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President Joe Biden signs executive orders on the economy in the State Dining Room of the White House, Friday, Jan. 22, 2021, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)
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The Las Vegas Sun has published an editorial declaring that it’s a moral imperative for President Biden to take swift action on what they phrase as “gun safety.” Now. Why? Simple…because Americans own so many guns!

From the Las Vegas Sun:

According to one widely quoted analysis, the United States military possesses about 4.5 million firearms.

Last year, U.S. civilians purchased nearly that many guns — in a two-month span.

It happened in June and July during the Black Lives Matter protests, when gun sales totaled 4.38 million.

So, how should this look? Well, apparently we’re entrusting “gun safety” to Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown…because what could possibly go wrong?

But according to the leading advocacy organization Everytown for Gun Safety, there are also executive actions he can and should take right away. Among them:

Improving the background-check safety net. Although it would require congressional action to implement universal background checks, Biden can make improvements on his own. For instance, he could order the FBI to alert state and local law enforcement when background checks from their jurisdiction are denied, and directing federal officials to expand the background check system to cover component parts and kits that are used to create untraceable “ghost” guns.

Directing the Department of Justice to increase the monitoring of far-right extremist organizations and aggressively prosecute any crimes involving those groups with an eye toward disarming them.

Developing suicide awareness campaigns aimed at students and veterans, and fostering policies that allow officials to temporarily seize weapons from individuals in crisis.

These executive orders — and I’d wager Biden won’t stop there — will be rife with vague language and loopholes you could drive LVMPD BearCat through. Nevada-based Polymer80 can tell you what happens with component parts and kits, even when said parts are legally made and sold. SlideFire can tell you how a single legal firearms accessory can be demonized as responsible for every scrap of insanity out there.

As for suicide awareness that’s a topic that’s actually hard to push in the gun world. In some avenues people are ready to listen and in others they prefer to turn a blind eye (the blind eye remains the most common reaction). But should the government get involved (because they improve everything they touch)? Should due-process-free red flag laws run proliferate? Absolutely not. You can fight me on that one.

The Sun’s editorial ended with these deep thoughts:

Coming off a year of record sales — which is saying something, given that the U.S. went into 2020 already the most heavily armed nation on the planet — the number of guns is going nowhere but up. And as the stockpile grows, it’s critical to bolster our safety net accordingly.

“The most heavily armed nation on the planet.” I like the sound of that.

What executive orders do you expect Biden to issue as early as this coming week?



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  1. So many guns…so many gun owners…and yet the streets are not flowing with blood.
    At least not in most places.
    Let’s look at the SCIENCE and numbers.
    About 35,000 gun deaths per year…about 65% suicides – their body…their choice…RIGHT?
    Many of the rest? Criminals killing other criminals.
    Many of those? Young males of color killing other young males of color. And white on white, too. A lot.
    When you look at the numbers in light of population percentages…well…you get the picture.
    But now SCIENCE becomes racism…because some people don’t like the results.
    So…follow the SCIENCE…unless it doesn’t fit the agenda.

    • If we take out the suicides, there’s somewhere around 15 thousand homicides of all types in the US each year. According to the CDC (hardly a bastion of pro gun sentiment), roughly 80% of murders are gang related. Of the remaining 3,000 kills, another roughly one thousand are justified police shootings, and another thousand or so are justified shootings by private citizens.

      So, based on some rough numbers and quick back of the napkin calculation, that’s about 1,000 non gang related murders in a nation of roughly 350 million, which comes to a murder rate of about 0.28 per hundred thousand. Or to put it another way, if you’re not involved with organized crime, you’re less likely to be murdered in the US than just about anywhere else in the world. Even most Western European nations have higher non-gang murder rates than that. So if guns aren’t causing the US to be as ultra violent as they claim, why do they always want more restrictions? I think we all know the answer to that… Mr Kyle Rittenhouse would certainly be dead had he not been armed, or armed with a less efficient weapon, and that’s what they want.

      From Hitlers SA to Mao’s Red Guard, we’ve seen how leftists can utilize widespread angry mobs to suppress the “undesirables”. But it’s a lot tougher for a group of five street thugs to stomp someone to death for having the wrong opinions if he is well armed

      • At 68 years, the only deliberate shooting in which I’ll engage, WITH ACCURACY, will be that which is at anyone who shows up at my door to confiscate my guns.

