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. . . what chance do you have preventing criminals from accessing guns on the street? I’ll tell you: none. There is no chance whatsoever that gun control legislation will stop bad guys from tooling up. I choose the phrase “tooling up” carefully; a firearm is a tool of the criminals’ trade. As long as there are guns out there, somewhere – and there are some 300 million (and counting) of them in these here United States – the bad guys will get ahold of them to take care of bidness. As for all that gun buyback stuff you hear about in the mainstream media – “taking guns off the street” – if Blue Bell Ice Cream’s production cessation did nothing to put a damper National Ice Cream Day in Texas, what good does paying good money/tickets/groceries/shoes for a few hundred broken-ass guns do in terms of reducing crime? I’ll tell you . . .

None. There are exactly no studies establishing a causal link. Because there isn’t one! (Trace that.)

And don’t get me started about terrorists and crazies, mission-focused madmen committed to maximum carnage. Gun control can no more blunt their homicidal fury than an anger management class. All gun control laws do is discourage, inconvenience, tax and prohibit otherwise law-abiding citizens seeking to exercise their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms.

The best solution to reducing firearms-related crime? Lock up the bad guys. Preferably, without a gun.

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  1. I’m so glad I don’t live in a big city. Particularly on the east coast.
    The mind set of these sheeple. Just listen to the desk reporter as he does the intro…. “The cities eastern police district”
    That’s some effect up speech right there. I immediately had a visual of road blocks, police on every corner demanding to see your papers.

  2. But the gun buybacks are such great political theater. Spending the taxpayer’s money for buying back junk guns or guns from little old ladies that are afraid of them. Or maybe from criminals who see a good way to get rid of a gun that has been used in a crime. Pointless but the politicians love this kind of thing and many of the Sheeple buy right into the theatrics. Seems like anyone would have to be brain dead or VERY indoctrinated by the Gun Grabbers to think that this prevents shootings or crime.

  3. On a related note we’ve already got a number of known examples of drones being used to deliver contraband into prisons. So far it’s mostly drugs. How long until we see a few guns being dropped in like that? Hell… it might have already been scene but not well reported. At the end of the day people will find a way to get what they want. Legal or not.

  4. Was curious about Santa Clara County CA (aka Silicon Valley) most recent (April 2015) ‘no questions asked’ gun buyback program. Here are the results the Sheriff’s Dept provided:

    Type Count Unreg (Pct) Stolen (Pct)
    Shotguns……………34……..18 (52.9%)…..2 (5.9%)
    Rifles…………………77……..28 (36.4%)…..1 (1.3%)
    Pistols………………..89……..17 (19.1%)…..1 (1.3%)
    Assault Rifles*………6……….0 (0.0%)……..0 (0.0%)
    Total………………..206………63 (30.6%)….4 (1.9%)

    * as defined in CA code

    About 30% of buybacks were unregistered with shotguns (52.9%) comprising the largest unregistered category. Note: registration for long guns is relatively new in CA and likely explains the figure. Not sure what to conclude about the relatively low number of stolen firearms.

    I didn’t ask about cost and assuming everything was in satisfactory condition, the cost would be $21,200.
    $200 * 6 = $1,200 – “assault” rifles
    $100 * 200 = $20,000 – everything else

    The SO says they will attempt to return the 4 stolen weapons to owners. It would be very difficult to legally transfer stolen guns in CA given the state’s registration database and regulations. In effect, the County is making crime profitable.

      • I used to live there, (Sunnyvale) Thank god I left.
        Gun Geek above says long gun registration is relatively new in CA. I can remember 25 years ago, or so, I bought a little Daisy 22 long rifle for my wife. The gun was around $65 or so, and all the other crap, including registration cost almost as much as the gun!
        Actually, the Daisy was purchased in San Jose, but since you are now residing in the area, I was wondering what you know about when the registration of long guns went into effect, just curious.

