David Hogg Makes the Case for Arming Teachers and Other School Employees

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We couldn’t have said it better ourselves…and we’ve been saying exactly that for the last 12 years. When seconds count, police are only minutes away. If you’re lucky. And in places like the Pulse Nightclub, Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, and Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, the people who were targeted by insane, broken people were decidedly unlucky.

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  1. No more twitter for me. Now you need an account.

    You can tell Hogg means business because he curses.

    • “No more twitter for me. Now you need an account.”

      Not if its on another webpage, like ‘The War Zone’, unless clicking on it takes you to Twitter directly. Embedded in the page, no.

      “You can tell Hogg means business because he curses.”

      I think Hogg should screw the coward, exclusively… 🙂

        • “Hogg is strictly a “bottom”.”

          In baseball parlance, a ‘catcher’, not a ‘pitcher’… 🙂

    • I never joined Twitter. I always thought it would make me a Twit if I said anything.

      Hogg is trying to stay relevant and espouse anything that gets him followers. He’s been anti-gun since the school shooting, but now, in typical Democrat hypocrisy, is for arming teachers. But kudos to him for finally, after all these years, getting something right.

  2. You’ve got to love it when the other side makes your argument for you, thanks pillow boy… OBTW, 12 jurors apparently disagreed with Hoggs (and mine) assessment of Mr. Peterson…

    • Just because something is legal doesn’t make it moral. Considering an unarmed teacher and student ran towards the situation while he was curled into the fetal position under some stairs.

      • Mr. Peterson may have been acquitted in a court of law, but he will have to live with the knowledge of how he reacted on that tragic day. He may not be guilty of breaking any of man’s laws, but he is certainly guilty of breaking moral laws. Deep down inside, he knows what he did or didn’t do. I certainly wouldn’t want to be in his shoes as he tries to live out the rest of his life in peace.

        • He walked out of that Court Room just as fat, happy and stupid as he was when he walked in… He’s convinced he did everything he possibly could, and he now feels totally vindicated because 12 ignorant “citizens” have exonerated him of any blame… That stupid fuck will never lose a minutes sleep over this…

        • Something tells me he’s not going to be too upset as he drinks margarita’s pool side with his 100K$/year pension.

      • The question for f bomb d.hogg is where was he and what was his response to the murderer?
        I don’t believe d.hoog did anything close to what the 14 year old recently did to defend his mother when she was repeatedly cold cocked by a disgruntled and now deceased perp.

        Frankly when defenseless people are being
        robbed, raped, beaten, kidnapped and murdered Gun Control zealots like d.hogg are where they always are…NOWHERE.

    • When I heard this ruling I had 2 thoughts

      Strictly Logical – Legally, this was probably the correct decision. This confirms what we have known to be legally true for some time, Law Enforcement has no obligation to intervene to stop any crime if they choose not to.

      As a former first responder – Morally and ethically I believe this is completely wrong, and I have no idea how this “Man” can live with himself.

  3. He seemed the loudest ‘Hair on Fire’ character atm of Parkland, and got himself a seat at an elite school for his troubles. Then I see photos of him at a gun range, hmm? The perfect candidate for another double crossing blood sucking political dog face pony soldier.

  4. Geez Hoggboy you just went to the righteous side! Sorta. Yer still a lying simpleton & no better than the coward of your HS🙄

  5. Swarms.

    A swarm of psychopath zombies ravaged through a residential neighborhood in Philadelphia. More than 40 people by the most conservative counts. Smashed cars, and broke window in some homes. Irrational mob. The swarms are not limited to retail looting; how long before they are breaking into homes?

    “If you don’t pay us our reparations, we will take them.”

    God help you if you have to defend your home in such a situation. Even if you successfully repel the invasion, the Soros prosecutors will be the next to visit your doorstep.

    Be vigilant. Be armed. Be determined. Never back down.

    • They’re rioting in Belgium because the French police shot a POC. That makes perfect sense. The goal of the ruling class is to make people feel both pissed and entitled, just like Hogg. That way no one’s paying attention to the real criminals.

    • LifeSavor, I was looking for a story but all I found were from 2019, 2020, 2021. So it has been a continual problem. Of course the “knockout game” is still going on, largely unreported.

      During the Floyd Overdose Riots they were looting and destroying the shopping area in Port Richmond by my in-laws neighborhood. Multiple calls were posted to social media for the hordes to go into the residential areas and loot the homes “because they are all rich white Trump supporters.” Of course none of them are rich, and certainly more than half were not Trump supporters, nor were they all white in those neighborhoods.