        I pity the individual who does that as, despite my age, I’m a remarkably good shot.

        • The majority of the time less than 5 people behind closed doors put such trash out. Newspapers are only good for the bottom of a birdcage. They run to democRat Jim Crow Gun Control joe only to give a lowlife thief some kind of standing because he has none.

    • Based on that logic, with so many people owning cars, we must do something about the road toll. Restore the 55mph limit. Restrict speedometers to 70mph. Special licenses for vehicles over 4000lbs. Proof of advanced driving training to drive outside urban areas and highways.

      Some of the above were done in the 1970s. Others have been proposed on and off since then.

    • Quit complaining here. The following is my response, I do these things often. At least it is reaching someone outside of this choir- even if it never is printed.


      I’m all in with your call for additional firearms safety, especially in light of the recent spike in private firearms sales likely atrributed to the urban, left-inspired violence with little law enforcement reaction during the past year. There is a much more simple way to accomplish your stated goal, however, and one that requires neither taxpayer money nor any type of political action by either party: Advocate that gun owners join the National Rifle Association. While NRA is often smeared by news outlets and progressive politicians, it is a fact that no other organization or government agency spends more money on firearms safety than the NRA, and it is one of our stated goals. If the Las Vegas Sun is truly interested in safety it should be a simple matter to pass this information on. Thank you for the opportunity to express a logical, economic and affective solution to the “problem” you brought to light in your editorial.

      Craig L Swartz
      Executive Director, Iowa Sportsmen’s Federation
      Board of Directors, Iowa State Rifle and Pistol Ass’n
      Candidate for NRA Board of Directors, 2021

    • Leigh,

      You are most definitely on the right track.

      One of our government law enforcement agencies determined that hardcore violent criminal gangs are responsible for about 80% of ALL violent crime. Similarly, something like 80% of all violent crime victims are themselves criminals involved in criminal activity when another criminal victimizes him/her.

      Back to the numbers, there are approximately 35,000 homicides each year where a firearm is the instrument that causes death — and 2/3rds of those are suicides as you stated. Thus, there are about 12,000 murders each year where the killer uses a firearm to murder the victim. Of those approximately 12,000 annual murders, about 10,000 of them (80%) are violent criminals murdering other violent criminals. Thus, someone uses a firearm to murder about 2,000 innocent people every year in the U.S. As commenter Red in CO stated, that is an extremely low number, both in terms of an absolute number as well as a per-capita number.

      And of those 2,000 innocent murder victims every year, how many:
      1) Would still die even if their attacker did not have a firearm?
      2) Would survive if they armed themselves for self-defense?

      The answers to those two questions have profound consequences. If violent criminals would murder nearly as many people with alternate weapons, there is little point in attempts to reduce the availability of firearms. Similarly, if violent criminals would almost never succeed in murdering their intended victims when those victims are armed for self-defense, it would actually be counter-productive to disarm those potential victims.

      People and life are complex and nuanced. Only a simpleton or liar would claim, “Government can eliminate a class of weapons and save lives!” Life is just not that easy.

      • “Back to the numbers,…”

        It isn’t about the numbers….”if it saves only one”. The issue is that firearms are hosts for evil spirits that cause people to hurt themselves, whereas without firearms they would not. Because no one survives a suicide (survivors of suicide attempts are not survivors of suicide), we cannot interview them to determine if, indeed, without the firearm they would have never committed suicide. Thus, we must satisfy ourselves that a reasonable person, absent firearms, would not commit suicide (or something).

        As for the “2000” murders committed with firearms, this is the real fear driving gun control. Anti-gunners fear that they will be one of the innocents, victims of a law abiding gun owner who suddenly snaps and kills everyone in sight. Criminal uses of guns, for whatever purpose, are not a significant factor to anti-gunners because anti-gunners mostly live in “nice” places where “gun violence” never happens. And, besides, we can’t blame criminals because society caused them to resort to crime, so all those murders by “criminals” are actually justified homicides of people who don’t live in nice neighborhoods.