        • @GunGeek, It doesn’t say you have to ‘register’ a long gun you owned prior to 2014. The AR’s that I had, but lost in the floods of 2014, were safe. IMHO any featureless AR, let them figure out how old it is. Mine was at least 100 years old. Really it was. Now, if you transfer it that’s another story but then…..let them figure it out.

  5. This dodges a far more fundamental issue. Guns are simple machines. They’re not hard to make.

    “…can’t get guns” is the mantra they chant. These are people who live a life detached from reality. They have no clue the manufacturing and industry that supports their welfare state. They have no idea how complex their car is compared to a gun.

    I have a CnC mill , TIG welder, sand blaster, and parkerizing tank, among myriad other tools like grinders, wrenches, drill press, etc… in my 8 x 20 shed! It’s tight, but I could make dozens of machine guns every day!

    You think a multi-trillion dollar drug cartel can’t afford the sub-$20,000 workshop I have?

    Being anti-gun is merely an extension of a larger problem; being an Utterly Clueless Welfare Statist. If you’ve had any kind of halfway useful job in your life, you have at least a hint of understanding what industry exists in the 20th+ Century. This isn’t a new fad. The machines for doing this are over 100 years old. We don’t need 3D printers…

    Did John Browning not use the Year in the name of the things he created? 1919A4? 1911? This was minor manufacturing 100 years ago, today it’s falling down stupid simple… The only people who don’t know this are those who have never had a real job: anti-gunners, liberals, socialists, welfare queens, college professors, college students, most anyone with a post graduate degree, politicians, McJobs, etc…

    Anyone with the mental capacity to have a real job knows what a steaming load of impossible crap the anti-gun agenda is. Not just because they’re smart enough to deduce it logically, but because they’ve probably got a job that proves it, too. You may as well have an anti-gravity agenda. Blame Republicans for their evil Gravity Conspiracy, designed to keep a brotha down… Whatever… When such extreme cluelessness becomes the majority, it’s all downhill from there.

    • Dustin,
      You had me up until the broad brush swipe at advanced degree holders, professors, etc. The stepper motor in the CNC machine didn’t just magically appear, ditto for the other technologies in your shed and home. Even tools like hammers have been significantly improved in the past century due to contributions by scientists and technical professionals.

      Lawyers and other professionals defend our rights. There are blue collar, white collar, pink collar, and no collar folks supporting our rights and enthusiasm for firearms. Why demonize them?

    • @Dustin
      “When such extreme cluelessness becomes the majority, it’s all downhill from there.”

      The Founders of this once great nation gave American Citizens the tools, that have the ability to combat the descent into Mob rule and judicial tyranny.

      It is called the Second Amendment.

    • Dustin,
      Just curious, What kind of a CNC mill do you have in a shop that has a tig welder and all the other tools you mentiond (by the way, you forgot the lath, a not too cheap machine if your working on guns) and all this for under 20 grand.
      Myself, I doubt if you could even pick all that up at Harbor Freight for under your figure, maybe at goodwill??

      • On Craig’s list or at San Jose’s Capitol Drive-In Flea Market. Amazing how much new stuff falls off trucks in the original undamaged packaging. Bargain prices galore.

        • A bit off the subject, but would like to relate an event that happened on Blossom Hill road, just down the street from the drive-in.
          Driving south, I needed to make a turn off BH. I was in the left hand turn lane, with several cars and this flatbed truck loaded with big bags of water softener salt. They looked like well over a hundred lbs each. We were all moving, hoping to make the green arrow, when it went yellow, then red. One or two cars sped through after the red, and then, I couldn’t believe it! The son of a bitch driving the flat bed sped up and went racing around the corner! A small car coming from the south slammed on their brakes, and almost got hit by the truck!
          While this was going on, four big bags went flying off the truck, and landed in the street, close to the small car.
          I noted the company name on the truck as it sped on. The asshole never even knew the bags went off the truck.
          When I got home a few minutes later I called the company that was sponsoring the idiot driver. They put me in touch with the foreman in charge of the delivery area this guy was out off. First he wanted to know where it happened, and if the bags were OK, that he wanted to send some out immediately, to retrieve the bags.
          He was really pissed off about this. I told the foreman, when he gets back from his deliver, play around with him a little. See if he says the bags were stolen off his truck. The foreman said there would probably be one less driver on the payroll in the morning!
          I would have given anything to be there when the driver tried to explain what happened to the bags.
          Do I feel bad about costing someone his job? Hell no, This prick not only was careless with his employers merchandise, he almost had an accident that could have killed the driver of the small car, he almost hit!

