Charles Chuck Schumer New York Senator
(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)
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Charles Chuck Schumer New York Senator
(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

People, for example, can be sure that a Democrat majority partnered with a Biden presidency will clear a path for gun control — gun bans, a ban on private firearm transfers, magazine capacity limits, and potentially even a firearm confiscation initiative.

While it is no secret that Schumer and his colleagues on the Left have been avid proponents of gun control, the New Yorker’s recent story about Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s declining health also conveniently exposed the degree to which the gun control lobby has already embedded itself among Senate Democrats.

In the story, reporter Jane Mayer’s anonymous sources recall that Minority Leader Schumer was concerned enough about Feinstein’s mental acuity and her ability to manage Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearing that he “embedded” a trusted staffer into the Senate Judiciary Committee to “make sure the hearings didn’t go off the rails.” The staffer he chose for this task was Max Young, unsurprisingly a former Schumer staffer, but shockingly the current chief public affairs officer for gun control groups Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action.

— Lawrence Keane in Democrats are preparing a gun control onslaught

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  1. Well, of course they will. And let’s not forget, they’ll launch other attacks against freedom of speech, thought, assembly, religion, et cetera.

    It’s what they do.

    This is about guns … but it’s not only about guns.

    • they’ll launch other attacks against freedom of speech, thought, assembly, religion, et ce

      And, fiction becomes FACT, Art becomes REALITY as the tail wags the dog… Buckle up Buttercup it’s gonna be a hell of a ride..

    • And given its recent behavior, it’s hard to believe that the Supreme Court will do anything to defend the 2nd Amendment and prevent it from being deconstructed and rendered meaningless.

    • If it’s in the Bill of Rights I would say it’s threatened. If it’s in the constitution it will be ignored until something stops it

        • I agree with you in it sounds like a very bloody deadly job to come and try to steal our guns away from us I’m not giving up nothing if they want my guns they have to take the bullets coming out of the barrel first

  2. The 5th Columnists no longer talk about common sense gun laws or enhanced background checks for every purchaser. WHY?

    Enhanced background checks means you are inherently trustworthy. The 2A community can successfully make the argument that if we pass your checks, we should be able to buy anything. Right? Afterall, we have been verified through the most rigorous standards that we are “The Trusted.”

    The 5th Columnists are not about trust or freedom. As such, the conversation has moved to outright confiscation and removal of all our rights including the 1st amendment (no worship, no speech, no free assembly).

    I would not be surprised if the 3rd amendment is the next to fall with mandatory monitoring and tracking devices in every home.

    I know, it sounds like a tinfoil hat conspiracy, but in the words of the great philosopher George W. Bush, “”Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.”

    • It’s not a conspiracy theory at all. The left wants to come for every single right in the BOR. They’re not even secret about it anymore.

      In fact, they’re quite loud about it.

      • They aren’t too smart, these Democrats. Every red blooded American in this country owns multiple fire arms. Those Dems might find themselves in big trouble even trying to mess with them. People are already mad and ready to be sure not to let a bunch of Socialists and Marxist Facists take over our country. Dems could find themselves having a Tiger by the Tail they can’t let go of.

        • While most current law enforcement would probably decline to enforce any unconstitutional gun laws, the left will probably recruit young leftist activists to do it instead, just like Hitler and the Nazis did with the Brown Shorts. I’m sure ANTIFA and BLM would line up for such jobs. So when they come for our guns we must make certain that we give them the bullets first. I wouldn’t lose a single night’s sleep over sending an ANTIFA member to meet his maker early.

    • No one in government needs to do much of anything for this. The general population has already shown a strong desire for it on their own.

      • Most of the polls run in recent months show any kind of gun control pretty far down on the list of what people are concerned about. And don’t forget the sheer numbers of first time gun buyers in the last couple years.
        Most of the anti gun noise has come from the same small, vocal and well funded groups that have been trying for decades to disarm the general populace. With the same misguided idea that the guns, and not the criminals are the problem. Deal with the criminals and deal with education and the gun problem sorts itself out. Of course it is much easier to blame the hardware and confiscate the guns, than it is to admit the leftists very social programs have been the major causes of the gun crimes.

        • Why is there so much false news about dems and taking away guns? It’s just idiotic. I think they just want to control the criminals and psychos who shouldn’t have guns.THAT would make America great- and safer! That is NOT taking away guns or free speech!

          • I think they just want to control the criminals and psychos who shouldn’t have guns.

            In THEIR minds THAT is the very definition of a gun owner…

    • Mostly there already re; monitoring and tracking. Alexa, Siri, “smart” this and that. All of the tech is already in place and available to the government.

    • People must never tip their hand, but if it shows up in a neighborhood near you quietly disappear, regroup and exercise your battle plan. You will need a plan to survive. Search out to find veterans because they have the ability to help you stay alive.

      When you return to the fight, remember to effectuate the battle below the waistline. Then take their equipment; all of it leave nothing behind because you will need it.

      • I’d “Rather” not!

        Seriously, we’ve got lots still to do and, as yet, no action has been taken by the Bitem’ admin. Only threats and I’m still hoping wiser heads will prevail. We need to not hide should any laws or executive actions be taken, including (or perhaps especially) any action on ammo. A 10 million person march on DC would be the next step. All armed but no shots fired unless fired upon. Make them either listen and change or they will have to start shooting.

        Logistically this is difficult but not impossible. Roughly 500k persons/day converging from multiple directions in an almost endless parade past the White House and capitol rotunda. and out the other side VA to MD for example that shuts down the city for days. Shuttles to take people back to their vehicles, etc.

        It can & should be done if the Hairytoe/Bitem’ admin starts something.

        • Only threats and I’m still hoping wiser heads will prevail.

          Evidently you’ve forgotten that you ARE talking about a puppet regime that will be answering to a higher power (China, Soros and the money machine).. There is very little wisdom and too great a desire for power involved and guns/gun owners are a major obstacle to their end….

          • Nope, I haven’t forgotten Maxx. I’m just sayin’ I don’t think they’ll kick the bear just yet and if they do what we should do next. Give them 2 options, kill us or repeal the laws – all laws, including the NFA & GCA. Force their hand right in DC and do it en masse. Let them be the ones to decide whether we can peaceably resolve this or the proverbial tree must be watered. We’re the good guys here and we need to start acting like it.

  3. They wasted the last four years going after a “real” president, theyll spend the next four going after his supporters! They’ve already said as much, you just have to listen.

