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Mayor Bill de Blasio (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)
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New Orleans-based crime analyst Jeff Asher took a closer look at the number of murders in 57 major American cities and he found that the number of offenses grew in 51 of them. He only focused on agencies where data was available and most of them had figures through November or December of 2020. Growth in violent crime varied by city with Seattle seeing a 74 percent spike in homicides between 2019 and 2020 while Chicago and Boston saw their offenses grow 55.5 percent and 54 percent, respectively. Elsewhere, Washington D.C. and Las Vegas saw growth in their murder offences, albeit at a slower pace of less than 20 percent.

New York’s homicide count went up by nearly 40 percent with Mayor Bill de Blasio stating that the figures should worry all New Yorkers and it has to stop. He attributed the situation “in part, to the coronavirus and to the fact that people are cooped up”, according to NPR, adding that “it’s certainly related to the fact that the criminal justice system is on pause and that’s causing a lot of problems”.

— Niall McCarthy in 2020 Saw Unprecedented Murder Spike In Major U.S. Cities


2020 murder spike major US cities
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  1. It ain’t on pause you slimebag. We are all at work every single day. Haven’t missed a day in fact working more OT now than ever. Only thing on pause is politicians.

    • There has been no change in this Citys( says it’s a city on the post office) law enforcement. When chinaflu first hit this was said to me by an outlaw” Man, I can’t get no work done, everybody is sitting at home locked up with gunms.” Now not so much.
      The question most on my mind is where is Law Enforcement going to stand when/if Biden goes full bore on his gunm ban sht?

      • WLP’s “Standing Guard” column in the latest NRA pubs goes into pretty good detail on the topic of the article posted here and how Richmond, VA (and other cities) dealt with the very same problem many years back. Of course, around here probably 1/3 wouldn’t read it because they hate NRA and another 1/3 wouldn’t just because it’s attributed to WLP, even if it is correct, factual and provides proven solutions to the revolving door of “Justice, Progressive Style”. If you are a member I recommend reading it.

        • probably 1/3 wouldn’t read it because they hate NRA and another 1/3 wouldn’t just because it’s attributed to WLP,

          Add in the 1/3rd that is illiterate or can’t speak English and “BAM” nobody will read it….

        • “Of course, around here probably 1/3 wouldn’t read it because they hate NRA and another 1/3 wouldn’t just because it’s attributed to WLP, even if it is correct, factual and provides proven solutions…”

          OK, I’ll say it: a broken clock is right twice a day. However, it is not a clock you would use to regulate your appointments. The “truth”, even when spoken by the devil down in Georgia, is still the truth. But it is prudent to remain skeptical, all the same.

          Besides, a guy wearing $20k suits doesn’t write speeches, or published articles; he just signs them.

    • I don’t think the five families are listening. To them it is business as usual. Even they have to meet their budgets and will do so by any means necessary.

  2. I suppose better a bunch of murderers roam free to murder than risk that .003% chance of them getting a bad cold.

  3. This shows that they knew all along that their actions were destructive. All through 2020, people like de Blaiso played dumb while their cities descended into chaos and suffering. They got on TV and blamed Trump and Republicans and whites and men and anybody else who doesn’t score enough WokePoints. Now that they duped enough voters to get total government control, they can honesty talk about the problem because there isn’t an election to influence anymore. They knew what they were doing.

  4. Catch and release with AG’s declining to prosecute is going full speed ahead. Police and victims should take note. You don’t have to prosecute a dead perpetrator!

    • Bill Knight,

      Catch and release with AG’s declining to prosecute is going full speed ahead.

      And that is one of the root problems. Virtually all (if not all) criminals start with petty crimes and continue to escalate the severity of their crimes until someone stops them. As it turns out, incarcerating criminals early-on for petty crimes tends to reduce their proclivity to escalate — either because they are imprisoned (and are not free among us to commit crimes) or because they experience enough negative reinforcement to dissuade them from continuing on their path of crime. Thus, failure to incarcerate criminals early on — which is the case with the recent trend of “catch and release” criminal injustice — inevitably leads to an increase in more serious crimes.

