one who is easy to prove wrong, get your facts straight before running your mouth. Again, ALL four of the dissenters were Dems because deep down all dems are anti-gunners.

        • @ Mark: Kagan went with Scalia to shoot clays to make herself appear as pro-gun,phony! Antelope hunt? post me a link to that story. BTW, the 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with hunting, I’m sure you’re a lib but try & keep up.

  4. Well, that further supports my personal belief that there isn’t a gun store in existence that gives a shit whether or not you ever walk back in their front door again.

    • WLCE,

      I already have ideas:
      – The UN is lead by many countries with dubious human rights, and with little to no respect for American gun rights.
      -additional regulation has historically led to gun control
      -additional regulation that “tracks end users” will likely pass costs on to end users
      -a Trade treaty would likely increase the costs of imported firearms, or completely prohibit them

      I did take a look at some of your sources, and they did not reassure me.
      Since the treaty has not been fully ratified, nor has the wording been finalized,I am essentially commenting on the draft which appeared on TTAG.

      I’ve been there when life is on the line, and I’ve trusted my own hardware, and that of my colleagues. I am fully aware that I am a pretty suspicious fellow, so you are free to disagree with me, as is your right.

      • I dont have a problem with differing opinions, though I dont like perpetuating what ifs and delving into the land of fear mongering.

        That is why I am not concerned about the UN treaty.

        They did not reassure you? well im sorry, but sources cannot be any more credible than that. If they didn’t settle well with you then oh well.

  5. John Fritz, It does however make it quite clear there is at least one gun store in existence that does give a shit whether or not you ever walk in their front door a first time!

  6. A childish and silly ploy. Once again, the absurd notion that only right-wingers support the second amendment rears its head. Really, what is this guy’s beef?

    Obama throws a little red meat toward the left wing of his party during a debate, mentions assault weapons in response to a question from the audience, and everyone wets their shorts. (Just because Feinstein wants to try to pass an assault weapons bill does not mean that it will even be introduced, and it certainly doesn’t mean that Obama put her up to it; he is many things, but stupid is not one of them.) And of course, we have to have the obligatory “here come the black helicopters with the scary men in blue helmets” United Nations nonsense, too. Most of the rational commentary on the small arms treaty considers it quite ho-hum, but we just can’t be far right-wing without seeing a new world order around every clump of sage brush.

    The truth is, the GOP chose a chowderhead of a candidate in Mitt Romney. He was labeled by his primary opponents (not by Obama) as breathtakingly insincere and unable to cling to a single opinion for longer than ten minutes, which frankly is pretty damned accurate. He ran a poor campaign and lost.

    Suck it up. You had your chance and you lost it. You sound like the people who whined when Bush won his second term (and as I recall, you told them to suck it up, too).

    • On top of which, the so-called “question from the audience” by a supposedly “undecided voter” was later revealed to have been an MAIG plant. It was the only way they could find to inject gun control into the political debate–because the rest of the cuontry was having nothing to do with it.

  7. Guys, lets not kid ourselves here. Whether you voted Republican or Democrat on the Presidential ballot, you still voted for Obama. Romney and O are on paper identical in terms of policy history-in point of fact Obama build Obamacare using Romney’s Mass. State Healthcare Plan!

    The difference? The GOP is the only electable party which at least pays lip service to the 2nd Amendment. Talk is cheap, but talk for the 2nd Amendment is much more preferable than talk against it by the Democrats. Voting for Romney was like carrying a pistol in a Non Permissive Environment-its always a bad idea and you NEVER want to do it in an ideal world, but we don’t live in Utopia and you do what you have to do to survive.

    These guys should take that sign down.

  8. I’ve been to SWSA and taken training with Cope. He’s a really good guy who has his principles, and sticks by them regardless of the personal and financial cost.

  9. Romney was a worse challenge to Obama than McCain was, and he was beyond awful. I voted Gary Johnson. All republicans can really blame is their own party. If you want Obama and those to follow out the white house you may have to settle with supporting people who are conservatives but not assholes about it.

  10. As South Park so excellently put it once upon a time: Every election comes down to a choice between a giant douche and a turd sandwich. This one certainly fit that description.

  11. While I appreciate the owner sticking to his beliefs and values, he has a chance of educating people and is throwing that away by banning half of the country who voted a different ideology. If we want our rights protected, the best thing we can do is expose those who have never shot before to shooting. If every gun owner took one non gun owner shooting a couple of times, it would likely increase gun ownership by the largest amount in history. By getting people who haven’t shot out there, we can teach them that guns are neither evil nor scary and would do more to protect our rights than almost any other thing.

  12. The sour grapes response after this election is breathtaking. Your guy lost because he was a useless jerk. If the GOP stopped picking unelectable candidates they would have a better chance.

