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Are you looking around for something to do for your AR-15? Or are you building a new one? In either case, for the pistol grip, you should check out the Bravo Company Manufacturing’s Gunfighter Mod 3 grip. It definitely makes for a great upgrade to a standard A2 style grip . . .


BCM makes a range of accessories and upgrades for AR-15 and AR-15 style rifles. I’ve used a few products from BCM (mainly charging handles and upper receiver groups), and have really liked every one of them. Most recently I picked up the Gunfighter Mod 3 Grip to replace a Magpul MOE grip. So I’m going to do a little comparison between the two.


BCM Mod 3 (left), Magpul MOE (right)

If you take a look at the picture above, you’ll notice the two grips are quite similar. But there are some nice upgrades on the Mod 3.


Features & Ergonomics

The BCM grip has a little “grip bulge” that helps the grip fit better in the hand, this is similar to Hogue and other ergonomic grip styles (pictured below). What this does is give you a little more natural feel to the grip and allows you to get a firmer, more positive grip; basically there is more contact surface with your hand. I have used Hogue and Ergo grips in the past, and one of the things I do not like about them is how thick the grips are. For my hand size, they just don’t work well. The Mod 3 falls nicely in between things like it fits my hands perfectly.


Hogue Grip (left), Ergo Grip (right)

This slightly thicker grip is one of the core features of the Mod 3. It’s noted as the grip being 1/4 inch wider than the Mod 0 and Mod 1 grips also offered by BCM. If you have very small hands, you should check out those models.

Also, because of the slightly thicker design, there is a more pronounced area where your thumb and trigger finger end up sitting when using the grip. This gives you a really positive feel on the gun. This is also combined with a slightly reduced grip angle; basically the grip sits at a more natural angle, similar to the angle of your hand. This makes your hand and trigger finger line up with the rest of the gun very naturally.


Another feature of the grip is that there is an extended forward tang that extends under the trigger guard. This “closes the gap” between the grip and trigger guard. Depending on the type of lower you have, this may not be an issue for you, but it does feel like it smooths out the transition between the grip and lower.

On the bottom of the grip there is a hinged rubber “trap door” that is water resistant. So when closed, the bottom of the grip can be used as a storage compartment.


The installation of the grip is quite simple, as with most grips. They’re attached using a single screw located on the inside of the grip.

The grip comes with a screw and a lock washer for the installation.

Pistol Grip

For more installation information, check out


The grip also holds in the safety selector detent and spring, so if you are removing an existing grip, make sure you don’t lose these parts. You need them!

These grips are often a tight fit on the lower, so you may have to give it a good push to get it on to the lower, but once it starts, it should slide on smoothly.

Also, I found that because of the extended forward tang, there may be a little gap between the lower and the grip. This definitely depends on what kind of lower you have. If your lower is billet and has a built in trigger guard, the interference may be more than on say a standard forged lower with a removable trigger guard. But simply making sure you tighten down the grip should take care of that.

Also, I suggest putting a little bit of blue (removable) thread locker on the screw to make sure it doesn’t get vibrated loose. You definitely don’t want your grip to fall off when you are out on the move.

Related Products

BCM makes a few models of grip, the Mod 0, Mod 1, Mod 2 and Mod 3. Most of the BCM grips incorporate many of the same features, with some slight variations.

The Mod 0 has a modular forward tang and a low backstrap. The grip comes with a standard “smooth” insert and an extended insert, making this an adjustable feature. So if you have a lower with a crazy trigger guard or some other styling, this may be a better option for your setup so you don’t have that extended tang to get in the way.

The Mod 1 has the same features as the Mod 0 but with an extended backstrap.

The Mod 2 has all of the same features Mod 0 but also includes 3 modular backstraps. This makes the grip adjustable for various hand sizes, etc.

The Mod 3 has all of the features integrated, so no interchangeable parts. It is also 1/4 inch wider than the other models.


If you are looking for a good upgrade or building a new rifle you should check out BCM products. They make great, very durable and ergonomic products that are designed around the shooter; their products, put simply, just improve the shooting experience.

The only negative thing I can say about this Mod 3 grip is that it is slightly heavier than the Magpul MOE, and in the game of ounces making pounds, every little bit counts. But for my uses and the uses of most, this slight weight increase is probably worth the enhanced ergonomics. Especially in the case of it improving your shooting.


