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“It’s seems like it’s been awhile since we’ve heard of a crazed gunman being quickly disarmed at a school. Maybe because we’ve been trying to stop mass shootings with gun-free school zones. … We can try the walkouts, rallies, moments of silence, media adulation, poems and fist salutes. But if the full arsenal of liberal disapprobation doesn’t stop schizophrenics from going on shooting sprees, concealed carry laws will at least save a lot of lives.” – Ann Coulter in The Doomsday Scenario: What If School Walkouts Don’t Work? [via]


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  1. “What If School Walkouts Don’t Stop School Shootings?”

    That’s the plan. Then it will be another reason to take away more individual liberties and concede more power to the government. The ringleaders behind these protests know that they will do nothing, perhaps even increase school shootings. If school shootings dropped from the news headlines, they’d have to find another excuse to control our lives.

    • ^^^ THIS^^^
      This has nothing to do with “stopping school shootings” or “reducing gun violence” or “saving the children.” It has everything to do with control. Of us. By them. Period. End of story.

      • None of the efforts the prog/libs are attempting to foist are about safety, saving lives, or making citizens safe.

        They are all aimed at “The Narrative”.

        The final goal of The Narrative is ‘Control’, which includes complete civilian disarmament. Any step toward that goal–the incrementalism of ‘gun control’–is a win. It will never be enough, and they will ALWAYS be back for more until the goal of The Narrative is achieved.

        To that end there is no point in a ‘conversation’, no point to ‘negotiating’, as anything given to them is a win for them and a loss for freedom and liberty. They will not stop until they have achieved their end goal and each little ‘chip’ that is given to them only serves to undermine your rights and freedoms; freedoms which they fear and loathe.

    • As an SRO, I can tell you this was a very real concern when they did the walkouts back in February. For some asinine reason, patrol rifles are taken away from officers in my dept when they transition to schools, so I broke policy and kept my personal AR in my trunk that day and parked my car right near where the walkout was happening that day, and when the time came I stood outside and waited. No one bothered to think about the safety aspect of it, or the fact that it was a juicy opportunity for a potential shooter.

      The irony of it was the kids were chanting “NRA GO AWAY” and kept yelling about banning “assault rifles” and AR 15, the entire time being unaware that they were being protected by the very privately owned weapon they want to ban.

        • that and the fact that afterwards, one of the organizers, was struggling to close the front door of the school. He looked at me and said “do you know how this door closes?”

          I stared at him and pointed at the rubber doorstop wedge at the bottom of the door.

          That my friends, is the future of our country.

        • I had the exact same thought Gov. These kids are far too irrational to be trusted with anything more important than a goldfish.

          “We’re gonna make a HUGE target of ourselves to protest disgruntled students making us targets and we’re gonna do it with little to no security in the area.”

      • Seems like these walk outs would have also been an opportunity for someone with an ‘Assault Truck’ to mow down several handfuls of protesters had it taken some nutjob’s fancy to do so.

        But, hey, that doesn’t happen in ‘civilized’ nations, right?


        • Some nut case right here in Portland, OR did that just today. Drove up onto the sidewalk, hit four women, putting two of them in the hospital, then got back on the street and drove away. Even stopped at the lights as he made his get-away according to witnesses.

    • Is selective adolescent abortion a thing? Progs love them some abortion of defenseless embryos how about some of the same for budding marginal sentient snowflakes? Wouldn’t that count as assisted suicide (which the prog industry also loves).

  2. For whatever benefit may be derived, ( if any ) once a circumstance has been relegated to that of a ‘problem’ — simple problem-solving formula ( of sorts ) as follows:
    Identify the problem. Decide what to do. Formulate a plan. Predict the outcome. Execute the plan. Evaluate the results.
    As a potentially-helpful suggestion and utilizing a ‘Civilized Society’ as a reference point, the underlying ‘issues’ in regard to most all societal ills and manifest as ‘problems’ are most relative to failure to apply the ‘restraint’ quality of Conscience; failure to adhere to the simple code of Moral conduct; and failure on the part of one or more individuals to first acknowledge, and thereafter extend respect for the actual ‘Rights’ of other persons.
    Conscience, Morality and ‘Rights’. Simple. Really.

    Opinion as follows:
    The word ‘Conscience’ may be defined in part as, ‘a quality present in most all persons with the capacity to serve the individual as a restraint upon certain actions under some circumstances, and as a calling to act under other circumstances.’
    The word ‘Morality’ is definable in part as, ‘a simple code of individual conduct’.
    The word ‘Rights’ is definable in part as, ‘the natural status of each person’.

