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During a second home invasion attempt in just a few weeks, Barbara and Sam Temple of Smithfield North Carolina were ready. This time. A few weeks ago, intruders entered the home and took off with $27,000. After this first invasion, Barbara went out and purchased a 9mm handgun for protection . . .

Then two men broke into their home again Thursday night while the couple was home. As soon as Barbara realized that another home invasion was happening, she grabbed her new 9mm purchase.

“When I got the gun, they realized that I had that gun, and that is when my leg got hit,” she said.

Even though she was wounded, Barbara managed to fire several shots at the intruders. After bullets started flying in their direction, they made the best decision of the night, leaving the home as fast as they could, empty-handed.

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  1. 27 grand on first invasion. Yep, time for a revisit. Also senior age, being a mark rises. She fought like a champ. Glad she’s ok.

  2. Bless you Barbara, BG’s are starting to realize that robing a house may not be the safest way to grab somebody’s stuff. Most of them are bully’s and many are CS. It’s good to hear that gals are protecting the selfs.

  3. Glad the second attempt failed, but I dunno as I’d keep that kinda cash around here at the house. No idea what their ‘hood is like, but that seems like a lot to have on hand and just too much of an attraction for somebody. Having a defensive weapon ready to hand is great, esp. if one is trained and knows how to use it, but some common sense would be in order, too.

    Yes, I know we have the RIGHT to sit at home on piles of cash and gold ingots if we wish. But the world is no longer rainbows and unicorns and bad people wanna take it away from us and/or kill us in the taking.

    • Davidx (and Gunr): 27,000 in value is not much to have around the house. While it is true that cash is easier to cycle than wristwatches, necklaces, paintings, and such, the difference isn’t great. I would say most people in UMC suburbs have a few hundred K around the house in non-cash items. Should we just let the b-astards take our stuff? Should we let heirlooms with enormous sentimental value be taken “because insurance will pay” its mere market value? No.

      Personally, I’m proud of Barbara Temple’s preparation and response. I’d rather see honest people take up arms and suffer wounds fighting the creeps here at home than in some third world cultural swamp on the other side of the earth….a swamp we can all too quickly become if we adopt a “just let ’em take it” attitude. No?

      • I may have been mistaken but I took it to read that the $27k was in cash. Otherwise the report, I would think, would have said “$27,000 in cash and other valuables” or something. That’s quite a ‘hood if “…most people in UMC suburbs have a few hundred K around the house in non-cash items.” I imagine it stands a good chance of becoming a regular target of goblins in the coming months and years accordingly.

        Nevertheless, point taken; we certainly would not sit here and allow some gremlins to waltz on in and grab what stuff we do have and then slip away into the night by any means. I leave it to the reader’s imagination what would ensue.

        • Having over $10000 in cash can et you swatted by the feds and ALL your net worth stolen, I’m supposing this was just written screwy. Art, guns, and jewelry I could get past $100,000 easy, part of why I don’t mind buying the new gun occasionally. Like he boy scouts say, “be prepared”!

          I also think this sounds like she should have trained more, except she had no time. She did the only thing absolutely required, she bought a gun.

    • While it is technically legal to sit around on piles of cash… It is a great way to get all of it (and whatever it is sitting in) Asset Seizured away. Even amounts as low as 1k have been “seized”. The burden of proof is then on you to prove it wasn’t intended for nefarious deeds.

      Read: Rise of the Warrior Cop by Radley Balko. It provides some insight into the scummyness that is asset seizure laws and good examples on how policing has been perverted by politics.

  4. Anybody dumb enough to keep that kind of cash around probably can afford to loose it, or not!

    Their answer probably is: “We don’t trust banks” Duh!

  5. Given the way that our banks operate, I’d feel more comfortable with the $30k in my house. Then again, I wouldn’t keep it stuffed under a mattress or in the freezer.

    • ” Then again, I wouldn’t keep it stuffed under a mattress or in the freezer.”

      Av zip-lock freezer bag at the bottom of the cat’s litterbox works *very* well…

      • My cat would shred the bag and the money, then piss all over it for good measure. Cats can be assholes like that.

        • “My cat would shred the bag and the money, then piss all over it for good measure. Cats can be assholes like that.”

          And then Zymurgst piped in:

          “Cats are a$$holes like that. FIFY”

          Both valid points, and thanks for pointing it out.

          I’ve got some 1/8 inch aluminum plate in the garage, I’ll be cutting a chunk out to fit the bottom of the pan this weekend.

          So it will be ziplock freezer bad with cash, aluminum plate over that, and 5 kg (+ or -) of clumping cat litter over that.