    • Yep. There is definitely a plan in place, not only to come after guns and free speech, but to get revenge on each person that voted for Trump.

      • FEMA will be working overtime to construct the “detention centers” and ANTIFA and BLM will be putting in heroic efforts to interrogate and eliminate all those “deplorables”.

        • Gee, doesn’t that sound familiar?

          Could swear that was the very same nonsense bandied about when Obama was in office for 8 years and then left.

          Never saw any of those fema camps but who needs evidence, right?

  4. We will not comply with any new gun laws, restrictions, interpretations, or regulations. We will defend ourselves if anyone tries to enforce any new gun laws, restrictions, interpretations, or regulations.

    • Yep. I dont care who knows it, I’m not doing anything to comply with any more garbage they manage to pass at the state or federal level. Want to send me to prison, destroy my family, lose the tax revenue from my income? Ok. Have at it. I’ll continue to use and shoot my AR pistols without change, along with all my other firearms with standard capacity firearms.

      If LEOs continue to enforce unjust laws, (often now only against only those deemed enemies of the narrative), then I hope they can live with themselves. They will lose any semblance of support or sympathy I still have for them against the leftists that are tearing us apart.

      • If LEOs continue to enforce unjust laws, (often now only against only those deemed enemies of the narrative), then I hope they can live with themselves.

        Anyone who doubts what LEOs will do when faced with a decision between their income and YOUR rights just needs to revisit Ruby Ridge and Waco (don’t miss the Senate hearings) to understand which side they will come down on…

        • Or Katrina…they want that “security” yet denied it to the resident’s of New Orleans. I support good moral cop’s. No one else. Woe to those who engage in mass confiscation!

        • Need to be a little nice about Waco, please. Local LE (Waco and state) refused to have anything to do with the fed crazies. And the commanding general of Ft Hood refused their demand for tanks, until overruled by DC. Even then, he refused the demand for 1) Army crews for the tanks, and 2) GET THIS IT IS NOT A JOKE live ammo for both the coax .50 cal and the main gun, an antitank cannon. If Washington overruled that (wouldn’t surprise me) he told them to fuck off, because they got no ammo, tanks on flatbeds without Army personnel anywhere to be found. A lot actually went right with Waco, all the more reason that around 100 people should still be in prison, today, only around half of them FBI, the rest senior military at the Pentagon/Joint Chiefs level. That shit did not simply pass under the radar without anyone noticing, an entire city police force and the commanding 3-star general of one of the largest Army posts in the world stood up and screamed BULLSHIT. It was a golden opportunity to put that shit to rest forever, but the assholes were too powerful.

          • I am aware of the local LEs relationship w/Branch Davidians, called them respectful, clean, quiet, well mannered, very likable… My reference was to the ATF who lied to the Army to use their facilities for training and descended on the compound looking for a fight even though they could have taken Koresh quietly in town when ever they wanted and the FBI cunts that took over ready to kill everyone in the house… They all lied even when confronted with witnesses AND video… They lied to the local cops, they lied to the press AND they lied to the Senate committee including Chucky and The Creepy One who didn’t WANT to hear the truth so ATF and the FBI could spin it any way they wanted because they had homefield advantage and a user friendly crowd…. Was Koresh a Creep? probably, but age of consent in Tx was 14 and the parent(s) was/were there to give consent… Were they converting guns auto fire? yeah why not, who hasn’t? Did they find the grenades Koresh was supposedly selling? No.. So basically all they had was illegal possession of an automatic weapon, hardly reason to kill women and children… Same with Ruby Ridge all that death and destruction over a fucking sawed off Shotgun? Those agencies took on a bunch of Mercenaries and called them a team with one mindset and one goal….

        • “age of consent in Tx was 14 and the parent(s) was/were there to give consent… “

          So the parents were there to give consent when they were under 14?

          Seriously, in Texas a parent can give consent for an adult male to have sex with her daughter even if she’s under 14?

          Wow, somebody let Q&Anon know that we found the pedophiles!

      • They call themselves, OATHKEEPERS, for a reason. They were attacked in the past for calling themselves Oathkeepers. Just go back and look at all the negative comments on TTAG.

        There are oathkeepers and oath breakers. I call the bad ones oath breakers. The problem is the Libertarians, Liberals, and the Left, don’t see a difference between the two. They think all cops are bad.

        But the three L’s still don’t support you, the property owner, shooting looters. And they don’t support the owner, contracting with guards, to shoot looters. Nor do they support volunteers like kyle Rittenhouse shooting looters.

    • Well, they have figured out this whole election thingy. So they are probably not too concerned about re-acquiring seats…

      A thought (to all reading here), read the first few chapters of “Term Limits” by Vince Flynn. You will want to finish the book!
      It offers solutions…

      • The Democrats have already shown that they will blatantly rig a presidential election right in our face and laugh about it knowing nothing will be done. The courts have shown they will do nothing about it. Chief Justice Roberts denied the Texas lawsuit because he reportedly “feared riots in the streets” They are about to do the same in the Georgia senate run-off races. We are now in the era of third world sham elections, no better than a Zimbabwe or a Mozambique

        • Nothing is going to de-rail riots in the streets. That will happen no matter who comes out on top of the political games.

  5. For Christmas I would like to celebrate with the heads of shumer, pelosi, feinstein, swalwell and other traitors heads on pikes outside the hart office building.

    • There are high end homes in Maxine Waters’ district, much nicer and more expensive that I own, but it is not Beverly Hills or Brentwood. She must feel she is above those she represents.

  6. In other news, the Republican Trump administration continues its attack on the American people:

    “Trump administration political appointees tried to block or change more than a dozen government reports that detailed scientific findings about the spread of the coronavirus, a House panel investigating the alleged interference said Monday.

    Rep. James Clyburn, D-S.C., said his coronavirus subcommittee investigators have found evidence of a “political pressure campaign” to “bully” professionals at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in what may have been an attempt to “cripple the nation’s coronavirus response in a misguided effort to achieve herd immunity.”

    • minor 49 IQ….All the evidence shows joe biden, nancy pelosi et al advised fools like you to dance and sing in china town following the POTUS decision to stop people from foreign countries entering the USA and spreading the virus. Scum like you called the POTUS racist for taking action to save American lives and that action does include your life you slanderous libelous worthless ungrateful mealy mouth sicko propagandist pos. Scumbags like you are known to concoct lies and use it as evidence against those who stand in the way of your smelly socialism. communism, marxism. pukeism, etc.

