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The Brady Campaign to Prevent Violence recently unleashed a video calling for a ban on toddlers — to stop them from shooting themselves and others. Get it? In contrast, the video above. I literally LOL’ed at the revelation that there’ve been 14 trillion mass shootings in the last half hour. I’m not saying that the gun control advocates are generally humorless bastards, but . . . yeah, they are. Is that true? Why is that?


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  1. It’s similar to how rightwing vs leftwing radio plays out.

    Rightwing radio entertains far better than leftwing radio. Leftwing broadcasting can’t seem to see the humor and comes off as bitter and shrill. The Left never got the knack of it, and it shows in the Arbitron ratings…

    • Why can’t the pendulum just swing back and forth close to the center. Instead it slams in one wall, then the other. The lies on both sides lock in preconceived beliefs. The exaggerations lock in preconceived beliefs. And youtube cartoons lock in preconceived beliefs.

      So here we go again…nowhere.

  2. They do tend to have issues. We get banned from all the facebook pages because they literally cannot handle the truth. They’d rather have a bunch of rabid ignorant bigots as supporters of whatever gun control schemes they want.

  3. I loled. Especially at the part about Trump.

    Lefties and anti-gunners may not be actually retarded but they sure act like they are.

  4. They do tend to have issues. We get banned from all the facebook pages because they literally cannot handle the truth. They’d rather have a bunch of rabid ignorant bigots as supporters of gun control schemes they want.

  5. Nicely done! The abridged Australian graph depicting a decline in homicides while leaving out the overall preceding trend was right on the money. Same exact tactic used by people pushing vaccine agenda. You know who you are.

  6. It’s difficult to be funny when you’re always p!$$#do off at other all the time, unless you’re Lewis Black or the late great Sam Kinison.

  7. I have seen many many anti-gun comedians. They are probably funny to others, but they are not funny to me. Usually too vulgar in general anyway. Not my cup of tea.

    Usually in their anti gun diatribes they foist off ignorance as fact. Sometimes they just stack the deck in their favor, though.

  8. Needed a bit more focus (should probably have been 2 minutes shorter), but pretty darn good. I LOLed, especially at the Trump parts.

  9. Yes I have to agree. While there are always exceptions, in my experience the left has no moral floor they won’t sink below. It has gotten to where your average leftist doesn’t view a gun owner as someone they disagree with, but instead someone who is the root cause of all the suffering and violence in our country and is putting their leftist utopia in danger of murder and carnage by our very existence. And so they have grown to hate us and with every year they become more and more frustrated that they aren’t getting their way.

  10. I thought the Sara Silverman “Black NRA” was one of the dullest, most un-funny things I’d ever seen. It was just – stupid.

    This, on the other hand, is utterly brilliant. “The NRA, on the other hand, believes that the Constitution is dead! Why? Because they shot it!”

  11. Yesterday I was sitting in the lobby of my local VA Clinic when I noticed a PSA (public service announcement) playing on a screen on the wall. It was all about safety with firearms. It said that GIs are well verse in gun safety while even their families are not. It went on to point out how firearms and ammo should be locked up separately. Essentially, it made accurate points… UNTIL… it quoted a 2010 CDC study as listing firearm death as the 5th leading cause of deaths among children. Anyone can download the CDC list of causes of death in the USA. and firearms are not among the top 10, or even among the top 15 causes.

    I don’t consider one group funnier than the other. I just consider the entire “discussion” sad. Both sides twist the facts to suit their needs and agenda, although I find the anti-gun side as far worse. So bad that the CDC records do not back them, so bad that the FBI has publically denounced the claims of various gun control groups, so bad that they doctor the figures by combining categories, contrary to CDC procedures, in order to make the statistics appear worse than they are.

    Just as has happened in NY, MA, and CN, laws have been passed and the people have participated in civil disobedience by non-compliance with new gun control laws. Such will be the case here in CA. The gun control movement does nothing about real criminals, it just makes criminals out of law abiding citizens.

