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TTAG contributor ShootingTheBull410 sent me this clip of Kurt Russell from 2015. Clearly, the erstwhile Snake Pliskin is on the side of firearms freedom. (As are literally dozens of members of Hollywood’s “elite.”) Russell certainly qualifies for TTAG’s “Gun Hero of the Day” feature. So, who’s your gun hero? It may be someone fighting for firearms freedom or, alternatively, the previously anonymous man or woman who introduced you to safe, responsible and politically aware gun ownership. Spill.

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DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: What Do You Love About America?">Previous Post
DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: Is The Mainstream Media Ignorant or Willfully Ignorant About Guns?">Next Post


    • ” People say ‘ There aren’t any Heroes anymore ‘…. well , dam them …. You and Me Max , We’ll give’em their heroes BACK ” ( Mad Max = original )

  1. That’s easy. Jerry Michulek. One of the last southern gentleman in existence today. I’ve never heard one bad thing said about him. His morale character is probably too good and he is very humble which is why he would never run for elected office.

  2. Who’s my gun hero? That’s a tough one.
    There have been a few that made a serious impact on my ability to shoot way better than I used to. Sgt. Ernie Hanson of Lincoln City PD. Sgt. Scott Anderson of Salem PD. (Bloodied in viet nam and the streets of Salem.
    Bill Garland, head instructor of the academy when I went through.
    And Ronbo. Fastest guy I’ve ever seen with a Benelli.

  3. They’re all too fickle for me. I used to respect Eastwood after I watched “Unforgiven”. More research (the internet undercuts the sturdiest of pedestals) lead me to see him as a “guns for me, not for thee” guy.

    John Milius seems pretty on-board as a rights supporter though in his movies. Go ahead, show me that I’m wrong. 8>)

  4. Anyone that is constitutionally loyal, has moral integrity, responsible, safety concious, and not a huge douche (aka trying to project their feelings and behavior preferences on others).

  5. Hero? I have NONE. Certainly NOT any hollywood dude…especially someone with nothing to lose moneywise. Old Kurt doesn’t care…and I bet IF he votes it ain’t R.

  6. Too many to count, but I will say Paul Revere. Our rights would have died in 1775 if he and others hadn’t stepped forward.

  7. Gun Hero? The image, the myth, the ideal?

    For me, it is what it represents, an honorable person, doing what is right, in defense of the innocent, in defense of freedom of conscience, against the depredations of human predators, to the death.

    As a child, that was shown to me by my father, by his work ethic learned as child growing up on a farm back in Wisconsin, his honor, his integrity and by his teaching of how to use a gun safely. Then that was expanded to me in my books that I voraciously read growing up that gave me that image of what kind of man I wanted to be, especially in the stories written by Robert A Heinlein.

    Now, my greatest example of a spiritual warrior, my “gun Hero” and all that represents, is a man of peace, but not a pacifist, that gave his life for the love of his spiritual brothers and sisters, that man is Jesus, the Christ.

    • I skipped a step. Before I came to the Christ, my next “Gun Hero (s)” would be our Founding Fathers.

      Yep, a lot to live up too.

    • If Jesus’s crew had the TO of a Marine rile squad, the Romans would have given him wide berth.

      • Mmm, the battle, at that time, and always, was for the tyranny of the fickle hearts of men. To fight the outer tyranny of Rome would have simply placed the focus outside, while ignoring the true tyrant with in.

        So today, why are we facing the tyranny of evil men today? Because we have turned away from serving the only master, that in our surrender, truly sets us free, free from our own unruly beast with in.

        Is it only coincidence that as we have turned from our Christian teachings, that the tyranny of evil men has become that much stronger? You can not serve two masters.