      I suggest you pull your pathetic useful idiot head out of the behind of Rep. James Clyburn, D-S.C. et al while you still can.

      • “the POTUS decision to stop people from foreign countries entering the USA and spreading the virus.“

        Fake news. Trump only banned Chinese nationals from entering the US, allowing 40,000 returning Americans and other foreign nationals entry into America from China during the first months of the pandemic.

        You do know, there are factual records of actual events available to the public.

        • Don’t be ridiculous, seven day quarantine with daily temperature checks before they’re allowed on the flight.

          We are Covid testing everyone who comes from the UK now, it’s not so difficult.

          And all 40,000 were not American citizens, Many were UK nationals, Korean, Indonesian, Australian, etc.

          And yes, I would inconvenience several thousand American travelers for a week or two if I could prevent 300,000 dead Americans, wouldn’t you?

          Oh I’m sorry, you wealthy elites will accept no inconveniencing, even if it means the deaths of hundreds of thousands, got it.

          And the point is, you and Trump are lying when you say he banned travel from China to stop the Covid pandemic.

        • You have failed to explain why things are bad in Europe which has done everything right. Is that Trump’s fault too.

          Please outline all the steps you would have taken to solve the problem.

        • I’m not an epidemiologist, and I’m not the president, we hire specialists who know what they’re doing and we should take their advice.

          Unfortunately, Donald Trump will not listen to anyone, especially if he doesn’t understand the big words they use.

          Trump lied to the American people repeatedly about the dangers of the virus, and did not offer clear, medically valid, information about the dangers of Covid. The tapes recorded by Bob Woodward show he knew exactly what the dangers were, was familiar with the airborne transmission, like he said “this thing is deadly!”

          But out of concern for his public image, he misrepresented the dangers and no one took it seriously. The rot starts at the top.

          Here’s a few of his statements that should be introduced as evidence in his voluntary manslaughter trial:

          February 26th: “And again, when you have 15 people, and the 15 within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero, that’s a pretty good job we’ve done.”
          February 27th: “It’s going to disappear. One day — it’s like a miracle — it will disappear.”
          March 4th: “It’s very mild.”
          March 6th: “Anybody that wants a test can get a test.”
          March 7th: “I’m not concerned at all.”
          March 10th: “It will go away. Just stay calm. It will go away.”
          March 13th: “I don’t take responsibility at all…”
          March 16th: “We have a problem that a month ago nobody knew anything about.”
          March 17th: “I felt it was a pandemic long before it was declared a pandemic. All you had to do was look at other countries.”
          March 18th: “It snuck up on us.”

        • Naziboi, I asked you what should have been done and all you did was repeat DNC talking points. Here is something to ponder. Why do you think guys like Gavin Newsom don’t follow their own rules? They know from actual science that without a vaccine there is nothing you can do to stop the course of the epidemic. Your betters just want to see how their followers will bark like trained seals after they impose evermore onerous and ridiculous restrictions. You know what Newson was talking about when he was living it up at the French Laundry? He was talking about how stupid people like you are and laughing at you.

          And the Vaccine? Even Slo Joe acknowledged that Trump got it done.

          Now be quiet and go away.

        • As I said, I am not an epidemiologist and I’m not president, it’s not my responsibility to know what to do.

          I pay my taxes like most people (except the wealthy elites like Trump) so that we can hire medical experts and we should follow their advice.

          Trump intentionally mislead the American people about the dangers of COVID-19, and discouraged mask use even though he knew it was primarily transmitted through airborne particles.

          “And the Vaccine? Even Slo Joe acknowledged that Trump got it done.”

          Are you unaware that the vaccine from Pfizer was not a product of ‘warp speed’ and the American government invested no money in its development or production?

          Trump dropped the ball because he was too busy holding super spreader campaign rallys and golfing.

        • No Mr. Socialist hypocrite. You called Trump a racist for trying to close the border from inbound Chinese flights. Your just another Left racist as usual.

        • @49 IQ
          “except the wealthy elites like Trump”

          1st of all Trump pre-paid taxes quarterly like most self-employed entrepreneurs. Look it up idiot. 2nd Trumps businesses pay thousands of workers and those workers pay taxes so he indirectly pays more taxes in a year than your worthless ass will pay in a lifetime.

        • @Miner “I am not an epidemiologist and I’m not president, it’s not my responsibility to know what to do.”

          Then shut up.

    • One could take the perspective that since humans are killing this planet the most “Green” solution would be fewer humans. Fewer humans would mean less power consumption, fewer cars, less fossil fuel fuel use, a reduced carbon footprint, less meat consumption, less methane emissions, and so on, and so on.

      It could be argued that COVID-19 is actually nature’s way of righting the imbalance that is the result of there being too many humans here on Earth. She’s just defending herself, after all.

      Now, if the “Green” solution is less humans- why are we shutting everything down? Mandatory lock-downs, mask mandates, restrictions of civil liberties, economic shutdowns, etc. only slow the spread of COVID-19, right? How does that make sense? Aren’t we supposed to want more infections? More infections means fewer humans. And fewer humans means a greener planet.

      We’ve got to act NOW to ensure the future of our planet! Open everything immediately and let nature do what nature does best- finding a balance. It’s really the only rational solution, right? Anything less would be… inhuman.

      • Thanks for taking the time to create a complex strawman argument.

        Of course, most of the statements in your argument are not factually accurate.

        “She’s just defending herself, after all.“

        Fascinating, your anthropomorphizing of natural processes betrays your intellectual deficit.

        • One could construe your response as being inexplicably dismissive and indecorously insulting.

          Refutation of factual inaccuracies are always welcomed. It would be imprudent to suppose any online forum comment postulation to be commensurate with a scientific paper/publication/peer-reviewed journal.

          Natural processes are just that- processes that occur naturally. They’re why life exists. We are only having this conversation because of an extremely precariously balanced natural process that is, has always been, and will always be exponential magnitudes above and beyond the sovereignty of humans.

          Anthropomorphizing. Symbology. Symbiology. Semantics. Tomato. Tomato.

        • @Pete
          What ever makes you think even for a minute this virus is natural? Nothing could be farther from the truth. This is an engineered virus that targets the elderly and unhealthy. It isn’t about cleansing it’s about the money. Think social security (and worldwide equivalents), pensions, insurance companies, etc. Then think about the overall cost globally of supporting those 2 groups. You’re right about a purge but you’re wrong about by whom. Mother nature can be a bitch but she has nothing to do with this.

