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A Saturday morning home invasion ended the way all such things should: with a shotgun blast and two scum-suckers running off into the first light of a new day. “The homeowner on Franklin-Madison Road in Franklin Township [OH] tells FOX19 he was sleeping on the couch at 6:45 Saturday morning when he woke up to find a man holding a hand over his mouth and saying ‘don’t talk; we just want your money.’ A second man had gone upstairs where the man’s wife and daughter were sleeping.” But the couch-sleeper had his smoothbore nearby. After a struggle with invader number one, he was able to retrieve it and send a volley of lead in his general direction. Alarmed by the armed response, the two beat feet, trailing blood as they bid the homeowner a good day. Josh Horwitz wasn’t available for comment.

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  1. 00 buck, at close range, and the perp managed to escape? and the house wasn’t ripped to shreds by the pellets that missed? much more likely birdshot.

  2. Picture looks like my home defense shotgun. A mossberg 500. No rails or lasers or doohickeys. Just 6 rounds of 00 backed up by a .38 or a 9mm.

      • Me too. However, my shotgun (to be bought soon) will probably be a Winchester Super X Defender: 6 rounds plus five rounds of .38+ special in my revolver.

  3. This points out the need for an alarm system, even if it’s a $12.00 Radio Shack cheapie or a field-goal ready but loyal, yappy, chihuahua. All the arms and expertise in the world count for little if you wake up with a knife at your throat. Webster’s defines” alarm” as: 1. A warning 2. A c
    all to arms.
    Congrats to Mr. Horwitz that his bravery turned the tide, but let’s all learn from such incidents.

    • At in-home combat distances it’s not, practically speaking, significantly easier to hit man-sized targets with a shotgun than with a rifle. At 15-20 feet the #2 buckshot pattern thrown by my Weatherby 20ga is just a few inches across.

      I’m starting to warm to the idea of laser modules on home defense shotguns. Don’t even need a fancy dot-in-ring projected reticle or anything, just a nice bright dot to show me where the center of the shot cloud is going to hit.

  4. Double ott is my 1st home defense choice. I found some 6 pill 2″ 00 shells. My 590 (20″) holds 10 rounds and my 16″ 500 holds 7 and that doesn’t count the 1 in the tube for both pieces. I guess having 1 in the tube eliminates the questionable use of the “racking” sound as a fear factor deterrent, but oh well, the “bang” will have to do.

    • Do your Mossberg’s reliably cycle the shorter shells, Sammy? I’ve been hesitant to try them in my 500 because I’ve heard they can be a problem.

      • I tried out some aguilla mini slugs, and yes, the shells either don’t eject or have a tendency to dangle through the feed ramp under the receiver. 2 3/4-3″ or bust.

  5. Good thing this happened to him now while he still has the right to arms and self-defense. Won’t be so in a few months, when Dear Leader and his legions of lemmings institute all their wonderful, feel-good despot policies that result in countless innocent deaths at the hands of savages.

    For our own good, of course.

    • Feel free to make some concrete predictions. I’d like to have something to refer to in, say, March 2013 to evaluate your claims.

      • Me too but I’m afraid that Silver will be right! Anyone know of any new possible ammendments being added from the comm’s, oh, I mean Dems?

  6. “Josh Horwitz wasn’t available for comment.”

    That’s pretty funny. But, he’d probably say what I would. This might have been one of the relatively few legitimate DGUs. They do happen from time to time.

    • Same tired drumbeat mikeyb, no facts or proof. Where are all the arrests for these non legitimate DGU’s? All the ccw holders being arressted and their permits pulled for misconduct with their guns?

      You shoulda been a snake oil salesman Mikeyb, or at least a TV preacher.

      • Well, you remember the Oklahoma pharmacist, don’t you. He had a frigging security camera on him otherwise he would have been another “legitimate” gun owner who killed a black thief. How many get away with murder in similar circumstances where there happens to be no surveillance equipment?

    • Too bad mikeb, you dont have any innocent victims for you to dance and splash their blood all over your hobnail boots and brown shirt. Maybe next time, we suggest you hang around Cinemark Theatres.

    • I have thought about a pistol grip just for in the house. It makes a shorter and handier gun and at the ranges in a residence I can’t see it being less accurate than a handgun. I wonder if you can get a mossberg 500 persuader in 20 ga.?

  7. Dose anybody out there read the NRA mag. Read last months issue, what our NEW less, plans 2 do about guns & ammos, want be long & no 1 will be able 2 defend themselves anymore.

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