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“The Democrats are way overplaying their hand. If you think you’re going to run on gun control and win in this country, you’re out of your mind.” – Political Media Inc. president Larry Ward in Gun control support fades three months after Florida massacre: Reuters/Ipsos poll [via]

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    • “If elected, I pledge to confiscate your firearms (just yours; I’ll keep mine), raise your taxes, crush the economy again, side with our enemies against our allies, side with violent criminals who have entered our country illegally over the safety of citizens, and continue to destroy the middle class while the elite grow ever more wealthy.”

      Sounds like a winning platform to me!

      The saddest thing is, even put exactly that way, about 1/3 of US citizens would probably support it.

      • Don’t forget: “Free stuff”, and free gender reassignments. Forcing those evil conservatives to have open-gender bathrooms, including the grade-school level, and so on and so forth.

        • “Free stuff”

          Yep, that’s how they put it. Though, it should say “We’ll do our best to rob earners to give you free stuff in exchange for votes. Until the money runs out. But by then we won’t need your votes anymore, because you will have ceded all you power to us, and you’ll be conveniently disarmed. If you take to the streets in protest then, we’ll just shoot you. Suckers.”

    • Run on gun control at the same time you praise Hamas and defend MS-13. Sound like a “killer” campaign libs.

      • “Run on gun control at the same time you praise Hamas and defend MS-13. Sound like a “killer” campaign libs.”

        ZING !!

        (good one)

  1. Might have something to do with groups like Reuters conducting on-line polls that convince them that 70% of voters want more gun control.

      • It doesn’t seem possible but they lie to themselves even more than they lie to everybody else.

        • Hitler was moving non existent divisions around on fantasy maps right up to the end.

          Modern day progs are just fascists under a different name.

    • Haven’t you noticed that yet? Some comments stay, some vanish. It’s the new and improved TTAG. personally I like the censorship. Keeps things real.

  2. Well gee wonder why they think that’s a good idea… Oh yeah they cook the books on polls, the people they pay to do polls cook the books, and they cannot seem to actually ask normal people what they want without putting a freaking advocacy group between them and their voters. This means they aren’t getting good data on what platform they should actually pursue so they stick with the now standard gun control, socialism, tax anyone making more than minimum wage, give everybody free stuff, and repeat tactic they’ve been running on since Obama took office. Works great for drumming up emotional support not so much for long running support.

  3. Running on fantasy and delusion. Stats show we’ve nearly never been safer in virtually all aspects of living yet it’s all gloom and doom all the time with these people. It may sound harsh to people with emotional stability issues but ~50 kids a year isn’t shit by any measure. Certainly not when it comes to infringing on the rights of 300,000,000 people. This is like carrying $100,000 in debt and flipping out because you bought a Coke from the checkout lane as you were waiting for your big screen TV purchase to clear.

    Where has all the perspective gone? If these people were sincere about their fear of the world they’d never leave the house. Either they’re insincere, working an ulterior motive or their brains are broken. In either case they should not be given the time of day let alone a position of power over their fellow man.

    • Even as a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, I have serious reservations about the emotional stability of someone would suggest that fifty kids a year isn’t shit. Sound harsh? No, it sounds totally irresponsible and callous. If a couple of yours numbered in those fifty, it might change your outlook.

      • “if a couple of yours”

        As it is with any tragedy. My wife or kids die I care. My neighbors wife or kids die I care but less. Some guys wife or kids a block over dies? I care even less. The further removed from any incident you are the less you care. Otherwise you’d be a sobbing heap of crazy 24/7. I think some kid drowned in a pool in Kentucky. Crying?
        50 kids, I don’t know, aren’t shit.

    • SHIRE-MAN IS RIGHT. Sometimes the truth is disturbing to the squeamish. No one likes to see children die by any means , but what price will we have to pay to keep and bear arms ? Blame the fucked up system of government tyrany in the US for the deaths of any person killed. They have the means to prevent this shit. Not by taking our rights , but by focusing on the mentally ill. What ever became of institutions to manage the sick minded idiots that are killing our children ? The violent offenders that could be institutionalized. They are roaming our streets looking to harm people. Where is the focus on them ?

      • Blame the system of Government tyranny for the deaths of persons killed? No. These persons are murdered, not killed. And it happens because our young people are not being taught to revere life. Human life is less valued in our culture than it once was. When these crimes loose the power to offend and horrify we are that much closer to anarchy. These school shootings happen because the shooters don’t value the kids in their sights any more than an image on a video game screen. For them, it doesn’t register until after the shooting stops and the victims are down and not moving anymore. The finality of it all just strikes too late.

    • Shire-man,

      “Either they’re insincere, working an ulterior motive or their brains are broken.”

      I would say Progressives are ALL three: insincere, working an ulterior motive, AND their brains are broken.

  4. The Dems have had more gun control in their official party platform for a long time. That plank is not really dependent upon the ebbs and flows of current polling.

    • It was usually not so central and not swore up and down than outright bans were not on the agenda. That has changed. I imagine that James Carville is fidgeting in his seat and pulling at his collar over this development.

