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“We have a right to conceal carry in this state. And I think people should exercise their rights. Whether it’s Walmart or a school building, if you conceal carry you conceal carry — you have a permit to do so. But regardless of distance or the police response, if you have somebody there that’s willing to stop a lethal threat using lethal means, then that’s great.” – Rachel Rodriguez-Williams in Wyoming town votes on arming teachers in area cited by education secretary [via]

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  1. Makes perfect sense to me. I taught for 40 years, 30 in the inner city. Even if all teachers did was defend their own classrooms and didn’t go out chasing the shooter it would be a huge step in the right direction. Move the kids out of the line of sight, barricade behind the desk and cover the doorway. Even a teacher ought to be able to put some rounds through the center of the door opening if necessary and if past experience in other mass shootings is any indicator, the shooter will either run if missed or even turn the gun on him/her/itself if confronted.

  2. Unless they’re forcing teachers to carry and giving them guns, it’s not arming teachers. It’s giving teachers a choice.

    • so true. media controls the messaging and they always seem to frame this as forced arming. Then the bloomers show up at state houses with signs saying they don’t want to carry a gun in class. Ok then don’t…now put away the sign and read the legislation text next time. all about histrionics.

  3. Well.. yea!!!

    You don’t fear for your kids lives at Walmart, why would you be afraid of a CCW at a school?

    Time to reprogram the way people think, gotta shake off the Al Gore mentality.

  4. In Michigan (and elsewhere) the Left thinks that if they put up NO GUNS signs that will stop people from murdering people on school grounds.

    • No they don’t. They don’t believe anything they say. It’s all a means to an end, to totally disarm the people.

      • Well several attorneys from two different school districts spent a lot of time arguing that in front of the Michigan Supreme Court last week.

        • I would make the case to these lawyers faces that they indeed do not care about the lives of school children and don’t care if they’re shot to death in their own classroom. These lawyers simply do not believe the teachers should have a gun to protect children against another adult who wants to shoot them dead in their classroom.

          The problem with most conservatives is that they are too “nice”. And that is a big reason why we elected Donald Trump as president of the United States. If Senator Ted Cruz was more aggressive and not as “nice” he possibly could have become president.

  5. Recently read an article about Ohio school district that decided after sandyhook to arm teachers. After initial training teachers and administrators train monthly either at a range or situational and fire over 600 ounds a year in training. District super said he would stack his teachers up against any cop in the country. Local sheriff is on board. He said that because of distances involved it could take many minutes for responders to arrive. He punctuated that by saying that after the first round someone is killed or wounded every 17 seconds and people opposed to arming teachers should do the math.

    • As soon as I read “600 rounds a year” my first thought was those teachers are getting more range time than the cops. Gonna start calling teachers when trouble rises and leave the cops free to shuttle drunks back and forth.

    • Call it one “range pack” box (50 rnds) or 3-5 magazines worth, per month.

      Sounds like a reasonable level of effort for keeping in good practice.

    • Meanwhile in Pennsylvania, one school is arming people with buckets of stones, and another gave teachers billy clubs. I gotta move out of this state.

      • The bucket of rocks is a clear parallel to the IQs of a lot of “educators”, especially the ones that never deal with kids on a regular basis.

        On the other hand, Pennsylvania is still a state worth fighting for, get organized and take up the fight. Good luck!

  6. I’m pro-choice on teacher/staff carry, of course. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that Wyoming resident Rachel Rodriguez-Williams, who’s also in favor of it, is a former California police officer.

    Woman, Californian, (former) government employee, minority, oh my!

  7. What is so difficult for Leftist’s to understand about,Shall Not Be Infringed and Every Effing Where,perhaps those are foreign concepts to pea brained Kool Aid swillers.

  8. Any area the declares itself a “gun free zone” should be required to provide armed security for the people in that zone. It only makes sense that you provide armed security for me if you are stripping me of my ability to defend myself against threats.

    • Except that historically, governments and their armed official “representatives”, usually in full uniform, have killed far more of “their own people” than any other force, foreign or domestic. I still want the choice of protecting myself and now stay clear of “gun-free zones” or just, well, you know…

      As a retired educator I could easily make $125+ per day babysitting, er, subbing for absent educators but it’s not worth it to have to leave the Glock 43 at home, especially around a bunch of young gangbangers.

  9. Address the elephant in the room — the irrefutable fact the Constitution and Bill of Rights are not being applied, as written, fully to all citizens across all 50 states.

    The “United” in United States is no longer accurate.

  10. Wish Washington State would consider this and allow ccw license holders to ccw in public schools for the safety of the Students there I surely would.!!

  11. Conceal carry rights are so restricted that only tow places are allowed for concel carry- in your front yard and in your car.

  12. If you are registered gun owner your name is in data base of police squad computers.
    Careful if pulled over.
    Soon you will be taxed on ownership of your gun along with permit costs.

  13. Schools in Pennsylvania are arming teachers and students with buckets of rocks.
    How much training are they going to receive.
    If they aren’t good shots, they will hit one another and possibly help a attacker.
    Is there anybody left with common sense?

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