        So, if it saves one innocent life, no personal restrictions are unreasonable.

        Get it? Got it? Good !

  2. As for suicide awareness that’s a topic that’s actually hard to push in the gun world. In some avenues people are ready to listen and in others they prefer to turn a blind eye (the blind eye remains the most common reaction). But should the government get involved (because they improve everything they touch)? Should due-process-free red flag laws run proliferate? Absolutely not. You can fight me on that one.

    Fear of losing their rights permanently will continue to cost gun owners their lives for a long time because instead of getting help they will try to tough it out so they don’t get their rights taken away instead.

    In terms of vast amounts of firepower being in the hands of the citizenry I trust them far more than I trust the average government. There’s some 340 million of us living in relative comfort to how many ever billions living in places where the governments heavily oppress their people and keep them from exercising their religions freely, speaking up peaceably for redress of issues and doing things like enslaving them and using them as organ banks. This says nothing of the people who are starving. I’ll take my risks with freedom especially considering the way the US is looking to turn right now.

    • Absolutely 100% anyone who has worked for a .gov has seen how prevalent the general laziness and incompetence is. There is no sense of urgency because even if there is a big F-up there is unlikely to be any meaningful real world consequences or a shutdown for agency. Business such as it is, will go on as usual. This is why a person who has only worked in gov’t their whole life tends to be totally divorced from the realities the average citizen faces. No lifer .gov bureaucrat appreciates having to max out all of their credit cards just to make payroll for a single month or be forced to fire employees. Being “cancelled” and unable to sell your products due to wrongthink or speak doesn’t apply to the D.C. Swap elites.

      The mental health and suicide issue for pro 2A gunowners is a very real and neglected issue. Many are afraid (rightfully so) to seek help when they need it for fear that they will have their firearms taken. There is a stigma around seeking mental health help. The mental health industry is packed with educated idiots that lean left and this fact doesn’t help either. This situation is only going to get worse, I believe we are facing a federal “red flag” law coming in future legislation. This will effectively completely muzzle anyone who has any distasteful and pesky opinions. You never know when Karen at work could overhear you express some wrongthink and drop a dime to big brother. Get ready for all those mandatory workplace seminars on the 1612 project and how whiteness is evil, and don’t forget your book report due tomorrow on “White Fragility”.

      • When the author of that book describes the emotional breakdowns (i.e., the “white fragility”) of the clients in her anti-racism workshops, the whole process bears a striking a resemblance to the firsthand accounts I’ve read of people who were brainwashed into cults. It’s probably more accurate to say she runs Maoist struggle sessions.

  3. In addition to the foolery mentioned, I believe that our illustrious congress will try to tax the 2A out of existence. i doubt that the 2A can be repealed anytime soon, but congress certainly has the taxation process down pat.

    • They don’t even have to go after the guns themselves. Just ad a 25% ammo tax (to be continuously and substantially increased by executive fiat over time of course) and claim it’s to fund “gun violence prevention research” and they can put a big dent in people’s ability to shoot. If you can’t practice and can’t teach others because ammo is too expensive/hard to get, then it doesn’t matter how many guns you own

        • That was done specifically to fund wildlife restoration, ammo wasn’t just taxed for no reason and what exactly does gun violence research do other than pay some pencil pusher? It’s obvious that the taxes would be to restrict gun rights, which is an infringement, not to provide any meaningful service.

          BTW, the tax in 1937 was requested by hunters.

    • “…I believe that our illustrious congress will try to tax the 2A out of existence.”

      That should be the easiest to attack in court, taxing a civil right.

      I read an article in the ‘Atlantic’ last night. The Leftist scum that wrote it admitted they currently don’t have the votes to force DC and PR statehood. But they have a plan for that, guns.

      Their current plan is to force gun registration (UBCs) by threatening to kill the filibuster if they can’t pass it. That’s a real danger for them, however. They saw how we handed their asses to them in a hat in the mid-terms when Obama rammed the ACA through under cloture. Since the NFA is a tax, they can put ARs on the NFA via cloture. wE can’t stop it.

