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“A gun store in Las Vegas thinks that gun prices will skyrocket if Hillary Clinton wins the presidential election,” reports. “Westside Armory ran a ‘Pre-Hillary Sale’ newspaper ad warning that ‘prices will skyrocket after Crooked Hillary gets in.'”

desantis-blue-logo-no-back-4-small2016 is already on track to be the best year for new gun sales in the history of the United States. Gunmakers are satisfying the increased demand, making ballistic hay while the sun shines. Or the storm clouds gather. Anyway, the supply is there, reflected by “realistic prices.” Could demand once again spike above supply if Hillary Clinton takes the presidency? We shall see. Or not.

Meanwhile, are you buying guns now, hedging against the possibility of a federal “assault weapons” ban, a ban on “non-sporting guns” importation, the catastrophic effect of repealing the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Firearms Act or some other move on the right to keep and bear arms?

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  1. I’ve been buying military style civilian legal rifles (AR, AK, SCAR, etc) big time. In fact, I’d say I’ve bought 50 years worth of rifles over the past year. I’m actually more worried about my state government (WA) than Hillary at the moment as our disgusting AG will be introducing legislation to ban these rifles as well as magazines above 10 rounds. So, I’ve been stocking up on Glock 17 and Glock 15 magazines as well given they are what I carry. It is so tiring having to deal with these anti gun asshats.

    • It could be worse, Mark. You could be living in one of those states where the asshats already hold sway and have made it well nigh impossible to legally purchase any of those firearms and magazines you’ve mentioned. I live in one and while what I had already has been grandfathered, no new “assault rifles” or +10 round magazines may be sold to anyone in what is misnomered as “The Free State”.

    • I’m with you – the complete and utter flip of Washington State from fairly safe 2A territory to a “How Much Like California Can We Get” disaster really stuns me.

      The influx of Californians and Oregonians over the last several years, coupled with urban techies from across the country headed for Microsoft/Amazon/Starbucks/video game industry, including those from overseas where there may not be a strong legal right to nor culture of firearms ownership, has really changed up the political mix.

      Throw millions of dollars from Bloomberg, Gates, and Allen behind any ad campaign and voila. Instant erosion of rights.

      • I think it is mainly the money of Bloomberg, Gates, and Allen that have done it in WA and OR. They are now trying that crap in other states too. They just buy these initiative elections from the uninformed/dumb voters.

  2. The only issue is if Hillary wins and the R’s loose the House and Senate.

    As long as people who do not plan to vote for a POTUS at least vote for the local races, I do not see this as an issue. If we get to a point that there is a run on both houses, it is more than guns that are screwed. Hillary by herself will not be able to create a gun ban and whomever is President will have other crap to worry about like the economy and that entitlements are SOL by the end of their first term.

    That ad is more liking poking the fire to feed on fear than anything else.

    • “The only issue is if Hillary wins and the R’s loose the House and Senate.”

      That is only true if 1) Government (especially the administrative branch) follows the law, and 2) the establishment core of the GOP do not decide to stab us in the back and side with congressional Dems. I’m not liking odds on both of those holding true.

      • You mean like when Boehner and McConnell pushed through Obama’s assault weapons ban? /sarc

        The so-called Republican establishmentvare the only ones who care about The Constitution. Democrats and Trumpsters couldn’t give a crap about the Constitution.

        • I would have agreed with you on that not too long ago. Perhaps I’m biased. My GOP Senator and my freshman RINO rep have both sided with Dems to support gun control (and on a number of other policies I hate). Not much trust left in me.

          And I wouldn’t trust Donald Trump on this issue, either (yes, of course he’s better than Hillary).

        • This. So much this. Trump made the Supreme Court a big part of his pitch, but he’s willing to throw away the Senate because he feels insulted by a perceived disloyalty by Republican leaders. Even if he wins, how was he planning on getting his picks on to the Court without control of the Senate? And if he loses, doesn’t control of the Senate become even more important, so the damage Clinton can do can be contained?