Description BCM Mod 3 Magpul MOE
Overall Height * 4.242 in (107.76 mm) 4.069 in (103.36 mm)
Thickness ** 1.236 in (31.39 mm) 1.205 in (30.60 mm)
Width *** 1.918 in (48.71 mm) 1.979 in (50.27 mm)
Weight 3.2 oz 2.6 oz

* – Overall height measured from where the grip meets the lower to the bottom of the grip

** – Thickness measured at the thickest part of the grip

*** – Width measured at the thickest portion of the actual hand grip area

Ratings (out of five stars):

Build Quality: * * * * *
The BCM Mod 3 grip is built well, out of quality plastic and is very durable and there are no missed finishing items.

Usability: * * * * *
The Mod 3 grip is easy to use, and more comfortable than your standard A2 style grip. It improves the ergonomics of your rifle and is a nice upgrade to any AR-15.

Price: * * * * *
These grips are competitively priced with similar grips on the market but offer better features and ergonomics in many cases, so I feel these grips are a great buy.

Installation: * * * * *
These grips are easy to install, and come with all of the installation hardware. This is a simple upgrade you can do at home with just a screwdriver.

Overall: * * * * *
This is a great grip. If you’re building a new rifle or looking to upgrade a stock rifle, definitely check out these grips. It’s an upgrade you can do yourself with minimal tooling, and it will improve your shooting experience.

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  1. The “close the gap” flange is great. Depending on the gun and what I’m doing with it, that gap sometimes tears into my middle finger.

  2. Have one on my DD. IMO, it’s the best grip on the market.

    …couple with Raptor charging handle, Troy DOA sights and lightly sprinkle with salt as desired. Serve and enjoy.

      • Todd, I have been shot twice. I remember these well. I was 13 and 15, just continuing my education. I recall my parents commenting I had been “peppered” despite the first incident involving rock salt.

        • Got a load of rock salt once, myself… can’t say I didn’t deserve it, either.

    • My V7 came with an A2 Style grip that I actually thought might have been invented by Feinstein to dissuade future AR enthusiasts. I replaced with the BCM mod 3 – and man, it’s like a different rifle. So much easier on the wrist, arm and fits like a glove. Can’t recommend it highly enough – along with the Raptor charging handle and Troy DOA AR style BUIS (with tritium front post) which are so quick, it’s almost like running a red (green) dot. (but don’t get the HK style front sight as it occludes the sight picture).

  3. As always, these things come down to personal preference and your particular application. I’m only personally familiar with BCM’s large gunfighter charging handle, which is an incredible piece of equipment and a welcome addition to our Colt 6920s. It’s so simple, yet elegant, and masterfuly made, that it alone lends instant credibility to any other AR component they make.

    If you’re looking for a new grip, read the reviews and maybe try this one out. Maybe it serves your purpose or not, but I would bet heavily that regardless, no one is walking away from the experience thinking “What a piece of junk. Those BCM guys have no idea what they’re doing.” BCM is just too serious an outfit to bring outright trash to market.

  4. “The grip also holds in the safety selector detent and spring, so if you are removing an existing grip, make sure you don’t lose these parts. You need them!”

    Ahh, yes. The “impossible to find once it has flown across the room” detent and its’ launching mechanism.

    • Ask me some time about how awesomely well a 1911 spring launches itself into tall grass in your backyard sometime.

      Ruger told me they may have to designate my address as a remote parts location.

      : )

  5. I still haven’t found a grip that “does it for me” better than the Magpul MOE+ grip. I do realize that it’s all personal preference though.

  6. The reduced grip angle is similar to the Magpul K and K2 grips. I found I prefer the reduced angle but haven’t had a chance to try the BCM grips yet.

  7. Your information about the Mod 2 grip is not correct. It shares the same wider profile as the Mod 3.

    The 3 backstraps allow for a nicely customized fit.

  8. How is the difference in angle? Some grips like the A2 have an different angle compared to this grip.

    I am not too familiar with ARs so bear with me.

  9. No offense to TTAG, but I think we’re really scraping the barrel for content when we’re reviewing AR grips. How do you get three stars? “Grip sticks out 90 degrees to left from mount point?” “Grip has 5 finger grooves while only 3 fingers rest on it?” “Grip made from paper mache?”

    To me this is kind of like reviewing aftermarket wheels on cars.

  10. I wish BCM had an exchange program like Battle Arms Development does with their BAD-ASS. I want a reduced angle (I knew this instantly after first mounting an HK) but I dont know which Mod to get. Would be nice if I put it on and didnt like it I could send it back and get the other Mod. If they already do offer this then my bad.

  11. I just got one of these. I’m not a fan of the flathead screw it uses, but my biggest grip is that the little door is rather hard to open. I hurt my fingers every single time just trying to press the tiny tabs in enough.


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