      Obama was effectively neutered 2 years into his 8-year term thanks to that blunder. I doubt they will make the same mistake twice…

      • I see two issues with your comment. #1 It depends on leftist logic and restraint, neither a strong suit. #2 It relies on electoral remedy….I believe they have made that moot, at least in a number of states. North Korea has elections too, and they are slightly more honest then what we just witnessed in November.

        • We can sue our way to honest elections.

          Battle 1 will be a new “Voting rights act” (Translation – Democrat vote theft act) they will soon be pushing…

        • “We can sue our way to honest elections”

          Yes we can!

          And here is a lawsuit recently filed that seeks to hold Donald Trump’s attorneys accountable for their lies and misinformation.

          Isn’t it interesting that while they shouted about voter fraud in press conferences and on the landscaping companies parking lot, they never presented any evidence in court to prove their claims.

          This is why Trump and his allies got their Kraken kicked in court.

          “Dominion Voting Systems is seeking more than $1.3 billion in damages.

          “Just as Giuliani and his allies intended, the Big Lie went viral on social media as people tweeted, retweeted, and raged that Dominion had stolen their votes. While some lies — little lies — flare up on social media and die with the next news cycle, the Big Lie was different,” lawyers for Dominion wrote in the lawsuit, filed in DC District Court on Monday morning. “The harm to Dominion’s business and reputation is unprecedented and irreparable because of how fervently millions of people believe it.”

          The lawsuit notes that while Giuliani spread falsehoods about Dominion being owned by Venezuelan communists and corrupting the election, he did not make those claims in lawsuits he pushed on behalf of Trump.“

          Rudy knew if he made those false claims in court he could be sanctioned, held in contempt of court or face perjury charges.

          Now he will lose whatever money he has, as well Sidney Powell who is also been sued by dominion.

          Of course, Donald Trump also made these false claims repeatedly in public statements as well as social media posts. And he now no longer has the protection of the presidency to hide behind, I imagine dominion will be filing against Benedict Donald in the near future.

          They’ll just have to get in line, there are a few dozen criminal and civil prosecutors already lined up.

    • The 2nd amendment can be nullified ( and pretty much is ) because of the socialists that run the states that have onerous gun control and Injustice coward Roberts ignoring the constitutional infringements. A right is no longer a right unless it is enforced.

  4. It is patently obvious that with what the left intends to shove down our throats on their way to a totalitarian state that they fear the armed citizen interfering in their globalist agenda to rule over us with an iron fist!! They fear that the armed citizen will coalesce with others of similar mind and rise up to destroy their agenda!! We should start to coalesce NOW!

  5. they made a movie about what happens when only the military and the police have guns
    >its called schindlers list
    perhaps youve seen it…

    • and history has proven what happens when a leader starts socialism . Never forget what the acronym NAZI actaully stood for in the german language.
      Biden will be a modern day “American Hitler” before he’s done. He’s already started with the censorship online.

      • Never forget you don’t know what you’re talking about.

        “Hitler allied himself with leaders of German conservative and nationalist movements, and in January 1933 German President Paul von Hindenburg appointed him chancellor. Hitler’s Third Reich had been born, and it was entirely fascist in character. Within two months Hitler achieved full dictatorial power through the Enabling Act. In April 1933 communists, socialists, democrats, and Jews were purged from the German civil service, and trade unions were outlawed the following month. That July Hitler banned all political parties other than his own, and prominent members of the German Communist Party and the Social Democratic Party were arrested and imprisoned in concentration camps. Lest there be any remaining questions about the political character of the Nazi revolution, Hitler ordered the murder of Gregor Strasser, an act that was carried out on June 30, 1934, during the Night of the Long Knives. Any remaining traces of socialist thought in the Nazi Party had been extinguished.“

        Hitler sent members of the Communist Party and union leaders to concentration camps.

  6. “According to one widely quoted analysis, the United States military possesses about 4.5 million firearms.”
    I think that numbers is wildly too low.

    • Agreed, but even if it’s 3x that the point remains.

      All the police and military in the entire nation are out-numbered by the deer-hunters in a couple of states.

