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Complacency and an expectation someone else will handle the heavy lifting have brought us to this point. For all the claims of Second Amendment support in the gun community, far too few actually take active steps to maintain those rights, let alone further them.

Last week I-1639 passed in Washington State. Soon it might be the passage of H.R. 7115 in the US House, the so-called 3D Firearms Prohibition Act.

What is H.R. 7115, really? I’m glad you asked. The opening text is as follows, but you can find the full text here:

To prohibit the sale, acquisition, distribution in commerce, or import into the United States of certain firearm receiver castings or blanks, assault weapon parts kits, and machinegun parts kits and the marketing or advertising of such castings or blanks and kits on any medium of electronic communications, to require homemade firearms to have serial numbers, and for other purposes.

And check out Section 3:

SEC. 3. Prohibition of advertising do-it-yourself assault weapons.

(a) In general.—It shall be unlawful to market or advertise, on any medium of electronic communications, including over the Internet, for the sale of any of the following:

(1) A firearm receiver casting or firearm receiver blank or unfinished handgun frame that—

(A) at the point of sale does not meet the definition of a firearm in section 921(a) of title 18, United States Code; and

(B) after purchase by a consumer, can be completed by the consumer to the point at which such casting or blank functions as a firearm frame or receiver for a semiautomatic assault weapon or machinegun or the frame of a handgun.

(2) An assault weapon parts kit.

(3) A machinegun parts kit.

H.R. 7115 was introduced on November 2, 2018 and sponsored by Rep. Frank Pallone, Jr., a Democrat from New Jersey for “himself, Mr. Sires, Ms. Norton, Mr. Cárdenas, Mr. Khanna, Mr. Pascrell, Ms. Schakowsky, Mr. Hastings, Ms. Clarke of New York, Mr. Carbajal, Mr. Soto, Mr. McGovern, Ms. Kelly of Illinois, and Mr. Rush).” It has been referred to the Committee on Energy and Commerce and the Committee on the Judiciary.

Unsure how a bill passes? Click here. And remember, the Dems took back the House this election.

Think this doesn’t concern you because you don’t build guns? It does. In Washington State an untold number of guns are about to be redefined as “assault weapons” thanks to the vague, blatantly anti-gun wording of the 1639. H.R. 7115 will concern you because if it passes (yes, the GOP still has the Senate and presidency) because it’s nationwide. Goodbye AR builds, goodbye Polymer80 handgun builds, goodbye enormous chunk of gun rights.

The language of this bill should worry you. You should take it upon yourself to call your representative. If you can, you should donate to the firearms advocacy group of your choice (and here I will mirror what a respected member of the industry said over the summer: if you’re not part of the NRA you’re part of the problem. I may not love everything they do — I may even loathe some of it — but they remain our best chance of coming out of this fight at least somewhat intact, so suck it up, buttercup.).

There should be an outcry, not this deafening silence. Yes, I’m angry. I’m tired of seeing gun rights eaten away in tiny, unassuming bites and deeper, gouging chunks with only the most ardent among us actively fighting against it.

The far left is picking a fight with an industry that counts its participants by the tens of millions – strike that, by the hundreds of millions. If close to half of Americans own guns (they do) and more than that shoot or hunt now and then, why aren’t we winning these smackdowns casually and without much effort? Oh yeah, complacency.

Get it together, people. The fight for our rights isn’t in 2020 or 2024, it’s here. Right. Now.

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  1. Good luck passing that.

    Better luck enforcing it.

    Best of luck dealing with the unintended consequences.

    Not one more inch. And banning bump stocks used up about 3/4 of that inch.

      • “I guess gun shops will have to advertise aluminum stock, rather than 80% lowers.”

        Wouldn’t take much of a prosecutor to argue that the block of aluminum, along with the CNC machine in your shed/garage/basement amount to “constructive possession” of a prohibited item.

        • I agree. Any scrap metal while in possesion of a file and a drill could be constructive possession any time they wish to go that way. Just like when some folks get arrested for owning “bomb making materials” like nail polish remover, some hydrogen peroxide and an old bottle of lemon juice in the refrigerator. Intent is not a requirement of this proposed legislation.

        • The average person also has the chemicals necessary to make a deadly poisonous gas in their cleaning supply closet. Are they going to argue “constructive possession” of those chemicals too? They’re going to have to start regulating everything if they go down this road. The law is going to become so all encompassing that it is pointless.

        • “The average person also has the chemicals necessary to make a deadly poisonous gas in their cleaning supply closet. Are they going to argue “constructive possession” of those chemicals too? ”

          When the government finds that useful.

        • The more laws they pass, the more criminals they create from whole cloth, the more they simply prove what the right wing, once fringe right wing has always said.

          They are merely totalitarian despots with democrat trappings.

        • “The more laws they pass, the more criminals they create from whole cloth, the more they simply prove what the right wing, once fringe right wing has always said.”

          The more laws they pass, the more criminals they create from whole cloth, the more they simply prove what Ayn Rand has always said.

          Fixed it for ya.

        • Yes Ken, I am sure “people” get arrested quite often for owning nail polish, lemon juice, etc. Maybe you forgot to read the part mentioning the meth lab in the garage.

        • “So since I own a hacksaw, does that mean constructive possession of SBR making materials.?”

          Having all the materials available on your property to create a silencer is considered “constructive possession”, so the hacksaw with the right materials present could be construed. Depends on how bad the government wants to make you an example.

      • You people should really read the wording in that bill there not just attacking AR’s they arebattacking any box fed firearm. That includes shotguns with magizine and all pistols that are Magizine fed semi automatics….

    • “Good luck passing that”

      You do remember that the House just flipped democrat? If this goes before the House it’s going to pass easily. When it goes before the Senate? I’m not so sure one way or the other.

      • Why do you think they are trying to steal elections in Florida and already stole one in Arizona?

        Last ditch would be a VETO but I got a feeling trump will bargin for something… the only paletable deal would be complete and full funding for not just a wall but a massive, 40′ tall, big beautiful wall.

        But probably won’t happen, just another nail in the 2A coffin.

        • a time for a united defense of freedom has come we must fight against the commies who want to take away freedom WAR is upon us

        • Mhmm, it started years ago. Its only just now getting hot with the riot and hate groups. Party warfare. etc. hopefully we can push back and keep the republic at the ballot box. Sometimes battles are lost in politics, sometimes they are won. We have been winning quite a bit since the 2000s, even if it goes the other way, its not the end yet.

      • The bill was introduced in THIS Congress, the 115th.

        The 115th Congress ends January 3, 2019; the newly elected members of Congress take office that same day.

        There is no possibility – none – that 7115 can pass the House, and the Senate, and get to the President, by next January 3.

        So, we can wait for a similar bill to be introduced in January.

        • Along with dozens of other by emboldened Democrats. They will get more and more outrageous with less and less generally threatening titles. Who cares if they don’t pass in the Senate or are vetoed. It’s the PR that counts. Create a crisis, scare the suburban moms, rile up the inner city base, suck in the illegals who are oppressed by gangs. Do it until you achieve critical mass. Tyranny does not rest until power is taken and threats eliminated.

      • The Democrats rammed Affordable (cough! cough!) Health Care(less) up everyone’s butts, didn’t they? This kid David Hogg has Feinstein and others spitting blood at legitimate firearm owners. Say it can’t get worse? Bump stocks. Yes, used in a heinous massacre by a total looney loser – and Democratic Party supporter – but nowhere else before orvsince. But they’re now “machune gun” parts.

        And even the NRA rolled over on giving them up like spineless wimps. Shame on President Thump for giving in so readily, too ….

        Tellin’ ya true, folks: Give the anti-gun crowd anything else – ANYTHING! – after bump stocks and they’ll demand EVERYTHING! They’ll want your kids’ cap pistols!

    • Yep, just a Democrat circle-jerk to assuage their radical base. They know this won’t go anywhere in the senate or past Trump’s veto. Same like all their upcoming subpoenas and impeachment. In the end, Trump will be able to campaign against the do-nothing congress in 2020.

      • You have more faith in Trump than I do or have seen evidence to support. He ignored and violated the Constitutional separation of powers, the 2nd amendment, the 5th amendment due process, the takings clause, and more with his unConstitutional ban on bump-fire stocks and has more than once called for suspending due process so govt can “take the guns first and worry about due process later”. He also supported no-fly no-buy lists which are blatantly UnConstitutional.

        Sorry but after 20 years of gun control support I see no reason to believe this leopard has changed it’s spots.

        • When he ordered his DOJ and ATF to redefine a machine gun and ban bump-fire stocks it violated the separation of powers. The ban his administration is implementing violates the takings clause by requiring them to be turned in without any reimbursement. It also violates due process as well as the 2nd amendment.

        • Once an item is declared illegal, it becomes contraband – illegal. Confiscation is legal, is not a “taking” under the constitution. A “taking” involves something currently legal, and that remains legal after confiscation. The cute part is government can make anything illegal, and contraband. How about civilian asset forfeiture? Perfectly legal. Not a “taking”, and the SC declared it constitutional because government has a compelling interest in public safety.

        • Civil asset forfeiture is not Constitutional and the fact that a state court found it to be doesn’t make it so. There is at least one case in front of SCOTUS right now that involves civil asset seizures and so far the justices are showing a lot of skepticism about it’s merits. It is highly likely to be thrown out in it’s entirety as it directly violates more than one Constitutionally protected right.

          Have you read the Constitution?

        • “Have you read the Constitution?”

          You dodge the question. Why is confiscating contraband (illegal items/property) a violation of the Constitution? My purpose for citing asset forfeiture was to demonstrate that the Supreme Court leaves standing a more egregious example of misuse of power than rightly seizing illegal property (contraband).

          But since you sidestepped from discussing “takings”, let’s look at the constitution. Read it all you like. Doesn’t mean the constitution says what you want. It says what the courts determine it says.