        • anonymous-

          Well, the trick is… if humans are clever (pathetic, vile, evil) enough to create a pandemic in order to achieve economic gains, then they certainly have earned the right to be “selected” for natural “control”.

          Anything created by Nature is naturally… natural. And Nature loves to even the playing field.

          Natural process.
          Nature finds a way.
          Going against Nature is part of Nature, too.
          Karma’s a bitch.

          It can’t be any other way than it is.

          • “if humans are clever (pathetic, vile, evil) enough to create a pandemic in order to achieve economic gains”

            If you don’t believe that the elite are exactly that, you’re not paying attention. But let’s not forget greedy in the description. I think avarice best describes the real reason. In retrospect I suppose, for some, avarice is quite natural.

      • A few questions. Do you subscribe to the “Voluntary” human extinction movement? Will it be “voluntary” for most of us unwoke proles? Will you follow your convictions and make yourself extinct?

        • Southern-

          “Nature’s End” was a good read, but no- I’d support John Sinclair not Dr. Gupta Singh.

          One perspective would be that the role of “Government” is to provide the best available facts to the people, offer regularly updated recommendations, and then let free people decide how they are going to conduct themselves. Public property belongs to the public, private property belongs to individuals. Each has recourse under the law. Actions have consequences, and individuals must face the consequences of their actions. No one’s rights are more important than anyone else’s.

          No one should be forced to do/buy/wear something or have their movement restricted based on someone else’s fear. Citizens are not children, the government is not the parent.

          An appeal to fear as a mechanism of force is one of the biggest red flags there is.

          Do you see it?

      • less meat consumption,

        Less meat consumption means MORE animals = MORE Cow farts (thanx for THAT info AOC).. So more meat consumption SHOULD be part of any responsible climate control (these assholes want to CONTROL everything) bill…

    • Miner49er,

      There is also a GIGANTIC cost — in both lives, livelihoods, and money — to going full lockdown/shutdown back in December of 2019 in a futile attempt to stop COVID-19 virus from reaching us and killing anyone.

      Telling the uneducated public at the outset about virus technical details (including rate of spread and mortality rate) would have sent the masses into a complete panic/meltdown and cost more lives and livelihoods than implementing careful and restrained measures to reduce the spread of the virus of the lost lives to the virus.

      Here is a simple parallel:
      There is an indoor sport stadium jam packed (standing room only) with 40,000 people and a certain amount of poison gas was somehow released into the stadium — enough poison gas to kill 400 people but no more. When the announcer at the stadium becomes aware, does he notify the crowd — knowing that the crowd will panic, stampede for the exits, and kill 4,000 people in the process? Or does the announcer keep it to himself, ask some of the crowd to exit for some mundane reason (which will NOT trigger a stampede), and limit the death toll to 400 (or less depending on how many people exited for the mundane reason before inhaling enough poison gas to be lethal)? The answer is obvious.

      There are legitimate reasons to withhold partial information from the masses when there is nothing to gain and a lot to lose from full-disclosure.

      • Your stadium analogy is rather weak, the situation is much more complex than just a room full of humans.

        First, the only reason we needed lockdown/shutdowns is because Trump and his administration lied about the airborne transmission ability of Covid from the very beginning and discouraged the use of masks.

        Not only Trump, but right wing news media intentionally lied, “playing down the dangers of the virus” as Trump put it.

        Their claim was that Covid was no worse than the ordinary flu, but the facts prove otherwise.

        So far in 2020, we’ve experienced 15% excess deaths increase over 2019, approximately 400,000 Americans.

        Frankly I don’t expect you to believe or be convinced by my statements or factual citations on this list.

        I am confident the rising death toll will convince most Americans of the reality of COVID-19 and the threat it poses to our healthcare system and entire nation

        • Really it is beyond arguing with idiots like Miner 49…. there is no convincing him, and he is not going to turn anyone here to his side. He has his side, and we have ours, and there is no discussion just rhetoric back and forth and there is no point, this is not a contest to sway votes. His side has been the aggressor for a generation and we have continued to move backwards, there will be eventually a breaking point. If 4 years of endless propaganda blitz against the president, and baseless persecution and ultimately a stolen election does not hit the breaking point then you might as well just turn your weapons in now. The ignorant and deluded Miner 49’s of this world are not going to win any debates,…but they don’t need to, the system is rigged and he has taken his position as a useful idiot. There is no political solution for us, they have control of the bureaucracy, the mainstream and social media, and the courts.

          • and there is no discussion just rhetoric back and forth and there is no point,

            Which is why I and a number of others decided some time ago to ignore Minr and his cohorts though I kind of miss VLAD (the real one) The rest Minr especially are just copy, edit, paste specialists whom have no real original thoughts to add to ANY conversation.. Ignore it, IT hates that..

        • The differences, you folks ignore the facts.

          You complain about copy and paste, because you have a natural aversion to verifiable facts with credible sources.

          Original thoughts? You folks don’t have any, you are regurgitating your right wing echo chamber talking points consistently, day after day.

          You listened to Fox News, with Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, etc. telling you that COVID-19 was a hoax and you believed their talking points and still do.

          The same goes for the election, even trumps lackey AG Barr has admitted no election fraud, furthermore, he says no need for an investigation of voting machines or Hunter Biden. Fox, Newsmax, etc. have aired complete retractions of their voting machine fraud claims, under fear of financial catastrophe from defamation lawsuits because they were lying on air to the public.

          I don’t need to create delusional ‘original thoughts’, I have historical fact on my side, copied and pasted from reliable sources.

          Here’s some now:

          “Final mortality data for this year will not be available for months. But preliminary numbers suggest that the United States is on track to see more than 3.2 million deaths this year, or at least 400,000 more than in 2019.

          U.S. deaths increase most years, so some annual rise in fatalities is expected. But the 2020 numbers amount to a jump of about 15%, and could go higher once all the deaths from this month are counted.“

          Go ahead and call me ignorant, it gives you something to post because you don’t have any facts from reliable sources with which to counter my position.

        • Miner49er,

          I can believe the preliminary estimate that 400,000 people will have died in 2020 (in the U.S.), that it will be an increase of 15% over 2019, and that the increase is way beyond the year-over-year increase that we would normally expect. As with everything, we should exercise discernment and consider those numbers in the overall context of life.