          Trump’s actions aren’t those of someone who understands or cares what’s at stake with the Supreme Court. Their those of someone who cares about himself alone.

    • No. If Hillary wins, even if the Republicans retain the House and Senate, she will be making 1 to 3 Supreme Court appointments. There are already cases in the pipeline that can affirm, expand, or overturn Heller. Some states will be okay for awhile, many other states won’t be. And you can assume that the full power of the presidency will be turned to wining the House and Senate in 2018, so then things will go south at the Federal level too.

      • Hillary cannot “appoint” anyone to the Supreme Court. She can nominate someone, but they are not appointed until confirmed by the Senate. And McCain just came out and said that not only had they stifled Merrick Garland, but that the Senate republicans intend to block ANY Hillary nomination. At all. Every one of them.

        And they can do it. The court doesn’t have to have 9 members. It’s varied in size over the decades, it’s grown and it’s shrunk. The congress can just change the law to say “from now on the Court will have only 8 members” and – poof. No more need for Merrick Garland. If another Justice retires or dies, they can change the law to say “from now on, the Court only will have 7 members.” Poof.

        The terror that Hillary will somehow be able to unilaterally stack the court is, methinks, a tad overblown.

        Of course the best case would be to defeat her at the polls so we don’t even have to face the question. But if that fails (and it seems likely according to all conventional wisdom) there are still measures that can be taken to contain the damage that she can do.

        • Semantics, but yes, I took a short cut in my word choice.

          But say the Senate Republicans actually grow a back bone (which seems they may finally be doing, belatedly), there is still the problem of a 4v4 Supreme Court and the majority of the Circuit courts being of a liberal slant. Basically, anything that comes out of a Circuit will be the final decision if the Supreme Court splits 4v4.

          And then we have to worry about the next election. The executive agencies are becoming fully politicized, the trend will continue under Hillary. The next election will not be fair (think of the IRS Tea Party targeting on steroids). FEC is already laying the ground work.

    • She’ll pass unconstitutional executive orders which will be decided on by a SCOTUS she stacked. The house and senate won’t matter.

    • I agree. The Republicans will show more backbone with HRC than BO. Personally, I’m in no hurry to seat a ninth justice, the country is getting along fine with eight. I can wait 4 years for Scalia’s replacement. The other justices that might step down are all on the other side anyway. Besides, HRC will be too busy padding her pockets at taxpayer expense and working up her defense for the impeachment proceedings to mess with us.

      • “Personally, I’m in no hurry to seat a ninth justice, the country is getting along fine with eight”

        Yes, they actually have to work, rather than just judging on their party lines. Actual discussion and compromise, or nothing gets done and the lower court rulings hold.

        The only problem is that it seems the lower courts are already stacked with progressives and RINO judges.

    • Even if Republicans keep the House and Senate (which I cannot see happening if Hillary wins the general election), I can guarantee you that Senate Republicans will cave on Supreme Court Justice nominations.

      All the Democrats have to do, if Republicans initially keep dismissing Hillary’s nominations, is start screaming that the Republicans are “shutting down government” and Republicans will promptly confirm the next Supreme Court Justice nominee who Democrats will present as a “moderate” … in spite of a clear record of extreme left/Progressive decisions.

      • The fact that the whole “Shutting down government!” whining works is so annoying to me.

        That’s kind of the point.

        Stuff that’s not super critical, crap legislation and other things along those lines should get bogged down.

        Legislation SHOULD be hard to pass.

    • I was thinking the same thing.
      Entry level ARs like the M&P Sport or the Ruger AR556 generally go for about $700 at Gander Mountain, $650 at a respectable gun shop, and $600 from a basement FFL (if he can get one).

      Further, I really don’t have much respect for any retailer who tries to capitalize on political hysteria (whether or not such hysteria is justified).

    • I second that. I also live in KS though so it’s really just seems like they kept the same price tag and put the word SALE on it.