      I lost some “friends” over that. I am not on social media, but my wife was screenshotting things and sending them to me and I was sharing them with others. Others who weren’t always receptive to the truth.

      The wife and I were ready to take some of the EBRs (Evil Black Rifles) and go down to stand watch. But the in-laws were afraid that would draw attention. That was when my BIL decided to buy his first gun. I couldn’t convince him in years of trying, but certain other people convinced him quickly.

      MIL reports a fist fight in ShopRite this past week while she and BIL were there. Two AA gentlemen went at it and friends joined in. Large puddle of blood on the floor and some injuries. BIL wants to leave the neighborhood for groceries from now on, but MIL suggests that shopping at 7 or 8 AM would avoid the problem.

      Philly is lost. It has long since been overrun by savages. Civilized people of any color are well advised to GTFO.

      • Well PA threw OZ under the bus and elected a real democRat pos so PA voted for it…There were pathetic PA gun owners on this forum who bashed OZ.

        As far as Reparations are concerned History Confirms the democRat Party is liable for any and all Reparations. Therefore monetary rewards are to taken from the coffers of the democRat Party…Problem is you won’t see anyone with a backbone strong enough to single out the democRat Party…Clearly shows how History illiterate people are who are supposed to be on point protecting a Centuries old document called The Constitution of The United States.

        • Oz is no prize either, he is a flip flopper who was very pro gun control when he used to have a TV show.

      • Crimson,

        It occurred in Society Hill.
        I hope and pray your in-laws remain safe…and even find a way out.
        Agree, The City of Brotherly Love has become a festering muck of addiction, anger, psychosis, and damaged people, damaged to the point that they seem possessed. The closest I get to that poisoned well is the drive along the Blue Route when heading to the airport. Even then, I prefer to use ABE or EWR.

        Philly has died and all that is left is the brain-eating Zombie corpse.

        It is a model city for the Democrat party.

    • “If you don’t pay us our reparations, we will take them.”

      They are welcome to try that where I live… 🙂

  6. MADD, unless things have changed since I retired Florida seats six jurors. Unless it’s death penalty trial. I’m disappointed in the verdict, but I can’t fault the system. He was arrested and prosecuted by the system. The jury set him free and the defense and prosecution get to select them. However, I believe that if cowardice were a crime he would have been convicted. I heard him say he has his life back. He may have his freedom, but I don’t believe his life will ever be the same. He keeps his $100,000 pension, but I’d bet his attorneys got a couple of years worth of that. Also, he will always be a pariah in parts of society where ever he is known.

    • Yes, it’s still six. Seven if you consider the alternate.

      For especially tricky or long cases, they might include two alternates. If it’s a State of Florida case (I once went through voir dire for a gang-related RICO case the state was bringing against multiple defendants), then they’ll seat 12 and some alternates.

      In the cases for which I’ve been a juror, it was six and the names of the alternates were not disclosed until it’s time for jury deliberation. Just before that, the judge will sometimes ask the jury if anybody on the jury feels that they can’t judge the case fairly for one reason or another. If nobody self-identifies, then the judge will announce the name(s) of the alternate(s), thank them for their time, and dismiss them.

      I was the alternate in one case (DUI), and the judge said that I would be welcome to sit in the gallery to witness the verdict. In another case (a personal injury case from a car crash), the alternate was another person in the jury.

      In the second case, the judge gave a nice coffee mug to each jury member with the name of the court on it. Black mug, gold text. I still have and use the mug, but the printing faded and wore off long ago.

    • but I don’t believe his life will ever be the same

      After the trial ended, Peterson said, “it was a massacre on Feb. 14, and the only person to blame is that monster,” referring to Cruz. This guy has no conscience, he’s all set with his $104,000.00 pension and a piece of paper that says a jury (supposedly a cross section of those citizens too stupid to get of jury duty) of his “peers” (yes it was 6) exonerated him or, in his words gave him his life back…

  7. Davey boy makes the case for civilians to be both armed and to carry at all times.
    Cops are at the Krispy Kreme shop when something happens and may not end their coffee break anytime soon. Or will dither and wait for further instructions if and when they show up.
    Honestly, about half the LEO’s I’ve known over the years would run to the sound of the guns and do whatever they could to stop a shooter. The other half would follow procedure, or wait for back up or instructions/orders.
    While Peterson may have not been found guilty of a crime, he is guilty of cowardice and dereliction of duty. Being a chickenshit MF’er is not a crime. But, the alleged man will have to live with himself. Don’t be surprised if we hear he offed himself in a year or 2.