  5. Thing is, inevitably, the Republican leadership will try one up them stupid wise. That is what they do. It is a never ending game.

      • This would be great if it wasn’t necessary to hold the Republicrats feet to the fire and vote against any who have betrayed us… Primary them if possible, but all the gov Scotts, Rubio sorts and most of the Florida Senate and House need to get slapped around, I certainly can’t reward them. This should have been a time to double down, basically Trump NRA Goa vs Hillary/Obama/pelosi/feinstein, instead the messages will be unclear and muddled. If a Republicrat loses, they will say see March for our lives, they want gun control, but no, we are just trying to trash the traitors.

        Usually I vote lesser of evils but I am tired of giving the lesser evils a pass.

        • With a working majority of Republicans throwing us under the bus this spring, how can we vote to re-elect them and celebrate their ‘pro-gun’ victories?

  6. I NEVER thought we would see transgendered in the military. I am not so sure that the tide of history is on our side. Poll 20 year olds and you will see our future. It is not pretty.

    • Then compare that polling to polling of future generations. The tide of history is DEFINITELY on our side.

    • Interestingly, mellenials are technically more conservative percentage wise then the last two generations. It’s just the divide is very solid with mellenials. Liberal mellenials are flat out communists and very loud about it. The conservative ones are pretty solid in their beliefs but not as loud. The reason being mellenials actually grew up watching the world go to shit, so, a larger percentage of them distrust government and the stock market both.

  7. There are only three issues I vote on:
    If you wish to enhance these three, then you’ll get my vote. There is a fourth issue I always vote against: incumbency
    I’ll write my dog in before I’ll vote in a repeater, unless that person was demonstrably successful in enhancing the first three…

      • And after you’re dead you’ll be voting for a dem.

        • I suppose it is possible that they naturally assumed “Barry Goldwater” was a nickname for both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

      • Good ol’ Goldwater. He would have made some changes. That’s why he was never electable, let alone elected. I still pine for candidate like him…

  8. Liberals are a strange group indeed. They will use violence against anyone that doesn’t agree with them . They are more concerned about illegal aliens rights than citizens rights. The illegals are not citizens so I can’t figure how they are protected under our Constitution.
    They object to us owning guns because of violence yet the go to prisons and protest the execution of a mass murderers.
    They don’t even know what they want.

    • I am just the messenger here:

      14th Amendment: “…. nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

      Wong Wing v. United States
      Almeida-Sanchez v. United States
      Plyler vs. Doe (Texas)
      ZADVYDAS v. DAVIS et al.

      • We’re talking about the Democrat’s standards here. Remember that a bunch of Democrat appointed judges, one of which was literally a KKK member, said the 13th and 14th amendments were null “in the face of sudden danger” back in 1944. Dems still worship the man who both appointed these judged and made the EO they were ruling on and even go as far as to write revisionist history on how the KKK guy was actually a champion of civil rights.

        • As far as the Klan goes, he had an airtight excuse, “”I would have joined any group if it helped get me votes.”;-)

    • They do know what they want: They want total control. BUT, the government has no authority over a law abiding person. So, In order to establish total control, society must be changed to accomplish the justification of total control: for every person to be continuously in violation of the law. That way, the law can be continuously in authority over your life.

        • It’s Virginia. He’s Chinese. The VA tech shooter was a US citizen with a Korean surname.

          That’s reason enough for a bunch of government employed racists to lock him up and deny him an education. An Oriental with a gun is a scary thing if you’re a racist douchebag in Virginia.

          And there are at least half a dozen douchebags in this story drawing their pay from taxes.

          • “That’s reason enough for a bunch of government employed racists to lock him up and deny him an education.”

            While true, that wasn’t the original declaration; “Government has no authority over the law abiding citizen” (might have paraphrased that). The linked episode sure looks like government authority invoked against someone who was abiding by the law.

        • well, they suspected him of violating the law, because the law has become so onerous, encompassing and invasive that they can claim authority.

          • “well, they suspected him of violating the law, because the law has become so onerous, encompassing and invasive that they can claim authority.”

            Yes, they did. Because from a home video, the copsperts could determine the difference between a 20rd and 30rd magazine….even though they could never find that 30rd magazine. Authority applied to a law abiding person because, well, pre-crime, see something do something (ya’ bigot), internet searches, ammo, Asian.

  9. Let us all use our astral projection to encourage Dimocrats to run on “hate Trump”, gun control, and humanizing MS-13.

    Oh yeah. And raising taxes.

  10. Depends where one is. That tactic works terrifyingly well at the state level and below in the coastal blue states.

    • Just like how being for Jim Crow worked terrifyingly well in Democratic strongholds half a century ago.

      It is as if the Dems have a track record of opposing civil rights…

  11. What is going on is that the democrats are going to an increasingly leftist playbook. John F. Kennedy if he were alive today wouldn’t recognize this party because it has abandoned everything that JFK stood for. More and more people are starting to figure this out and that’s why even some of their strongest allies like black people are starting to move away from them. The “old guard” of Pelosi, Schumer and others like them who have been in control need to leave and let moderates take over control. The Old Guard can’t understand that there’s a limit on how much they can get by with and they’ve reached it.