  6. Why am I not surprised? These are the same keystone cops that last year didn’t find a gun on a guy who turned himself in on multiple charges (attempted murder included) who ended up “shooting himself” as they left him alone in the police bathroom…

    It fits the liberal gun violence agenda though. We had a city council member blaming the recent record levels of violence on the “loose gun laws around the city”. Conveniently forgetting that Maryland now makes first time handgun owners pay a ~$200 tax on top of the sticker price of a gun (for the license which includes juicy state police “processing fees”). Such a crazy town that when the riots broke out earlier this year the lone area Walmart stopped selling ammo (took off the shelves & said they were out) because they didn’t want the looters to “steal it” (of course the Walmart doesn’t sell actual guns) but kept all the knives out.

    This place is such a hell hole during the riots people were having to use machetes to keep the looters away since I’m sure you’re in violation of a city ordinance if you actually discharge a firearm…

    But I digress, my apologizes…

  7. I’ll say the obvious this isn’t a “gun violence” issue it’s a “police competency” issue. You can take “gun” and fill in the blank with whatever you want. knives, drugs, oreo cookies it could have been smuggled into the jail. Baltimore is not helping their case that they have a qualified, well run constabulary. Perhaps they need a purge…..

    On the note of having a home workshop and making guns, it is likely that the Mexicans will import in the case of a national ban. First off, they have plenty, second off they definitely can have a manufacturing base for them if they don’t import from say China and lastly they have had an interest in profiting off stuff that’s illegal in the states for a long time. Guns are harder to smuggle but why wouldn’t they if the markups are good enough?

  8. What has the War on Drugs brought us?
    Fabulously wealthy criminals, heavily armed and without remorse, beheading their competitors just over the border, and kidnapping and threatening Americans on our own soil, amply rewarded for smuggling drugs into all corners of the US to meet demand, and using those same methods and means for human smuggling, federally militarized police, enabled with unrestricted asset forfeiture programs to raise money for their own corrupt agency funding,

    thousands of low level users imprisoned for crimes that harm no one but themselves.
    Now CA is releasing those criminals-

    And what do we still have left…

    And what will the Obama National War on Guns do for national and local security, again?

    Apply the same template-
    to target the law-abiding for every increasing anti-freedom laws, creating criminals out of the law abiding, and restricting their ability to defend themselves and families…

    what will we have left, then…

    Class, discuss.

    • By the year 2100. it will be an entirely new type of world we live in. That’s on the assumption it last that long. I can’t speculate on all the changes, but if there are still “people” living on this planet, they will probably be speaking in Chinese.
      They will have probably killed off the rest of population so their 10 Billion strong would have a place to Wok their dog!

  9. A couple more industrial explosions in those made-in-China Chinese factories and they’ll be preoccupied for a while, meanwhile global warming should fix the East and West coast Liberal Elite problem. 🙂
    Oh the article. Yeah, Baltimore is apparently completely incompetent.

  10. Nothing new to see there.
    Long ago I saw a police training video with some turd who had just been apprehended for shooting or shooting at a cop. He was in a little individual holding area. The officer who was writing him up left and got the perp a bottle of water and then left him alone again. The dude reaches down the front of what looked like pajama pants, pulls out a full-size 1911 and offs himself with a contact shot to the temple.
    Who frisked that douchebag and why wasn’t he cuffed?


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