If Only Rumble Knew How to Shoot

It’s hard to defend your home with a gun if you’re not, well, at home. Never mind the fact that in Canada, just about any DGU is considered bad manners at best and can frequently get you arrested. In any case, the homeowners in question here were out last weekend and their Burnaby, B.C. house was being guarded by Rumble, their American Staffordshire Terrier. That’s when an armed intruder (we know, that’s supposed to be impossible in Canuckistan) broke in and, as ctvbc.ctv.ca reports, Rumble went to work . . .

The five-year-old house pet confronted the burglar in a hallway and was shot in the shoulder — shattering his humerus and causing several severe fractures — but Rumble doggedly kept at the intruder.

“The burglar proceeded to beat him after they shot him because he continued to fight,” said Brandee Yuen, the sister-in-law of Rumble’s owner. “His paws were raw from fighting.”

The robber eventually gave up, ditching an empty duffle bag he’d carried into the house and making off with just a few items, including an iPod and video camera.

There’s a special circle of hell reserved for dog shooters and here’s hoping this walking piece of excrement gets to experience it in the not too distant future. In the mean time, Rumble’s been fighting for his life. After euthanizing the tenacious terrier was quickly ruled out, the docs went to work.

The family paid $3,200 for medical services, but were told Rumble’s leg would still be amputated without a much more costly orthopedic operation that Yuen said they can’t afford.

Fortunately for them, surgeons at Canada West Veterinary Services were touched by Rumble’s heroic story, and have offered their services for free. Dr. Michael King, who is scheduled to operate on Rumble on Friday, said he should have the dog back on all four legs soon enough.

Being confirmed dog lovers here at TTAG, we hope the persistent protective pup makes as full and speedy a recovery as possible. But even with the donated medical services, Rumble’s family still faces significant expenses for the procedures needed to get him mobile again. Anyone willing and generous enough can help with those costs by contacting the veterinary clinic here.