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A surveillance video clip shows a man driving into his garage when three armed men come in as the garage door is attempting to close. The man, an off-duty police officer, was with his wife in the car. Things turn violent quickly, as one of the armed robbers . . .

starts to open the man’s car door while he has a gun in his hand. Within a second, both men fire a shot. The victim seems to get his shot off just a split second before the armed robber.

The victim then fires several more rounds at the man, which hit the intended target. The other two men were further away and were not hit, but one was picked up by police later on. The armed robber who was shot eventually died from his injuries.

The one thing that I don’t like about this video is when the man runs out of the garage towards the direction of the fleeing robbers instead of taking cover behind his vehicle. Even moreso because the one robber had already fired a shot. Once he’s back out of the garage, he makes himself vulnerable again.

Take cover, close the garage door, call police. Wait. He is the police! Talk about a bad break for the bad guys.

Aside from that, this man did all that he could to defend himself and the other person that was with him. Even before the bad guy tried to open his car door, our ‘victim’ was ready with firearm in hand.

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    • Draw speed level: John Wayne
      Accuracy level: NYPD (well, not really, he forgot to shoot two bystanders).


    • Accuracy? He killed the first guy. You really think you can do 100% better in the same situation?

    • “Accuracy level: Hellen Keller”

      Fine motor skills nearly non-existent during a massive adrenaline dump.

      Like, when someone is trying to kill you…

    • It looked to me as if he was in uniform but in his own POV returning home. I’m guessing but he probably took his duty belt, with gun and reloads, off when he got into the car. It may have been draped across the console or his passenger, his wife?, may have been holding it.

      Drawing from a seated position would have been simpler if that was so. Then he had to go back for a bullet clipazine thingy.

      He killed one, brown shorted the other two and he and his passenger were unharmed. Seems like he did ok.

    • That always confuses me, but especially on this site. Frankly there is no such thing as a robbery “gone right”, although the victim ventilating the perps is about as good as it gets. What really gets me is when the robber kills the victim and the headline is “robbery gone wrong”, it went exactly the way the perpetrator meant it to go.

  1. I think the dead perp fired twice, the second one at the floor while being killed. I gather the cop was uninjured, that was only because he was ready when the smartass opened the door expecting an unarmed victim. His arrogant attitude faded pretty quick.

  2. Another example of how hard it is to go back to defensive posture after you have been ramped up to offensive action. I think most people would have a hard time moving back behind cover and calling 911 after an attack like that.
    Nice work though. Scratch one bad guy.

  3. Since Brazil doesn’t “allow” its citizens to own or carry guns, the bad guys have reason to be confident. Unfortunately.

    • While I didn’t know that, from the perp’s actions I would have guessed it. Absolutely no fear, he was confident he had the only gun in the area, and he was perfectly willing to use it, quite possibly able to use it effectively, too, until perforated a bit. One of his partners was headed for the passenger’s side, the cop apparently commanded that person to get back in the car, as the door closed again. These guys were seriously up to no good. Hope they enjoyed it. Since they have one living perp, does anybody know if Brazil has creative questioning techniques, that we might expect the remaining perp to be located?

      • “… if Brazil has creative questioning techniques …”

        I like that. It isn’t quite enough to win the Intertubez for the day but it definitely qualifies as runner-up.

    • The cops in Brazil don’t play around though. I don’t see many videos of beatdowns there but I see a lot of criminals shot dead quickly and without much fuss.

  4. Either that cop responded very quickly, or he was ready for them, like he expected it (officer-involved drug deal gone bad? wanted too much of a payoff?). This is a South American country. Glad he got them, but it seems a bit fishy.

    • Yes, five seconds after it became obvious he was under attack, he was ready.
      I would surely hope that any of us would be ready by then.

    • I think he saw in the rear view mirror the garage door’s closing progress interrupted, then saw in the driver side mirror the shooter approach. So like you said he drew and was ready for him. Awesome situational awareness.

      That’s why I say “Hey, man, nice shot!”

  5. Unfortunately this was in Brazil, where it is nearly impossible for law-abiding citizens to own a gun.

    If this was just a citizen and not a cop, he would’ve been dead because of Brazil’s laws.

  6. the man runs out of the garage towards the direction of the fleeing robbers instead of taking cover behind his vehicle

    He’s a cop. It’s his job to pursue. For non-cops, not so much.

  7. He made one other safety mistake: when he went back to the car, he pointed the gun at the passenger.

  8. “SURPRISE!!!” was what went through the officer’s mind.
    “OH $H!T” was what went through perps mind, for a short while.

  9. On LiveLeak, it seems there are (a) an awful lot of armed robberies in Brazil and (b) an awful lot of robbers getting shot by off duty cops, most of whom end up dead..

  10. Here in my city the officer would have been fired then indicted for shooting at a ‘fleeing suspect’ regardless of the fact that the suspect was armed and a threat to others…

    • If we had the crime rates here that they had in Brazil we would have never the result we did in Tennessee v. Garner…

  11. TTAG,

    You could do an entire documentary film on gun battles in Brazil. That country is off the chain when it comes to that. Many of their officers have been wounded multiple times; many have killed more than once. It is the wild wild south down there.

  12. In order to save space let’s just list places that don’t have “creative questioning techniques …” after you try to take down a cop.

    Normally I would agree with your assessment on taking cover. That would have placed the cop behind the engine and left his wife vulnerable. Being a married man I can see why you might make that suggestion but this week I’m relatively happy with my wife so I’ll go with him doing the right thing under the circumstances.

  13. There’s another video of the guy that got shot saying his last words while dying in the hospital. I don’t speak Portuguese so I have no clue what he’s saying, but he doesn’t sound happy.

  14. How many shots did the cop fire? I lost count. Very swift, decisive and unwavering actions.

  15. Greeting from Brazil
    Although the Brazilian police use the 40 s&w as standard calibre. This guy was carrying a 380 acp what explain why the robber get away running

      • We can guess which ammo he was using. Since magtech is the only brand available here.
        As a policeman he could carry in any caliber from 380 to 45 acp and I cant figure out why he was carry a .380 acp.
        The bad guy walked in so confident because is virtually impossible for civilian ccw in brazil. They all know we are unarmed but he had little surprese this time.

  16. I got (genuine) questions (for the experts): how is it that we don’t see any blood splatter from the bad guy being hit? He is only wearing a t-shirt; I would think at that distance, we’d see blood coming out of the wound as the bullet gets in. Or am I too biased by Hollywood?

    • See the post 2 up from here, according to our Brazilian commentator Miron he was using .380 ACP…

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