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“Celebrity partnerships aren’t uncommon in mobile games, but it’s not something we would have ever considered unless we knew we could find the right partner for our brand. With Danny Trejo, we’ve found a partner who’s not only a perfect match for Guns of Boom, but is someone who knows and loves the game. He’s an existing member of the Guns of Boom community, making this the best possible opportunity we could have hoped for.” – Game Insight CEO Anatoly Ropotov in Scowling actor Danny Trejo partners with Guns of Boom [via vulture]

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    • But you (and I) credited for ‘reading it.’ [Can you say “TTAG includes its click-bait?]

  1. From former cartel enforcer to Hollywood star, Danny Trejo has certainly had an interesting career.

    • Isn’t “cartel enforcer” a bit of an exaggeration? Seemed more like a just low level gang member too me. I can remember the first movie he a appeared in, as a convict of course, Runaway Train with John Voight and Eric Roberts. The movie is most notable for Eric Robert’s character’s bizarre speech disorder. It was quite annoying.

    • There’s no evidence of cartel involvement, he had some trouble in his 20’s like most of us and turned over a new leaf in the 1980’s. He only acts as a bad guy in movies when something bad happens to his character, he’s said this on many occasions that he doesn’t glamorize the criminal lifestyle.

  2. ohh look a gang banging thug and someone making “celebrity” eyes. Yes his points are so much more valid than all the real shooters out here. Guess which finger I’m holding up TTAG

  3. Meanwhile in REAL news —
    Pennsylvania is considering 20 Anti Gun Laws. — From S – 17 a total AWB, to secret star chamber hearings to strip gun rights without due process , S – 501. — Ammo background checks were floated yesterday at the Judiciary Hearings , where dozens of mis-informed lawmakers are chanting …” Do Something ” …. In reality they are only further HARASSING lawful gun owners. — The committee has prevented any PRO gun experts from speaking , and Rep. Simms has even deleted opposing comments and BANNED folks from his social media Face Book feeds. Prince Law Firm has sent Pa. Judiciary official notice requesting more hearings where PRO GUN people may speak. — There are now calls for protest at Harrisburg April 18, to call for OPEN hearings where all interested parties can speak.List of Pending Legislation ;

  4. Next up…Snoop Dog does guns on TTAG?!? Danny Trejo also makes occasional appearances on The Flash…wow.

  5. Don’t know everything about the man, but he’s done his time and is clean now and standing on his own two feet. There but for the grace of God go us.

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