          The US Supreme Court (SC) does not intend to eliminate asset forfeiture laws. The most recent case at hand is not about asset forfeiture itself, but whether limits exist on the amount of assets government can seize; excessive fines. To make it more simple…

          To date, governments have seized whatever type and amount of assets it sees fit under the conditions existing, up to and including all assets of an individual. This is based on an assumption that law does not require any charges be brought, but that the profits from supposed, possible, potential, imagined criminal activities may be removed without any due process, other than simply taking the assets, based on suspicion.

          The question potentially facing the SC is not whether simple seizure of assets on suspicion is allowed (, but whether the amount seized is reasonable under the 8th Amendment. That is, can governments seize assets of greater value than any criminal fine that may be imposed by application of a specific law. If a person suspected of financial gain from a crime could be sentenced to time in jail and/or a fine, can seized assets represent greater value than the possible fine?

          One must not presume that narrow considerations of laws, or portions of laws, can or will lead to overturning the entire law itself. Just as one should not conclude that a court ruling agreeing with the application of a single provision of an unpopular law demonstrates that the courts (or individual justices) “side” with the beneficiary of a court ruling aligned with the unpopular law.

          Courts do not dispense justice; courts dispense rulings on law(s).

        • You do realize that Trump, the DOJ, and the BATFE have no legal or Constitutional authority to declare bump-fire stocks illegal much less to do it in an ex-post facto method making possession of existing bump-fire stocks illegal right?

          Sorry, that is not how it works. Separation of powers is one of the most important limits the Constitution places on the federal government. The minute we let that separation of powers become irrelevant we go from a republic to a dictatorship as congress becomes irrelevant if POTUS can just order laws to be changed to meet his desires at the time. Don’t think for a single minute that future candidates are not watching this and thinking about how they can misuse it for their needs.

        • You have two dissimilar observations here; one half-wrong, the other simply wrong.

          To the present, government agencies have been granted (by the SC), great latitude in determining what their own rules and regulations mean. Plenty of room for mischief, but allowable in almost all instances (perhaps soon challenged by the SC). The SC has not weighed-in on whether it is constitutional for one branch of government to delegate its authority to another (a test case on that may soon be coming). Thus, Congress writes laws to one degree of detail or another, then delegates authority for establishing the operating details of the law.

          The BATFAEE was delegated authority to “control” firearms through rules and regulations designed to implement laws of the legislature. BATFAEE has not been corralled by congress regarding BATFAEE rulings regarding whether this or that is permissible under the law. It is an easy step to order BATFAEE to change its interpretation of its own agency rules to restrict bump stocks as operationally equivalent to the description of machine guns in the NFA. Until overturned by courts, designating bump stocks as machine guns IS constitutional. To extend that meaning, if you are convicted of a crime that is later ruled unconstitutional by the SC, you are convicted, and serve your sentence until you appeal your conviction and successfully have your sentence overturned. Meanwhile, you sit in jail. You do not get a release based on a court ruling addressing another case (of course, the appeals courts could declare that anyone convicted under the now unconstitutional law is to be released forthwith). Being kept in jail until you can individually appeal is quite constitutional.

          In the second case of wrong presumption, you misunderstand the meaning of “ex post facto”. The phrase does not prohibit a law making illegal today what was perfectly legal yesterday; happens all the time. “Ex post facto” prohibits making you guilty of committing a crime before it was a crime. So, yesterday it was legal to have all the booze you wanted. Then today it is illegal to possess any booze at all. If you are not found with booze on hand today, or any day in the future, you are not guilty of a crime. Yet, possession of booze is now illegal, and it can be seized and destroyed as part of your arrest and/or conviction (this is not a “taking”). What “ex post facto” does for you is make you immune to arrest and trial for having been in possession of booze at any time prior to the new law. We are so far from the times of the founding of the nation tht we cannot even imagine why a government would conjure a theory that if something is made illegal today, government can wholesale arrest and try everyone/anyone who in the past violated a law that did not exist in the past. But the practice was real, and relatively common as a means to exert power.

    • There’s an uprising on the horizon and dumb Kommunist Democrats are going to be the catalysts and the ignition source. MOLON LABE

      • We are already in a cold civil war. All it’s going to take is a trigger (pun intended) to make it a hot civil war. Same thing in Europe. Look at Brexit. The yellow vests etc… Even Sorryass oops Soros doesn’t feel the EU will survive the may elections.

    • How many of these homemade guns have been used in real crimes like murder, robbery, etc.? You know if they were it would be at the top of the news story.
      Seems like a poor use of their legislative time and effort.

      • they are more concerned with guns in the hands of the typically law abiding than they are genuine criminals. The reason why they are is because it is from the ranks of the typically law abiding that those who would fight for liberty come. They want absolute power, so given what i have just said why do you think these laws matter to them?

    • WHEN will people wake up to the FACT that if they have to fight for it, IT’S NOT A RIGHT!
      Rights can NOT be taken away. It’s PRIVILEGES that can be removed.
      U.S. citizens do NOT have God given unalienable rights. If you accept the 14th Amendment citizenship, you have federally granted privileges. Period.
      As for the NRA, THEY are responsible for every single piece of gun legislation on the books today.

      • sorry Darryl but rights also need to be fought for to keep them. Sad fact is that there are evil men and women in the world who dont care a lick for your natural, inalienable rights that are part and parcel of being a sentient being. i say sentient being rather than just human because for animals for example also have the right to self defence etc. Try taking that away from some in particular, eg beat a dog badly

    • Unfortunately, they will have no problem passing it in 2019. The House being majority RAT will pass every anti gun bill presented. Will the Senate go along? All the whining and lies to be broadcast in favor of it will cause the spineless to buckle. Trump already screwed us on bump stocks, so don’t be too surprised if this garbage passes. The communists in the media will be bleeding “Common Sense” gun laws 24/7.

      • “Unintended Consequences”

        You underestimate your enemy. I submit that when it comes to government regulation of the populace, very little consequence is unintended. Kinda like “loopholes” are features when the government can exploit them, crimes when the public exploits them.

    • Might get through the Congress, BUT unlikely to make it through the Senate. And IF by some dumb chance it does I know certain NY Senators that will be looking for a new line of work. But I truly do not see this passing…

    • For those of you who are missing the point of some of these comments, please allow me to re-word the intent: Vaguely written laws and regulations allow wiggle room for law enforcement. That wiggle room can be used as justification to detain and/or pursue charges against an individual for whatever reason the government has. Al Capone was wanted for murder, extortion, bribery, etc. but what they convicted him of was tax fraud.

  2. This bill has 16 cosponsors. Perhaps lets keep an eye on it but actually focus on things that matter. Of course contact your congressman (mine is a Communist btw) but by all means if you lose sleep over this one you aren’t very astute.

    • You forgot to put “quotation marks” on that statement, and the “Warsaw Jew, 1939” attribution at the end.

      • I’ve got a lifetime (mine), of .22.
        Other calibers? I’ve gotta ways to go.
        I need moar 9mm, .45, .300 blackout, and .300 wsm.

        • You need way more than any of that.
          Not sure what you guys think youre protecting with a .22, 9mm , the 300wm ok. .
          But when the shit hits the fan and if you think about what you may be up against, what are you penetrating with a .22 ?
          If we or when we should be fighting a 2nd revolution, you aren’t going up against a military on a fair field like it was in 1775, you’ll be up against weapons like m134a that you most likely won’t have cover from, so you better be buying rifles with the capability to go thru armor . .
          My friends used to say “”what the hell are you going to hunt with that””, I said “”a govt that’s gone tyrannical and coming for us””, not much your ar is getting thru, but I know I can get thru ar500 steel at 1″ thick and three 12″ diameter trees with these , not much you can hide behind from them and that’s all I care about. .

      • Michael , totally right. Keep them well oiled ,and ready. And most important , get as much ammo as you possibly can , while we still can. I would bet that we will soon see empty ammo shelves at our local places of purchase. Stock up now !!

      • Assuming you own a 9mm and a 5.56, a couple hundred rounds is all you need for TEOTWAWKI, you can always just pick it up off the ground, but for normal uses you might want to anticipate a drought.

    • +1
      I’d add to Michael’s reply ref having a stockpile of ammo to consider learning to reload and stocking up on ammo components over the next few years. Ammo shortage? What ammo shortage.

      I would also suggest a minimum of two rifles, two handguns, and two shotguns. Toss in enough parts to keep what you have in good repair.

      The bunch that are soon to takeover the House don’t seem that smart and have forgotten the new makeup of SCOTUS, the Senate, or who is in the Whitehouse. Guess they have to throw a burger to their base to keep them happy even if the burger is all bread and no meat.

      • Jeff the idea of taking up reloading to avoid a future ammo shortage sounds like a sound plan unless you remember that during the last ammo drought reloading supplies were hard to come by as well. I learned my lesson. I try to keep the calibers I own to the most popular which usually means the cheapest. 22lr, 9mm, .223, .308, and 12 Guage shotgun. Then I try to buy a box of one them on payday. If I find a great sale like when I found Winchester M-22 ammo for half off at wally world I get as much as I can. Find a friend to split a large online order with you works well too.

        • Buy components while you can and police your brass when you’re at the range. You will rapidly find that you have the ability to make more ammo than you have patience to sit down and actually make.

        • you have to adjust your goals a little. If you want to keep shooting your pet load that gets you 1/349034 MOA, then you have to be picky. I you just want something that goes bang and is accurate enough, you can get by with some of the less popular powders that are more likely to stay on the shelves longer. I know I ran into that the last time around. .223 has a ton of suitable powders.The issue I had was getting primers. Well, getting primers that weren’t 2x the regular price.

          also keep an eye out for deals on bullets. Midway often has “blemished” .224 bullets cheap per 500. I can’t see a blemish, so I assume they are unbalanced or something. For general shooting, you can get a bunch cheap and stock up

      • +1 Learn to reload. Brass is easy to find at the range. One pound of powder ($30) will load about 1200 pistol rounds. Just be sure to have enough primers and lead.

      • My personal philosophy on this has always been to have one firearm in each of the “common” calibers and enough ammunition for each to “get through” initial situations. Forage for what you can after that from the dead.

