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By Brandon via

Ever since Illinois became the last state in the country to allow concealed carry, we’ve seen reports of legally-armed citizens defending themselves against armed criminals. Here is another one of those stories that happened late Thursday. A 24-year-old man, legally carrying a concealed firearm, was walking down the street with a woman when two suspects approached them with a handgun and announced that they were being robbed . . .

As a response, the 24-year-old drew his firearm, as did one of the armed thugs. Both men fired. The permit holder was shot in the leg, while the suspect was shot in the chest.

Both were taken to the same hospital where the permit holder is in stable condition. The suspect, however, is in critical condition and, if he makes it through his injuries, will be facing numerous charges.

There is no word on the second suspect, who apparently took off once bullets started to fly.

Here’s to legally armed citizens taking their safety into their own hands, and successfully defending themselves against the bad guys.

Thugs take note: millions of Americans refuse to be victims. Even in Illinois.

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    • I hope he grows paraplegic legs, poops in a bag and remains a living visible example of how victimizing folks isn’t a good idea!

      • Nah, too much money to incarcerate a healthy prisoner let alone one that needs round the clock care at tax payers expense. I do agree with you on him needing a bag. Only the bag should be black vinyl with a full length zipper and handles on the end.

  1. Yep this is the one I mentioned from a news report-oddly(that’s a joke!) never saw another mention-don’t wanna’ give uppity colored folk any ideas about moving off the plantationLOL

  2. “Ever since Illinois became the last state in the country to allow concealed carry…”

    Until New Jersey and Hawaii are removed from the union we need to stop using this line.

  3. I heard the sheriff found the other guy in some bushes with 32 bullet holes in him. He said it was the worse case of suicide he’d ever seen!

    • LOL. And the cops only found 37 of the other 100 bullets fired at the bastards. Shoot until the threat is over and then keep shooting because “it’s the only way to be sure “.

      • I know they teach us to shoot to stop the threat, but any time I do a mag dump with my XDM 9mm (19+1), I get bored after ten or twelve rounds. Seriously, I almost check my watch.

        20 rounds is WORK.

        • I’ve discovered that with my ARs. With just a 20-rd mag, I find myself wondering when the damn thing is gonna run dry.

  4. Wonder who practiced more?

    BTW, Chicago is it’s own country WITHIN the boundaries of The State of Illinois! Us southerners finally are getting some attention!

    • Couldn’t be the legal concealed carrier. Center mass hits either after being shot or while being shot at. Clearly another untrained yahoo with a concealed weapon permit. I’m sure the robbers have invested a lot of money into ammo, gear and training.

      • Yeah, a clean miss, considering that of course he was shooting for an arm or a leg, right? I bet the perp couldn’t tell you what caliber gun he was shooting, much less its make, model, or capacity.

  5. This story simply cannot be true, because lefty thought leaders state good guys with guns never stop bad guys with guns /s

  6. “There is going to be blood running in the streets” is how the anti crowd was crying to the media about us finally being able to defend ourselves. I guess in hopes of scaring everyone.

    Well, they were right. The blood of bad guys is running in the streets. Thanks goodness.

  7. This happened in Englewood which is one of the most violent neighborhoods in Chicago. Considering the amount of black on black crime in the area, I really hope people see this and we end up with an increase in ccw within the black community. RIP Otis. You done good.

  8. Sheesh. They weren’t approached by two SUSPECTS. Muggers, teens, men, maybe, but NOT “SUSPECTS”. The accused are “suspects”. The perps are PERPS.


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