      For reference that is an almost guaranteed progression for one simple fact: criminals do not respect the inherent human dignity of people in society which is what enables them to start with petty crimes in the first place. And if you do not respect the inherent human dignity of people, nothing stops you from escalating your behavior.

      • There’s a lot of truth to that, although harshly punishing an aspiring criminal early on in their “career” can just as easily have the opposite effect, where they go in, learn a ton from far more experienced bad guys and potentially make some useful contacts, then get out and immediately go into committing more severe crimes than maybe they would have escalated to on their own in the same amount of time had they not been incarcerated.

        To be clear, I’m not disagreeing with you and I’m CERTAINLY not saying that we shouldn’t incarcerate criminals because that’ll only make them worse criminals. But it’s a thorny issue without a clear answer, short of executing every criminal (and that comes with its own set of problems, namely that the government gets to decide what constitutes crime and thus can very easily weaponize that against anyone they don’t like). In the end, I’m not even entirely sure that any sort of centralized justice system *can* solve the problem in a country like the US, what with its sheer size, cultural diversity, and well developed gang culture. So then we’re back to relying on ourselves for protection rather than a central entity like the courts. Doesn’t matter what the centralized criminal justice policy is if every time a scumbag attacks an innocent they get shot

        • namely that the government gets to decide what constitutes crime and thus can very easily weapon use that against anyone they don’t like).

          Don’t they do that aready?

  5. it would ne nice to figure out
    to have a rough estimate
    to have a number to point to
    between chinavirus
    and all the riots
    and all the soros da s
    of how many people had to die…
    *just to get donald trump out of the white house*
    and most importantly:
    500 thousand
    750 thousand
    a million
    their hq is perched on top of a mountain of 60. million. dead. babies.
    so who knows…

    • Small potatoes to what’s coming what with ending American energy independence and rolling troops into Syria to secure oil fields.

      For anyone who thought Bush Jr. was a bastard “endless wars” and “patriot act 2” Biden is saying “hold my beer.” But it’s all okay and woke because now trannies get to die for globalist interests too.

      • The left hated Trump so bad, they ended up elevating Bush, and welcoming him back into the fold. They’ll have to make sure we have ongoing overseas conflicts just to spite Trump.

      • Shire-man,

        Since you raised the topic of trannies (what many people lately are calling “trans-gender” individuals), I had a huge epiphany several days ago. Humor me:

        It is a plain, simple, observable, and indisputable fact that someone with XX chromosomes is a female (girl or woman depending on age) and thus cannot possibly be a male (boy or man depending on age) with XY chromosomes — and vice versa of course. And yet thousands of people in our nation are pushing the concept that intense feelings can override the chromosomes with which you are born — which is plainly and easily demonstrably false. Nevertheless, those thousands of people keep pushing that demonstrably false concept. Which begs the question, “Why would thousands of people push a concept that is plainly and easily demonstrably false?”

        The answer hit me like a ton of bricks a few days ago. Transgender phony-bologna is a “purity test” to determine if you are truly and totally committed to “the crowd”. Only a person who is “all in” would enthusiastically agree to a concept that clearly and plainly defies reality.

        In the last couple years, I realized that two simple properties almost entirely characterize the Far Left. They elevate above all else:
        1) Feelings
        2) Being part of “the crowd”

        Once you realize that, you can attribute 98% of what they say and do to one or both of those supreme driving properties. On the down side, it also means that they readily reject reality and timeless standards of right-and-wrong. And it is nearly impossible to persuade them to change their position on something unless you can invoke intense feelings for your position or somehow move “the crowd” on your side.

        • A very small percentage of these “trannies” have an extra chromosome, or some other problem like that. These people are born that way. Most of the people that identify that way have issues in their childhood or have found it is easier to get sex from their same sex friend.
          It doesn’t bother me anymore(if it is behind closed doors and they are not “chicken hawks”). This just means they will not be able to procreate. I am against them adopting, however.

          • It doesn’t bother me anymore…

            Would it bother you if your daughter lost a full athletic scholarship or a place on an Olympics team to some GUY just because IT feelz like a girl?…

        • Combination of a 2+2=5 purity test and a shit test with no answer since they can’t decide if they want to be recognized as ‘trans-variable’ or ‘in transition-variable’ or just ‘variable.’

          They take your 2+2=5 and raise you a “there is no 2+2.”


