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Do you like you some AKesque 5.56 pistol action? Arsenal’s just intro’d a new one that has all the seksiness of a an AK-74 style pistol, but in 5.56×45 NATO. With a scope rail, too! Press release after the jump . . .

Arsenal, Inc. introduces the all-Bulgarian SLR-106UR Pistol in 5.56x45mm NATO. The SLR-106UR Pistol is manufactured entirely at Arsenal’s factory in Kazanlak, Bulgaria using components specifically engineered for accuracy and reliability in a short-barrel configuration.

The SLR-106UR Pistol includes many features not found on any similar 5.56mm pistol, and is as close to a semi-automatic AKS-74U (or ‘Krinkov’) as American shooters may possess without ATFE approval.


  • Factory-installed scope rail allows mounting of optics and accessories
  • Short gas system designed for 100% reliability
  • 10.5” cold hammer-forged barrel with hard-chrome plated bore and chamber
  • Hinged dust cover with close-range and 500 meter rear sight settings
  • Replica muzzle device is pressed and pinned to the front sight block for AK-74SU appearance
  • High-quality polymer furniture includes an ergonomic SAW pistol grip and heat-shielded lower handguard for shooting comfort
  • Reinforced pistol grip base for added strength and durability
  • Spring-loaded firing pin for increased safety with Boxer-primed ammunition
  • 90 degree rear sling swivel prevents twisting or tangling
  • AKS-74U-style rear block for conversion to SBR configuration; all NFA rules apply*


Whether fired as a pistol or converted to a registered short-barreled rifle*, Arsenal’s SLR-106UR Pistol delivers unmatched quality and unique features in a firearm that will provide many years of accurate and reliable service.

*IMPORTANT: Contact a local SOT manufacturer and comply with all local and federal laws before attempting to attach a shoulder stock to the SLR-106UR Pistol or to any pistol.


  • Caliber 5.56x45mm NATO
  • Weight: 5.5 pounds (2.49 kg), without magazine
  • Total Length: 19.25 inches (489 mm)
  • Barrel: 10.5 inches (267mm), 6-groove rifling, 1 in 7” twist
  • Magazine capacity: 5 rounds (included), accepts all mil-spec 5.56mm AK magazines
  • MSRP: $909.00

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  1. Rifle-action-based pistols are ridiculous, IMHO. They’re thinly disguised SBRs with less controllability and lower muzzle velocity.

    That said, I think the restrictions on SBRs are ridiculous, and I’d love to see a TTAG article on the history of SBR regulation.

    • The idea is you buy the pistol to SBR it. Heck, this gun is even designed to make that easier. However, some people never got the memo and keep them unconverted.

    • I personally like them(when suppressed with a integral or reflex suppressor) since it gives you the possibility to standardize not only ammo and magazines, but also spare parts such as firing pins, extractors and etc.

  2. I like it, because it doesn’t have the idiotic-looking tube of an AR pistol sticking out the back.

    Still illegal in CT, though.

  3. I like the part where it’s “designed for 100% reliability.” As opposed to all those press releases where gun manufacturers say they’re shooting for 75% at best.

  4. So 900 bucks for a pistol that you still have to spend money on for parts and paper work to make it a legal SBR? When AK’s were cheap and reliable they were a good buy. Now they’re expensive and reliable, not such a good buy.

    i bought my Russian SKS when they were still listed as curios and relics and sold for 99 bucks each. Before I spent the kind of money they want for them now I would buy a new rifle with more refinements to it. Former Soviet block firearms were great purchases on the cheap but not so much now.

  5. Looks cool, but $900 cool? I dunno… especially since most folks get rifle-caliber pistols to create SBRs. Add the cost of modding it with a stock + SBR paperwork and I’m not sure if it’s worth the trouble.

  6. I work at a LGS in Nevada and we’ve had a couple of these come through already. They’ve all had nothing but problems. The bolt will pick the round up in the middle of the case instead of the rim, causing a FTF. It didn’t matter how many circle 10 mags we tried or what ammo we tried, they all had the same feeding issue.

    To make matters worse, Arsenal customer service was a GIANT PAIN IN THE ASS. We basically bought the customer’s rifle back from him and got him something else, and when we attempted to coordinate with Arsenal about returning the firearm because it was clearly defective, they did not answer emails, return phone calls and getting an RMA from them and a shipping label was like trying to get foghorn to admit 300blk sucks. I wouldn’t go as far as saying they were combative, but they were definitely close to it. As a result the owner of our store will no longer stock Arsenals of any kind.

    I’d say stick to the 7.62 or 5.45 AKs, because it seems like whenever someone changes the original designs of a gun drastically, it never works out like they wanted.

    Buyer beware.

  7. Well, boys and girls, you may as well put this gun on the “endangered species” list. America has spoken, and elections have consequences, as Obama has stated..


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