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Springfield is, of course, the capital of the great state of Illinois, one of the least firearm-friendly locales in the nation. Most of the anti-gun antipathy  there emanates from the corrupt county of Cook far to the north. If it were just left up to downstaters, Illinois would have long ago enacted shall-issue concealed carry laws. For now though, Illinoisans can only dream. And vote. Right along with their friends and neighbors in the cemeteries. But if Chicago pols wanted any examples of how guns can save lives and prevent crime- have no illusions, they don’t – they just have to look to what happened at the Home Town Pantry convenience store Thursday night when a robber pulled a pistol . . .

According to, the stick-up man presented a pistol wrapped in a white t-shirt (for some reason) and demanded money from the two clerks behind the counter.

As the gunman leaned over the counter, one of the employees grabbed a pistol, pointed it upward at a 45-degree angle and fired a single shot, police said. The would-be robber then ran out of the business.

The clerk had the necessary Illinois Firearm Owners Identification card so apparently he won’t face any charges. This week’s goings on almost duplicated another armed robbery attempt at the same store last July.

Two men entered the store and pointed weapons at the two clerks behind the counter. One of the intruders was armed with a shotgun, and the other was carrying a handgun.

Police said one of the clerks retrieved his own handgun and fired a round at the man with the shotgun. The bullet missed him and struck a display shelf. The man with the shotgun dropped it on the floor before running away with the other would-be robber.

Of course, if the Chicago machine had their way, their citizens and those throughout the state – people just like the two Home Town Pantry clerks – would be left with no way to defend themselves, save perhaps a tape dispenser. The city has been dragged kicking and screaming toward easing some of the strictest gun controls laws in the country by the McDonald decision. How long it takes for them to get concealed carry in the Land of Lincoln is anyone’s guess. But it will happen. It’s only a matter of time.

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  1. Yet another reason can now be added to why Obama must not be re-elected.So long as one of the Chicago Machine’s finest exports sits at the White House there will be no Federal investigation into the corruption & graft taking place in Chicago.Concealed carry will certainly come to Illinois,once half of Cook County’s government employees are jailed on Federal RICO charges.

    • Yes, the Manchurian in the White House is secretly protecting the dirty evil Chicago Political Machine that got him elected….
      You’ve been listening to too much Mancow. Chicago’s problems are more simple. They’ve had one party in charge too long, so the local guys have become corrupt. You encounter the same damn thing with certain Republican dominated areas in Texas, Arizona, and even Alaska (Palin only cleaned up some of it). Blatant corruption develops because of one party’s too-long control of all of the major local institutions. It really is that simple. Chicago will be cleaned up when the electorate suddenly decides to vote Republican, or some third-party, or a whole bunch of gentrification happens… Not because some supposed secret benefactor in the White House leaves…

  2. I agree, as a “Illinoisian” the Chicago Polotics have got to go….. They enact all this crazy stuff, and EVERYONE downstate has to put up with it… Maybe if they focused on cleaning up “Cook” county, and worried less about who/whom is wanting a CC, they would be a LOT better off…

    • Split the state in two. North of I-80 is the state of Chicago, and south of the interstate is Illinois. That would fix so many problems.

      • Here’s a better idea that wont subjugate innocent rural Illinois citizens west of Chicago, including the fine employees of certain IL located firearm firms-turn Chicago into a federal district and make it the nation’s capitol, with the rest of Illinois free to enact policy as it sees fit.

        Seriously, just close down the government buildings in Washington D.C., pack up the White House & move the Pentagon into McCormick Place. Its expensive, but also a cheaper plan than paying lawyers to lock up the members of the Chicago Machine and like Chernoybl this plan offers a side benefit of keeping the radioactive corruption in America contained in one consolidated location.

      • I can’t tell whether your proposal’s main effect would be giving Chicago two senators (not a good option) or giving back to ‘Illinois’ the reality of two senators, as was long ago the situation (Chicago objects…).

  3. That Chicago machine stimulus got the expected anti-Obama response. Just like pigeons pecking at pellet feeder dispensers. No wonder those NRA execs make such inflated salaries, it’s like taking candy from babies.

    • What does that say about the US economy, that taking candy from babies pays incredibly well, compared to writing for a newspaper, even in Chicago? And stop making fun of pigeons pecking at food pellet dispensers. That’s Obama’s key demographic. Don’t get me wrong: We of the other party would like those votes too. Chicago is still one of the few cities, though, in which pigeons can still vote.

  4. FOID cards allow the holder to lawfully transport firearms and be the transferee in a sale and does not have any provisions on carry or discharge of a weapon.

  5. Of course Illinois firearms laws favor thieves, crooks and murderers. Politicians always favor their own.

      • I understand that Illinois wants to allow former felons to carry, so all its ex-governors won’t be disqualified.

    • This skew to Illinois gun law is basically a form of nepotism. It used to be Crook County until, during one election, they had to economize on type in order to give ward leaders a bit more ‘walking-around money.’ I can understand why Boeing moved its headquarters to Chicago. What better way to tell the Chinese, “No, really, we like your political system.”

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