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“Caracal USA is pleased to announce the availability of Model F recall replacement pistols in the United States,” an email blast revealed. “Delivery of the Model F replacement pistol will be dedicated to those customers affected by the 2013 product recall.” That would be me, amongst many others, relieved of our pistols thanks to drop-safe issues.

Click here to read various posts chronicling the sad story of the handgun love that dare not speak its name (at least in front Ralph), including a post or two pronouncing the company dead.  Reports of which appear to be premature. Again. Still.

In the intervening three years, I’ve tried other polymer paramours. I played nice with a GLOCK 19 retrofitted with a GHOST trigger. I had a torrid affair with the five-star SIG SAUER P226 Legion. I bought a Strike One, whose how-low-can-you-go bore axis creates a gun not entirely unlike the Caracal F.

But I never stopping pining for my U.A.E. plastic pistol, with its elegant proportions, crisp trigger and DGU-enabling Quick Sights.

So, the email tells us that the new Caracal Model F “has been subjected to upgrades including a redesigned trigger safety, trigger bar, firing pin unit and a machined one-piece Multi-Function Unit (MFU). These enhancements increase both the safety and durability of the Model F pistol, while maintaining the same overall ergonomics and exterior aesthetics.”

Caracal USA jefe Jeff Spaulding just told me the replacement guns are U.A.E. sourced. New, U.S.-made Caracal F’s will hit distributors in mid-December. They will be cosmetically different from the U.A.E. guns, with dovetail sights and all, but the same internally.

All of which leads to one conclusion: I’m such a gun slut. In my own defense . . . nope. I got nothing. Including the new “you can throw it against the wall and not have to duck behind cover” Caracal F.

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  1. Had a WaffenWorks – imported Caracal C. Loved it, returned and moved on. After three years, I wouldn’t go back. Got a Steyr S9-A1 last year and that’s my new go-to.

    • +1 I refuse to buy anything made in a muslim country. I don’t appreciate my money going to people who stone women and throw gays from rooftops.

      • Yeah, this one makes me scratch my head too. I’ve read Robert’s comments about his Jewish ancestry but yet he has great love for this pistol. I am not anti-Semitic nor am I pro-Muslim. This one baffles me.

        • And you morons think uncle Robert has any religion or political leanings besides the Almighty dollar . . . So super naive. Robert here ran “The Truth About Cars” into the ground, and then started looking for another demographic he could peddle his wares (which are basically other people’s knowledge and news from other sites).
          And now he struck gold with his Texas Firearms Festival. But you all think “he’s one of us!”, “good ole’ country boy!”, “defender of the 2nd amendment!” and stuff. Meanwhile he’s laughing his a*s off all the way to the bank . . .

          Grow up, kids – Robert and his team are on this for the money. And when Hillary wins, come November 8th, and four years down the road we have a new AWB, background checks (federal!) to buy a 333 round brick of 22LR . . . Robert will close shop here, and open “” or “” – and keep milking yet another group of naives . . .

        • It interesting how this election, being anti-trade went from a Democrat position to a Republican position.

        • CS:

          You may be right about Robert finding a new gig after Hillary takes over but I suspect that applies to a high percentage of the readership. I would say the louder the voice the more likely that this will be true just like wussiest dog has the loudest bark.

        • I’m going to get ahead of the curve and buy “” so I can sell it to RF later at a huge profit.

          I hope you’re not giving me bad advice, anonymous internet troll!

        • There is no way to tell where the oil for your gasoline comes from. You can’t even be sure whether your BP has is not actually Exxon-Mobil. Petroleum products are completely fungible. Not so with discrete items like guns.

          The analogy between German products and Arab produced guns is false. Germany and Austria are not the Nazis while the UAE funds Islamic radicals today. Besides, during the 19th Century the Prussians were our most supportive nation. Germans have been our friends a lot more than they have been our enemies.

        • #notanargument There are things I can choose to not buy. Guns and ammo from terrorist countries are at the top of my list. (It’s why I love Wolf, they make their Wolf Gold in Taiwan which lets me support the real Republic of China and economically stick it to the CCP at the same time.)