    • That is what I thought as well. I recently paid $600 for a new Ruger AR-556 (which is generally regarded as fairly comparable to the Sport 15). That $600 price was not even a “sale price”. It is just the normal price at my favorite local gun store. A “sale price” for the Sport 15 should be something like $549 or so.

    • I paid $567 for my AR-556 at Cabelas on sale. Which I was surprised by because it was on sale for $630, I didn’t know about the extra 10% off. I’m not paying $700 for a basic AR.

  3. The marketplace has indicated that the Second Amendment shall prevail.

    I have all the firearms I require. It’s ammunition I’m stocking up on. I want enough to last me through the next “crisis”, whether HRC gets elected or another whacko goes on a rampage.

    I won’t sell any guns or ammo to take advantage of people, panicked that they’ll miss out…

  4. I bought a Vepr-12 and a Galil ahead of time tbh. Two guns I wanted really, mostly bought because if Hillary wins there will probably be a huge gun run again for the 2nd time.

    • What is your opinion of the Vepr 12? I have been considering one. I have read reviews of the Catamont Fury saying they were garbage, but the Vepr reviews seem pretty positive.

      • Spectacular. Takes about 100 rounds to break in, but after that it will function with even Wallyworld bulk birdshot. The aftermarket has now caught up with it, with CSS making various parts and furniture and good steel mags from CS Specs. Just picked up the 25 round drum from SGM Tactical but haven’t taken it to the range yet.

  5. Just bought a new AR complete lower (in the mail)…stockpiling components and ammo mostly at this point.

  6. I’ll pick up another quality AR some mags and Ammo this month, just to be safe, but I’m not going overboard, these were on my list to buy anyway.

  7. No. I did grab ammo that I needed (almost out of 5.56) since shelves will be bare the minute the election is over if Hillary wins. I also grabbed some 40 round pmags I wanted.

  8. I already have the guns I need/want. I’m really just stocking up on ammo and mags. There are plenty of guns I’d love to buy before the election, but not enough scratch to do so.

    • Ah stripped lowers! I forgot about them- in addition to mags and ammo, I got a couple lowers in the back of the safe

  9. I started buying when Scallia was murdered (Clinton mail leaks confirmed this happened).

    How are D&H mags? PSA often has them for cheap in bulk.

    • I’ve had good experiences with D&H mags. Most aluminum/steel mags are good to go if they have anti-tilt followers.

    • I have had nothing but good experiences with my D&H mags. The black ones that I have bought have had magpul followers but the FDE’s have had USGI Followers. I am planning to replace the USGI followers with magpul followers,

  10. Not really stocking up on guns…I pretty much have what I need. And I’m not looking to turn a profit via buying now and selling during a panic. But I am stocking up on ammo, especially the commie bloc-based ammo for my SKS rifles and my CZ-82 pistols…I figure it’s easy to tighten up import laws and shut off the flow of that affordable import ammo.

    • It pisses me off to no end that nobody will import Adlers to the States. If I want a lever action 12 gauge, all that’s out there are Winchester ’87 clones. Some are made in China, and the others are made in Italy and go for a cool grand a pop.

  11. I just pulled the trigger on a SPR build I’ve been wanting for a while. Realistically, I have all the rifles and magazines that I want and will be able to afford in the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, that M107 will be out of my price range for a while.

  12. There are two issues that concern me. The supreme court and state elections. It is possible that twelve and possibly fourteen state houses and or legislatures are at risk. That can be a huge problem.

  13. Because of the election, no. Because of the fact that ARs will be banned (mostly, so-called featureless still legal) in California after the first of the year, yes. I bought a stripped lower already, and have my eye on an Armalite AR 10. There will be a mad rush towards the end of the year, as any purchase will have to be made, 10 day wait finished, and delivery completed on or prior to 12/31/16. Miss the deadline and you are SOL.

    And next year I will be stocking up on ammo because of an ammo law that takes effect 1/1/18, and the probability that the Newsome’s gruesome ammo licensing law ballot initiative will also pass and wipe out my ability to buy from out of state on line dealers.