          Perhaps the most important questions to ask about those numbers — how much of the excessive increase in 2020 deaths is directly the result of people:

          1) who became despondent because of the isolation and financial ruin which the shutdowns caused and committed suicide. (These people would not have committed suicide if governments had not implemented sweeping shutdowns.)

          2) who could not get preventive/routine healthcare (banned during shutdowns) and died of undiagnosed/untreated diseases/illnesses. (These people would have received normal healthcare and survived if governments had not banned all but emergency healthcare during the shutdowns.)

          And we also have to look forward. How many people will die several years earlier than they otherwise would have died because of government shutdowns? These early deaths would not have happened without shutdowns. (Shutdowns are directly responsible for financial ruin/hardship which will reduce healthy lifestyles and healthcare, thus directly shortening some people’s lives.)

          I could go on. As you said yourself, the situation is complex. That means we cannot simply blurt out that far fewer people would have died if Trump had not downplayed the virus. Such a simple view ignores basic human psychology.

        • Senseless, I’m sure there were some additional deaths but the idea that waves of citizens became despondent because of government shut down is far-fetched.

          And as many on this list have pointed out, there are many medical malpractice deaths from routine procedures every year, the decline in accidental medical deaths would outweigh any gain in deaths from failure to obtain routine care.

          Fact is, routine care was not prohibited, only elective procedures. Anyone with a serious medical problem has been able to access the care they need, if they have insurance of course.

          The Covid deaths we see now will be a tiny fraction of the total, medical evidence is indicating that many people will have significant negative health impacts from their Covid illness, maybe as many as 70% of those who have survived Covid have permanent organ damage.

          Of course, if the Republicans succeed in taking away our pre-existing condition coverage, it won’t make any difference they can just die, right?

        • “That means we cannot simply blurt out that far fewer people would have died if Trump had not downplayed the virus.“

          Are you serious? Is that not self evident to you?

          Trump lied about the dangers and severity of the virus, he discouraged mask use and ignored social distancing guidelines for his rallies.
          He ridiculed the epidemiologists and other medical experts, and discouraged people from following their guidelines.

          Tell me, the next time you or a loved one require surgery will you be advising the surgeons and assistants to not wear a mask because there’s really no need?

          It is now clear why Donald Trump loves the poorly educated, they are so easily manipulated for fun and profit.

        • Miner49er,

          You are wrong regarding healthcare restrictions during COVID-19 lockdowns. In my state the governor forbid all healthcare except for dire emergencies such as a person keeling over with a heart attack or stroke. People who did not feel well (a common symptom of heart attack, diabetes, cancer, and various other life-threatening diseases) were not allowed to seek medical attention because it was forbidden. Many such people died the same day, the next day, or several days/weeks later from their undiagnosed and untreated root disease/illness that caused them to “not feel well” — people who would have survived had the lockdown literally not prevented them from seeking medical attention.

          Along the same lines, we could not go to the dentist unless there was a dental emergency/trauma — no routine cleanings nor screenings nor fittings for dental appliances. (That is significant because dental cleanings/screenings are the primary way that our healthcare industry identifies cancer in and around the mouth and jaw.) Similarly, people could not get mammograms, colonoscopies, or skin cancer screenings. I know this because all healthcare providers shut down and cancelled these procedures for either myself or immediate family members — for several months.

          And yes, I understand how serious the virus is: my father-in-law contracted the virus and his illness was so serious that the hospital did not expect him to survive. Fortunately, he just left the hospital and entered a rehabilitation center to recover from his 11 days on a ventilator and the previous 7 days of suffering the virus at home. It will likely be another two months before he recovers close to his pre-virus condition.

        • “Many such people died the same day, the next day, or several days/weeks later from their undiagnosed and untreated root disease/illness that caused them to “not feel well” — people who would have survived had the lockdown literally not prevented them from seeking medical attention.“

          That’s quite the claim, you’re going to need to cite a source or reference to underpin your assertion in order for it to have any weight in the discussion.

          Personally, I know of no patients turned away for an acute medical condition. No doubt, a ban on elective procedures was indeed in effect in many states but you can’t just claim that everyone was turned away from emergency care and expect anyone to believe that BS.

      • There will be a reckoning, you say?

        Yes, we are in the midst of a deadly reckoning right now:

        “This is the deadliest year in U.S. history, with deaths expected to top 3 million for the first time — due mainly to the coronavirus pandemic.

        Final mortality data for this year will not be available for months. But preliminary numbers suggest that the United States is on track to see more than 3.2 million deaths this year, or at least 400,000 more than in 2019.

        U.S. deaths increase most years, so some annual rise in fatalities is expected. But the 2020 numbers amount to a jump of about 15%, and could go higher once all the deaths from this month are counted.

        That would mark the largest single-year percentage leap since 1918, when tens of thousands of U.S. soldiers died in World War I and hundreds of thousands of Americans died in a flu pandemic. Deaths rose 46% that year, compared with 1917.

        COVID-19 has killed more than 318,000 Americans and counting. Before it came along, there was reason to be hopeful about U.S. death trends.

        The nation’s overall mortality rate fell a bit in 2019, due to reductions in heart disease and cancer deaths. And life expectancy inched up — by several weeks — for the second straight year, according to death certificate data released Tuesday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.“

        • On the bright side the flu has been eradicated. No one has died from the flu since Corona virus. Or maybe the rona isn’t as bad as the media and politicians say since the chances of surviving it are 95% if you’re over 70, & 99.99% if you’re under 10. Can it be that the media and politicians are lying to us?

        • That’s quite the claim, no seasonal flu deaths in 2020.

          What is your source for the statistic you cite?

          I have a citation from the CDC giving their estimate on October 6, 2020.

          “During the 2019-2020 influenza season, CDC estimates that influenza was associated with 38 million illnesses, 18 million medical visits, 405,000 hospitalizations, and 22,000 deaths.“

          Last flu season in 2018-2019, the death toll was approximately 38,000, it’s down significantly this year because of social distancing, smart people wearing masks and shut downs. But 22K is still a significant number of our family, friends and neighbors.

          And I agree, shut downs are not the best solution, and have all sorts of collateral costs including money and peoples lives.

          Unfortunately, stupid people listened to Dr. Trump, Professor Hannity and Researcher Limbaugh when they said this is just a hoax and you don’t need to wear a mask, don’t be afraid of Covid!

          Thus lockdowns and quarantines, but many just ignore the science and continue to infect their loved ones. Bye-bye boomers!

        • Miner, you know who claimed to be the Party of science? The Soviet Communist Party and the NSDAP.

