Snow Day Carry: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day

A Ruger LCP is the firearms portion of this EDC. John from South Carolina also has a Kershaw folding knife, a Gerber Crucial multi-tool, and a Nitecore light.

Instead of debating the merits of .380 ACP as a main carry – because we’ve totally beaten that one to death – how about letting us know what .380 ACP ammo you actually like. What’s your go-to defense ammo?


  1. avatar Tom Edwards says:

    I have carried a Ruger .380 cp. for several years. I practice with plain bullets. But carrying I use hollow points. When first got it could not shoot right handed because I have a man made index finger. My gun Geru was going to shorten the trigger through. But said try shooting left handed. Am a lot more accurate and faster with left hand. (Which never tried before because 100% right handed.) I do not use a holster! I keep it in left hand pocket in my Levis. I am a lot quicker than when in holster. I shoot couple times a week. I have a tree farm and soil without any rock. I built a shooting range close to my house. Almost every day someone is here practicing. Nobody lives closer than 1/4 mile. In timber fairly quiet at nearest houses. (Besides they shoot here too.) We do a lot of Black powder shooting too.

  2. avatar Michael Buley says:

    Hornady Critical Defense is what I use for the LCP and PT738 that I have.

    1. avatar RidgeRunner says:

      Same in my S&W BG

  3. avatar Joe in San Antonio says:

    I think FMJ is often maligned and +p too often used.

  4. avatar Rusty Chains says:

    LCP 2 is my backup when I bother with one and primary when I don’t feel like carrying a gun. Because .380 is so under powered I go with the Ruger ARX and hope it will be enough.

  5. avatar Specialist38 says:

    Federal Hydrashok.

  6. avatar TheOtherDavid says:

    Gold Dot. They’re sealed against water incursion. I carried XTP until I soaked them a few minutes and they all failed.

    When you motorcycle in the Pacific Northwest you pay attention to things like that.

    1. avatar Bitter says:

      Good info to have about the XTP I never though of that. I live in the desert southwest where it’s pretty dry but often go fishing where I wind up in the water.

      1. avatar TheOtherDavid says:

        It’s one of those “it will probably never happen but…” types of things. Gold Dot and Federal HST I’ve tested after a water soak. I have read that Hornady Critical Duty is sealed against water – but not Critical Defense.

    2. avatar Rusty Chains says:

      Thanks for the tip! When I carry on my ankle, as a backup piece, my gun has gotten wet a couple of times. One time I stepped in a pothole full of water and the gun got completely soaked, I replaced the ammo afterwards, but didn’t think to save it for testing.

  7. avatar Joel says:

    Wild. I’ve experimented with sealing cartridges myself before but never tested them by soaking them. I’ll have to try that. I’ll also have to look up how to seal them. :/

    I still run XTP’s in my .380 and I typically don’t let my gun get wet. The one time that did happen I stripped the gun and changed ammo when I got home.

  8. avatar daveinwyo says:

    Joel; to help with water proofing use nail polish, I prefer clear but…. Used to scuba dive and used a .44 mag. bang stick for shark. We would coat the “seam” with nail polish to keep out water. Some folks used a 12 gauge bang stick. As for my lcp ammo, I use Ruger AUX and Hornady Critical Defense. I have soaked both and both went bang after. I’m going to stick my neck out and say todays ammo is much better today than in the ’70s.

  9. avatar Snowman says:

    Snow day in South Carolina? What does that look like, a 1/4 inch on the grass?

  10. avatar raptor jesus says:

    I love 380, I carry one all the time, but I honestly doubt its penetration capabilities through winter clothing.

    Given that I’m also bundled up, that lets me conceal a larger pistol that can fire a larger round. My preference in the winter is for a .45 ACP or 9mm at a minimum (there’s something special about having a full sized 1911 strappd to your hip . . . . )

  11. avatar fteter says:

    Go-To defense ammo in 380? Underwood Xtreme Penetrator.

  12. avatar Adam says:

    Where’s the folding EDC shovel?

  13. avatar Aaron says:

    Egad. What’s with all the useless crap. The only reason to carry a “tactical” pen is to go thru airport security. 3 different gerber gadgets. 2 pens. Gag.

    I carry a LCP 2 in my back pocket in an uncle George wallet holster made for a P380. If I had room for all that other crap in the photo, I’d carry one of my larger guns instead of all that crap.

    1. avatar Specialist38 says:

      LOL. Post your EDC so we can lambast the lame crap you carry.

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