    • “(W)ho have been in control need to leave and let moderates take over control” The problem is that there are only extreme leftists that would replace these people. Pelosi and Schumer etc. are now considered the conservative part of the New Democratic Party!

  12. In the news in Phoenix, there is a child drowning about every three days. I do not see any huge government outcry to do something to “save the children”. Now I know that this is problem without a third party to blame for the problem. However if the control fanatics were serious about child safety, then there would be just as large an outcry to stop drowning’s as there is for the elimination of guns…………

    • “In the news in Phoenix, there is a child drowning about every three days. I do not see any huge government outcry to do something to “save the children”. ”

      About which threat should you be concerned: a bathtub attacking and drowning a dozen students in a school, or a “normal looking” person who “goes crazy” with a gun?

      The “all other” forms of “accidental” or unintentional death are not threats to the public in large numbers, in one place. Yes, motor vehicles can cause accidental or intentional death, but gun grabbers understand that motor vehicles are not designed to cause death or injury. Only guns are of a singular purpose.

      Showing gun grabbers that death by gunfire is cause-of-death number 101 on the CDC/FBI lists is futile. It is not what we believe/know, it is what the enemy believes/knows that needs countering….in terms relevant to gun grabbers.

      • Just because there is no third party involved with drowning’s or other accidents does not mean that the victim is any less dead. If one is serious about stopping the death of children than they should be as serious about other ways children die as they are paranoid about firearms.

        • ” If one is serious about stopping the death of children than they should be as serious about other ways children die as they are paranoid about firearms.”

          The perception of the threat is all that counts. There is no political organization that I know of attacking all sources of early death (or death in general). None of the other 100 top sources of death are perceived to “attack” the citizenry. That is, those other sources do not randomly kill people in theaters, malls, schools. One can even “see” a theme that all the other top causes of death have either a “need”, or personal choice of risk involved.

          We can spin our mudflaps all day, all year, and it does nothing to counter the fear the gun grabbers focus on. Start with the premise “I should be able to go anywhere people like me go, without fear of being killed by a crazy with a gun.” The only opposing stance that would be minimally effective is that which “proves” no one has a “right” to such presumption of safety.

  13. Its a lot more than just gun bans. People are fed up with getting fkd by the Republicans. Their new Tax Rape Law really pissed off even a lot of Republican voters especially when it contained provisions that reduced medical benefits including mental health care as well as medical care.

    Trumps ranting against Latino’s has lost him their vote as well and they are a the fastest growing voter block in the U.S. If the Dems win big in November and 2 years later run a charismatic presidential candidate like one of the Kennedy’s or even Bernie Sanders we could finally get a National Health Care Act like the rest of the civilized world has had for decades.

    Not to mentions tough restrictions on the gangster criminal Drug Companies and the corrupt Insurance Companies. In civilized nations Health Care for Greed and Profit is considered a crime against humanity and they are often very closely regulated to prevent them from murdering tens of thousands of people as they do in the U.S with prices so high people cannot afford the life saving drugs they need.

    I would love to see a bill passed making it legal to buy Foreign made drugs that would put an end once and for all with the gangster criminals that mfg. and sell drugs here in the U.S.

    With some polls showing that now 70 per cent of the American people want tough new gun laws you can bet the Dems will run hard on this subject.

    • Republicans that cry about losing benefits are no better than socialist (D). The government has no place in healthcare other than regulate for some patient safety and guard against fraud. If the rest of the world and their universal healthcare is so great, please go.

      And while I’m on it, grandpa Bernie Sanders can F off down to Venezuela, where “These days, the American dream is more likely to be realized….” and he can take everyone with him that thinks that socialism is a utopia.

      I don’t give a if the the polls show 110% of Americans want gun control, the polls are all BS. I will not comply and that’s what matters to me.

    • 1st- “Tax Rape Law” You are deluded if you believe that anyone other than Dems. are against the tax cuts.
      2nd- “Trumps ranting against Latino’s has lost him their vote as well” Trump never “ranted” against Latinos, or any other heritage or religion. That was just bovine manure spread by MSM to smear him. He said that he wanted to control who came across our borders and to weed out criminals that were also sneaking into this country!
      3rd- ” the gangster criminal Drug Companies and the corrupt Insurance Companies. In civilized nations” So you desire a state government form of health care. Instead of monetary system of deciding who gets treated, the politicized ( government controlled) system will decide who is privileged to receive treatment. I will take a capitalistic form of health care over a bureaucratic political health care any day of the week. Are you also implying that every country that does not have socialized health care is not civilized? You do realize that the vast majority of new drugs in the world originate in those American “criminal” drug companies?
      Yes, please do run with the most communistic sympathetic candidates that the Democratic party can find. And do not forget to include raising taxes and gun control and confiscation in your platform!
      Have you considered moving to one of your civilized nations and keeping your nose out of how we Americans run our own lives? You seem too interested in instructing me on how I am supposed to live mine,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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