    • LOL, thinking Peterson will even feel remotely bad about himself. Some people can’t be shamed.

  8. Sitting at a picnic table in a green, tree covered area surrounded by parking lot. Waiting for my daughter to emerge from the doctor’s office. Thinking about 1776, thinking about what it took to found this country, the sacrifice, the pain, the blood.

    Thinking about the resolve to form a government, to write and ratify a Constitution. Then, to fund it. Thinking about those men and women, their resolve and their brilliance. Their dedication to high principles. Their recognition of human frailty and human strength.

    Thinking about the J6ers. Thinking about the coup that has usurped the Executive and Legislative branches. Thinking that the gun grabbers will fail because WE see the danger and WE know our history.

    Thinking the country is going to tear itself apart. That will be our new 1776.

    • I think chances are good that Dems will retain the presidency in 2024. National polls don’t matter. All that matters is Arizona, Georgia, and maybe Wisconsin. Look at the state wide elections there in 2022 and 2023 to see how that went.

        • Take them with a grain of salt. Some can give insight depending on how they were conducted. I don’t need a poll to tell me most people aren’t happy with the way things are going. (2019 vs 2023: compare and contrast.) I’m saying that doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is a small handful of swing states.

  9. Well Mr. Hogg agrees with 99% of gun owners, the police can’t be there 24×7 and everyone is responsible for their own safety. When entrusted with someone else’s children, that responsibility is extended to those children also. I don’t expect or demand that every teacher, administrator or janitor carry a firearm but I would expect some would if allowed to. Here in Texas, there are 254 counties, and the majority of school districts allow firearms in schools for faculty and staff. Some advertise that fact with signs on school property, others don’t announce it.

    • Hogg would be more inclined to sue Smith&Wesson and further reduce the likelyhood of armed resistance. He would align himself with all those in Washington that would take everyones guns. As a direct result of his crap, any complaint he might have on the matter falls on deaf ears with me.

      David Hogg is no better than Scott Peterson. They are all cowards.

    • The signs should say “We are Armed and We Will Kill You if You Intend to Harm Our Children.”

      Those signs should be visible to anyone entering any school in the United States.

      • the model story for armed adults at schools is Ohio’s FASTER Saves Lives programme. Since it went intoeffect a few months postSandy Hook, there has not been ONE incident involving firearms at any school district participting. Costs the taxpayers NOTHING, has been 100% effective, and never has any warning signs posted. The Bad guys know…… just like the Aurora Colorado theatre shooting. He chose THAT theatre because he knew it had a no guns policy. The other theatres in the area never posted a “guns OK here” sign.

  10. The balance of power in this country has been tipped way too far to the Left. The mass media, the entertainment industry, and our Federal Agencies (the FBI, the IRS, etc.) are all politically corrupt. The average voter in this country doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in Hell of getting any kind of truthful information about what’s really going on in this country. Most of them are more concerned about getting some sort of government hand-out (reparations, student loan forgiveness, etc.). The communists were right when they said that this country will fall from within. And when the time comes to hang the last Capitalist, he will sell them the rope.

  11. I completely agree that putting an armed security/resource officer on campus doesn’t mean much. Particularly if it’s someone that doesn’t really care about kids. This is only a topic of discussion in the first place because of gun free school zones. Get rid of the gun free nonsense and let people carry.

  12. All together, there are 115,576 schools in the United States. The money is just not there to hire guards for all of them.

    As far as teachers being armed most are not gun people and would be more a danger to themselves and their students if they were armed.

    Most teachers reject the option to go armed.

    Armed adults frequently mishandle their guns in schools. Keeping kids safe means keeping guns off K-12 campuses.

    Our comprehensive analysis finds there have been nearly 100 publicly reported incidents of mishandled guns at schools in the last five years, including:

    A teacher’s loaded gun falling from his waistband during a cartwheel.

    A student grabbing an officer’s gun while the officer attempted to subdue the student.

    A teacher unintentionally firing a gun in class during a safety demonstration.

    For years, the gun lobby has pushed policies to arm teachers and allow other adults to carry guns on K-12 campuses. Arming teachers is an incredibly unpopular proposition, opposed by seven out of ten teenagers, eight out of ten teachers, and seven out of ten parents. And for good reason.