          Europe has strict mask requirements and lockdowns and yet they are doing just as bad as we are because science.

        • Beat dead horses much? Why do you come here? You just drone out the same propaganda we have all heard over and over. If you had an original thought or idea it might pique someone’s interest enough to maybe consider something you say. I normally just ignore you, but curiosity got the best of me wondering if you really at this point in time think you will influence anyone. Everything you repeat are statistics and opinion coming from sources with an agenda that nobody here trusts or believes. At this point it is irrelevant what any agency, bureaucracy, or MSM outlet says, and soon more of our institutions will share the same irrelevancy. Do you expect us to continue to play a game politically when our votes don’t count, or follow laws made by lawmakers that are unconstitutional and the rulings of courts who make their own laws. You will get no argument from me, I would have to care what you think to want to argue with you.

        • “At this point it is irrelevant what any agency, bureaucracy, or MSM outlet says, and soon more of our institutions will share the same irrelevancy.“

          And that is why you will lose, because you refuse to examine any source of information that does not conform with your delusions.

          By all means, continue to follow Q&Anon, Rudy G, Sidney Powell and the rest of the clown car show, it will just make it easier for us actual patriotic Americans to regain control of our country. Any luck on those democratic pedophilia investigations, anybody ordering pizza these days?

          That sound you just heard was Hillary Clinton uncorking a nice Chardonnay, something confident without being presumptuous, with subtle notes of Chestnut and apricot.

  7. As a follow up to the previous article on this site. Those who have acquired the implements and the ability to use said implements will need to answer the call of Patriotism to Protect and Defend the Rights invoked within the Bill of Rights/Constitution. As long as those who would thru Any Means Necessary conspire to remove or weaken those Rights are allowed to attain Power. They will be a threat to Freedom/Liberty and must be dealt with in turn. The time for niceties is quickly coming to pass and those who would invoke the bonds of Tyranny must be turned away. The choice while not pleasant is obvious. Either comply with those who wish Tyrannical Control so as to have continued life or risk all for a life of continued Freedom. Each person will have to decide. Patriot or Subject. Those left at the end of the day will either Live as Citizens or Survive as Subjects. There will be No middle ground. Keep Your Powder Dry

    • DarkMan,

      The choice while not pleasant is obvious. Either comply with those who wish Tyrannical Control so as to have continued life or risk all for a life of continued Freedom.

      I am going to argue that a significant number of people who decide to comply with those who wish tyrannical control will actually NOT have continued life.

      There are appreciable costs and risks to complying with tyrannical rule. Just ask the violent crime victims — both the living and the dead — who would have armed themselves had their states not prohibited being armed for self-defense.

    • While we should be able to do as we please in a free society, does this mean that we should? Being responsible and not hurting others is a good idea. While you might not “owe” others anything, trying not to infect others is more noble.

  8. pompous lily white mealy mouth sick democRats must assume millions will roll over and accept fraudulent joe and the ho telling Americans what they can do and cannot do. NOT HAPPENING.

  9. With 3800 gun related arrest in NYC this year alone and 88% of those 3800 released back onto the streets due to moronic bail reform or COVID in the jails. Again, raises the question…..WHY NOT JUST ENFORCE THE EXISTING LAWS!?!?!?!
    Better yet…..If they won’t enforce existing gun laws, rather than pass more legislation just due away will all the existing laws that aren’t being enforced anyway!!!!

    • Steve…They do not care about criminal activity their concern is your gun. Because Gun Control is rooted in racism and genocide it makes Gun Control a racist and nazi based agenda. The reasoning of Gun Control Zealots is that of Gun Control racists and nazis. Everything Gun Control zealots say or do or want to do springs from racism and genocide. For Gun Control Zealots there is no way around the history of Gun Control and there is no way around the fact that Gun Control Zealots are carrying around the filth left by racists and nazis. That’s Chiseled.

      • Fully agree with you. I was just trying to inject some common sense, but I suppose that our politicians have ventured outside the lines of common sense long ago!

    • The answer here is to make good people lawbreakers, that way they are fair game. All they want is to create a class that they can trust to own and bear arms, all others need not apply.
      The new Jim Crow.

  10. Democrats are going to overplay their hand. Republicans, if there is such a thing anymore, need to be grooming mid-term candidates. They also need to think seriously about playing the game…a female contender for 2024. This election is over, except Georgia. Pour that money into something besides fruitless court challenges.

    • One could also argue that it’s well past time for people to realize that they really don’t have to accept only choosing between Republocrats or Dempublicans.

      Repeating the same error results in the repetition of the same errors.

      • Very true. This election and W’s re-election are the only instances that I voted Republican in a Presidential race. I’m 49, and have voted Libertarian those other times. If you look at the margins for the swing states that Trump lost, assuming the Libertarian votes would have favored him, Libertarians had the Ross Perot effect. May have cost him Wisconsin, anyway.
        With the oligarchs from both sides controlling media, the LP doesn’t have a lot of hope. Fiscal Conservatism isn’t popular with the deficit spenders on either side of the aisle. Money is power, you know. Rand Paul is looked at like a clown, when he champions responsible spending.
        I did some real soul searching before I voted for Trump. In the end, that was the choice I made. Neither proud, nor ashamed of it.
        Giuliani, by the way, is about as anti-gun as they come. I stopped sending NRA any extra (already a life member), when they had him as a guest speaker. That money goes to GOA now.

        • Reagan wasn’t Fudd, was more like Daffy Duck. Rabbit season, Duck season, Rabbit season Rabbit season, President season FIRE.

  11. Bumpstocks allowed under Obama, banned under Trump.

    Bracestocks allowed under Obama, banned under Trump.

    In 2017 Trump EXPANDED the ban of Russian made rifles that Obama started in 2014.

    GW Bush promised to sign a renewal of Clintons AWB if it reached his desk, it never did.

    GHW Bush banned AK47 imports, denounced the NRA and tore up his NRA membership card.

    Reagan banned new machineguns from civilian purchase after 1986 with his FOPA Bill.

    Next time you think gun control is a “Democrat thing” do some research.

    The Uniparty is ONE when it comes to dismantling the Bill of Rights.

    Any doubt of that look at this ridiculous “spending bill” they all just agreed on. $4000.00 for every citizen of Israel and 600.00 for out of work Americans. Millions of dollars to Pakistan. Millions to Ukraine.