    The simple Moral code of individual conduct requires only that one conduct oneself and ones affairs in such a manner as to avoid intentionally violating the actual ‘Rights’ of another person or persons.
    Intentionally violating the actual ‘Rights’ of another person or persons constitutes the basis of an actual criminal act.
    In terms of Human affairs, Conscience, Morality and ‘Rights’ may be regarded as the basis upon which one ‘reasons’.
    Finally, it should also be at least casually mentioned that no written-law, in and of itself ever actually prevented any person from perpetrating an actual criminal act.
    As pertinent to those adamant about the necessity for enacting more ‘Gun Control Laws’
    Morality cannot be legislated. Period.
    Do No Harm / Successfully Defend

    “Evil is an absence of Conscience, Hell a place devoid of all Reason.” Anonymous.

  3. Gee way back when in mebbe 1970 we had a HS walkout over Vietnam. Did the war end? No not until overwhelming public opinion went against the war-which didn’t end until 1975-and we lost. There are multiple millions of pro-2A folks who will NEVER give up their guns no matter what sissy snowflakes do! Kids are idiots😧

  4. If all the actual Americans in America were to take control of their children’s education by either homeschooling or transferring them to a reputable private school, then they at least would never know the tragedy of a school shooting. It’s asinine that we continue to have this “debate”. By debate I mean Americans offering many useful solutions whilst UNAmericans only chant “no more guns”. Not helpful, not a “conversation” and not going to improve a damned thing. Let’s be clear: this nation was never intended to make you safe, nor prosperous. This nation was intended to make you free to do both on your own. Anyone who studies history for 5 minutes will see that death by government was the leading cause of unnatural death in the 20th century. Why, as Americans, do we even have to ask this question: “how do we make our children safe?”

  5. “School Walk-outs” have the same chance of stopping school shootings as Schools being “gun-free zones”.

  6. The only thing that may have any effect on the school shootings is to stop the bullying. That will not happen.

    In spite of the number of these shootings there are still bully’s out there that think they are bullet proof, it won’t happen here. Good luck with that.

    The only real solution is to prevent. The only effective way to prevent is to let community members arm themselves and patrol their neighborhood schools. There are more than enough people like me out there. I’m a vet. Retired. With a desire to continue to serve my community.

    Let us become a volunteer posse for the local cops. We will work for free and provide our own weapons.

  7. this reminds me of the show my wife was watching last night.

    A drama class was putting on a play at school that had several contreversal scenes like child abuse, gay kissing, teenage sex and some “cussing”.
    the principal and the PTA got together and decided that the child abuse scene was too much and that they needed to take it out. so the teacher reluctantly agreed. and from there every few scenes you would see the principal coming back and saying “oh and take this and that out too” to where there was really no point in the play. it had been reduced to pointless scenes with no lesson to be learned or moral to take away.
    and the teacher did exactly what this country needs to do: he said fuck it and went back to the original screen play ( or what ever) and put back in the child abuse, cussing, kissing, and “sex” scene( it wasn’t sex, they just talked about it). he learned that these people don’t care about safety or any of that shit. all they care about is CONTROL. they lust for control in every facet of life and they join a group that gives them that potential for control and they will never have enough.
    over all i couldn’t actually believe i what i was seeing. i figured you would have this narrative about how censorship is for the better blah blah blah. but it did NOT go that way. i was pleasantly surprised. Pretty sure it’s a network TV show too.

  8. My favorite from this article:

    — Aug. 7, 2016, Linndale, Ohio: Two men getting into their car in a Dollar Store parking lot were held up by a masked armed robber. As the gunman, Varshaun Stephen Dukes, was rifling through one of the men’s pockets, the other pulled out his concealed handgun and told him to stop. The robber fired at the man but missed. The concealed carry permit holder shot back, putting a .45 bullet in the robber’s brain. (Naturally, he survived.) All of this was captured on the Dollar Store’s surveillance camera, so no charges were brought against the armed citizen.

  9. It would not surprise me if there were not terrorist organizations in these schools spinning their magic, working on susceptible students, until they perpetuate another shootem up. There is a reason the CIA has agents in most large collages. You don’t set out mouse traps until you know you have mice.

    • Uhm no, why do that when you can pump $38 million in tax deductible funds into a professional effort to “organize” a small minority of students and have them run around demanding the constitution be shredded.

  10. “What If School Walkouts Don’t Stop School Shootings?”

    Then everyone here would all get to say “I told you so”.

    • I never assumed that I the anti-gun walkouts were anything other then to get guns from law abiding gun owners.
      So I wouldn’t have bothered to tell them they wouldn’t stop school shootings.

      Since what started school shooting in these last year’s are “gun free” killing zones and activist harping on poodle-shooters.

  11. If it isn’t schools being shot up, it would be something else, like shopping malls (again), or churches, (again).
    And yet. most of the ignorant population thinks that guns are the whole problem. They don’t seem to realize that their little darlings are capable of mass murder!


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