    A federal study found only 3% of the nation’s public schools had armed faculty

    • lol
      I’m not sure what schools you ever went to but I never saw any teacher anywhere doing cartwheels.

      • Between hoggboy, miner49er and dacian we have strong allies in the right to keep and bear arms. They’re just too damn stupid to realize how much damage they do to the anti gun side.

        We need them. Thanks to them we will soon have nationwide constitutional carry. I hope they never stop. Our job would be much harder without them to use as examples of what is wrong with America these days.

      • Very few teachers of my acquaintance could do cartwheels, not even phys ed teachers… what a silly joke.

    • A teacher’s loaded gun falling from his waistband during a cartwheel.
      A student grabbing an officer’s gun while the officer attempted to subdue the student.
      A teacher unintentionally firing a gun in class during a safety demonstration.

      These 3 are clear violations of safety protocols. Just more foolish arguments attempting to justify their failure for not taking positive action to harden schools. In these examples the 2 teachers and the officer all failed to practice proper safety. Wasn’t there a FBI agent who did a cartwheel on a dance floor once upon a time?

      • “A teacher’s loaded gun falling from his waistband during a cartwheel.”

        It was an FBI agent funky-dancing and dropped his gun. He grabbed for it, and ended up shooting someone with it… 🙁

    • “Arming teachers is an incredibly unpopular proposition, opposed by seven out of ten teenagers, eight out of ten teachers, and seven out of ten parents. And for good reason.”

      oh so that’s why over 3,000 teachers across 27 states carry daily in schools K – 12 and in those schools where teacher carry happens have had zero injuries and zero death when a school shooter showed up and were stopped by an armed teacher with their drawn gun, because its ‘unpopular’ with others.

      Who gives a flying fart what those idiots think is unpopular…especially while they endorse ‘no guns’ prohibitions that do nothing to keep a mentally ill killer from pulling the trigger when they show up and serve to attract those killers.

      Absoluty for a fact…one thing you will not hear from a school shooter is “Oh wait, I can’t have a gun here so I’ll just leave. My bad.” – thats how your ‘unpopular’ opinion people, and you and Miner49er, think no gun zones work.

      Thank goodness those teachers collectively since 2014 saving hundreds of lives, were not subject to the opinion of ‘unpopular’ of those people.

      I guess “if it saves just one life” doesn’t matter if a gun saves those lives.

      How many lives did your ‘unpopular opinion’ people save from school shooters with zero injuries and zero deaths while they were at school ?

      your crazy dacian. you actually want to make it easier for school shooters.

    • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD. I have one very important word for you: TRAINING. Do you know what that word means? If you were to give me a class of 6 teachers who volunteered to carry a firearm in the school, CONCEALED, I would have them pretty well up to standard within the 16 hours course offered by the NRA called Personal Protection Outside the Home.
      As Giffords is a notoriously anti-gun propaganda organization, I would not trust a word they put in print or on their website. Frankly I don’t care if the proposition to arm teachers is popular or not. In the Tennessee case where a mentally ill man went after a Christian school it is DOCUMENTED that the shooter bypassed the school with armed security. A simple sigh saying that there were armed people in the school protecting it, would be quite a deterrent to the wannabe school shooter. Just remember, when seconds count, police are minutes away.

    • They had no problem finding 30 billion in CASH to send to Ukraine and another 50 billion in weapons and equipment… It might be good place to spend that 400 billion Bribem was trying to give to a bunch of feckless college students that are shocked to find out that there are no jobs for Women and Gender Studies majors.. But there’s just not enough money to protect those kids while they are in school? FL uses trained armed citizen and teacher volunteers as well as County Deputy Sheriff SROs…

      • How about the trillions pissed away on “infrastructure” kid’s safety is clearly not a lib concern. Cheers to Gov Abbott and Texas leg for growing a pair and approving hardening of TX schools.

        • Amen. It’s a sad day when our schools have to be hardened against terrorists of whatever kind- but, like Israel, there are things which CAN BE DONE, and we should do them for the protection of our kids!

      • We have no business funding the war in Ukraine. I know I’ll get hate but if Putin had been able to take it many Ukrainians would be alive today. Is that the best outcome maybe not but our tax money should be spent on us. We are depleting our stockpiles and that is extremely dangerous.

    • that impression of teachers is 180 out…plenty would volunteer….and the ranks of “gun people” are growing daily…not to mention this policy has been in place in a number of areas for some time now without incident…it’s the simplest, most reliable and least expensive form of protection for our kids…don’t buy into the false narrative….