        If the world descends into chaos, there will likely be plenty of ammo lying around and enough to get you through a few engagements will put you into a position to gather more.

        If the world gets tossed back to the stone age, make sure you have a couple of flintlock firearms, powder, bullet molds and instructions on making more powder.

        If you are looking to be “wealthy” after an apocalypse or civil unrest, then stockpile things that have tangible value in a collapsed society (Venezuela). the AFT is a good model, Alcohol, tobacco and firearms/ammo. Build a storage bunker and stockpile with things you can barter with. Seeds are also a good stockpile (and inexpensive) item.

    • Or you have a family and other financial obligations, and you don’t have a big income. I am not going to feed my kids mac and cheese everyday to stock pile gun parts and ammo.

    • In addition to a boatload of AR’s I already owned, I bought 2 lowers a month for the year before the 2016 election. I’m also good on pistols. I reckon I have a larger stockpile of firearms and ammo than my metropolitan police force.

    • If your state passes a red flag law, the police can search your property and seize any firearm they can find if someone with a relationship to you or a law enforcement official or judge make a statement; you then have to court to get them back.

      However if they find something “illegal”…

        • Hrm no. Oh they’ll gladly put a bullet in each of our heads, but it won’t be with surgical precision.

        • Had the Russians stood up to the bolsheviks it would have been game over. They didn’t, and it cost them 20-30,000,000 lives.

        • over the life of the soviet union it may well be that the figure may be closer to 120,000,000. This is from people such as Alexander Solzhenitzyn

      • That’s great to say but when troops show up on your doorstep with actual automatic weapons are you going to commit suicide by soldier?

        Decide now.

        Remember one elected official already threatened to nuke people who didn’t disarm.

  3. I don’t build guns; this proposed law doesn’t affect me. If I did build guns, it would be a shotgun or a sporting rifle, not an assault weapon, so this law wouldn’t affect me. I only have a .22 target pistol; low caliber guns don’t cause crimes, so this law wouldn’t affect me. Only people with dangerous guns should be concerned.

    Everyone knows that every gun must have a registered serial number so police can track down the killers and robbers. It is settled science that serial numbers on guns result in identifying the killer or shooter in just about 99% of the cases. Guns without numbers cannot be traced, guns with numbers result in arrests in quick time.

    The Second Amendment protects the right to have some guns, it does not protect the right for individuals to make their own; only certified manufacturers should be able to make guns. There have been 307 mass shootings (meaning bunches and bunches of people killed), and untraceable guns make the problem for cops worse. Serialized and registered guns save lives because cops can stop the killer quickly, before more people are shot. People aren’t the problem. People with guns are the problem. Stop blaming gun deaths on people who don’t have guns, and people who shouldn’t have guns !

    Beware the trap.

    • There aren’t enough hours in the day to comment on this hot mess…..Unless of course this is some really good sarcasm…

      • “Yeah I heard there was 87 mass shootings today alone.”

        I think you misunderstood what you heard – the number was clearly 97.

        • “I heard there were 6 Gorillion mass shootings today.”

          Now you’re just makin’ stuff up; no Creedmoor ammunition was involved.

        • Oh you are correct. Just like how over 2 million Americans are killed per day by gun violence overall.

        • “Oh you are correct. Just like how over 2 million Americans are killed per day by gun violence overall.”

          Indisputable fact; saw it on the internet.

        • That was in Chicago alone, the rest of the USA was out hunting and no mass shootings and there was about million guns involved…

        • “That was in Chicago alone, the rest of the USA was out hunting and no mass shootings and there was about million guns involved…”

          Are you sure? Some of those hunters use weapons of war. Easily take out an entire herd of elk at once.

        • Who was it announced that we were having 97 million killed every day? Was that Obama? I barely survived the laughing fit.

        • “97” was a correction to alleged reports of 87 mass shootings on the day the comment was lodged (meaning the same number happen every day). Not sure how “million” got in there. the Virginia governor did claim 93 million are killed every day, but not 93 million mass shootings every day.

        • “Apparently 1 million people are killed in each mass shooting. That’s the real definition of “mass” shooting…”


          Former DNC chairman and former Virginia governor Terry McCauliff declared that 93 million are killed by guns every day !

    • There has NEVER been a mass murder committed with a firearm that started as an 80% receiver.

      I have a couple of guns that I bought legally in high school that were never serialized as there was not a legal requirement to do so.

      • “There has NEVER been a mass murder committed with a firearm that started as an 80% receiver.”

        But it could happen. Somebody might snap. Having secret guns encourages ne’er do wells to be more edgy than the average person. Secret guns make it impossible to trace the weapon to the criminal (and would reduce the number of bad people arrested for gun crime). Besides, it is no more difficult to get a gun than buying a package of pumpkin seed. Plenty of guns available at stores, only someone wanting to hide from law enforcement would want a gun that can’t be traced to them. People like that harbor anger and hate and bad feelings and stuff. If a person is not considering a crime, what difference does it make whether the gun has a serial number? If you aren’t doing anything wrong, what is the problem letting people know you are building a gun, and acting like a responsible gun builder? Taking your guns away might not be the way to go, but following common sense gun laws preventing secret guns is just rational, reasonable, caring and safer for everyone.

      • “All good sarcasm has the seeds of “you have been trolled.” Including “settled science” was artful.”

        The keys for those reading beyond the surface were: “settled science”; “bunches and bunches”; “Beware the trap”.

        I try to make comments sound plausible as a liberal mush-brain might write, but say things even the most muddled-brained anti-gunner would never say.

    • Let me see, I don’t build guns so this law does not effect me, however, I do own a drill press and I do have scrap metals laying around. Mostly brass fittings from plumbing jobs, some aluminum and steal, as well. Does this mean I could be arrested, because I have the means although not the ability, aka the talent or knowledge to fabricate a billet.

      I own very few guns, a 9mm Pc carbine riffle, a 9 mm pistol, and a 22lr. I had some ammo on hand, which then my family from California came to visit over thanksgiving holiday and we shot it up and now I am ammo poor with the exception of one magazine for the pistol until next sale or visit.

      Now since I bought my guns at a big box store and all guns are registered, and if this law passes do they have the right to come to my home without a warrant to check to make sure I’m compliant.

      So how would they know who is making them, and if I go to the gun range does that mean they (the law) have a right to harass me now without a warrant and check my guns to make sure they have a serial number because they have probable cause to suspect that all weapons may be a ghost anytime they see one, giving them (the law) just cause to harass without a warrant because suspicion is enough.

      I can see how this law might infringe on the second amendment but what about the 4th, the 5th, and the 14th. I can see how it might infringe on those as well which would mean these people (aka law makers) are going to war with the constitution and is that not treason.

      If that is the case then those people (the ones warring against the constitution) looses their position in the government, at least that is how the law is written. So why don’t we use that against them? It states anyone under the color of law that wars against the constitution commits treason loose their immunity and can be sued or arrested as an individual for violating peoples constitutional rights.

  4. If passed by the House it dies in the Senate.

    And by “dies” I do mean “dies” something like this won’t hang around for potential passage later. A Senate committee or sub-committee will flat out kill it dead if for no other reason that to spite the Democrats in the House.

      • You made my point for me. Additionally this is a sop to the anti-gun left, since it automatically gets trashed as soon as the next Congress gets sworn in come January.

        The real danger is a Red Flag bill since stupid Republican Senators could easily fall for it. There are still too many go along to get along Republican Senators in D.C.

        • I think the article makes a good point, and I don’t think we should count on our Senate to save our rights for us. People already sound complacent “ha, this will automatically die in the Senate or Trump will veto. Let’s just go to sleep politically, we are safe.”

          Apparently then we have given up on anything pro gun being done unless it comes from the Supreme Court, and if we just go to sleep for the next two years we have no guarantee for the next elections either. This is a good example of trying to chip away at gun rights piece by piece. Sure they will offer some AWB bills, but also see what is the minimum amount of gun control they can get. Do people not understand or support 3D printed guns? They will go for that. Or maybe a small gun violence tax on ammo? Tweak an import law, raise the NFA tax by $50, they just need a good shooting scare, some dead kids, and need to do something… Florida Republicans were willing to pass a vague ban on possession of bump stocks and maybe binary triggers or cranks or belts, raise purchase age to 21, tried really hard to accept a two year moratoriums on AR sales by voice vote, and red flag, and however things end up we will be getting a new gun control senator from Florida.

          I don’t think that an overt ban all rifles or confiscate AR bill would, but I could see some more incremental losses if we aren’t vigilant.

          I still want to be able to buy parts kits and import stuff, I am not content with “well, I got my cnc machine and block of metal so I can make what I want.” I want to be able to purchase what I want and possess what I want without having to make it on the sly. That doesn’t sound like freedom to me.

        • The point Rusty was making is simply this: unless the bill passes out of the House and is voted on by the Senate prior to midnight, January 2, 2019, it dies and a new bill will have to be introduced by the new House members after they are sworn in on January 3. Basically, this particular bill is on life support; it is only a problem when it rises from the dead next session with a new number.

        • Rusty:

          A good point on the red flag bill. That one is common sensical enough that the morons might go for it.


          I’m sure as hell not suggesting that anyone “go to sleep”. I’m just pointing out that this bill doesn’t have a chance in hell of passing.

          The Dems in the House are playing games. And if you think about it so are the Republicans in the Senate. They’ll probably pass this bill in the House, it will go to the Senate and it will die there. Then the Democrats will say to their base “Well we tried to get some common sense gun laws on the books but those damn Republicans stopped us!”. Meanwhile the Republicans will run to their base and say “Those bastard Democrats in the House tried to restrict your gun rights but we stopped ’em cold!”.

          Both sides will put this in mailers, emails and any other communications that they can with the attached message being “We did/tried to do right by you. Please give us money and votes!”

        • “I still want to be able to buy parts kits and import stuff, I am not content with “well, I got my cnc machine and block of metal so I can make what I want.” I want to be able to purchase what I want and possess what I want without having to make it on the sly. That doesn’t sound like freedom to me.”

