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Back in 2016, the Army announced the adoption of the M11A1 CSASS. That’s military acronym-speak for the compact semi-automatic sniper system. The CSASS rifles are made by Heckler & Koch. Riflemen who are issued the M11A1 have to carry it around in something and that something is a case made by Georgia-based Armageddon Gear, who’s also making suppressor covers for the rifles.

Here’s Armageddon Gear’s press release . . .

The Army began receiving deliveries of the M110A1 Compact Semi-Automatic Sniper System in 2020. This updated platform is lighter in weight, more compact, and more versatile than the previous-generation M110 rifles. Manufactured in Germany, the rifles will then be kitted with optics and accessories by HK-USA at their Columbus, Georgia facility.

Armageddon Gear will deliver approximately 6,300 units of their SASS rifle case (available for purchase at, the CSASS suppressor mirage cover, based on the highly successful Armageddon Gear Hi-Temp Suppressor Cover, and an accessory pouch that can hold cleaning supplies, batteries, laser rangefinders, anemometers, or other accessories.

M110A CSASS semi-automatic sniper rifle
Courtesy US Army

“These deliveries reflect Armageddon Gear’s commitment to military readiness and continue our tradition of supporting every recent fielding of precision rifle systems by the US Military. We’ve been selected to supply the soft goods for programs such as the M2010, SASS, PSR, ASR, CSASS and others. This support of military programs is a core part of Armageddon Gear and we’re proud to partner with Hecker & Koch on the CSASS program.” said Tom Fuller, Armageddon Gear CEO.

Key Features of Armageddon Gear Products

  • All products manufactured by Armageddon Gear are made in the USA
  • First-quality Milspec materials are used for reliable performance
  • Innovative incorporation of proprietary and unconventional materials based on application
  • New and patented technology and partnerships have led to disruptive new products that enhance shooter performance

Armageddon Gear products can be found at selected dealers nationwide or purchased online direct from Armageddon Gear. For more information on all products from Armageddon Gear or to shop online, visit

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  1. I like German made firearms so don’t get me wrong here, but… I think something fishy is going on.

    Just why does it seem the entire US small arms industry for the military is now foreign based? Between Sig, H&K, B&T, and FN, are there ANY US based firearms being produced for the military now? Some yet to be filled ancient colt contract maybe?

    It just seems fishy to me. Like the pentagon doesn’t want to be attached to domestic firearms production, especially when US domestic firearms production is the best and most secure BY FAR, and far cheaper then European sourced. I guarantee an American source could do anything found in Europe faster, cheaper, and better.

    Is it political or do they know something is coming?

    • While the companies may be foreign, all the facilities making USMil equipment are stateside. The inherent security concern of having A’s guns made in Country B and therefore A’s supply line screwed up because C invades B means that any company wanting to sell to the US military has to have a factory somewhere in our borders to actually make the darn thing.

      • the article states the rifles are manufactured in Germany and sent to the US to get accessories installed.

      • Usually, this would be correct, but not in this case. The M110 CSASS is made by HK in Oberndorf, Germany and then shipped to Georgia to have optics and mounts installed.

  2. Oh shucks, I thought I was going to see the rifle for sale. These should be trustworthy products, I’m buying the gunm holder for my guitar, I hope it floats better then my gunms did.
    Since they can’t make boats that don’t sink maybe they should make gunms that float better.

  3. Hey Staff Writer – how about a price and maybe a pic of the inside of the case? Maybe some measurements? It would be great if I didn’t have to click away from your site to answer those basic questions…

  4. wow. an article about a rifle case that doesn’t give any actual into about the case.

    what are the dimensions? how many pockets does it have and what size are they? what accessories will fit in the case along with the rifle? how much does the case weigh? hiw much does the case cost?

    what was the point of this article?

    • They want you to buy an expensive, empty bag with no hardware and it isn’t even a Coach or Luis Vuitton.

  5. $310.00 for the soft sided case ( 52″ x 14″ x 5″) plus another $70.00 for the suppressor cover. Who do they think we are, the US military?

  6. “New and patented technology and partnerships have led to disruptive new products.”

    Disruptive? Perhaps the author meant distinctive?

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