        • @Geoff

          I wonder if they are still operational considering the recent (past 3 year) nose dive of the oil industry that has brought us to about 1/3 of the drilling operations (possibly less now) working the the US than we used to have.

          If they didn’t go out of business or sell I wouldn’t be surprised if they had to look outside of the US to get crude.

        • As a matter of fact, I know exactly where my gasoline & diesel come from: the refineries in Billings, MT, which are refining locally sourced crude.

          It’s part of my fire department’s job to know where the pipeline from the refineries runs, and who to call if something goes seriously wrong at the local tank farm.

          So, in a word, “yes.”

    • Came here to say the exact same thing. I won’t buy any firearm from any country (or state) that wouldn’t allow its citizens to own the same thing.

  2. If buying a pistol depended on how countries treated their Jewish residents then no Sig, Walther, or Glocks. Really pretty much everything not sourced from the Americas or parts of Asia would be off the table. You shouldn’t forget we weren’t very nice to the Indians either.

    I will stick with the Walthers, Glocks, Rugers, and Smiths because they make good modern high quality products.

  3. Uh yeah RF this one I don’t get. The comment about moose-lim gas was great. Possibly a Turkish shotgun but that’s about it for me. There’s a whole host of countries I’m not crazy about…

  4. Robert, i would strongly recommend a steyr pistol if you like that grip angle. i dont see how you would not like a steyr s9, c9, m9, etc

      • I have been looking for a Steyr because of the good reports about its trigger and low bore axis. None of the local gun stores carry Steyr but I finally came across a new S9-A1 at a gun show. It was a disappointment. The trigger was no better than a factor Glock trigger and the grip was too fat for my small hand. The sights are interesting but not enough to make up for the other issues.

    • Ah yes, the steyr, the product of what happens when someone looks at a glock and says, “it’s alright, but it could be weirder.”

      • Considering a Glock designer left and created the Steyr and the Caracal, there is a reason for the similarities.

        My Steyr needs a narrower and more curved dovetail. It also needs to feed better.

  5. Wait a minute… U.A.E….plastic…pistol…AND drop safe!!!…

    Why isn’t this being made available immediately to the people of the Republic of Californistan?

    It features 4 big phrases that the legislature here loves, so what gives?

    + it doesn’t need micro stamping cause it looks like a water pistol.

  6. I don’t get it.

    I’ve shot enough of the polymer “wunder-9’s” (and larger bore brothers) that they’re largely indistinguishable to me. Most have mediocre triggers, most come apart easily, most have no external safety. They’re all trying to out-glock Glock, and at this point, they’re all a commodity product in a race for the bottom.

    What I don’t understand is this: In a market so saturated with Glocks and glock-alikes, what’s the point of jumping into this market segment?

  7. To CommonSense,

    Does it make you feel like a big man to run down what a man does for a living (if it is so lucrative, you do it)? Part of his family were victims of the Holocaust, brought to you by a former Catholic acolyte and a lot of Lutherans thrown in for good measure.

    If every Jewish descendant kept score of who had tried to harm them then throw in all the Ku Klux Klansmen who were predominantly “evangelicals”, Itlalians from the Age of Rome, Egyptians from King Tut’s time and really just about anyone in the world because as God’s Chosen People they were chosen for every possible human atrocity.

    Your little rant is actually far worse that Robert buying a gun from the U.A.E., you attack him for absolutely no reason, a personal attack no less. You don’t even have a political boundary to dispute like the brainwashed masses of Muslims in the Middle East.

    So you don’t have to go back and reread what I wrote to try to understand what I am saying, you suck donkey dicks in the desert while a camel gives it to you up the ass you ignorant fucking skin head.

  8. A gun should go bang when you pull the trigger and shouldn’t go bang when you don’t. When a manufacturer fails at the first one, I’m not sure I can trust their guns. When they fail at the second, I’m sure I can’t trust their guns.

  9. Please keep us updated, Robert. I’ve wanted to get my hands on one of these since they came and went, and now it seems Christmas can come this year.


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