    I HIGHLY doubt Obama will do a damn thing about guns in his second term. He simply has better things to do than waste political clout on a dead issue. If any of you would bother reading the UN Arms Treaty you’re so vehemently against you’d probably change your opinion. It does absolutely nothing about domestic gun rights. It only seeks to limit the illicit dumping of firearms on conflict nations. Unless you’re an arms dealer looking to sell a couple thousand Type 56s to Egypt you’re fine.

    I hate that there isn’t a place for sane rational gun owners.

    • “If the GOP stopped picking unelectable candidates they would have a better chance.”

      if the GOP stopped picking candidates who want women to wear burqas, hispanics to go back to where they came from and black people to know their place, then they would flat out win.

      • The leaders of the GOP want all these things–which is why they picked Romney and stifled Paul. They are a minority now. My favorite line post election was this: “Obama heads back to the White House and the Romneys head back to 1954.”

      • Ralph are you trying to be sarcastic? I don’t know of any republican who wants anything of the sort.

        Republicans lose because the majority of people are gullible, lazy and unintelligent. There isn’t a shred of truth to what you said, but lots of people believe that it is true. Just like people think the rich don’t “pay their fair share“ when the fact is that they not only pay their fair share, but they pay everyone else’s far share also.

        If people would pull their head out of their back side, they would see that it is the left-wing that is made up of nothing but racists, bigots and gender bias crazies.

    • “If the GOP stopped picking unelectable candidates they would have a better chance.”

      couldnt have said it better. The GOP needs to drop its extremist facade and endorse more people like Gary Johnson (or Ron Paul) rather than Romney. I look at the Republican party today and thank the stars in the sky every night that i abandoned them and stopped voting for their stooges a long time ago.

      “A vote for Gary Johnson is a vote for obama”

      The next person that says that is going to get bear maced through his/her computer screen.

      • By voting for anyone but Romney you helped to re-elect Obummer. Perod.

        Although I do agree that the Republican party needs to realize the reason it is losing is because they alienated women, illegals, and blacks. Gary Johnson would have been an excellent candidate if he had won the backing of the Repub party. Or Ron Paul.

        Since it seems this country is entrenched in the two party system for the foreseeable future, we need to change the Repub. party so that it stops alienating a large portion of the country, and then we can truly see some change in this country.

        • “By voting for anyone but Romney you helped to re-elect Obummer. Perod.”

          Not remotely. and I wish i could bear mace every person though a computer screen that says this.

          A vote for johnson is a vote for johnson, a vote for obama is a vote for obama, etc ,etc. Im not sure why that is so hard to understand.

          if you are unwilling to wager a vote and risk your candidate losing, then you are a coward. plain and simple. a coward that just settles for “good enough” and is rewarded with the crumbs of our government.

          “Gary Johnson would have been an excellent candidate if he had won the backing of the Repub party. Or Ron Paul.”

          Or if the republican party would stop being a bunch of neo-con, pro-war, corporate-bought, ignorant, statists that are compelled to tell others to live by their standard of freedom. If they actually stood up for american ideals instead of banking interests perhaps they would have a candidate that gets elected. The fault of Johnson is not his lack of republican endorsement, but the republican party’s lack of principles which would attract somebody like johnson.

          “Since it seems this country is entrenched in the two party system for the foreseeable future, we need to change the Repub. party so that it stops alienating a large portion of the country, and then we can truly see some change in this country.”


        • The repbulican party is the party of the white christian male.

          Until the republicans realize that demographics have changed significantly since the 1940s, they will continue to put forward unelectable candidates.

    • You are wrong about the Arms Trade Treaty. For one there is no treaty as yet, just a policy framework.

      I’ve read the framework. Its also been posted on this very website for all to publicly access and see with their own two eyes. In that document, regulated arms includes everything from aircraft & tanks all the way down to Small Arms and Light Weapons;in other words this treaty will regulate ALL WEAPONS large and small that are non-WMDs.That’s not extremist speculation-that’s in Paragraph 1 of the Policy Framework.

      As such, it cannot help but include American privately owned arms. The issue of “private gun ownership” is a non event at the UN because the United States is IIRC the only signatory nation with private gun ownership. Every other nation signing the UN ATT has either barred civil ownership of arms or heavily regulates it to paralysis. There will be no exception for American firearms in private hands, because “privately owned firearms” does not exist to the United Nations’ vocabulary.

        • You cannot buy a gun without participating in “commerce in arms”! If your shade tree sprouts Glock pistols then clearly this topic doesn’t concern you.

          For the rest of us who have to buy our guns with money via commerce at stores or face to face deals, this policy is a concern.

          And for the last time, there is no treaty yet.