          Im with unspoken on this

          Im a builder and not being able to buy parts kits or build anything would suck big time

    • I hope the Senate kills the UN Arms Trade Treaty while they can. Come to think of it, with crap like UN General Assembly Report A/73/305, maybe the Senate should try to kill the UN.

  5. “Complacency and an expectation someone else will handle the heavy lifting have brought us to this point. For all the claims of Second Amendment support in the gun community, far too few actually take active steps to maintain those rights, let alone further them.”

    “Someone else?” You mean the NRA who millions of gun owners have donated time & money to for decades, so they can help fight this battle? Because they were told by sources like this website the whole time no one could fight the anti’s but the trusty 800lb gorilla? Because they eagerly suck all the oxygen out of the room for an *actual* national-scale civil rights activist organization to develop?

    For all the claims of Second Amendment support in the NRA, they’ve done Jack squat in the last couple decades to do anything but *sometimes* help focus resistance against the passage of more gun control at the state or federal level. State level victories are almost unanimously the work of local state groups, with at best some small measure of legal or financial NRA backing. They’ve had decades to badger reps to vote on bills that take our vulnerable issues off the table permanently, they’ve had decades to primary out worthless turds that can’t be bothered to do anything but soak up fundraising dollars at their convention while spitting pretty words about freedom and civil rights. And now we find ourselves, once again, with the NRA back on its heels, after both failing to lobby successfully on our behalf against gun control, as well as dividing their own membership by failing to clearly reject pointless gun control measures like banning bump stocks and red flag laws. And that assessment is being VERY charitable. We all know they actually endorsed these measures briefly before reaping a huge backlash from outraged members and reversing course, further ruining whatever lobbying impact they were attempting to make.

    No need to restate the whole train of abuses and failures; we’re all very aware of them at this point, whether we still have faith in the NRA or not. We need to boot the leadership next spring; there is really no alternative left at this point. By the time the NRA collapses under its own incompetent management or is completely converged by the GOP into a political fundraising organ, we’ll have no rights left. The NRA will never get out of the way and let a serious group come onto its stage and start making meaningful progress; it is too invested in the status quo of patchwork gun control and creeping incrementalism. It must be reformed from within, by the members, in person, at the convention; there is no other better option remaining that will get the attention of the plutocratic and ineffective management.

    • Amen. I’m a strong NRA supporter. Patriot Life Benefactor (whatever that is) member, who has contributed a ton of $$$. Particularly when the call to arms came out in Washington on I-1639, I stepped up my contributions. They had a few “grassroots” organizing meetings, but I saw not one, not a single one commercial or even lawn sign (except my own) against this initiative. SAF and CCRKBA were also invisible in the campaign for this. I’m royally pissed off that my contributions went for naught – unless SAF is playing sixteen dimensional chess to get it thrown out in the courts (good luck with that, in our leftist leaning state supreme court.

      I’m not really too worried about this latest anti-gun atrocity seeing the light of the House floor. But I’m really concerned that if it did, will be banned from advertising 7075 bar stock? Because that’s all I need to machine all the AR-15 lowers I want in my garage. This proposed law drips of prior restraint in so many ways, even if it passed, it would be struck down quickly. Filing this bill was the Democrat’s version of National Reciprocity and the Hearing Protection Act. “Hey lookee! Doing something for our constituents!” and then not a peep after that.

    • “Complacency and an expectation someone else will handle the heavy lifting have brought us to this point. For all the claims of Second Amendment support in the gun community, far too few actually take active steps to maintain those rights, let alone further them.”
      Soros or Bloomberg paying for you now? We regular everyday Americans have been donating and calling for the past year and the NRA and other groups that we have generously donated to and joined sit on their hands or gives another inch.
      Have been asleep the last year? the NRA boosted record membership and donations! I know many local groups that had a growth explosion. Yet you blame us, the everyday gun owner who has done all you mentioned and more? WTF you should put the blame where it belongs, these huge gun groups that take and take and take but never seem to spend other than a small case here and there. and you blame us? shame on you!
      In case you were wondering, Yes! this article insulted me!!

      • “Yes! this article insulted me!!”

        Once a person is insulted, it is difficult to carry on a conversation…but let me try.

        The thrust of the article is that too many (not every) pro-2A people donate cash to some group in hopes that group will “fight the fight”. The assertion is true. The rub is in the low energy gun owners display on the national scene.

        I watched a number of videos and news reports about the thousands and thousands who filled stadiums and convention centers, just to hear President Trump. The crowds were simply enormous. But the contrast is the most recent pro-gun rally in Tallahassee – 500 people, on a Saturday. We accept that there are at least 100,000,000 gun owners. Why do we not see Trump-like rallies for protecting and preserving the Second Amendment? If gun owners could routinely fill events with the numbers who attend Trump rallies, we could not be ignored by media, and we would thoroughly swamp any squishy politicians. It is called a grass roots movement. The Tea Party did not grow out of any organization; look what was accomplished. Why do we not have such a movement to represent gun owners?

        We need people to donate to organizations to fight in the courts. We need people to donate to organizations who can effectively lobby legislatures. But we need to find a way to energize a crowd of millions who make themselves visible and heard. Look at Trump rallies. Do you suspect there are people in the crowd who are gun owners? Most? Some? A few? What keeps large numbers of gun owners from leveraging their numbers? How do we overcome that?

        This is not a matter of you being accused personally, it is a matter of energizing the base (POTG), and becoming a force that can’t be ignored.

        • Can not be ignored & will not be ignored !! There is no room for passive aggressive in this fight , we stand up for our right’s , we do not allow the anti’s to steal what our founding fathers granted us. That is how it must be. The true criminals , are the ones that want to take what is rightfully ours. As someone said ” banning bumpstock’s they used 3/4 of their inch ” that is all they get.

        • Not sure of the object here, but the matter of the moment isn’t whether to take action, or take no action, but which actions. And by whom. The organizations? The gun owners? Both? How?

    • Gun Owners of America is the worthy gun rights group that COULD replace the NRA, if at a minimum, gun owners would stop being so damn wedded to the NRA for nothing in return. The original article has a point… with over 100 million gun owners in the USA, and the NRA having a paltry 6 million members, there should be at least 5-10 times as many gun owners joining an effective gun rights group and being active in the fight to protect our rights at all levels of government.

      Everyone needs to stop ASSUMING. Stop assuming that someone else will do anything, stop assuming that antigun measures will be defeated, stop assuming that lawsuits or a criminal case or a black swan event will magically make everything alright once again.

      “A constitution of government, once changed from freedom, can NEVER be restored. Liberty, once lost is LOST FOREVER.” – John Adams (emphasis mine)

      All of you had better start preparing as though America is about to go full Communist, complete with secret police, secret courts, gulags, millions executed by murder squads, EVERYTHING. Because it will be a FACT next time the Demorats get full control of the government, and they WILL, it is just a matter of time. They are getting desperate and they’re willing to commit wholesale election rigging, GOP be damned, and the GOP will do shit about it.

      When it happens, you’d better have tens of thousands of rounds laid up, cached in strategic hides, along with the B’s: beans bandages bibles etc. You had better already invested lots of time training tactically with a group of people you know and trust as a citizens militia should. You had better developed tactics, techniques and procedures to deal with as many contingencies as your imagination can dream of. You had better develop a resistance support network to allow you to fight an insurgency, and the communications to go with it!

      Look; you’re barking up the wrong tree if you think that ANY part of the government will be nice to us, let alone ‘save us’. No lawyers will take us back to 1776. No courts will do that either. Everything since 1933 has been a holding action and thanks to the feckless surrender monkeys of the NRA, we have been losing major ground since 1968 – that was 50 years ago. Lost liberty is NEVER restored.

      If you truly TRULY want your kids, your grandkids and posterity to be free, you’d better Ranger Up and prepare to fight while you’re young enough to do it… Because telling yourself that you’ll wait till the time is right, or that you’ll fight when they knock on your door, or when the decree goes out, that means you are planning on waiting till it’s too late. And it will be time to shit or get off the pot when the decree goes out, not after.

      OK, I’m done venting my spleen. Rise to the occasion, gentlemen! Don’t be all talk but no action, like so many backwoods militia groups over the last 25 years. Dare to be as great as the founding generation, so that this nation may have a rebirth of freedom and not perish from this earth!

  6. So, what are they gonna do about that CNC machine in my shop? Also, that chunk of aluminum? (That’s aluminium for you folks across the pond.)

    • “So, what are they gonna do about that CNC machine in my shop? Also, that chunk of aluminum? (That’s aluminium for you folks across the pond.)”

      Should a law like this actually be passed and signed, one should expect the term “constructive possession” to become a “norm”. The mischief potential is high for prohibiting imports of raw steel/aluminum, possessing certain machinery that is capable of making “secret parts” if the right materials are purchasable (or on-hand).

    • As I read it, your CNC seems safe, until the next bill to come, but as long as you are not planning sale, acquisition, distribution in commerce, advertising of such, or import of your firearm receiver blank chunk of aluminum, you probably won’t need to have serial numbers on your chunk of aluminum, for now. However, I would be ordering that etching kit and start coming up with a number to etch on it soon.
      I wonder what would happen if everyone etched the same number on their receivers.

  7. You do know how a bill becomes a law, right. Regardless of what Pelosi would like to think her Power is, there are two other branches required. The Senate and the Executive.

      • Exactly. We just got screwed by Republican leadership again and no one noticed. Republican Congressman Kevin McCarthy (from Commiefornia) was just elected as minority speaker of the house. McCarthy has a dismal 33 rating from Gun Owners of America which is lower than many democrats – the NRA has him rated as an A+. His opponent was Congressman Jim Jordan of Ohio who is rated by GOA at 80. Now we have another RINO Paul Ryan/John Boehner type back in the driver’s seat. What were the voting results from all these patriotic American MAGA-infused congressmen? 159 to 43 in favor of the RINO. If you don’t know what McCarthy looks like do a search and enjoy the pictures of him hugging Nancy Pelosi. Republican god Reagan banned machine guns and later supported and “assault weapon” and standard capacity mag ban. Daddy Bush banned imported “assault weapons” and later supported domestic “assault weapon” and standard capacity mag bans. Bush Jr. wanted to ban “assault weapons” but the renewal never made it to his desk. But I know, lifelong democrat supporter and former gun control advocate Trump is different. MAGA and all that. This is really troubling some of you and you want to scream at me even though I am an absolutist when it comes to the 2nd Amendment. Yes you want to attack someone who is really on your side and defend a gun grabber.