  7. After the shabby treatment of the National Guard “America’s gun owner’s” may be the least of yer worries. What a joke😖

      • Wellll, sounds like Nancy and AOC were both convinced their time was up on Jan 6, shit their little panties and cried for mommy. That’s possibly a wake-up call for those asswipes who thought they were playing a board game with no actual risks.

  8. It is time to stop all the dithering. Biden can issue tons of executive orders/actions on gun control, without regard to legality (let the gunowners sue). Biden can make gun ownership (not gun violence) a part of the nation’s healthcare protocols and deny care to people with unhealthy life choices. (make BGC – including grants of concealed carry data – available to medical practitioners.). Biden can declare the threat of repeated insurrection to be a national emergency and ban the transportation of firearms and accessories in and around metropolitan areas. Biden can ban the use of lead in making bullets, declaring existing ammo contraband. Biden can restrict bullet weight to 25gr, and consisting of only magnesium round nose. Biden can declare all calibers of firearms above .220 for military/police use only. Biden can order that all gun ranges be subject to quarterly EPA/OSHA inspections, and operations suspended until each check can be done (if the inspection agencies cannot support the quarterly requirement, the gun ranges must remain closed until inspected). Biden can have the ATF reclassify any firearm designated by USG as a “weapon of war”, and banned under NFA as AOW. Biden can promulgate a national “duty to retreat”, where any person posing the affirmative defense of “justifiable homicide/self-defense” must be subjected to federal investigation for violation of “duty to retreat”.

    Ok, you get the point. Do you think I legitimately earned my graduation certificate from the re-education camp?

    • Sam I Am,

      Yup. The DemoCommies* want and will energetically work for the destruction of all opposition. They are the no different from the Chinese Communist Party.

      City police will likely enforce the Democrat Communist Party (DCP) dictates. Those LEOs could organize and refuse to enforce unconstitutional laws, but when have they ever done so. Some Sherriffs may resist the DCP but the DCP will come down hard on them.

      SCOTUS has devolved into subserviant cowardice; I do not expect much relief from them.

      The GOP has gladly gone along with the coup that was this Nov 5 election. So, I do not expect much from them either.

      Patriots will need to rely upon each other. My plan is to support the new Patriot Party. Since vote-counting is still owned by the evil ones, the Patriot Party will have typhoon headwinds against it, but there seems no where else for Patriots to organize politically.

      *Demo can signify ‘demolition’, or ‘Democrat’. Much the same, either way.

    • It’s time to stop all the defeatism.

      Unless you want to see President Kamala Harris in 2024 (possibly in her second term by then).

  9. Who is crazy enough to try and round up all the guns! We out number the military, Police or who ever they get to try to round up the guns.
    After the way they treated the National Guard I don’t think the U.S. Military would go along with them.
    Another thing the Illegal President sure looks like he wants to start a Civil War!

    • We out number them in ones. And with modern surveillance it will stay that way. One man stands alone doesn’t stand to long.
      I suppose in the future a brbq gathering or church group will be called a militia if a gunm is present. Two people disagreeing with the Biden will be called an insurection.
      Hopefully Americas law enforcement and military will honor their oath to protect the Constitution. ( doubtful)

    • The U.S. military is commanded by general who for the most part do not believe that citizens should have “machine guns” (AKA AR-15s etc.) or other “weapons of war.” Colin Powell, former head of the joint chiefs of staff said so on Fareed just before he quit the Republican Party. He has many high level officer friends with the same opinion. As you will note, soldiers are disarmed everywhere except in a war zone, facing an immediate threat, or standing guard duty. (As to the latter, I understand that guards have ammo but that their guns are not loaded.)

      • Officers above Major are not unknown for their disdain and contempt for the rank and file. Their view of “civilians” is often worse. Above a certain level you have to tow the political line or your career is over.

    • This is still a double edged sword for the dems. They do not currently own the top court of the land, so unless the packing is going hand in hand with the legislation it could cause their cause more harm then good….and they know it.

      • Really?? The lack of evidence with voter fraud was because NOT ONE of those judges even LOOKED at the evidence. Courts are afraid of some one.

        • “The lack of evidence with voter fraud was because NOT ONE of those judges even LOOKED at the evidence. Courts are afraid of some one.”