    Meanwhile they demand the subjects of US voluntarily go out of business and wear face diapers in submission to the “Thousand Points Of Light” because some elderly might catch a mild flu virus.

    • RedCoatandBagged…You are like a little cockroach going around leaving poop trails. Instead of talking out your behind post what you think b. h. obama would have done if what happened in Vegas under DJT happened under b. h. obama? I can go down your silly list and the end results is a Republican POTUS is far less of a threat than any scumbag democRat. To attempt to say otherwise amounts to peeing on someone’s leg and telling them it’s raining.

      DJT could have left bumpstocks in the hands of congress who would have done far more than eliminate bumpstock contraptions. In fact crybaby…The Binary Triggers advertised on this forum probably would not be here if DJT left everything up to congress and congress got widespread knee-jerk public support. I suggest you wipe the snot off your crybaby face and contact Allen Gotttlieb for a more detailed explanation for the action of POTUS DJT.

      Furthermore…When I see nitwits posting garbage that puts them in the middle of the road it says the good for nothing nitwit will be hiding under his bed when the sht hits the fan.

      • Little Debbie, he posted actual facts about trumps anti-gun policies and actions, yet you call them garbage.

        It really is historical fact, Donald Trump did give the order to the ATF to ban bump stocks.

        I find it hard to believe that a Trump sycophant like you would say so many bad things about trumps actions, it seems a bit inconsistent, wouldn’t you say

        • minor 49 IQ… I called you garbage not once but many times because what you post is slanderous, libelous garbage. If you want to join the party then you answer the question I asked RedCoatAndBagged…
          What would the self serving lord marshal b. h. obama do to Gun Rights if what happened in Vegas under DJT happened under the self serving lord marshal b. h. obama? No Spins/ Answer the question.

          Furthermore azzhat… Do you and the baggedredcoat think the self serving lord marshal b. h. obama would have allowed his pervert rapist pal bill clintoon’s gun ban Not to Sunset? And what POTUS allowed the sicko clintoon gun ban to Sunset? You two vagina hats can answer the questions or stfu and gfy.

        • minor 49 IQ…You dodged answering the question with your usual marxist gibberish…Answer the question. What would the self serving lord marshal b. h. obama have done to gun rights should what happened in Vegas happen under the self serving lord marshal b. h. obama?

          Furthermore…Do your think the self serving lord marshal b. h. obama would have allowed his sick rapist pal bill clintoon’s gun ban to Sunset? What POTUS did allow bill clintoon’s sick gun ban to Sunset? And what political party tried to stop the rapist bill clintoon’s gun ban from be allowed to Sunset?
          And Furthermore…What political party savors the thought of seeing the rapist bill clintoon’s gun ban brought back to life? You can either answer my questions or stfu and gfy.

        • You ask how would Obama have reacted to a Vegas style shooting on his watch?

          A large group of partying adults attacked by a right wing gun-nut, dozens slain.

          Actually, we do have a comparable event, Sandy Hook. Where dozens of five and six year old children were slain by a gun nut, murdered at close range with an AR 15.

          So Debbie, how many guns did you lose through Obama’s actions after Sandy Hook?

      • Nice job refuting the FACTS I posted. Because you believe in truth, not facts, right?

        You must be a real hit at the Blue Lodge. Maybe your secret signs will prevent you from getting REDFLAGGED AND BAGGED when Empress KAMALA mounts the throne?

        • baggedredcoattwerp…You reek stupidity and hypocrisy. You come on this forum attempting to.balance political parties. I debunked that and you cannot man up and accept it. However you confirmed my assertion and proof that the political scales are nowhere near balanced. And what did you do? You validate my proof and assertion by telling me what a diabolical sick democRat ho is going to do to me. Now put on your big boy pants and you go find a Republican POTUS you can say the same about or stfu and gfy.

  12. Keep your powder dry, this is going to get really ugly, really soon. And NOBODY will be able to avoid choosing a side. It’s going to be a really bad time, prep your gear, and most importantly, prep your mind.

    • I’ve choosed a side already CCP. If it’s good enough for the prez elect it’s good enough for me. ,,,Whers the nearest gunm turning in place. ,,,Yay finally were getting rid of al the gunms, no more crime, or killing, no more Moms Demand Action,,err uh some moms will always demand more action, faster, faster ooh baby faster, take take that trash out faster. Yup we’re fcked

  13. They will pack the SCOTUS in their favor also, it only takes a simple majority in the Senate to add Justices.

    • Get outta here! Is that true? Seems like it would have been done long ago. Simple majority of the Senate to reduce it to one, as well?

  14. No fan of Feinstein, but what I heard was she was kicked off the Judiciary Committee for actually having nice things to say to Graham about how the Barrett hearings were conducted.

    They are vindictive enough that I tend to believe that, but I’m sure fresh blood leading the gun control agenda would also be a consideration in their thinking.

  15. Feinstein has dementia. Biden has dementia. Pelosi suffers from aphasia. Schumer is simply demented. Maxine Waters is nucking futs. Eric Swalwell was boinking a Chinese spy (have sex and an hour later you’re horny again). The Democrat party is truly an asylum, and Democrat voters are the inmates.

  16. Unprecedented? 1968 and 1934 would like a word with you.

    I’m actually more worried about all the other stuff the “progressive” Democrats are up to, like ruining faith in the entire electoral process and actively attacking the entire concept of equality before the law. Gun control is infuriating and worrisome, but it’s just one small part of the whole. They fully intend that nobody will ever get out from under their thumb again.

  17. But Enuf told us we will be ok.

    When enuf tells us he didn’t vote for this make sure to tell him “Yes you did.”

  18. Read Thomas Woods’: “Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century.” Then pass it on to your state members of congress and your friends and demand that they nullify every thing coming out of Biden’s Animal Farm (Orwell). States have the right by the Tenth Amendment and others to nullify and interpose on any Federal law that is unconstitutional making it null and void. Yes, we have final say whether we allow it into our state even over the USSC which is now a joke. The Framers saw this coming and gave us the “rightful remedy” to the evil Federal tyranny. Thank you Mr. Jefferson and Mr. Madison.

    • Tenth Amendment is part of the Constitution, they don’t plan to pay any attention to the Constitution, try that shit and they’ll send in the Army to kill all state government. Or at least that’s what a bunch of our own crazies are telling us, when the hard core actually try some of this they will wake up one morning dead, and unable to figure out how.