        You know what we are going to get with all this work we did to get these people in office? A Trump-approved bump stock ban and probably a lot more with 100% approval from the chief deal maker. A magazine ban perhaps? Oh no not an over 10rd mag ban but maybe something like a ban on anything over 30 rounds. Or what about a ban on 80% receivers like mentioned in this article??? Trump can always say that if it weren’t for him that it could have been a lot worse. And the NRA will cheer him on and give A+ ratings to dozens of more McCarthys. There’s always the hope of getting a Republican majority some day in the future! That will save us! Really? What happened with Republicans in control of the House, Senate, and White House for two years? HPA? National reciprocity? Amnesty dream regarding NFA? No, they were too busy, it just wasn’t the right time, too much going on. Any excuses I missed? I’ve seen and heard the same thing for 40 years. Listen young guys & gals, if you want your 2A freedoms, you are going to have to dedicate a ton of time to preserve them but first, stop with the hero worship.

    • John E&gt, correction, there is only one other branch involved, the Executive (President). The Senate is part of the same branch as the House.

    • The demtard internal catfight hasn’t even started yet. The old dinosaurs (Pelosi’s crew of misfits) vs the coven of freshmen chick/etc agitators. If Nancy thinks that Cortz is going to sit down and shut up she is more delusional. The Strategy is to promote the infighting of the progs.

  8. I love how legislation is like civilization in reverse.
    Gotta get those 100% receivers.
    Shit, now we gotta get those 80% receivers.
    Double shit, now we gotta get that aluminum stock.
    Triple shit, now we gotta register and track drill presses and lathes.
    Hot damn quadruple shit, we gotta round up anyone with mechanical skill and gas’em.
    They won’t be happy until we’re setting each other on fire and throwing stones at people like some of our more diverse, developmentally challenged societies.

  9. A simple trip to your local hardware store will provide you with all the material you need to produce a slamfire shotgun – no FFL, no serial number, no ten-day waiting period, whatever.

    And the material purchased won’t even raise any eyebrows.

    • “good luck passing the senate”

      In two years, we will have to defend 20 Senate seats, compared to the Leftists’ 10.

      I fully expect in two years a Leftist will be in the White House, control the lower house, and narrowly hold the Senate.

      This is a very real possibility.

      Don’t be surprised in two years if semi-auto firearms of all types are added to the NFA…

      • Only matters to those who still believe unjust and unconstitutional non-laws are in fact laws.

        We live in system where every aspect of it from cradle to grave is rigged, controlled, and manipulated. Education is rigged, Politics are rigged, you get the idea. The only way to win is on the personal level and its to simply not play the game anymore.

        • Not playing the game will just ensure you end up as the next local news story about the police raiding your home to secure your arsenal of high powered military style assault weapons. Your apathy makes it that much easier to pick people off in ones and twos, hold them up to the idiot public as a sign that the cops are dutifully keeping them safe from those evil gunz, and secure a future where the next generation never even thinks to question “the way it’s always been”.

      • The best “friend” we will have is the demtards controlling the House. A coven of insane dysfunctional buffoons out for blood. The House Rep under Ryan the RINO didn’t get much done but the demtards thing their tiny will is a mandate for communism. NOT.

  10. Are they going to outlaw wood, iron water pipes,break line tubes and hose clamps too? Zip guns and slamfires are no brainer weapons that don’t require 3D printers, fancy machining equipment or much skill to put together.
    HE 7115 is just a political sop to the gun grabbing libertards that demand “WE’VE GOT TO DO SOMETHING.
    It has about as much of a chance of passage as a new assault weapon ban.

    • They sure as hell can pass a law that bans the sale of deep drills, chamber reamers, and other tooling needed to manufacture firearm barrels to anyone not a registered gunsmith.

      Will you be happy with only slam-fire shotguns being home-built?

  11. “if you’re not part of the NRA you’re part of the problem.” Wrong. If you support the NRA you’re part of the problem since they do absolutely nothing except negotiate gun rights away. Boycott the NRA.

    • Oh yes, people will turn them over. As keyboard warriors go these forums are full of them. 2020 is just around the corner and the “blue wave” shows no signs of slowing down. AR-15’s first. Semi-auto’s next. We’ll be lucky to own knives in 10 years.

    • My registered suppressed SBR, I will surrender, I knew that possibility when I bought it. Other guns, absolutely not, and the SBR they will not come in the house for.

    • They better do it one gun owner at a time, with half a dozen men.

      That will take about 300 years to accomplish.

      The left of course doesn’t see reality that this isn’t the UK or OZ where only a few people have guns. 1/3 the population , at least, owns guns. You are not about to gang up on all of them at once, you want “task forces” that go full no knock swat and plaster it on the news.
      In short you hope that convinces 99.9% to drop them in a big blue bin down at the station.

  12. Even if that bill passed, I think it would be largely unenforceable since there is no legal definition of an “assault weapon”.

    • If it passes, the definitions contained in the bill will become the law – Presto chango, my Sig 1911-22 will instantly become an “Assault Pistol” because it has a threaded barrel.

      • This brief article did not indicate if the bill defines “assault weapons”. Apparently the actual bill therefore defines “assault weapons”?

        • Correct. I always take the extra few minutes to read the source material on things like this, regardless if the “report” comes from the Left, the Right, somewhere in between or from the man in the moon. Others should also, but often don’t.

    • “Even if that bill passed, I think it would be largely unenforceable since there is no legal definition of an “assault weapon”.”

      Nothing happens in a vacuum; the Feinstein bill clearly describes “assault weapon” as any semi-automatic firearm. The bills will be combined.

    • There is no legal definition of an “eighty percent lower” either. That is purely a marketing term. From a legal perspective, it is nothing more than a chunk of material. Sure, the government could (theoretically) restrict marketing techniques of such raw material, but given the fact that the firearms-building community is highly specialized to begin with, I doubt restrictions on wording will impact the consumer. I’m not defending or even shrugging this off, but I think the value is purely symbolic. Raw material is just that…nothing less, nothing more.

  13. —“For all the claims of Second Amendment support in the gun community, far too few actually take active steps to maintain those rights, let alone further them.”

    And what action would the author of this article like us to do? At this point, I think it is safe to say that we are not in the majority. Mass shooting after mass shooting has turned the population against us. Even Republicans have to run on anti-gun platforms if they want to win elections.

    We are quickly becoming a minority and it doesn’t look like the seas are going to change with the current “leadership” that we have in the pro-gun community.

  14. “First They came for the Bump Stock. And I was an owner of real machine guns or I had access to my friends full auto guns. I did not care to help those less fortunate than me. So the Bump Stock was banned. Now they are coming after the next new gun technology. ”

    I said it before and I will say it again. You got legal marijuana intoxication, from the ones you supported. But they also were anti gun civil rights. Because they think “it” will never happen to them, being a violent crime victim. Getting high has always been more important to pot heads, than having armed self defense.

    Homosexuals are the same way. They are socialist progressive in their political orientation. Their elected gay leaders have endorsed the racist Mulford Act in California. The term “gay rights ” has never included guns. They voted for Gavin Newsome because he publicly supported gay marriage. That is more important than having guns for self defense. They refused to follow what Harvey Milk had said back in 1978. “I have a gun. and everyone else should have one too.” Sadly he was murdered in a Gun Free Zone that was in part created by then city council woman Dianne Feinstein.

    Unfortunately the majority of Jews have believed the JPFO was full of crazy fools.

    If you want gun civil rights then your going to have to find a republican who supports gun rights. And openly support them in front of your fiends. And get your friends to vote republican as well.

    Good luck with that.

    President Trumps fastest growing support is coming from black male voters. And the Democrats are scared to death.

      • Mike, the Liberal Gun Club consists of the most worthless bunch of pansies ever. Just to keep tabs on the enemy, I’ve read their posts on this subject. Liberals are Liberals first, everything else is secondary. So while they do believe in the 2nd Amendment, they will gladly give it up to avoid supporting/voting for the Orange Man. Things like global warming, LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ rights, and identity politics are more important to these worthless f__ks. As is typical of liberals, they are going to ride in the wagon while we pull it.

      • Next Democratic president w majority and we have things like mandatory vaccines for adults and children. That’s game over when the government decides what we have to inject into ourselves.

      • @MIke

        Agree with this.

        I belonged to the NRA for a while. Contacted them repeatedly about the need to be more inclusive in order to gain the support of women and liberal gun owners who are not their “typical” member. Offered to work on those issues for free. Tried for five years.

        Nothing. Crickets.

        There are a LOT of liberal and female gun owners who are not ever going to get on board with the NRA because of their deafness to anyone who is not “like them”, their ham handed, politically deaf approach to yelling at doctors and traumatized families To shut up about how they’ve been affected by gun violence, and their complete lack of interest in being more friendly and open to hearing from their members about, well, just about anything.

        Forget it.

        • Thats because the NRA is a right wing organization that idiotically worships the alter of police badges and affirms leadership like Ollie North (a criminal who belongs in prison)

          They are their own worst enemy, truth be told.

          The NRA has an opportunity to push for our current firearms laws to be completely revamped, so that all of us owners of AR15s and the like don’t get completely screwed in the long run. But no, it looks like the later is the more likely outcome (hope im wrong).

          Because the gun controllers have already made it adamantly clear they want UK or australia-style laws. They wont stop at nothing less.