          Courts don’t need to be afraid of anyone. Ruling on process/procedure is always preferable to ruling on evidence, or law. Not necessarily a bad thing because decisions often contain guidance on how to cure process issues, and present better cases. Sometimes, ruling on process does provide concealment.

  10. Good luck!!!

    Australia had 3,000,000 known in circulation, govt repossession got 1,500,000

    How many of the known 450,000,000 do you think Americans will turn in?

    • Unless those missing guns were stored properly, they would be rusty rubbish by now.

      My suburban post code has 15,000 registered firearms. If there was a problem with those guns it would be very obvious.

        • How many FUDD’s are out there? Otherwise 450,000,000/Fudd’s=450,000,000 In this case I hope we can divide by 0

          WHAT the fuk are you talking about? 450 million is about 110 million more than the ENTIRE U.S. population… OR are you using the “Dominion” method of counting?…

        • I was talking about the number of firearms owned by us MADDMAXX,
          shorter I was hoping nobody would turn any in ever. My math was jacked up.
          450,000,000 Firearms -Fudd’s or anyone else for that matter turning them in = 450,000,000 firearms still in the hands of Patriots.

        • Proud Trump University graduate Maddmaxx will be among the first to surrender, comply and narc on the real patriots.

        • Awwww, ain’t that spayshull, I’ve got my own personal TROLL, took my handle and everything…. you accomplished nothing except putting YOUR stupidity on display but I would expect nothing less from a resident moron… Those of us that do… do…. Those of you that can’t… can’t….

  11. ‘And as the stockpile grows, it’s critical to bolster our safety net accordingly.’

    The stockpile of firearms IS our safety net, moron.

  12. I was planning to find and purchase a Ruger Mini-14. HOWEVER, because of the perverse and pervasive election fraud here in PA and the failure of our GOP to do anything about it, we are getting the house ready for sale. It will take a year to prep since it is almost 100 years old and I delayed a few projects due to serious (non-Covid) illness in our household. The money I had reserved for the Ruger will go into beadboard that I will install as the ceiling for our enclosed back porch. I also need to renovate the upstairs bath. Soooooo……probably no new firearms this year.


  13. Now is the time. The US right has made it clear that they’ll take it by making excuses for Scalia, Trump and the NRA. Dems and moderate R’s can safely ignore the grumbling and come out looking like champs. Sorry Deplorables, “We don’t like it when the other side does it” doesn’t amount to a leg to stand on, just makes you look like fussy babies.

  14. According to one widely quoted analysis, the United States military possesses about 4.5 million firearms.

    So that’s about right, 4 guns per person…

  15. As for suicide awareness that’s a topic that’s actually hard to push in the gun world. In some avenues people are ready to listen and in others they prefer to turn a blind eye

    Because it’s a moot point… The ONLY way to prevent suicides is to ban EVERYTHING a person can (and will) use to kill themselves… Suicide is not a rational act and someone who is determined to die WILL find a way… (drowning is popular) so do we ban swimming? electric shock? let’s ban electricity… the good old opening of a vein or artery (bleeding out? ban everything with a sharp edge?).. Jumping from an extreme height, poisoning and drug OD, hanging, driving into a solid object at high speed… The average runs between 45 and 50 thousand suicides per year (most likely higher still in 2020) and of that number about half are firearms related, why? Because a gun is more efficient at 90% successful vs only 4% of all other methods and it is one of the least painful ways to die (done properly)… Point is if someone REALLY wants to die they WILL find a way… I know, how about ASSISTED suicide.. less mess, no one driving head on into a Peterbuilt or landing on a high traffic sidewalk from 200 feet… AND no more blaming guns for the actions of a sick individual.. Hell, make it a part of Medicare/Medicaid for those that can’t afford it or sell do it yourself kits with a syringe and a couple milligrams of pure fentanyl,,, Take a nap never wake up….

  16. Look at Willie’s side piece in the background. Looks like she’s wearing a burka mask.

    Looks like they already did something about gun safety by imprisoning thousands of guard troops from far away into DC to sleep on concrete floors under the plan to protect them from the Great Unwashed.

