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This pocket dump comes to us from Jeff in Texas. His daily carry includes a GLOCK 17 and a Victorinox Swiss Champ Pocket Knife. It also includes ear buds, something I’ve been seeing with increasing frequency.

Question: do you guys wear ear buds while you’re out and about? Both buds in or do you leave one ear open? Situational awareness is a thing…

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  1. Just as I said in the jogging post, that is a very poor choice (Earbuds that is). Why even bother carrying if you’re clearly not going to bother to pay attention to your surroundings.

  2. Beats X wireless buds are apart of my EDC. I carry an iPhone plus and it’s easier to slip a bud into my ear to talk rather than hold a fondle slab next to my head. Also keeps my hands free and allows me to look up while talking. Never “jam” out unless I’m behind the secure area at work. As for exercising I subscribe to single sit-ups; half in the morning and half at night.

    • Dude! I love that exercise regiment, gonna steal it:)

      I use earbuds but have the volume low enough that I can hear things around me… how loud are people playing their music? 🙂

  3. Evidently I need to step up my mechanic EDC game, a Champ has always seemed a bit too bulky for my pocket. Then again, my CRKT Guppie has proven more useful than my gf’s Champ.

    I can’t think with an earbud in, that’s a negative from me.

  4. A lot of people work in a noise filled environment and ear buds maybe important.

    I carry headphones and earbuds in my car / gym bag.

  5. The most useless SAK ever. Tools are too small, flimsy or don’t work. Generally SAK knives are useful if you are an office worker (or yuppie) and need a cork screw. For less weight try a Leatherman or, my preference, a 600 series Gerber. Both have “real” tools and no mini ink pen. As for the Glock, meh, another glock. Ear buds? Just no. My hearing is bad enough already. Tooth paste and a tooth brush- try breath mints.

  6. I often am amazed by the amount of stuff (equipment) that the EDPD pictures show that a person carries on his/her person. I guess I prefer just the basics; gun, mag, knife, and phone. Anything more than that I would have to wear cargo pants, fanny pack, equipment belt, etc. At 70 (yeah, I’m old) I just don’t want to carry all that stuff.

    • Yeah I don’t want to be encumbered with all that crap. Flashlights, multi-tools, etc. are fine but they can stay in the truck.

  7. for me earbuds are for jamming and listening to videos and not wanting to disturb the wife and I only do that in a secure location I have the most control, ie home…..


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