        • ‘Gun violence’ is not a thing. Just like knife violence, sharp stick violence or brick violence. It’s fake, emotionally charged term made up by leftists with an axe to grind. Just like ‘assault weapon’ or ‘large capacity clip’.

        • So your solution is demtard identity group politics? Naive nonsense from the political clueless. Why I don’t bother to read you scribblings.

      • Gridlock is by design. Hoards of un-elected(therefore not accountable) administrators make the choices that affect most of us.

      • Mike are you totally politically nieve or just delusional? Political opinions, from those who have NEVER bothered to get involved in the process, aren’t even amusing.

    • Thats because many black americans are starting to realize a couple things

      1.) Some of the most racist and pernicious laws that throw tens of thousands of black men in prison have been crafted by democrats, “who are supposed to be on their side”.

      2.) Just like working class whites citizens have been losing ground for 40 years due to automation, legal and illegal immigration, and craptastic trade and economic policies, black american citizens have been losing *more* and have far more to lose with the democrat party’s Google, Facebook, and Amazon-driven open borders agenda.

  15. Well at this point we need to get a SCOTUS decision on the home building of firearms that will break the ability of these fucking traitors to the Republic from being able to just push this kind of crap again. I say the first step in that needs to be getting a positive result from DefCADs case. With that case solidified in SCOTUS precedent it will be a damn hard sell those scum bags from being able then ban produced firearms parts

    • “Well at this point we need to get a SCOTUS decision on the home building of firearms that will break the ability of these fucking traitors to the Republic from being able to just push this kind of crap again.”

      For that to happen, that law will have to be passed *first*, and someone damaged by it.

      Legal ‘standing’.

      Or can SCOTUS tack that onto the challenge to the Defense Distributed 3-D firearm data lawsuit?

      • Yeah, I know. Now I do want to make sure we can defeated it even before it get’s there. But a positive win on DefCAD’s case will make for good precedent for a positional challenge. But that said, yeah. I know how SCOTUS works. But ultimately I think this will end up before SCOTUS, which is why we need a win with DefCAD to help fight it.

  16. I guess that soda cans are fated to banned. It’s exceptionally _not hard_ to make a backyard foundry to ‘reclaim’ them into aluminum that you can cast into various shapes that can then be machined into more precise shapes. Lawnmower pistons or scrapped-out car engine parts, too. You can even shape styrofoam into the shape that you want to be cast, then mold sand around it, with the styrofoam melting away when the metal is poured in, for something approximating low-tech ‘investment casting’ a’la Ruger.

    I’ve got too many loose ends of other projects to do it, but someone should make and greatly publicize making a lower out of reclaimed soda cans, to demonstrate the futility of this legislation.

  17. Silly me…I was concerned about ILLinois going communist in 2 months. Now I need to worry about ya’ll building yer ghost guns. If Donnie doesn’t veto this BS(if it makes it past the senate) he’ll LOSE a boatload of votes. Duh…

  18. I think we should get all the manufacturers to start making peaceful guns instead of the violent ones I keep hearing about. How else could “gun violence” ever come about.

  19. It is illegal to take any gun rights away, they are guaranteed by the 2nd amendment and that can not be changed, they can pass bills all day but it does not change the constitution , they keep messing around they are going to find out why those rights were guaranteed in the 1st place. Their one world order and death for 7/8ths of the population isnt gonna fly, so dont even bother , the American people can be the largest armed army ina matter of minutes, so sit down and shut up, deal with it, Americans arent giving up their guns

  20. It’s ok, if/when a bill like this passes, you suckers that elect these people and tolerate this can all just move to a free state.

      • Two glaring differences between what is being proposed as “Red Flag” legislation – versus what Chris Cox suggests.

        First: Due process. That a court needs to visit the whole issue – not merely agree with every request from anyone what-so-ever.

        Example: The girlfriend who caught you cheating with her bestie 3 years ago – now claims you’re making her ‘uncomfortable’ and ‘concerned for her safety’ – as an ex-domestic partner.
        Under many of the proposed bills, that would qualify for the summary “Red Flag” order for confiscation.

        Second: Cox suggests mandatory Court-ordered mental health intervention. That’s a step in the right direction for two reasons.
        a) some people need the intervention – the suicidal for one – the spree shooters at VA Tech, Tucson, Aurora, for others.
        Making evaluation and possible treatment as Court-mandated – suggests that the psychologist would indeed have to report back to the Court – not claim HIPAA “confidentiality” as the due cause for doing nothing.

        b) The psychologist can also tell the Court – nothing to see here. I looked under the hood, no leaks, no loose belts, no frayed wires.

        The legislation often proposed is completely different.
        “I accuse you…” and there’s little you can ever do to get those guns back.

        Which I assure you is a feature, not defect. The NRA position is far better that what the Democrats have been offering State Legislatures.

        • @43

          I’m not sure this is actually true. I’ve been doing some research on red flag laws.

          It looks like in the places who have them the only people who can request the protective order are law enforcement for sure. In some places they have added family members and in one place, Delaware I think, mental health professionals. But that’s it. I only started researching but from what I’ve found so far it is NOT possible for some random person to request such an order.

        • Elaine,

          In California, LE may make the request based on information from anyone. Anyone at all. As far as close family members, that is very loosely defined. It could even unclude an ex-spouses step children or grandparents.

          This is directly from CA’s online guide for their “domestic violence firearms restraining order.”

          “Close family members are:

          Your spouse or domestic partner
          Your parents, children, siblings, grandparents, grandchildren and their spouses (including stepparents or stepgrandparents)
          Your spouse’s parents, children, siblings, grandparents and grandchildren
          Any person who regularly lives in your house now, or within the last 6 months.
          If you are not closely related to the person you want to restrain but are still concerned about what they may do with their gun, tell the police. The police may be willing to do ask for the restraining order, even if you or a close family member cannot or will not.”

        • @jwtaylor

          So in the case of someone not directly related or a domestic partner or household member, it’s the discretion of law enforcement. Correct? Meaning that anyone can ask, but it’s LE that decides in that case whether to proceed. That’s how that read to me.

        • Elaine, no, that’s not how I read it at all, because of the extreme vagueness of “close family member.”
          The definition listed includes your ex roommates. Think about that. If your roommate gets weird, and you leave and go live with someone else, 5 months later that roommate can petition the court to remove any access to firearms from the person you are living with.
          Think about the potential abuse there. A stalker can have a young woman’s parents’ firearms removed from the home they are in and the only time those parents would find out about it would be when the police knocked on their door. And those police may not have any idea about the circumstances either, it could have come straight from the court. As we have seen, this is a recipe for disaster.
          But frankly, it doesn’t matter whether it is a close family member or the police. This is not due process. If the accused does not have his or her day in court, there is no justification for the removal of their civil liberties. There is no place for red flag laws in a free siciety.

    • “Strong due process protections” prior to temporary removal (permanent confiscation) of fire arms?
      Due process takes months at best. Perception is stronger than fact in the court of law. Outcome is based on the Judge and/or jury’s perception with no biases in check. The defendant is judged based not on truth but presentation (ie: legal representation skill, appearance, articulateness).

      Who is going to pay for the “treatment” he mentions?
      We don’t provide our vets with adequate, expedient treatment for PSTD. Let’s sherk our responsibility some more and instead, spend the money we “obviously don’t have” on courts and therapy for someone somebody, anybody called a homicidal wack job, so they can keep their guns?
      That’s a hard sell. Even if it comes with the title to the Brooklyn Bridge.

  21. I bet Palmetto State Armory has their eye on this bill.

    In fact the whole build your own rifle industry should be very concerned.

    I built my 1st & 2nd AR platform rifle this year and they won’t be the last.

  22. Maybe all guns manufactured should come in hot pink with pretty flower patterns printed on them. That would stop all the crazies ,militia types, and diehards overnight from buying them.

  23. Not going to lie but this is not going to work cuz it pretty much prohibits building custom computer or custom remote control vehicles and anything custom.

  24. So styrofoam/gasoline is more dangerous than a chunk of 7075. wheres the line drawn. if people want to kill people they’ll find a way, leave the goddamn constitution alone. Don’t try to blanket punish lawful people for the few waterheaded assholes that go rogue. fuck that.

  25. Trump has already proven multiple times how badly he has fooled you. Hillary for prison? The wall? The caravan arriving with confidence, the same war games in Afghanistan, picking up swamp creatures for his administration, it took him more than a year to realize Session was a fraud….

    Don’t count too much on “good luck passing that”, the DNC took the House, and there are enough rino and traitors in the Senate. Just an example: assuming Rick Scott is confirmed as US Senator, he was in favor of the recent anti 2A laws in Florida when he was Governor.
    “But but Trump is going…”, yes sure, just like the rest mentioned above. He won’t, it will fail, and he will blame CNN or Pelosi.

  26. Thank you to Kat and TTAG for bringing this to light.
    Everyone in the firearms community should be outraged.

    I-1639 may only be in Washington now, but it could spread to your state.
    As Kat mentioned, contact your elected Officials.
    This must be stopped.

    • Thanks, Gary. One of these days perhaps more people will take this seriously. Unfortunately it may be too late when they finally do.

      We need to talk about ammo. I was just talking to Keith about it a week or two back.

  27. There is NO SUCH THING S AN ASSUALT WEAPON! Assualt is an action not an object, therefore this bill is null and void!

    • Oh, it’s ok, they went ahead and defined it for us in the bill as any semiautomatic rifle with a detachable mag. They also added an equally broad definition for ‘assault pistol’ while they were at it.

      • .22 is not exempt from this definition either. So if you have a common .22pistol with a threaded barrel, you to could be the proud owner of a “Assault Pistol”.

  28. Yeah… working within the system (voting, donating to the NRA/political action committees, etc) is really gonna stop the madness and reverse the tide.


  29. House Democrats are already putting their “moderates” on the spot with this one, and all the other agenda items they have, right out of the gate. They, “Hyper localized” and campaigned on Healthcare.. And of course immediately switch out to something else.

