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You’re in a crowded bar waiting for the band to take the stage. That’s when three masked men with guns burst in, put a round in the ceiling and shout instructions for everyone to get on the floor and give up their wallets. Yes, it sounds like a scene from a bad 1970s cop movie, but it actually happened in Chesapeake, Virginia Friday night. Concealed carry in bars, though, is legal in the Old Dominion and now the local criminal community is light one bad guy…


Patrons said several men burst into the bar and told everyone to hand over their money.
Steve Perry, who was with a friend, said one man held a gun to his head.

“I told him please don’t shoot me because I have a newborn son,” he related.
That’s when the gunman fell to the floor.

“He got shot right in front of me,” Perry added.

Police say Raymond Davis, 21, of Norfolk was killed and that he was one of the robbers. That led to chaos inside the bar and bullets started flying.

One patron was wounded as he threw pool sticks at the robbers in hopes of distracting them.

One report said that the patron with the gun retrieved it from his car, coming back into the bar before punching Davis’s ticket. Which seems unlikely; probably a false after-action report, but the full picture will certainly become clearer with time.

Also to be determined is whether the patron was drinking. Because while bar-carry is legal, imbibing while you’re doing it isn’t.

The other two robbers escaped, but it seems likely that Davis’s list of known associates will yield plenty of leads.

There’s no way to know how many lives the gun toter may have saved. Or if he started something that wouldn’t have otherwise happened. But given the description of the robbers’ actions, it’s hard to think he didn’t have real cause to suspect his life was in danger.

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  1. If they were going person to person to get cash, good guy probably figured they may see he had a gun. To bad guys this means cop. They would have shot him on the spot.
    Or maybe the bad guys were about to rob his wife. Either way, I am sure good guy figured it had to be done.

  2. Watch, he’ll get a pat on the back for taking out the BG, then in the same breath they’ll read him his miranda rights for carrying and drinking. Forget that his actions may have saved multiple lives

      • Oddly enough, it’s also legal even if he was drinking and didn’t have a CHP as long as he was open carrying. In any event, carrying concealed while drinking but with a CHP is just a misdemeanor in VA.

      • Amen. Also, there’s likely no implied consent law for CCW, so hopefully he was smart enough not to blow if asked.

  3. A crowded bar, multiple assailants…what a nightmare for a DGU. My Tiny Niney DB9 is accurate at that range, but with only 7 shots and 3 BGs. That’s even before you consider the risks associated with a miss.

    • That’s why I favor higher capacity, double stack nines. My XDm Compact has 14 rounds available and can accept the standard 19 round magazine as well.

      I’m a fairly stout (read fat) guy, so the thickness of the gun doesn’t bother me much. And the grip length is short enough that concealment is easy.

      • I also favor the highest capacity magazine I can find for my weapon. However, I live in the Peoples’ Republic of California, and those worthies in the state house think so highly of my shooting skills that they have determined that I will never need more than 10 rounds to get the job done.

    • I learned on the FATS system that having more ammo doth not mean more hits.

      As Colonel Cooper said – each bullet is your responsibility. I’m just shuddering thinking about it.

      • True, but having no ammo = no hits. I’m not advocating spray and pray by any means. It’s a pretty craptastic scenario in which to find yourself. It’s just if it comes down to it, I’d rather have more rather than less.

  4. When one looks at this situation it is the textbook “nightmare” situation the liberals are always yapping about when it comes to good guys with guns and especially the issue of carrying in bars. Ready the ominous music – crowded establishment, clueless gun owner (their oft-used assertion, not mine) and drinking going on. Only this turned out pretty much the way our side figured it would. Bad guy ventilated, no innocents killed, no cops blowing away the good guy with a gun over mistaken identity.Going on a tangent here – I get sick and tired of the liberals common scare tactic of making it sound like the majority of CCW’s are untrained dangers. I spent a little time this morning on the google machine trying to get a figure of how much Americans spend annually on firearms training and didn’t get far. I did find out the number of training facilities is impressive. Does anyone have an idea of what that number might be? I’m talking about extra training folks pay for aside from that required to get their permit.

    • Well let’s try to make a “ball park” guess-timate based on the number of training facilities and gun ranges. If one assumes that they need a minimum amount of income to stay in business, and divide that by the cost per hour of the training/practice, we might be able to get an idea of how much training/practice is going on.

      Do you have any idea what these numbers might be?

  5. Sounds like another candlelight vigil for the Brady Bunch to organize for their fallen hero, the armed robber.

    I can just imagine all the Bradys and mikeb’s blog-goers cursing and seething in frustration that the thugs didn’t mass-murder everyone in the bar, thus giving them more blood in which to dance.

  6. I’d like to see them try to prosecute for concealed carry while drinking.

    The prosecutor would have to leave town, either tarred and feathered, or with a crowd of laughing citizens pelting him with rocks.

    I’ll help.

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