  13. Maybe Reynolds just thinks that Obama’s policies (economic, energy, defense, etc.) are overall idiotic and dangerous and doesn’t want any Obamabots on his property. It’s not always all about 2A.

    Of course, Obama’s biggest real threat to 2A (he won’t get the AWB he wants, at least not with this Congress) is the Judges he will put on the USSC. Reversing Heller and others would be a big deal for 2A.

      • IN McDonald, Justice Thomas argued that the court should finally have the balls to overrule the Slaughter House cases, a decision of the Supremes long ago that gutted the 14th amendment and required to the development of an end-run analysis to get around it. Justice Scalia, who wrote McDonald majority opinion, firmly shot that down under the policy of stare decisis. The same fate awaits any attempt to overturn Heller or McDonald–it just ain’t gonna happen.

  14. Maybe the way to ensure gun rights are protected is to acknowledge that my (younger, skeptical) generation sees an individual’s right to own whatever weapons they want (or not) as social liberalism, along with the right to do things (or not) with your own body, or screw whoever you want or not, be partnered to whoever you want or not, worship god, trees, or nothing, etc. We aren’t nearly as juiced over the political parties either, and we are going to have to work harder and longer with little or no inheritance from mommy and daddy in today’s much more competitive and industrialized world. Yeah, in the 50s we led the world in economics and technology… when every other technological or industrialized nation was in ruins… not a very competitive landscape.

    • Young people voted overwhelmingly for Obama. Then they went back to their apartments in their parents’ basement because they can’t get a job. And they can’t get a job because the economy is sour. And the economy is going to remain sour because of the guy they just voted back into office. And they voted for the guy because he’s, like, cool, y’know.

      Sorry, but I don’t hold out any hope for this generation.

      • I got my MS in engineering 8 years ago. Me and my peers and my students all got and are all getting jobs. better than that, we are producing actual material worth in society, and competing with China and India over market dominance directly. Not by politics or litigation, but by trying to make better and cheaper stuff than them. The anecdotal basement dwellers aren’t the movers and shakers of tomorrow’s society, just like hippies aren’t the movers and shakers of today’s society. Maybe you only notice the slackers because a lot of us are and look like professionals, or maybe those of us who can look like whatever we want at work and still are professionals are being mistaken for the slackers.

        • Just because you and your friends might be the exception, that doesn’t make you guys the rule. It takes a whole lot of people like you to make up for the meatheads in the Occupy movement

        • Not just me and my friends. I’m very connected in the industry and have had over 1200 students. See it every day.

        • yeah but the fact still stands that 1 in 2 college graduates will be unemployed and the real unemployment is 22%.

          I know a few members of the “young peoples” crowd that have scored good jobs (5 out of 6 have been with the government 🙁 though the economic prospects are still very bleak.

          Im with Ralph; the biggest victims of obama are his constituents. Ah the hilarity.

        • So the statistics released by the gov saying that newly graduated college students have an unemployment rate of 20%, and an underemployment rate of 50% are just lies?

        • Cool anecdotal story. I’d argue that many former hippies are movers and shakers, same ideals they just dress nicer than those who still rock the flower power.

          Fact is, one of the next big bubbles to burst is the education one. Good luck in industry as obamacare kills the small versions. Big companies might survive and they’ll be in lock step with big gov, corporate facism style to do so.

          I had a young gal, supposedly drove up today from a college town trying to sell me on a free carpet shampoo. Damn near begged and tossed in that she/her cohorts needed to get 20 free offers done in the day. Four minutes of my life wasted and yet I’d not be surprised if she voted for Obummer.

        • “So the statistics released by the gov saying that newly graduated college students have an unemployment rate of 20%, and an underemployment rate of 50% are just lies?”

          if the government had any shred of credibility with those statistics, they lose it when they release the official unemployment numbers.

          John Williams’

        • Oh sure, lots of college graduates are unemployed or under employed.

          The people who go to college for things that AREN’T USEFUL to society beyond indulging personal hobbies and interest.

          These people won’t be the movers and shakers either.

      • White trash voted overwhelmingly for romney. Then they went back to their mobile homes, drank beer, boasted about beating up n*****s and f*****s, yelled at their wife to get back in the kitchen, whipped their 12 children with a coat hanger, and watched their camaro up on cinderblocks continue to rust on their front lawn.

        See, I can use hyperbole too.

  15. Having seen this place, this sign doesn’t surprise me. What does is seeing pinetop pop up in TTAG. I wonder if SWSA is aware of this?

  16. The great thing about America is that this putz in Pine Top can put up all the anti-Obama signs he wants, and it doesn’t matter. While he might be within his rights (maybe) to tell me to leave if he doesn’t like my (hypothetical) Obama for Hope and Change t-shirt, neither he nor the government can force anyone to disclose who they voted for, and that’s all there is to it.

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