    When will “moderate” republicans stop falling for the same BS tactics the Democrats have used for years? Honestly. I seriously want to know when all these “true conservative” types will finally realize they are actually really dumb and have consistently proven to be the problem, not anybody else.

  30. The NRA will most likely support this as they have many other anti gun bills, They have spoken against 3d printed guns wrotes the nics system helped pass the hughes amendment etc.. Not one inch.

    • Sadly you are probably right, there is money behind banning the DIY market and you bet the NRA is likely getting some kickbacks to get behind the ban. I swear if they do, though…

    • The NRA stated they were opposed to “undetectable” guns, which is a thing that doesn’t actually exist. They didn’t come out against 3D printed guns. The NRA has screwed a lot of stuff up over the years, and is an organization that is evolving, though very slowly. But don’t cast them aside entirely.

      In the meantime, the “not one inch” guys can ride their righteous indignation into the sunset along with what’s left of their gun rights. The horrible reality is that we’re stuck in a situation where the anti’s are going to manage to take rights, and we’re forced to capitulate to a degree to mitigate the damage. It shouldn’t be that way, but it is. Being angry online isn’t going to change it.

      • “The horrible reality is that we’re stuck in a situation where the anti’s are going to manage to take rights, and we’re forced to capitulate to a degree to mitigate the damage.”

        With that attitude, by 2032 all semis will be banned, you’ll need a permit ($300 annual renewal, subject to approval by ATF) to buy any gun after a 2-week universal waiting period which will be non-transferrable and will become state property after you die. Even then will you still be bargaining “well it’s okay if the antis get appeased with their 2 round limit on mags, at least they aren’t coming after our bolt guns. why would you need more than 2 rounds anyway? The antis are gonna take rights anyway may as well let them get this, we still have our guns!”

        • He sounds like a guy that simply pays the NRA to write their own bills to prolong the inevitable and make a bunch of cash as they watch the constitution burn. He won’t protest, he won’t show up where needed, he won’t put in the effort himself. He pays for someone else to do it for him but they don’t actually do those things, which is why they keep losing.

        • With that attitude or without it, your 2032 deadline will be met anyway. Unless there is a hard reset, all we can do is slow things down. That’s the point I was making. Purity, indignation, cutting and pasting parts of the constitution on gun blogs, you name it – none of it makes a difference. The sad fact is a sizable chunk of the American voting populace doesn’t see eye to eye with anyone who posts on this website. Even a lot of gun owners don’t.

          To the CZJay fella – Those are some pretty wild conclusions you’ve come to. They definitely apply to some people, but I’m not one of them. A bit of head scratcher how you seemed to think that about me based on one comment. Oh well.

      • Thats a fact.

        Its no longer about fantasy ‘would be nice’ ideas like national reciprocity or more constitutional carry or removing silencers from the NFA status. Its about not losing that badly or getting f–ked too hard in the @$$ when the antis want the UK or Australia style laws.

        Well be lucky if future laws are like the 1994 AWB, id hate to say it. Or be lucky if they dont want to outright ban AR15s as a family of rifles outright

  31. Well, Ive lost all faith in Republicans. In fact Ive lost fairh in our govt. I served in USMC, to protect my rights, I vote, I own a home, a business, no criminal record, yet because of a few assholes Im villanized because I enjoy target shooting. I have no faith in Trump, he is a traitor, and the NRA fucked us all on bump stocks, so they are useless.
    Frankly until they start blaming drunk driving on the car, and call for a vehicle ban, I know its all bullshit lies and not about safety, but disarmament. Dont you think if liberals actually cared about childrens safety, there would be seatbelts in school buses by now?
    Im not registering shit, Im going to do what I want. Build what I want, when I want too.
    Let them come and try to disarm this Marine. Ill die, but Ill take everyone with me.

    • Your government has literally been owned by private interests since 1913. It’s just taking those private interests some time to fully deconstruct the concepts of individual freedoms this country was founded on. No worries though, they’re almost there.

    • ” In fact Ive lost fairh in our govt.”

      I’ve read the book. Evil triumphs over all, until suddenly it doesn’t. Let not your heart be troubled.

  32. Which is why we keep multiples of firearms and stockpile ammo … diversify and keep in several locations known only to you. Cache some in burial vaults for that day in the future when they may become useful. Never keep all your eggs in one basket as it were.

  33. This is a direct copy paste from the the definitions section of the bill:
    (6) the term “semiautomatic pistol” means any repeating pistol that utilizes a portion of the energy of a firing cartridge to extract the fixed cartridge case and chamber the next round and requires a separate pull of the trigger to fire each cartridge;

    Bolt action pistol, anyone?
    The definitions section is unkindly insightful.

    Did you notice the part that said the number of serial numbers issued is to be tracked? As are the arrests for violations?

    Other sections say things like: prior to beginning construction you have to apply for and get the serial # from a liscenced dealer for a fee (much of which will be dictated to the dealer), produce the serial # engraved (on a specific material) on the component within 10 days of issuance, produce the completed firearm for inspection within 30 days of issuance; anything made prior to 1968 that does not meet these qualifications is illegal, and the details in this bill are subject to other laws (ex: definitions, penalties, restrictions, what constitutes violations, will change as other laws change).
    The serial # details alone eliminate the non expedient, as time permits, DYI-er.
    It is a fluid law. What you see today is not what you get tomorrow. Without ever changing the wording of this bill, amendments to other laws, commerce regulations, and definitions etc. change it. It uses many maliable laws and regs, “per this Act, in accordance with that regulation”. Just as this bill states it inserts definitions and changes to existing law, so it can be changed.

    • The bill’s language also defines all semi-automatic rifles and shotguns as AWs. They are not content for another slice of the pie. They want the entire thing.

      • Absolutely. The pistol was just an excerpt to show the extent.
        They’re not talking assault weapons that only big honking burly men can mustering.
        They’re talking all the way down to Granny’s pink pocket pistol.

    • “If your not part of the NRA, your part of the problem?” How about I stopped supporting them when they called police Jack Booted Thugs. I don’t suport organizations that are anti law enforcement. You keep supporting hate organizations. I’ll suport pro-law enfircment gun organizations. I’ll also never read anything on your site ever again.

  34. The people who buy these kits are NOT building guns. They are just pimple faced punks playing with an erector set. When they can drill and rifle a barrell, then they can claim that they build guns.

    • “The people who buy these kits are NOT building guns. They are just pimple faced punks playing with an erector set. When they can drill and rifle a barrell, then they can claim that they build guns.”

      Yep. The kind of gun owners you describe should be restricted from real firearms, and highly regulated because….real gun builders are protected by 2A, and pretenders should be held in high suspicion.

      • I actually don’t support this bill or anything like it. I’m just making the point that the level of expertise needed to assemble an AR-15 rifle with one of these kits is minimal. I built my first cannon back in junior high and have been involved in military projects that I’m not at liberty to talk about.
        I am still livid from having an alleged “gun expert” whose claim to expertise was assembling these kits testify at the trial of the marijuana bootlegger who fired 2 rounds from a 12 gauge shotgun at my son. This pimple faced punk invoked the Elmer Fudd defense by claiming that the bootlegger could not have been firing lethal slugs or buckshot because he had a full choke barrel. Trying to shoot slugs or buckshot would cause the gun to explode, just like in the Buggs Bunny cartoons. All the bootlegger could have been firing is light birdshot which is harmless! The judge actually allowed this fucker to get away with spewing this shit under oath in court.

        I’m all for you guys having your toy guns to assemble. Just don’t call yourselves gun experts.

        • “I’m all for you guys having your toy guns to assemble. Just don’t call yourselves gun experts.”

          And I was pulling your nose. Gun assemblers are gun aficionados, and should be encouraged to up their skills – not disparaged. I do not have the tools to assemble a gun, but if I wanted one that wasn’t store-bought, I would find someone who could assemble the thing – gunsmiths are too pricey for me (and a custom-build from scratch too expensive for a plinker kinda guy)

  35. Are these idiots going to ban the civilian possession of lathes and milling machines?
    How about hammers, anvils and forges?

    • “Are these idiots going to ban the civilian possession of lathes and milling machines?
      How about hammers, anvils and forges?”

      Give it time, give it time; don’t be so impatient.

  36. How do y’all think current 80 builds will fall into this? Would they be grandfathered in or have a due date for stamping a #?

    • There is no grandfather clause in the bill, and much of it is connected to the Consumer Product Safety Act, which according to the bill will be amended to include the described firearms.

  37. Unfortunately my representative is Kendra Horn (that embarrassing blue puddle in the middle of Oklahoma is hers). She is a known “Moms Demand” collaborator and there is no hope of her not supporting this.

  38. “The language of this bill should worry you. You should take it upon yourself to call your representative.”….Naw, our founders would have wanted we the people and the states to DARE Congress and the President to pass this unlawful Act while preparing to defy it and while preparing to DARE the feds to come do something about it………..If you don’t believe me, I dare you to study Federalist Papers No. 46. Because NEVER in the Federalist Papers (or anywhere else) did our founders ever say, “If the federal government is about the pass an unlawful Act, the citizens must write their representatives and beg our servants in government to not pass this unlawful Act.” Their response to tyranny was quite different. 😉

  39. Kavanaugh already wrote that semi-auto arms like the AR-15 are protected from being banned by the 2nd Amendment.

    All we have to do is get him to write that in an majority opinion of a SCOTUS ruling.

  40. Looks like our Republican Senators and Representatives have let us down for 2 full years. Not one pro-2A piece of legislation was passed for them taunting pro-2A in their every bit of hot air to all of us for 2 years. The Senate is too tight right with us the loosing Arizona seat and Florida in chaos. We can thank all of our Republican Senators and Representatives for a job well done not protecting our 2nd Amendment rights.

  41. I was on the fence about buying a P80 Glock lower. This made the decision for me. So now I have a PF940CL on the way.

    I didn’t really NEED another Glock, but I guess I’m going to have another one.

    I bet P80 sellers are being inundated right about now.