        I know that in my my own surrender to the Christ, I have become free, and becoming free, it has become obvious that what the progressives/statists are promoting, that which is slavery to the god of the state. It is the surrender of all restraints of the beast with in, it is the surrender of all responsibility for the command of self, and placing that responsibility in the hands of the state, and the tyranny of evil men. And as the surrender to our own unruly beast within becomes ever more the norm, the tyranny of the state becomes ever stronger in the futile attempt to control, that which cannot be controlled except by the individual alone, and their choice of which master they will serve.

        Which master will you serve? The beast with in, that sees all those not of your tribe as the enemy and that glories in separation, death, chaos and destruction? Or the master without that only compels from love, and sees the worship of all life as sacred?

  8. Anyone who dares to carry an antique revolver illegally in California or Illinois.

  9. Otis McDonald

    Rest in peace, Otis.

    If you have never heard of Otis McDonald, look up “McDonald v. City of Chicago.”

  10. Philip Van Cleave, the president of the VCDL, for building arguably the most effective state gun organization in the country, so successful it’s influence is being felt with other gun organizations, other states and even in the federal arena. I wish every state had such an organization. It’s important to focus on the feds, but we should not underestimate the power of strong state organizations.

  11. Thank you for this particular thread, I think that it’s important for people to pick their own “heroes” and not to assume those of others because someone has slapped the label on them.

    I have a deep respect for those who permit me the freedom to type here.

    I know a lot of quiet, consummate, firearms professionals (lgs/gun range) who all seem to have the same aire of reverence for what they do. They measuredly encourage nube POTG, on firearms, on etiquette, on safety, on proper weapons handling and use. They are all my heroes.

  12. How about Jeff Sanford, of Shiloh Gun Range in Houston, who responded to the Orlando shooting tragedy by offering free LTC classes to the LGBT community. The response to which was so overwhelming that they are now unfortunately having to turn people away, but only after filling as many classes as time and facilities would permit.

    Thats not hashtag activism. Its not virtue-signalling. And, its not lip-service. Its put-your-money-where-your-mouth-ism.

    That’s the model for members of the gun community – that’s a Gun Hero of the Day.

    • His brand of reckless youtube stupidity is both the perfect example of how not to behave around firearms and great entertainment.

  13. Don’t know about hero….

    Recently, Howard Stern for calling out as stupid the gun ban push after Orlando.

    Tom Selleck.

    Skeeter Skelton. The biggest influence on my gun-think from 10-18 years old.

    Whoever wrote the Jericho series for TV. Definitely pro 2ndA.

  14. Barack Hussain Obama. No man in history has sold so many guns and driven more people to action to protect and celebrate their 2nd amendment rights. He’s done for gun rights what the Westboro baptist church did for gay rights. Here’s hoping mrs. Clinton keeps up the good work.

  15. My first would be my first stepfather. As a kid, he gave me all sorts of broken cool stuff, guns, knives, motorcycles, and told me “if you can fix it, you can have it”. And then he taught me to shoot. That was 35 years ago, and the fundamentals have all remained the same.
    Next would be Tactical Jesus himself, Kyle Lamb. SGM Lamb is one of the people where, if he is doing it different than I am, I must be wrong.

  16. Ah, I’ve answered this one before.

    Robert Farago and Jerry Michulek.

    And the late Carlos Hathcock also. Check out Charles Henderson’s Marine Sniper: 93 Confirmed Kills sometime. Outstanding read.

  17. Of course it’s NYC’s most heralded (by some, reviled by others) violent crime victim of the mid-1980’s, the “Original Thug Buster” Bernie Goetz. That’s right a “New Yorker” who went all “Death Wish” on the five (5) predatory “Son’s of Sharpton” that threatened to punch his body full of holes with screwdriver on a subway train.

    Let OUR motto be “Whomever takes! Goetz!”

      • Goetz mine!

        btw: The t-shirts sold on the streets of NYC during that extremely short-lived “era of justice” (BEFORE Goetz was persecuted for defending himself) which memorialized the event were hilarious, one featured, a masked, screwdriver wielding thug lunging forward in a “menacing” stance with the Ghostbusters logo ie. red circle and diagonal bar through his body.and was titled “Thug-Busters” in large block letters.

