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Next Post has a story about how Remington, currently in the process of replacing the Army’s stocks of sniper rifles with their super sexy XM2010, will be selling, raffling off and otherwise giving out the Army’s old M24 sniper rifle systems instead of chucking them in the skip as is normally done these days when the government changes firearms. This CMP-esque program will be selling 2,000 rifle systems (including optics and everything else you see here) in “arsenal refinished” condition with new barrels and optics (but keeping the painted and dented stocks that give these rifles character) first to military, ex-military and law enforcement customers and then to the public at deep discounts, reportedly around half what the system costs brand new. In addition they will be raffling off one such rifle at SHOT (for attendees only), with tickets costing $5 a pop with profits going to help wounded warriors. Needless to say I know where my paycheck is going next week.

[UPDATE] A previous version of this story claimed 2,000 rifles were being raffled off during the show. In fact, 2,000 rifles are being sold (eventually) and a single rifle is being raffled at SHOT. Also, mad props to Defense Review for the original story.

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      • At half price it’s actually not a bad deal, but I wouldn’t lose sleep over missing out on one. Unless you care about the provenance, you can build one for a few hundred less. The Leupold optic is $1500 new at Amazon and the HS adjustable stocks are $600. You can buy a (short action) .308 700 for around $750 new, so I imagine you could put together a nice barreled action for around that or little more, probably even a long action if you wanted an exact copy. A Timney or Jewell trigger is another couple hundred as is a magazine baseplate if you wanted one.The case itself is probably a few hundred though, if that was important to you.

  1. Reading the flyers both and this site have gotten it wrong. The flyer very clearly states that the raffle will be for “the very first system of this production run.”

    In addition, there will be a total of “less than 2,000 of these systems offered for sale.”

    Also, scalped the article from Defense Review without giving credit, which I know this site is better about.

    Love the site and haven’t commented, but felt I had to here. I’m Active Duty and will be buying one of these myself.

  2. those babies are gonna go fast!

    imagine the resale value (if they can be found for sale ‘used’ @ your local gun store) will be a handfull & a half.

  3. Where can we buy these? Are they all going to be at SHOT? So there’s 4000 total rifles being sold/raffled? I need one!!!

    • Raffle tickets will be sold on the show floor at SHOT apparently, and ONLY on the show floor. Remington will update their site soon with where to go to get your own rifle for cash money and I’ll keep you in the loop on that one.

  4. If you read it, the raffle is for ONE of the guns. The very first system built. I know – I saw this earlier and was excited until I realized the chances of winning were like hitting the lottery.

  5. I’m Army reserve and and was just boarded for active duty in June. I will be trying to buy one of these as well!

    • keep your head on straight, be safe, & come home safe. should we ever meet I’ll gladly buy you a beer & steak dinner. (I’ll have O’Douls).

  6. The Remington sales brochure (Link at defensereview) states that the rifles, in addition to new barrels, will have NEW receivers – so it looks like for the most part what you’d get would be a NEW gun with a USED stock!

  7. I would want the original, not messed with, mil surp rifle, no new parts. Seems like they’re trying to turn it into a media event.

  8. I actually won the first M-24 SWS rifle raffled off. Stock is used/painted by the sniper who carried it in the field. New barrel and trigger. Came with 3 firing pins, Hardig deployment case, tools, new sling. Hit me up if you have any questions or interested in buying it.

    • Still have an interest in selling the M-24 SWS you won in the raffle? If so, please let me know.

      Thank you.

      • Yes I’d sell it for the right price. I’ve only seen 2 complete SWS for sale and they were $9800 and $9300. I don’t expect that but I wouldn’t give it away either. Email me @ [email protected]

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