  42. So i went to the linked page on how a bill is passed…..

    “Vote – the bill is voted on. If passed, it is then sent to the other chamber unless that chamber already has a similar measure under consideration. If either chamber does not pass the bill then it dies. If the House and Senate pass the same bill then it is sent to the President. If the House and Senate pass different bills they are sent to Conference Committee. Most major legislation goes to a Conference Committee.”

    Why are we worrying again? Dems dont control both, therefore there is no way it will make it to the presidents desk. Please correct if wrong.

  43. I can’t get behind articles like this. This is not preaching to the choir it’s blaming them for crimes they didn’t commit. I’m getting sick of the chiding for not voting when I did vote. So knock it off.

    Seriously. Come up with a better tone for articles like this, please. I know y’all can do better than this.

    • “I’m getting sick of the chiding for not voting when I did vote. So knock it off.”

      Are you implying that because you are an activist for gun rights, articles exhorting others to take more responsibility is somehow aimed at you personally? Can’t help but conclude you think “preaching to the choir” is ineffective and wasteful because some in the choir don’t need the sermon. Would the choir be better served through silence regarding the atrocious inertia among gun owners? Fact: there are over 100 million gun owners. Fact: gun owners keep losing political battles regarding unconstitutional restrictions on firearms. Fact: if 100 million gun owners were active, no progressives would want to endure the wrath for proposing more restrictions. Fact: 100 million gun owners are not a political force to be reckoned with. Why is that?

      • I just think it’s a tone thing. Telling someone they suck and this is their fault isn’t going to motivate them to to better, it just makes them mad.

        Show me the stats and tell me what went wrong and I’ll help fix it.


        • “Show me the stats and tell me what went wrong and I’ll help fix it.”

          Here are the stats that seem to tell the story best:
          ~100,000,000 gun owners
          ~ 400,000 guns
          ~ 16,000,000 CCW holders
          ~ exploding numbers of anti-gun laws
          ~ 2A rallies that are shamed by the numbers of people attending standard political rallies
          ~ a near even split in pro and anti-gun tribes
          ~ the mere fact that in this country, a provision of the constitution is considered obsolete and deserving of relegation to second-class status.
          ~ what seems to be the complete absence of 2A supporting billionaires to challenge the financial power of the anti-gun mob.

          Something is wrong with the gun owners of the nation, and we should not be adverse to being reminded of the failure, from time-to-time.

          As for tone, one can be of the opinion that how a truth is declared is more important than the truth itself. But if you had a group of children at a birthday party who decided to go play hopscotch on a busy avenue, would you approach that group with a mild, calm, pleasant smile and an admonition to rethink their choice, or would you scream, “Get the hell out of the street before you get killed!”?

          BTW, my intended tone here is not “Get the hell out of the street…”

        • You’re missing some invaluable zeros. The very same ones that guarantee that the Liberal Terrorists will suffer losses in the 10’s of millions if they keep pushing their “War of Leftist Aggression”.

  44. You fail to note that the entire purpose of Legislatures and Presidents/Governors, etc. , is to pass laws. They don’t get elected to NOT pass laws. While you are correct in how the process works, what happens is that deals are made, compromises are agreed to in order to get a law passed.

  45. One think that keeps hitting me is that many people are focused on the 80% blanks, but the term used in the text states “certain firearm receiver castings or blanks, assault weapon parts kits”
    I think many people miss the parts kits. That vould be construed as simple the LPK or UPK. And if yjjose as well are outlawed, then if would not matter if the lower is 80% or not, it all goes away.
    Just a discussion we were having in the shop today.

    • This bill is so ambiguous you could stuff practically anything into it. Recoil springs, trigger kits, you name it. The only hope we have is that it hits the shredder. If it becomes a bargaining chip in whole or in part, for compromises or deals among the politicians, we will get the shitty end of the stick.

    • A lot of ghostgunners being sold on a daily basis so this joke of a bill doesn’t really matter, does it? The government will stop technology. Ha! If you don’t have a ghostgunner order one now. Pushbutton unserialized firearms. Uninfringable.

  46. Leaderless resistance by all sides, over all issues, is up and running everywhere. Attempting to stop it will be about as effective as trying to pick up Hg with a fork.-30-

  47. I am sick and tired of these asshole politicians who use the word “assault” weapon. There is no such term. That is something that liberals completely made up. If It says assault weapon in any bill then it is illegal because there is no such thing!

  48. Not one more inch…come and take it…good luck enforcing it….cold dead hands…blah blah blah. You will comply. You will hide. You will sit on your stockpile of ammo waiting for the right moment. The NRA has done nothing in places like NY…NOTHING. Bump stock ban? Meh…go ahead. We don’t care about those, so we wont fight it. “Hi cap” mags in Jersey? Meh….doesnt affect me, so….theyre going to regulate it out of existence. Theyll make it unattainable for the average citizen (read, only the rich can excercise their Constitutional rights). And if you think that cop buddy of yours wont be on the team kicking in your door, you are fooling yourself.

  49. Doesn’t matter if it doesn’t pass the Senate. The NRA will endorse it so the President will just use the stroke of his pen.

  50. while you was busy kissing the nra’s back stabbing ass they were busy telling trump that they are fine with bump stock bans and red flag laws. If you’re part of the (ass kissing) nra no-matter-what, you’re part of the problem. suck it up butter cup and open your betrayed eyes.

  51. My ‘representatives’ and ‘senators’ include Di Fi, Pelosi, Kamala, and a smorgasbord of Democrats that want their security people to have guns so they are protected, but the commoner in the street can’t have one because “we’re pushing socialism, and we don’t want to face yellow jackets with AR-15’s…”

  52. ” if you’re not part of the NRA you’re part of the problem. ”

    Sorry, but the NRA selling out is a large part of the problem. NFA = NRA sellout, Bump-fire stock ban = NRA sellout.

    If the NRA is the best chance we have we are already doomed as they will sell us out in a NY minute.

    • The NRA might not be the solution to all our problems, but they do a great deal to protect a measure of our rights. If they aren’t protecting enough for your liking, put your money elsewhere (Gun Owners of America, the Second Amendment Foundation, and the Firearms Policy Coalition are a few I send money to). But I generally advise against turning people away from the NRA. They are, by far, the largest pro-gun lobbying group; and the only one with any real pull in congress. While the do tend to compromise a bit too much on the issue of a civil right, you must remember that this is how the “game” is played in Washington. You give a little, you get a little. The groups that do not compromise do not get things done in the legislature; their time is spent in the courts, where public opinion matters less than the rule of law, so long as presiding judges are able to render opinions uncolored by sentiment. I think there’s a place for all the pro-gun organizations.

      • What was the last thing the NRA got in return for “giving a little”? They are “giving a little” all the time and getting nothing…in the reality all the “give a little”s have already added up to giving a lot in exchange for what again?

        The game is only played that way in DC by people’s who intent is to lose on the issue.

        How’s that hearing protection act coming along? Why wasn’t it the “get a little” from one of the “give a little”s

        Concealed carry reciprocity? Would also have been a good “get a little” in exchange for a “give a little”.

  53. This is why I say the Liberals, the homosexuals, the atheists, the Socialist progressives, they all want to tell you what to do in your own home, except the bedroom. To them the bedroom is off-limits. But every other room of your home they want to tell you what to do, or what you can’t do in those other rooms of your house.

  54. I would love to see a stat on how many criminals have built their own weapons, used a weapon that someone else built from an 80% lower, on in any way used a custom built weapon in a crime? Unless shown/proven otherwise, I am going to assume it is around 0%.

  55. I here how Nancy Pelosi says if a Democrat becomes president the can declare a National emergency to infringe on the 2nd Amendment to stop gun violence.. let be very clear the only people who commit gun violence are Criminals not law abiding citizens not the NRA but gangs illegals Muslims not American citizens who have been taught the fundamentals of a firearm..

    Calling a National emergency of the 2nd Amendment would be a federal crime against the American people who have never committed any violence.

    The 2nd Amendment was not written for hunting it was written to overthrow an Tyrannical government it was put to fight people who would seek to destroy the 2nd Amendment.

    The 2nd Amendment says A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.

    It say the right of the people
    Not the right of the government

    I’m calling all militias Patriots 3%rs an all law abiding citizens to bear Arms an rise against the government if they try to take our guns

    It is not the governments business on what guns we own..

    Most school shootings are done by Democrat teens or illegals
    Most murders committed are done by Criminals an illegals an Muslims

    The government is supposed to be an work for the people not against the American people

    We either stand an fight thoughts who seek to destroy the 2nd Amendment and the Constitution of the United states

    Or we kneel in slavery to the government an watch as our great nation crumbles to a socialist nation where the poor stay poor an the rich stay rich an only the rich can prosper while the poor are left to die from famine and Disease

    The government does not the the American peoples back but instead they have the back of
    child sex traffickers
    Child marriage
    Child molesters
    The government wants to use American tax dollars to not only fund them but give them free housing free education free health care free everything an give them food stamps an housing assistance while making the American people pay for it

    The government An Democrat Politicians dont want Americans to succeed

    They want to destroy everything America stands for an wants to re write history destroy the Constitution of the United states and they want to destroy any one who disagrees with them they have called for death an violence already for example Maxine water has..

    So if they try to take an destroy the 2nd Amendment I’m calling on every American to bear arms any fight against the government an treasonous traitor democratics an put them in there place.

    I am a gun Toting God fearing police loving military Respecting border wall agreeing put Americans first believing fight an die for the Constitution American AND I APPROVE THIS WARNING





  56. All you have to do is google “farm murders south africa” if you want to see what happens when only the criminals and government have guns.

  57. I’m calling bullshit on this one.This was introduced in the 2017-2018 session and subsequently died with that session. It’s out there for any one to see, but TTAG throws it out there anyway…..

    TTAG, I don’t know if you read all these posts or not, but I just unsubscribed from everything that you are involved in. I have no idea what the TTAG website gets out of this but I don’t get the feeling you care. However, it is still horseshit, and look at all the passionate people above this post that are concerned, for what??? More clicks???? More advertisement???? More money????

    TTAG can go f*ck themselves……


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