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Michael in Florida sent in this pocket dump which includes a SIG Legion P226 and a Reate Kirby Lambert Crossroads knife. The Legion P226 is chambered in 9mm and is a DA/SA pistol.

Do you carry a DA/SA? Do you see it as a safety measure or do you simply prefer double-action triggers?


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  1. Yes X 3. I love revolvers but a 4” K frame is a little large (oxymoron?) so I carry a Beretta PX4 Compact…DA/SA. Decocker only to boot.

  2. 92 FS coveted to decocker only for me. Due to health issues I have a difficult time shooting the lighter weight 9mms. So I carry a full size instead and really don’t care about the action type.

  3. I don’t like double action. I have a Ruger LCR .357 as a backup carry / night stand gun. I carry a Glock 23, sometimes a 17 or 21. I have a couple pocket pistols in .380 that are DAO. Had a Kel-Tec P9, just didn’t like the DAO. SAO for me. Whatever works. The beauty of choices.

  4. It takes considerable practice (more so than any other modern handgun action) to shoot a DA/SA accurately and consistently. Plus they just feel funny to me. I want my carry gun trigger to feel the same way every time. For that reason I don’t carry one. I own a couple, I just don’t carry them, and never would. SAO for me.

  5. I carried a Beretta 85F for almost 20 years. The most important thing for me was to practice the draw, removing the safety and getting that first DA shot on target. And boy did I practice. A LOT. Still, there would plenty of times in a defensive scenario where there’d be time to draw and cock the hammer, too. Anyway, it’s only been about 6, almost 7 years since I’ve gotten into Glocks. Now it’s the same trigger pull, no safety selector, all the time.

  6. Walther PPK, doesn’t get safer than a 13 lb trigger pull. Subsequent shots are that crisp single action. Literally best of both worlds. I don’t trust the lever they’re putting on the plastic pistols these days, not that it bothers me much as I don’t buy plastic anyway.

  7. My preference will always be cocked and locked. Every carry gun I own. Short of my Walther PPQ-SC can be carried CnL. Even my EAA Witness.

  8. For hammer fired I like HK LEM and CCW a P30SK. I like being able to place thumb over hammer when holstering. I use Ozark single clip kydex holster IWB and it is easy to remove holster from belt with pistol in it. That P226 Legion is one pristine looking pistol for a CCW pistol, looks like it has never been shot.

  9. P229 Elite or P220 Combat, both with E2 grips; owb kydex holster under my suit. Depends on whether I’m in a .45 or 9mm mood that day.

  10. I’ve got a 226, 227, and a 229. All are pretty heavy and wide for concealed carry. They are considerably bulkier and heavier than the Glock 19 and even my full sized M&P .40.

    All are great fun to shoot, but not so much everyday off duty carry. YMMV.

  11. P226 Legion is my choice. Still finding the best holster for it. That seems to be the trick anyway. Other than that love it.

  12. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again—every time I see someone with a three pound pistol as their “EDC”, I believe they’re not grabbing that pistol every time they leave home.

    Flexing for the ‘gram.


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