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TTAG reader CW writes:

“So, this defensive gun use [via] won’t win any tactical awards. Nor did the homeowner display any ninja training. Nor did he need to be an ‘operator’ or have his drag classified. But this is how most DGUs go, and hence go unreported in statistics. No shots were fired, no one was hurt, and presumably another tweaker is off the streets.” Check it out . . .

A would-be burglar was caught red-handed Thursday morning by an armed Milton homeowner, police said.

The break-in happened about 9:45 a.m. at a gated home in the 800 block of Pacific Highway.

The homeowner noticed a few buckets moving near his detached garage and went to investigate. When he opened the garage door, he found the burglar, who was trying on the homeowner’s jacket.

The homeowner held the burglar at gunpoint until police arrived and arrested him.


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  1. That is how normal DGU’s go. I have seen or heard of dozens of these through my years. Participated in 3 myself. The is still alive. He had better thank the property owner for not being too nervous and not having a twitchy trigger finger.

  2. [voice: BBC Nature Documentary]

    ….and with the rainy season drawing to a close, the summer migration of tweekers moving north from their winter nesting grounds in the Puyallup valley has begun…

  3. Lol@ the Puyallup comment. I think more of the tweakers are coming out of Graham though.

    • and Buckley. My grandmother grew up there and it was a cool place. I visited for a basketball tournament a few weeks ago, it seems they have some major tweeker problems.

    • My old youth pastor still loves the story of when Pierce County Sheriffs took down the meth cooks who lived next to him out in Graham. Remarkably, they’ve done a bang up job cleaning it up out there over the last 10 years.

  4. Sarcasm on: But Robert, we all learned from Elliott Fineman that there are only 400 DGU a year according to the FBI Statistics. Sarcasm off…

  5. “But this is how most DGUs go”

    Indeed. John Lott has stated that less than 1% of DGU’s result in the bad guy wounded or killed.

    Another Lott point: since the editorial decisions are too often based on “If it bleeds, it leads,” yeah, there’s a reporting bias.

  6. I expected the article to end with, “the homeowner had not been charged at the time this story went to press.”

    No, not a typo. I meant “homeowner.”

    • Kris, he was still in Pierce County. Remarkably gun friendly for being so close to Seattle. a mile up the road in King County, all bets are off.

  7. Anti gunners would tell you there are better ways to protect yourself, than using a gun. They tell you to make your house more secure and perhaps if you can afford it, live in “gated” community.
    So much for that idea.

  8. The area has had a number of successful DGUs. A few where shots were fired but the majority were like the woman that saw prowlers looking in her windows. She tapped on a window with a gun and the prowler ran. One police officer did not it was “open season” on home invasions.

  9. I misread tweaker as twerker. Ah, who am I kidding, they’re the same.

    In all seriousness though, how do all these people seem to get away with holding unarmed burglars at gunpoint. It is most defiantly against state code where I live, and I presumed the most of the other states. Aside from the few lucky Castle doctrine states, it’s pretty much equal force across the board isn’t it? I completely believe you should be able to defend your home against all forms of invasion with the threat of lethal force, but how are these guys not getting charged.

    • I read that 29 states have some form of the Castle Doctrine with 4 more essentially recognizing it without specifically encoding it, thus a majority and not a ‘few’. Only about 19 states (depending on how you classify DTR) hold that one has a duty to retreat (even outside the home) before lethal force is justifiable.

      Further, most states hold that one can use ‘reasonable’ force or threat of force to disrupt a felony or apprehend a felony suspect who has committed the crime in the pretense of the citizen using said force. Thus shooting the perpetrator might be out but threatening him with force to compel his ‘arrest’ is justifiable in most places.

  10. Did you notice the snide little comment, implying that this was some wealthy 1%-er oppressing the poor? “The break-in happened about 9:45 a.m. at a gated home…”

    What is “a gated home”? One with a security door? Maybe a gate on the driveway? Does it have a drawbridge and a moat? This is similar to the comments by NYT reporters who make snotty comments about “gated communities”, when they live in extremely pricey high-rise apartment buildings with a doorman and armed security in the lobby. But that’s OK, there aren’t any gates on their doors.

    And for the record, I live on property in the middle of the high desert with no gates. Just a few claymores and a Phalanx 20mm or two. /sarc off/

  11. This is pretty much how mine went. Cliff notes version:

    Called 911 to report suspicious person casing the street (cul-de-sac)
    911 says “he ain’t done nothing, we ain’t coming, get over it”
    I say in my garage with my HD handgun in hand, locked and cocked, garage door wide open
    Dude walks up my driveway, bold as hell in broad daylight, heading for the open garage where I’m sitting
    I stand up, the gun clearly in hand, but at my side
    Dude does a 180 and beats feet

  12. LOL if the person see the buckets outside his garage that means he is concious but he became blind when the burglar stolen his jacket from his home. It is only the way to attract the mind of the readers.


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