  6. Every city on that list is under democrat control. What a weird coincidence. Wouldn’t that be like science to say that their policies objectively suck?

  7. Actually it’s because people are A-holes and as a side note Diblasio is a C@(k sucker. Not related to the topic, just wanted to point that out.

  8. But the criminal justice system being on hold is woke so we have been told. It should have solved all that ails the cities.

    If not tearing down statues of dead people certainly should have done the trick.

  9. Don’t worry, this guy will fix it! Turn up the volume and go to 1:19. Biden is so used to repeating the person on the other side of the earpiece, that he repeats, “Salute the Marines,” instead of actually saluting. D’oh!

    • Dude,

      Apparently you did not get the memo: it’s totally cool if Joe Biden screws up because he is a big teddy bear who really, really cares about us and would never lie to us!

    • On a more serious note: I examined the video closely (stopping it several times at appropriate parts of the video) and I could not see any visible earpiece or wires coming from an earpiece in either of Biden’s ears.

      Unless he had a super tiny earpiece with no wires, I have to conclude that he had no earpiece.

      As for a super-tiny earpiece that would not be visible in a close-up camera shot at 1080p high-defintion, Physics prevents such a super-tiny earpiece from having a wireless range much beyond a few feet — and I did not see anyone providing vocal cues to Biden within a few feet.

      Note: movies which show people with “invisible” (e.g. super tiny) earpieces listening to partners 100+ feet away and in other rooms are science fiction. I can explain the Physics and wireless/radio principles which preclude such function if anyone is interested.

      • “I have to conclude that he had no earpiece”

        Maybe his handlers drilled it into his head to salute the Marines at that moment. Then the best his senile addled brain could manage in that moment was to repeat what they told him to do. Or perhaps, his caregiver, Dr. Jill, whispered it to him as they approached and he was trying to make sense of it.

      • I’m not claiming anything about the video since I’m watching on a phone, but I know a bit about tech. Size means nothing about range if there’s an intermediate device. My father has bluetooth hearing aids that are very hard to see and fit almost entirely in his ear canal. Since they’re bluetooth, they can connect to his phone or another bluetooth device within 30 feet. I can talk to him from the other side of the planet, and you wouldn’t know it if he leaves his phone in his pocket and isn’t carrying on a conversation.

      • Why would he say “salute the marines?” The the earpiece explanation is an attempt to explain his weird behavior.

  10. Democrats love murder.
    Democrats love rape.
    Democrats love looting.
    Democrats love arson.
    Democrats love any violence.
    Democrats love perversion

    Democrats are lying, thieving, sexually deviant, perverted, murdering, hate-filled, brain dead psychopaths.

    It truly is amazing that this is an actual political party in these “united” states… 🙁

  11. Not surprising as the culture of violence that has been cultivated by the Democrats leaves little else that can happen. Release the violent felons, encouraging drug use, and high unemployment because of questionable mass lock downs are all contributing factors. This with the goal of getting Trump out of office. Now the question is can the Democrats get the Genie back in the bottle? Continued rioting in Portland and Seattle suggest they can’t.

  12. Manhattan DA Cy Vance Jr. has Taken a pause in prosecuting violent crime.

    But somehow he’s ready to pursue Donald Trump to the ends of the earth….

  13. Criminal justice system on pause. And exactly who exactly is responsible for that, Mayor Provolone?

  14. R­e­a­d­ f­o­l­l­o­w­i­n­g­ r­e­p­o­r­t­ t­o­ l­e­a­r­n­ h­o­w­ a­ s­i­n­g­l­e­-m­o­m­ w­i­t­h­ 3 k­i­d­s­ w­a­s­ a­b­l­e­ t­o­ g­e­n­e­r­a­t­e­ $89,844 o­f­ a­n­n­u­a­l­ i­n­c­o­m­e­ w­o­r­k­i­n­g­ i­n­ h­e­r­ s­p­a­r­e­ t­i­m­e­ o­n­l­i­n­e­ f­r­o­m­ h­e­r­ h­o­m­e­ w­i­t­h­o­u­t­ s­e­l­l­i­n­g­. >

  15. Is it me or does it appear that you take your life in your hands living in a city run by Democrats? Why isn’t that rather obvious statistic mentioned? Was any comparative done between any cities (assuming there are any) run by Repubs for an apple to apple comparison? That would also be interesting to see. Blaming the criminal justice system as the reason is a half-ass lame excuse because you, DeBlasio institute a no bail, release violent offenders and no arrests for violent rioters as the real cause you ass!! Same in every Dem run city!!