  14. I am not going to waste my money on an AR when there might be a retroactive ban. I don’t see the purpose of having a rifle that I can’t take to the range.

    I will spend my money on functioning Mauser 98s and ’03 Springfields. I might pick up a 1911 chambered in 9mm and/or a revolver. I figure that they won’t come after single stack pistols for quite a while.

    • If they have a “retroactive” ban, I and millions of other Americans will tell them to go fuck themselves.

      • And so will I but that means that you cannot take your MSR out in public so what is the purpose of buying an MSR you can’t use. But you will be able to cart around that scoped ’03 that you use for deer hunting.

  15. I have been stocking up since the Kenyan got illegally elected 2x. Keep buying ammo y’all. I suspect the GOP has already made a deal with Hillary to hand over the second amendment in return for whatever those traitors want. You can also bet that they are confident that we will do nothing about all the revelations of criminal activity via Wikileaks. Going after our guns becomes an exercise in one-upmanship.

    To be frank, we need something other than guns to convince the DC criminals that we hold the future.

  16. Stocking up on beanie babies…when the country collapses , they will rise as the only universal currency.

  17. I have not been “stocking up”.

    I am thinking about purchasing two or three AR lower receivers. There is risk in that strategy, however, as it hinges on the ability to purchase upper receivers and barrels in the future without government interference.

  18. Ammo and ‘high cap’ mags will be first with tax and background checks to buy them. Then those nasty ‘assault’ black guns.
    The SCOTUS picks will be the most important political issue.

  19. Thought about it. After taking inventory I decided ammo is the way to go. It would take something wholly catastrophic for me or the totality of my family to shoot out my current stock of EBR’s and mags.

  20. Kind of off topic people… but it’s the latest DAMNING video from Project Veritos. We’re got on camera evidence of Hillary’s staffer’s committed MASSIVE felon voter fraud!

    We’ve not seen this level of election fraud since pre-civil rights era.

    • Few things surprise me anymore, but this is just pure rotten scum evil. To do that to homeless or mentally ill persons is heartbreaking evil. And evil persists when good people do nothing……

    • I believe that was the guy who just got fired.

      Which means nothing, as his replacement has likely been selected.

      Kinda like how Van Jones was fired by ‘Acorn’, but popped up later somewhere else…

  21. M1A Scout, PMAGs, projectiles (I roll my own). Maybe even a Swiss K31, depending on price. I’m expecting to drop $2k in gun goodies should the beast take it.

  22. Money is very tight as I work hard for minimum wage (and even I don’t support that $15 an hour crap) so I’m trying to scrape enough money for a lower or two and plenty of mags.

  23. I’m recommending that we all proactively buy an AR15 or M4gery for each and every child that we are close to. Do it NOW while you still can. I’m planning on gifting these out in the future when the appropriate time comes. Of course if there is a huge run on these items, and the prices skyrocket I’ll always have the opportunity to sell a few for a tidy profit. Let’s all hope that it doesn’t come to that.

    Stock up now or forever hold your peace…

  24. If that kunt tries an executive order banning anything gun related, instant civil war. Once civil war breaks out, I am confident an insider or the military will take her out.

  25. Yes. Just brought home a billet AR receiver set today, in fact. I actually have enough ar’s now.

    Been buying mags, projos, primers, powder, everything I need weather the panic and keep shooting 3 gun.

    Like an AK and an AR10 receiver set, but the wife paticence is running thin.

  26. I really wish I could buy guns like there was no tomorrow, but as a 20-something (even one with a good trade school education) real life doesn’t let me do so.

    • Because of this election I now have 2 more ar15s,wasr10, did paper work on glock 19 today,and for some dumb reason bought a mosin ?