          And cat sh!t and piss as a cherry on top. (So to speak).

          I still consider the ‘cat box hide’ to be a very effective hide…


    • I keep gold, jewelry and cash on the third floor, you have to pass by two of my guns with spare mags, and me, with another gun and spare mag, then end up right beside the .300 suppressed AR. I’m thinking it would be easier to work for a living.

  6. They were not “robbers”. They were participants in the Democrat sponsored “Local Community Wealth Redistribution Scheme”. After a previously successful redistribution, the participants returned for another involuntary contribution.

    • LOL! reminds me of when the Dems actually started calling income tax your “contribution” in all their speeches and such. Lasted a few months till it was basically laughed off the national stage ( the “laughter” had an extremely wry tone)

  7. Yeah. Those banks are rock solid institutions. No jail time for their ongoing corruption in trading practices. Sure a fine, and it’s right back to nefarious practice. Somewhere exposure of that amount of money in home got out.

    • I was thinking the same thing, whatever was taken, the thieves knew where it was. I’d be looking for visitors or service people who had recently been there.

    • They’d have left in a bag with a zipper.

      The pine box comes after the morgue.

      (Don’t get me wrong; I agree with the spirit of your comment.)

  8. Good on the lady. Trading lead with bad guys is not an easy thing.
    She made up her mind, and did it.

  9. Hmm. Doesn’t sound like a resounding victory of a gun use but, then again, I doubt they’ll decide to hit her as an easy mark again.

    Needs more dog.

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  11. So, maybe I’ll I just arm up real good, put the word out that I don’t trust banks to hold all my cash, walk slow using a cane, and wait for the party?

    • So when anti-gunners portray us as trigger happy vigilantes waiting breathlessly to perf a perp, can I point them in your direction to answer questions?

  12. Things must be way different down there since ” most people in the suburbs have several 100k ” in valuables lying around the house.

    I have 5 family members who are millionaires , from a couple million to i don’t know, but he lives in a 12,000 square foot home.

    No expensive art work , two Rolex’s one an older woman’s one worth maybe two grand, no expensive collections of anything, run of the mill jewelry . It would be hard to come up,with 100k in things you could carry off out of all of them combined .

    • The difference may be that “down here” we don’t have a lot of home invasions, are not as paranoid. Most of our jewelry is normally in a safe deposit box, but just our watches would be around $50K, and assorted gold coins, rings and such would probably reach a value of 100K that you could carry off in your pockets, in the unlikely event you were still breathing.

  13. Any thoughts of “don’t keep so much cash on hand” sound kinda like “she was asking for it dressed like that” and unless they had it sitting in a bag with a dollar sign on it next to the apple pie cooling on a window sill after loudly proclaiming “I’m gonna just leave this bag of cash unattended right here” please leave the game. Sorry for the run-on sentence, but cash is king. Maybe they own a cash heavy business, they were going to buy something, or they just sold something. Maybe they had vacatIon plans. Maybe it was all in singles because they were gonna “make it hella rain” at couples’ night at the local strip joint. Not. Their. Fault.

    • “She was asking for it dressed like that” So true. Your home is yours. Defense is your responsibility, unfortunately the couple learned that mistake $27,000 too late. Glad she tooled up and is ready for next time, which there will probably be now that the entire internet knows they had $27k worth of stuff stolen, and the advertising of her inability to kill the last person to shoot at her.

  14. When citizens come into your house and take $27,000: robbery.
    When government agents come into your house and take $27,000: “It’s suspicious of you to have that much cash on hand. It was probably for drugs. We’re keeping it. FYTW.”

    • And then they head for the bank and clear out your accounts there, as well. But hey! At least we can be happy that they won’t be bothering any judges, wasting any paper on warrants and such.

  15. I’m glad she didn’t adopt a victim mentality and do nothing. Fighting back is the only way to survive. Obviously, with 4 thieves coming in again, knowing that they were home, the outcome would have been far worse is she was unarmed.

  16. Oh good job reporting 27 grand being stolen.. Now this poor couple will more than likely be run through the ringer by the federal government!

  17. Sounds like she only got shot because she produced a firearm. Had she not done so, they probably would have only robbed her like last time. Or beaten her if she had nothing left to rob.

    Regardless, two points stand out and make the above moot:

    Home carry, people. Winning a foot race to your gun should not be the foundation of your home defense plan.

    Defensive layers, people. You don’t have to live in a bunker, but your perimeter security should include early warning (motion sensing lights and/or chimes are inexpensive) and reinforced entry points (longer strike plates and 3″ screws at a minimum). Time is on your side, so take steps to give yourself more of it. The encounter should not startvin your living room.


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