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“We’re not naive in thinking crime weapons are going be turned in,”  Wilmington Police Chief Michael Szczerba told re: this Saturday’s gun buyback fiesta. “There will be very few crime guns turned in, if any at all.” Kinda like having a pool party for Candice Swanepoel without the South African supermodel in attendance. Why bother? “If these weapons are sitting around, they’re not secured, getting them off the street or even out of someone’s house, we believe is an advantage for public safety,” pronounced Col. Robert M. Coupe, Delaware State Police superintendent (above). So creating a market for stolen guns ($150 for a handgun, $200 for an assault rifle, $100 for shotguns and hunting rifles) prevents firearms accidents—which are rarer than hen’s teeth. And lets pols pontificate. For $100k worth of taxpayer cash PLUS admin costs. Makes sense to me. On some level.

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  1. Hmm… A guaranteed, no-questions-asked payout for stolen guns… Apparently, I should just go steal some guns and turn ’em in for cash.

    Hey, Einsteins! Gun buybacks only encourage people to steal guns and turn them in for cash without worry of consequences! You are aiding and encouraging more crime with these programs.

    • Gee, imagine that. The government helping people commit crimes against citizens? But wouldn’t that be wrong? Nah, that could never happen. This is Amer’ca.

  2. I still need to find one of these that’s paying out more than the cost of a Mosin-Nagant, say $120 for a rifle, trade in 30 and buy a really nice AR-15.

  3. $200 for an “assault riffle”, heck, I’d like to set up shop right next to them and offer $225 cold hard cash.

    These “buybacks” are crap. As stated in the article, they don’t expect crime guns to be turned in (which would be a prime time to turn one in). They exclaim “we need to get the guns off the street” while at the same time acknowledging that the firearms are coming from someone’s home, likely out of the attic (which is a good thing, you don’t want those attic rats shooting up the place in a fit of rage during a domestic dispute)

    “Where’s the moral imperative that the African-American community had in the ’60s and the ’70s? It’s gone,” (Mayor) Baker said….

    How about you use that $100k for a community program, drug rehab program or African-American moral imperative classes.

  4. Aw Right!
    I get to trade in my crappy .25 pistol this weekend for a 150.00 visa card Wooo hoooo!
    I couldn’t get 20 bucks for this thing!

    • And without them you think crime is just not going to happen? You are delusional. Muggings, beatings, robberies, stabbings, rapings, etc. are going to happen with or without a gun. I’d be happier if this money were used to put more police on the street. That would be doing something that is proven to be effective.

  5. If you want to sell some of these to permit holders I would be interested.Let me know and I will set it up with a F.F.L. in my area.

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