  18. Robert F Williams, the original Negro with a gun.
    Robert Hicks and the founders of the Deacons for Defense and Justice.
    The founders of the Black Panthers Party for Self Defense.
    Malcolm X
    The radical white men who took over the NRA and kicked out the leadership that supported the Mumford Act in California.

    Yes my heroes have flaws. And your point is?

  19. You won’t hear it (anywhere but here) but last night an unnamed homeowner in Palos Park,IL (an upscale burb of Chicago)shot a home invader to death and wounded another perp. The local(retarded) news media reported he had a “legal CC license” for that handgun…no CC needed for home defense dumbazzes. Just a BS FOID card…my newest HERO.

  20. “Disenfranchised white males”

    Wow. This is what the interviewer thought all gun owners were. Totally disconnected from the people of the US.

  21. Robert Heinlein on a great many things.
    George Mason.
    Thomas Jefferson.
    James Madison.
    Patrick Henry.
    Richard Henry Lee.
    Sam Adams.
    Many others.

  22. Audie Murphy.
    Like Chris Kyle, not a perfect human, but a good man, who did his duty above and beyond mortal men. In an age when leading Hollywood men were for the most part pretty badass, they still couldn’t find anyone badass enough to play him in a movie….but himself.
    He received every combat medal the Army had for the European theatre. Why’d he do it? “They were killing my friends.”
    He was a real man, had lots of problems, but owned them. He even tried to help bring awareness to PTSD, before such a term even existed.

    I love me some Kurt Russell, and Clint Eastwood, Bruce Willis, and a handful of other actors without their heads up their ass, but there’s just no comparing them to men like Murphy.

  23. While the TTAG crews are one rung appreciators, my gun hero is Sacramento CA Sheriff Jones and his CCW permit crew. 700 permits in the county five years ago. Now 7,500 today (1500 per year). 1 in 135 people in Sac County is armed in public. And he wants more. Had to suspend new applications until July 1 to squeak under the budget.

    Citizens in a state that just got our collective 2A shoved so far up our bung hole, requiring us to read the Constitution with the backs side of our eyeballs. In a county awash with anti-gun politicians and squishy liberal feel good frisbee throwers thinking blue crew with badges will save them, we have a 2A supporter that developed a process to screen citizens with a 90+% approval rate. Most of his crew are volunteers & retired sheriffs pushing paper.

    So instead of sending your coin to ineffective GUN RIGHTS groups, over-promising and under delivering, find a way to send that check to the local sheriff.

  24. kurt russell is cool. Amazing documentary on his dads AAA pro baseball team, which kurt played for as well. What a bunch of amazing misfits who kicked but (and played on lsd) Battered Bastards of Baseball.

  25. Among celebrities? Zoltan Bathory from Five Finger death Punch. Raised in communist Hungary, a world mixed marshal arts champion, founder of the FFDP, a champion of USA gun rights and US Vets. The dude’s got a custom AR and has been on Recoil Magazine.

    Watch his video Wrong Side of Heaven.

    And an honorable mention to Keanu Reaves.

  26. Seriously? Nobody is going to say Chuck F’ing Norris? Chuck Norris only takes second to one man on my list of greatest men ever and this because Jesus Christ is number one. Really? No love for Mr. Norris???? What happened to my country?

  27. John Moses Browning.

    The 56 men who signed their names on a document which ends “And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”

  28. In no particular order:
    Col. Cooper
    My Dad
    Jerry Miculek
    John Wayne
    Lucas McCain
    Ted Nugent
    Jan Libourel, Ross Seyfried
    Bill Wilson, Jim Clark Sr.
    Ted Yost
    Messrs. Smith and Wesson
    Everybody who had anything do with the movie “Shoot ’em Up”
    “Pulp Fiction” and from “Paris With Love” had some good scenes too.

    And of course John Moses Browning.

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