  12. It’s really sad when the gun control people consider their opposites as “the enemy”. Just like HRC calling anyone who opposes her “deplorables” who can not be redeemed. The left has been labeling conservatives, military, religious, pro-gun, etc for a long time, but especially within the past 7+ years in an effort to divide the people into factions pitted against one another.

    Yesterday at a press conference with an Italian leader, Obama went off about Trump saying he should stop blaming others. In case anyone has forgotten, Obama blamed George Bush for all is problems right into his second term. Al Gore ranted and raved about how the election was stolen by dishonest Republicans rigging the Supreme Court and thus the election. All of this is part and parcel of the Communist propaganda program, and the Saul Alinsky rules for organizers. It goes back, in large part, to the 1960s movement to turn the world into a utopia.

    The gun vs gun control issue is only another area for the left to use to advance their agenda… and it’s no laughing matter.

  13. Most anti-gun ‘comedy’ portrays firearms owners as backwards, redneck, Southern Hillbillys. The audience of progressive urbanites laps it up! Basically it’s an echo chamber, they only hear what they want to hear & they surround themselves with others of an identical view.

    It’s similar to SNL, I’m from the UK and didn’t grow up with it but my wife loves it and is always trying to force me to watch it, particularly any segments parodying Trump. The small clips I have seen are extremely unfunny and reminiscent of schoolyard ‘humor’.

    Oh well, if everyone was the same, the world would be a dull place!

    • The key to comedy is that it has a grain of truth in it with which the audience can identify.

      The reason you don’t find the this stuff funny is because, to you, there is no truth to it. Instead it’s just slander a bigotry. (which is what it is btw). The liberals don’t care and they laugh because deep down they really, truly do believe that you and I are basically dumbass hicks who are more concerned about keeping our murder machines than we are about doing anything to stop mass killings. You can see that in the way that every suggestion from the pro-gun side of the aisle is dismissed out of hand as stupid.

      These people really do believe that they are superior to us in every single way possible and that we are basically put on Earth for their amusement. Of course, we’re dangerous retards so we need to be controlled but once that’s done we’re here to provide them lulz and make sure their non-GMO hummus and organic apples get to the store. We are, quite literally, plebs in their minds while they are the patrician class. They’ll guide (control) us a bit but they do so with contempt.

      As was demonstrated in the series Rome:

      Scipio: What a dreadful noise plebs make when they’re happy.

      Cato: This is music. Wait until Caesar starts them howling for our blood; then you’ll hear something dreadful!

  14. The left tends to be arrogant and bitter, which doesn’t lend oneself to be funny or self-effacing.

    Some examples of fun or funny pro-gun videos:

    Jerry Miculek (his laugh is infectious)

    Carnik Con (retired, but still the best. If you haven’t watched them you haven’t lived)

    Phuc Long (say it out loud) (some good links and original content)

  15. A key to being funny is being funny to people of all political stripes. Too often anti-2A/left-wing comedians are filled to the brim with bitterness, hatred, and passive-aggressiveness that you can sense in all of their jokes, which is only funny if you’re exactly like them. Not a good strategy to appeal just to your own political base.

  16. As I now own more firearms than before the “buyback” I must be in the wrong Australia.

    Left wingers here are now worried as there are officially more firearms than before bans.

    Don’t like the current laws as I have said here before but if you are not a convicted criminal etc easier than California to be a gun owner

  17. The right is much funnier because we utilize the brain in seeing irony and other forms of humor and is not afraid to look opposing ideas in the face and dismantle them. The Right asks “Is it the truth?”

    The left is reactionary, overly emotional, bitter and utilizes its emotional side, unable to see the nuances of comedic timing, language and style. The left sees an opposing idea as a threat to be destroyed, not analyzed. The Left asks “Is anybody offended?” (but that is pure rhetoric).


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