  27. I’m pretty well set for guns so I’m buying ammunition and reloading components. I remember how stuff disappeared after Sandy Hook so I’m concentrating on 5.56, 9mm, .45, .22, and 30 round AR magazines. In my neck of the woods 5.56 is still on the shelves for reasonably decent prices and I can find .22 for eight cents a round – even if it is the cheap Mexican stuff – at Academy. I never thought that I’d call $4.00 a box for .22 cheap but that’s the reality these days. I occasionally see CCI and high end Winchester at Academy for around a dime a round as well.

    I reload and have enough primers and powder in stock to get me a couple of years down the road for my pistol (9mm, .38/.357, .45 and .44 special/magnum) and rifle (5.56, .308 and .30-06) calibers. I can get range pick up brass through my LE connections and I’ve got a good supply of bullets – and molds so that I can cast bullets if I need to.

    I also have a couple of break action .177 air rifles and pistols. I’ve got close to 10K pellets on my shelves and I recall that even in the middle of the last great ammunition shortage I could find .177 pellets at Wally World. The higher end air rifles are close to a .22 in energy and are sold with no restrictions other than age where I live. If I want to plink I’ll shoot my Gamo and save my .22s for trading stock when the excrement hits the fan.

  28. Ammo, components, a few 20rnd GI magazines and A1 furniture. I think that I’ve sort of resigned myself to building a retro M16A1 replica over the next month or two. M4s don’t work for me; I’m very much in the 1911/870/levergun retro camp. I’m not likely to buy it unless the design has been around for fifty or sixty years; early M16s meet that requirement.

  29. No. I don’t do panic buys and with myself in grad school and a wife in vet school I don’t currently have the spare change lying around to buy a bunch of stuff I don’t need, don’t have the room for in my safe and, honestly, don’t see the point in. I already have enough guns and enough ammo to sink a battleship which nicely compliments my reloading setup. Anything further is “want” not “need”.

    In all honesty I think this is silly. I don’t really think HRC is going to win unless DJT decides to commit suicide. If the claims made by WikiLeaks and Anonymous are even 10% true that lady is going down in flames. Looking at the polls there is good reason to believe that they are heavily oversampling certain demographics and that Clinton has little chance in this election. Plus, I’ve seen evidence that her internal polling suggests she’s losing and losing rather badly which is why they’re throwing everything at DJT and hoping something sticks.

    To me, win or lose, this is like preppers talking about gold. Sounds good on the surface but once you actually think about the situation it’s pointless and therefore stupid.

    • You sound like a lot of my friends and Rush Limbaugh before 2012. Look how that turned out. Don’t hold your breath.

      • 43 guns, NFA gear and thousands upon thousands of rounds of ammo isn’t enough?

        What is this? The Walking Dead? Sorry, with what I’m paying for my wife’s vet school tuition I can’t afford to go round up another 20 AR’s “just in case”. The ones I have are enough.

  30. While the GOP will nominally hold at least one of the congressional bodies, the party itself may implode after this election. When that happens the president gets a lot more powerful.

  31. I don’t know about ya’ll, but I got a huge hard on for a new Mk IV Target that just aint goin away. Gonna have to deal with it this weekend I think, before I turn blue.

  32. Pretty much done. Started when the pantless wanna-be-emperor was “reelected” (I still suspect some serious shenanigans went on at the 2012 election), might pick up a few more rounds later this month just ‘cuz.

    Right now I’m sitting down with a beer and a carnitas burrito, watching the shit-flinging monkey spectacle of this election. “Winter is coming?” Pfft! That is going to pale in comparison to the shitstorm what awaits us after November 8th.

  33. This has been on my mind some time now. In my home state they are planning to propose mag limitations. I need to buy up a several more 30 round mags for my AR-15s before that happens. I keep the spares in the packaging so if I ever need them they are like new. I’ve also been contemplating what to buy in the next couple of weeks before the election. My wife even said she thinks I should get a 3rd AR-15, which is a first, prior to Hillary getting elected (no way Trump wins).

    I already have a S&W M&P 15 Sport and an 18″ PSA SST .223 wylde AR-15. I’m hoping Springfield’s new “Saint” line they are pushing has an AR-15, but I may not be able to wait that long to find out. So, I’m thinking either: S&W M&P 15 Sport II, Ruger AR556, or a PSA build as a backup SHTF defense gun.