  19. Texas needs to become a second amendment sanctuary state. If California and others can be a sanctuary for people not supposed to be here (ILLEGAL immigrants), then I think it’s safe for Texas and others to be a sanctuary for citizens and LEGAL immigrants.

  20. All the democrats are doing is provoking a war here on American soil. The real American people will not give up their rights for freedom, NO matter what the anti-gunners want to put in law were it passs or not, America is a free country, not a grovnment controlled country. The true American people that love this nation will stand against any an all that jeopardizes the rights of this country’s freedom, that includes the right to carry and bare firearms, I believe the true American people have had enough of the anti gunners B.S.

  21. The same goes for the election, even trumps lackey AG Barr has admitted no election fraud …

    ++ FACT > Chances of Biden winning Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin ~independently after Trump’s early lead is less than one in a quadrillion: 1 in 1,000,000,000,000,000.

    ++ FACT > Chances of him/Biden winning ~collectively[TAKING ALL FOUR STATES INTO ACCOUNT] is one in a quadrillion >>> to the 4th power.

    quadrillion >>> to the 4th power >>> to ONE = 1,000,000,000,000,000 X 1,000,000,000,000,000 X 1,000,000,000,000,000 X 1,000,000,000,000,000 to ONE / THIS IS THE STATISTICAL ODDS AGAINST BIDEN BEING THE LEGITIMATE WINNER .

    This was calculated by a statistics expert and was submitted as part of the TEXAS case that was submitted to the SCOTUS .

    BUT no election fraud ? / more than 50% of the population will NEVER believe the election was not a fraud


    gun bans,

    ++ AR-15s, and many others on a long list

    a ban on private firearm transfers,

    ++ more guns will be stolen from homes and cars as a result/ & black market guns, many more will appear, will have reg numbers removed

    magazine capacity limits,

    ++ high cap mags that already exist will, many millions of them out there, will be worth 200% more and will hold a high value/price

    and potentially even a firearm confiscation initiative.

    ++ big tax probably levied first, on all guns on the ‘list’, then puny buy back thingy, then, naked GRAB, confiscation with no compensation

    • “one in a quadrillion >>> to the 4th power”

      Oh man, I’m rolling on the floor, it’s too rich, let me up man!

      Exponential notation not really your strong suit?

    • “more than 50% of the population will NEVER believe the election was not a fraud”

      Grim one, I hate to tell you but most of the DemonicRats know the election was stolen but will refuse to admit it. They genuinely believe it was done for our own good because “Orange man bad” and we just didn’t see it. They will kill us for the same reason – because they love us.

      You see, nothing to worry about, it will all work out in the end.

      • think the left went too far in their zeal to oust Trump…and have now seriously undermined trust in our electoral process…too many people just aren’t buying into their version of what happened….

  22. DJT said Biden was a ‘trojan horse’ Really he’s OBAMA’s puppet . All Biden has for COVID is to repeatedly say ‘wear a mask’ . Worse is when ever Kamala [Aunt_Jemima] becomes POTUS ///

    Plantation Pancakes by Kamala,_1935.jpg

    The country is now lost to the rise of China and socialism/& fascist communists that stole the election. Zuckerberg kicked in 400,000,000 $ to help seal the election steal; Dems needed all of those extra vote drop boxes in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin. Facebook was happy to help.

  23. They are relentless. They will push, push, and push until backs are against the wall. Then………what will you reach for…what will… you…do? That’s the point that they want to get to, and we’ll get there because they are relentless and no one mounts the kind of resistance necessary to stop their relentlessness.

  24. Correct me should I be in error here, but as memory serves not ever Democrat is anti gun/anti gun rights, just as not every Republican is pro gun/pro gun rights.

    • True but I don’t see a push by any Republican to ban any guns. In fact, I don’t see a push by any Republican to ban anything other than demonicRats. The demonicRats, on the other hand, seem to want to ban everything that scares them, they dislike, or disagree with.

    • not ever Democrat is anti gun/anti gun rights,

      Maybe not but they’ll vote the way “Nasty” Nancy and “Cryin” Chuck tell them to.. All it takes is the threat of being “primaried” or the loss of financial support in their next election… THE prime requisites for running for the House or Senate (A) must be a convincing liar (you’ve got to believe the shit you’re selling)… (2) You have to PROVE to the leadership that you will be a team player if they help you get elected (AOC just got a refresher course on THAT one) and (3) Never commit to ANYTHING, the ability to parse words, qualify everything with “if, might, could, possibly, etc.” and NEVER let the media pin you down… Do that and you can spend the rest of your life raking in cash ($174,000 base salary plus committee bonuses and an average of 3.5 million for staff and office expenses), living large while working about 150 to 165 days a year (House was in “session” 147 and Senate 164 in 2019) and basking in the glory and the power of a US Senator or Congressman… Do it right and you can collect an 80% retirement at 62 if you serve at least 5 years, age 50 if you serve for 20 years and any age if you put in 25 years… That is of course in addition to SS benefits and any other retirement “benefits” you’ve managed to accrue while in office… There is GREAT financial incentive to go along… Creepy One and “Doctor” Jill managed to amass 9 million dollars worth of property on a Senators and a school teachers salaries?… Not bad work if you can stand it…

  25. At the rate things are going they won’t need any enhancements in gun control. The markets and the lockdowns already did that for them.

  26. The age of consent in Texas is 17. Period. Always has been. A parent cannot give consent for a 14 year old to have sex. Stop talking out your ass.

    • The age of consent in Texas is 17. Period. Always has been. A parent cannot give consent for a 14 year old to have sex. Stop talking out your ass.

      Texas law permits individuals who have reached the age of majority (18) to get married without parental consent. However, those 14 and older may get married with the consent of their parents or legal guardians. In those instances, consent must be given WITHIN 30 days prior to applying for a marriage license. THIS INCLUDES COMON LAW MARRIAGES which was the Koresh arrangement.. stop talking shit you know nothing about, and take time to READ the law like I did.. MARRIAGE also includes LEGAL SEXUAL ACTIVITY.. Right wrong or otherwise it IS what it IS… AND to that OTHER idiot, NO ONE said anything about girls UNDER the age of 14…

  27. _ I wonder if they want our bullets also?

    ++ How Lax Regulations on Ammunition Contribute to America’s Gun Violence Epidemic

    ~They have BIG plans about BULLETS. The organization has the BIDEN plan for bullets all set to go. Most have no clue or idea about it. Too late to stop it now. What use are guns with no or very expensive ammo? You’ll be lucky to have a six shooter and six bullets.

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