    • You’re taking your life in your hands if you’re a person of color living in a Democrat controlled city/state. Despite Dem claims, few, if any, of those murders are white supremacists taking things out on minorities. Even minority mayors and officials do nothing about the problem, such as in Chicago. The claim the criminal justice system unfairly targets minorities, and they use it as an excuse to defang the police and prosecutors. As a result, the criminals on the street disproportionately victimize other minorities. Whites in safe neighborhoods then pat themselves on the back for being Woke and not evil, racist Republican

  16. Everyone knows that crime will skyrocket in disparate times that America is going thur, then with the Democrats screwing with the justice system, NOT letting them do their job’s, letting violet criminals OUT of prison, interfering with the court’s, destroying the economy, letting the blacks and e-legal aliening do as they please, without any respect for the laws that is there to protect and keep peace, and equal and fair justice for all the people in America, regardless of race, the democrats have taken all the commandments from the BIBLE and trashed them ,now that’s just a few examples of the corruptions the Democrats are doing to cause the increase in crime.

  17. I guess as long as it occurs in Liberal states and cities it could be considered a good thing. Everyone taken out by their own kind (Fellow Liberals) is one less to deal with later. Since they tend to elect their own kind to lead them to their own destruction. Keep Your Powder Dry.

  18. My best friend of over 40 years once told me that he’d rather die in NYC than live anyplace else.

    He just bought a home in FL.

    • Poor bastard. He can’t vote for Cuomo, Schumer, DiBlasio, or Nadler any more. Hell have to settle on 2nd and 3rd string Lefties.

      • He can’t vote for Cuomo, Schumer, DiBlasio, or Nadler any more

        Sure he can, AND he can vote for the next Kommies that run in FL for the US Senate and the FL Governors office… Never let an address keep you from doing your civic duty….

      • “Poor bastard. He can’t vote for Cuomo, Schumer, DiBlasio, or Nadler any more.”

        He never did. He hates those b@st@rds.

  19. Justice system really on reverse, not pause, by liberal politicians and Soros sponsored anti-justice DAs.

  20. Illinois General Assembly just passed a “Bail Reform” bill which the Governor is expected to sign that eliminates cash bail, Qualified Immunity and requires many other things designed to make LEO’s job impossible. BLM was 100 % behind this and this will defund the police in many areas. That should fix Chicago’s problems right quick.

    On the other hand, who will confiscate all the “bad guns” if an AWB passes here?

  21. Before they went dark, the proprietors of the SECOND CITY COP website were advising officers to “stay fetal out there.”. The implication was that the political and legal environment has become so toxic that no reasonable officer will endanger his life nor their freedom and assets by engaging in proactive policing. At this point police are reasonably reluctant to even intervene in active shooter situations. Murders are up because clearance and arrest rates are down even further than they used to be

    . I’m perhaps the only person in America who recalls that once upon a time, back in about 1960, police routinely solved more than 90% of the homicides in their districts and arrested the suspect. Now the average homicide clearance rate in America is barely 2/3s with many suspects never being arrested. Big cities like Chicago have clearance and arrest rates of barely 10%. Crime is going up in part because police are giving up on trying to control criminals.

  22. NYC was one of the few cities that didn’t see a major spike in homicides since 2013 and the attack on policing nationwide. Now it appears that it was just a lagging indicator.

    Get ready for complaints of ‘gentrification’ to be replaced by complaints of ‘white flight’

  23. Actually, I think de Blasio actually said that the spike in homicides was due to the criminal justice system being ‘On Paws.’ And y’know, he’s right. The animals have taken over.

  24. what, not arresting and/or not prosecuting rioters, vandals, arsonists, and murderers during “peaceful”
    protests correlates with an increase in murder? chasing the police out of some cities by defunding, demonizing, and prosecuting them for enforcing the laws.

    what a surprising coincidence.

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