    I’ve also considered buying another mag or two for my Springfield XD Mod.2 4″ 9mm (I currently have 4 for the gun).

    I have a decent amount of ammo but might buy a bit more .223.

    So yes, I’ve seriously considered it.

  34. Been buying guns & ammo all year–already had lots of both–added things I did not have before not available or high prices–got bargains on everything

  35. If Clinton cannot bankrupt gun manufacturers, she will go after ammunition manufacturers. But since those two have fairly deep financial pockets to fight back, she may well just go after the independent gun stores even if she cannot ban guns outright. Without ammo, your pistol becomes a two pound brick. Stock up now while you have the chance.

  36. I recently acquired a lifetime supply of Alex Jones brand nasal spray. What it actually does is anyone’s guess. Maybe – like the banana Adam West gave to Peter Griffin – I’ll know what to do with it when the time is right.

  37. stocking up or not, the simple truth remains that the people NOT paying taxes (supporters of liberals) have, or will, sooner or later outnumber the people that PAY taxes. We are going the wrong direction and have been for quite some time.

  38. I’ve been contemplating it, but only for a few I want anyway — buying “That would be nice to have” guns has never had room in my budget except for a couple of years when finances allowed actual discretionary spending.

    For those with plenty of bucks to buy things because they feel like it: buy some guns for friends who aren’t so fortunate!

  39. No, no, no…

    Don’t buy the gun now. Wait just a bit. Let’s make history on the single biggest buy of guns in American history. Send a message to Washington DC, regardless of who wins.

    Buy a gun on November 9.


  40. OH yeah I got an pistol upper that will be delivered tomorrow now I gotta get a reloading set up before the new “president” takes office

  41. I started getting interested in guns back before the 2012 election. Since then, I’ve got my Concealed Carry License, purchased a full sized Springfield with two each 16 round mags for home protection, a S&W Shield with 4 magazines, a Springfield XDS with 4 magazines, and a Ruger LC9s with 4 magazines. The Shield, XDS, and LC9S are all concealed carry weapons have Crimson Trace lasers. Not gonna miss.
    I’ve also purchased a 12 gauge Weatherby and 00 shot for intruders. They might break in, but they won’t walk out alive. Also bought a Savage 10T, dual purpose deer gun and sniper rifle. Lastly, this past weekend I bought a Ruger AR 556, added a scope, sling, extra 30 round mag, and $400 of 5.56 and .223 ammo-all hollow points. Also bought a Maglula Benchloader for the AR 556. Planning on buying more 30 round magazines, and more ammo the next three weeks.

    I bought the AR 556 because it was available at $600 and because I thought it might not be available if the bitch wins the election. There was a time when AR’s were back ordered for 12-16 mos because of fears they would outlaw AR’s, and they were outrageously priced.

    I’m prepared now in case the govt runs out of money for those on disability, welfare, etc, and they decide to take from those that have more than them, or if the bitch wins and she makes a play to collect guns. Civil War for sure.

  42. Are You Buying Guns Ahead of the Presidential Election?

    Yes, I am! Should I be? Sensibly, probably “no”. But what if Hillary is elected…as she might very well be, in spite of my voting for Trump (based on his policies and business experience, not his likability or appearance or comments about women, etc, etc.), the other “gun nuts” are going to drive up prices, make ammo scarce again, etc.. I’m even finding gun stores with big stacks of blocks of 22lr in stock. If Hillary is elected, they’re gonna be gone…
    If Hillary is elected and manages to get gun manufacturers held liable for misuse of their products, either through a law change or via judges she appoints, then our game will be over. She has already stated she wants to do this.

    • I just read Raul Ybarra’s suggestion, in a comment above, to wait until Nov 9th to purchase a gun, in order to “make a statement” to the powers that be. Not a bad idea…I might just do that.

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