    Just like China. Bring in troops from far away to reduce the chance they have friends or family there that will get in the way,,,,,,,,,

    • When Gov. Abbott saw how the Texas NG were being treated, he had them flown back home. The democrats–and congress in general–made no friends among the 1,000 Texas guardsmen who they desperately wanted to protect them.

  17. So many guns to go door to door to confiscate by force and so many millions of gun owners that need to be exterminated.

    If you think they want anything less than the complete and total ban of private gun ownership and the door to door confiscation and mandated complete and total extermination of every single United States citizen that owns firearms you are not paying attention. I’d go so far to say they do not just want that but the complete and total extermination of every single solitary United States citizen in a home with a gun. So not only every gun owner but every single person in a home with guns I.E. the gun owners family. And since that will probably not go over well with most of the population, mandating the complete and total extermination of the not just every gun owner and every single person and family member in the home of a gun owner but also add the rounding up and re-education if not outright extermination of the entire United States population that oppposes that.

    Sure that would be most if not all of the United States population but when your goal is in the end the complete and total mandated extermination of the entire United States population that opposes the Democrats in any way shape or form up to and preferably including the complete extermination of all human life in the United States minus themselves and illegals so we can be replaced by people from south of the border that step makes perfect sense.

    And the sad thing even though it sounds completely insane it doesn’t sound impossible in the United States anymore.

    • 140 million gun owners holding over 400 million guns. When they start confiscating “assault weapons”, you’ll know that the rest of the guns are at risk as well. They’ll come for mine. I will call my local police and ask for help identifying someone who claims to be a government agent “but who may be a home invader.” I will look at and photograph the I.D. of all who come to my house for my guns.

      After they collect my firearm(s) I will remind them that our nation will change back again. “I was just following orders” didn’t work for the Nazis, and it won’t work for you. Saying you were afraid didn’t work for the French collaborators, and that won’t work for you either. What you are doing is illegal, and you will pay for your actions.

  18. Wouldn’t expect any of our modern “journalists” to understand how and WHY Americans have so many guns. I realize there are no pictures, but try reading the Constitution and bill of rights, you MIGHT get a clue.

    • Were they though? Whole lotta sources proving there was leftists using “trump” disguises, even some confirmed ANTIFA. Even still, say they did “forget” their guns… then why are guns being targeted?

      • “Whole lotta sources proving there was leftists using “trump” disguise”

        Care to share information about those “Whole lotta sources proving there was leftists using “trump” disguise“?

        • Care to share information about those “Whole lotta sources proving there was leftists using “trump” disguise“?

          The “UNDISPUTED KING” of Copy/Paste can’t FIND something for himself? Give me a break, look it up YOURSELF… You MUST be the only individual on the planet with internet access that has NOT seen the news articles about the Left Wing assbags that actually instigated the “incursion” into the Capitol building… That’s always your response to something that proves your crap is cobbled together “selective” information.. “Duhhhh, I can’t find THAT” “give me “citations”…. I’ll give you a hint, one guys “Daddy” is a liberal judge in NYC…

    • because they are dumb rednecks.

      Except for the Radical Liberal Antifa supporters from NYC, MASS, and Utah that actually led the “INSURRECTION” (wearing MAGA hats) and have been identified and arrested….. And for those that cry “I need a “CITATION” look it up yourself… Nearly every News Feed I get has covered it complete with photographs and a paragraph (not on the back) explaining what each one is (provide your own circles and arrows)…

  19. Ray Dalio: “We Are On The Brink Of A Terrible Civil War”

    Raymond Thomas Dalio (born August 8, 1949) is an American billionaire hedge fund manager and philanthropist who has served as co-chief investment officer of the world’s largest hedge fund, Bridgewater Associates since 1985.

    Over 100 billion in assets under his management

    he didnt get there by not knowin nothin

    • “American billionaire hedge fund manager”

      I’m sure you can expect honesty from one of America’s wealthy Wall Street elite billionaires…

  20. hard times are coming
    harder than most americans can even imagine
    harder even than the great depression
    think: samarra iraq circa 2006-2007 but without the islamic evening call to prayer
    root hog or die and the weakest will go to the wall
    those who survive the culling will create a society with a low tolerance for bullshit and high expectations of the people it accepts as full fledged members

    • those who survive the culling will create a society with a low tolerance for bullshit and high expectations of the people it accepts as full fledged members

      Sounds like a dystopian “B” movie… It’s going to get rough but I don’t see a Tribal society in our future At least not in mine…


  22. Blind Willie Johnson sang:
    “Tell me who’s that writin’? John the Revelator
    Who’s that writin’? John the Revelator
    Who’s that writin’? John the Revelator
    Wrote the book of the seven seals…..”

