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 Seven killed in apartment shooting in Florida (courtesy

“A gunman holding hostages inside a South Florida apartment complex killed six people before being shot to death by a SWAT team that stormed the building early Saturday following an hours-long standoff,” the AP reports. The killer barricaded himself in his apartment and held a man and woman hostage. When negotiations with SWAT failed they entered the apartment. The murderer opened fire on police, who killed him dead. “The dead bodies of three women and two men were found at two apartment units inside the building, which Rodriguez said was in a ‘very quiet neighborhood.’ Another man who was walking his children into an apartment across the street also was killed. Rodriguez said it wasn’t immediately clear whether the gunman took aim at him from an upper-level balcony or if he was hit by a stray bullet.” Early days, but . . . should have been a defensive gun use. Just sayin’.

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    • Your view of the world needs a little cynicism KM. There is nothing interesting here for the media and their agenda. Intra-Hispanic violence in Miami is similar to intra-black violence in Chicago.

      • Oh, I am as cynical as the next guy. Don’t you think the gun grabbers will use ANY mass shooting to further their cause?
        Not all of the victims were Hispanic? I just feel that the time is ripe for the next wave to hit us.

        • Ripe it may be, but this isn’t likely to be a part of it. And if the SWAT commanders had been more patient, this may have had a happier ending. You don’t go charging in unless you have good intel that it’s very likely the hostages will be spared. Everybody falls asleep eventually. Unless he was going to start killing hostages one by one, no need to go rampaging in. Look what resulted. HE KILLED ALL THE HOSTAGES. NICE WORK.

        • I think the two hostages he had actually made it. Read the Miami Herald story, looks like he killed the two apartment managers, then a bystander was killed outside, then he forced entry into another apartment and killed three inside.

          He went into yet another apartment and took two hostages, where SWAT eventually entered and killed him. The bad guy makes the seventh deceased. I have no details past the news story, and no idea why they went in, but it looks like it worked.

    • Nope, probably not. First, he was Hispanic. Second, more than likely his victims were also Hispanic. Third, he used a handgun, which doesn’t count as THOSE aren’t Weapons of War commonly used to gun down schoolchildren or moviegoers. It was of course fully automatic, though, which might count for something, but I doubt it. /sarc

      Move along, nothing to see here.

  1. Yet another example of why CCW is a public safety benefit. If one of the shooter’s intended victims had a gun, we wouldn’t be reading about this now-except as a DGU of the Day article, perhaps.

    Imagine how different hisory would be if the RA at Virginia Tech kept a Glock at the ready when Cho paid him a visit. Talk about food for thought.

  2. Depends. If it’s a gang killing, or non whites killing non whites, it will fuel it some. If it’s a white guy just going bonkers, it may make people forget about Zimmerman and we’ll see it on the telescreen and billboards.

  3. If this turns into another demand spike I’m picking up a compound bow. Marksmanship is marksmanship.

  4. I have my quota for tin foil. I believe this one blows over after a week. No children to parade around

    • You already have to go way down on the page at all the major news outlets to even find the story.

    • This ^^^^

      Shotguns, pistols, and manually repeating rifles don’t kill you as dead as an “assault rifle” can. Plus those firearms are harder for the media to attack.

  5. Rocks, spears, bows and arrows…. They will ALL be taken away.

    “The Truth About Dirty Looks” is all we’ll have left. 😉

  6. Media forgets by Monday, Bloomberg reminds by adding all to his list of shooting vics…

    • Yeah, my thought was that this individual incident doesn’t make enough splash to become a rallying cry on its own, and “Hialeah” is simply added to the roll call when the CDM folks want to wave the bloody shirt.

  7. Ugh. Not even in their homes were these people able to protect themselves. How sad.

  8. Pretty simple formula; better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

  9. Question:
    In the case of serial killers, the Police/FBI often put gag orders on News outlets. Generally because to give the serial killer media coverage encourages further killings – particularly in the case of those who WANT the attention. Not to mention the danger of copy cat killers taking inspiration from the now famous serial killer.

    So WHY do we consistently give gunmen such unadulterated coverage? All it can do is encourage others to try for their own 15 minutes of fame.

  10. We had a classic “should have been a DGU” earlier this week in near-northeast Houston 6 or 7 blocks from where I live:

    Not just “should have been a DGU” but “should have been a DG (with high-cap mags) U.” A pack of 15 feral mixed-pit bulls. I usually don’t bother with home carry, but this am I made sure I was holstered up and the Marlin .22 was at hand before I long-leashed my three dogs to the porch while I did some housecleaning.

  11. Let me guess……

    …..he was either an illegal alien or he was a registered Democrat who voted for Obama.

  12. Let’s give a big round of applause to the first SWAT team all year to actually raid the correct home / apartment!

  13. Anyone see the CLEO’s impromptu press conference? Love how he described the “gunman” as “heavily armed”, then proceeds list the contents of said gunman’s arsenal; a 9mm pistol, at least two “clips” and couple hundred rounds of ammunition. Way to keep the narrative going for the low-information viewers Chief!

  14. NBC and only NBC (from what I can find) is claiming the guy had a CCW permit. Considering how dedicated NBC is in reporting the truth, anyone see anything that states otherwise? If anything out of this is coming from the left, it’ll be demands for CCW permits to be abolished.

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