      • Ther are a couple of thousand teachers participating in the Guardian Program in FL (mostly in elementary schools) and I have yet to hear of one of them killing or even wounding a student…

    • “Our comprehensive analysis ”

      Ah ha ha ha ha ha! 🤣
      Thanks for the laugh you idiot!

  13. Sheesh, faccia brutto.. he should mate with that other snarling brat Greta Thunberg. They could make something to scare wild hogs off the property.

    • That’s dacians woman you’re talking about there. He was smitten by an under aged greta according to his facebook and comments he made here.

      • To Jethro the depraved stalker

        Only an ignorant hillbilly like yourself would denigrate an innocent teenage girl who is doing what she can to save the planet from greenhouse gas destruction and the extinction of mankind. Of course greed monger idiots like Jethro the depraved stalker put blind greed and money over human life.

        With all the scientific info available at our fingertips in the 21st Century it defies all logic and common sense that we have so many ignorant hillbillies like Jethro rejecting proven science. I suppose that is par for the course from a high school dropout who thinks that pouring tons of pollution into the air on a daily basis does not harm the environment. Even a 5th grader can understand that.

        • an innocent teenage girl who is doing what she can to save the planet……

          When she’s NOT staging phony “photo op” arrests at some alleged coal mine protest or whatever…

      • That’s dacians woman you’re talking about there.

        AWWWWWWWW, You hurt ITs feeeelz, SHAME on you………

  14. hopefully the process was the punishment for scott peterson
    just like it was for gen michael flynn et al
    and hopefully
    it was bad enough
    that the next generation of leos
    adhere to the following oath:
    “first…dont be like scott peterson”

  15. The police have ZERO responsibility to protect citizens. The police work for and protect the interests of the state.

  16. What has David Hogg ever done in his relatively brief life except emote and curse, and why anyone give weight to his profane, narcissistic rants?

    Go away, man child.

  17. F coward pigs as well as coward anti-2A traitors. May they all meet the same fate.

    You are your own “first responder.” the pigs don’t give a rats arse for your skin. . pigs only care about pigs. We are just civilian skum to them. Only us real humans count anyhow.

  18. They say even a blind squirrel can find an acorn every once in a while.

    I’m sure there will soon be another opportunity for him to step in it…

  19. Hogg was not at the school during the shooting…he was at home with his boyfriend…when he heard about the shooting from his FBI father…they both made a scheme to put him in the spotlight…he jumped on his bicycle and rode a few miles to the school…he made videos of the aftermath with his I phone…Hogg was never in any danger… except from monkey pox…

  20. we’ve had armed teachers in our schools in the state for 10 years, K-12. Not one accident, zero students injured, zero students killed, zero students got their hands on a teachers gun. Four school shooters during that time stopped by a teacher with drawn gun before the shooter could fire a shot. Only one of the school shooters was actually shot (wounded, as he tried to load a round in the manual bolt action rifle after being ordered by the teacher to drop the weapon), two turned and ran (one had an AR, the other a shotgun), one dropped his pistol and surrendered. So school shootings that did not qualify as school shootings to the media because no shots were fired by the shooter…and thats the best possible outcome for a school shooting, to be stopped before it begins.

    Appeared in the local news as ‘student brings gun to school’ or ‘man brings gun into school’ type of stories and not school shootings. The ones stopped before they begin never make it into stats, or national news or anti-gun rethoric as there isn’t enough blood for them to dance in by splashing it all over the media. But isn’t that what ant-gun wants…to stop these before they begin?

    Imagine that, a teacher with a gun did what ‘no guns zone’ signs can’t … and that is the reality of it.

    People need to get this straight…in the end when it comes down to it, aside from getting powerball-winning lucky, all the rethoric aside, when it comes to facing and stopping that mentally ill killer from shooting up a school or other area with an imaginary pretend force field of imied ‘safety’ called a ‘no guns’ sign or no-guns prohibition… it takes a good guy with a gun, period, and ya can’t count on the police to be there soon enough before the killer starts pulling the trigger and that is the reality.

  21. Hogg Boyy is a despicable creaure. But justlike a stopped wall clock, he manages to say somethihg correct every once in a while. He speaks with NO real authority nor wisdom. Best ignored.

  22. I consider Hogg, Peterson, and the Uvalde cowards all one and the same; genuine cowardly dumbasses.

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