    Thomas Jefferson:
    “What country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms.”

    Do Not worry, we will prevail against the evildoers, and we know who they are and where they live….

  23. I’ve contacted the governor and my state rep (state senator is a bleeding liberal, so no point.) It is time to create the Texas Militia. You may join with a simple application. If holding a current LTC, the application is all you need. If a veteran but not LTC holder, then the same background check used for LTC will have to be done. If neither a veteran nor LTC holder, the the whole initial LTC background check and class are required. That’s it. You get a certificate and photo I.D. (using your TDL or LTC photo). Volunteers can schedule periodic meetings. Shooting ranges can offer discounts to Texas Militia members.

    Bottom line. When the dishonest congress and president declare the 2nd Amendment applies only to the Militia, gun owners in Texas ARE the Militia. This is what I have suggested to my Texas elected representatives. Subject to some additional details, I would like to think it could work. Other red states could do the same.

  24. And we will keep buying and owning more firearms from now until forever. It is our constitutional right to keep and bear arms to our hearts content. The fact that we keep and bear arms is the only reason socialists and communists, including Biden and Harris, don’t take over complete control of American citizens. Gun ownership is our only defense against these liberals running our country as their ultimate goal is to take guns away to control us and take away our freedoms. Will never happen because we will remain armed in order to stay free.

  25. America DOES NOT HAVE a “gun control” problem.
    What it DOES have, however, is a “CRIMINAL EMPOWERMENT”, and “CRIMINAL ENABLEMENT” problem.
    STARTING in Washington D.C., and trickling down to every community across our country.

    People forget that – with rights – we have RESPONSIBILITIES.
    The right to keep and bear arms, comes with the responsibility to do so responsibly. The Constitution was NOT written, to tell Americans what we CAN do; it was written specifically, to tell the government – at EVERY level – what it is FORBIDDEN from doing.
    Look up the term “Arms”.
    Now, Look up what U.S. Code says, about “militia”.
    If you BOTHER to do your research and “due diligence”, you will discover that the weapons most specifically targeted by “anti-gunners” and the Liberal Left…

    Punish the criminal for the crime. DO NOT punish the innocent and law abiding citizen, for responsibly exercising their rights.

    Oh… BY THE WAY?
    Infringing upon our rights, violates TWO federal statutes:
    18 USC 241
    18 USC 242


  26. With all the statistics in these comments, it’s obvious that firearms are not the problem. Another statistic; there are an estimated 350,000,000 in the USA (various sources). About 150,000 regrettable deaths each are attributed to them. (Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence), that’s only about 0.04% of all firearms. Yes, we should promote and use gun safety practices. One way is to re-institute age appropriate firearm safety classes in our school systems. This was taught in my health class in high school. Yes, we should continue to reach out to people who contemplate suicide. I’ve had two friends who committed suicide. One hung himself, the other slashed his wrists and bled out. Yes, we should reduce crime. Well, that’s been an ongoing issue for a couple thousand years and is not going away. But the impact of crime can be lessened by armed and trained citizens with firearms. A saying that has become trite, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away. Taking away the rights of good people will not make bad people less dangerous. Lawmakers need to stop these thinly veiled attempts to pander to the PC narrative to reduce the numbers of an inanimate metal object that does nothing except what the person holding it wants it to do, only to get votes. Safety should be a matter of training, not restricting or banning.

    • “Taking away the rights of good people will not make bad people less dangerous.”

      You’re thinking lawmakers will go against the voters who keep them in office? The calculation is that gun owners are not universally rabid, single-issue voters, and they are willing to trade “rights” for benefits. Given the array of gun laws, one can’t fault that thinking.

      Legislators legislate what benefits their re-election. Gotta change the electorate, first.


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