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Pennsylvania, where the law is still the law . . . Gun Bans: Court Reminds Local Governments They Lack Authority to Restrict Guns – “The court rejected the claim that the ordinance was within the authority of a municipality regulating the use of its own property. The underlying basis for the ordinance was the Township’s police power, not proprietary rights, because the ordinance imposed a criminal penalty and authorized officers to enforce the ordinance by removing and prosecuting violators. More generally, the UFA explicitly prohibited a township from regulating firearms “in any manner,” without an exemption that would authorize the township to make rules for its park property. The court also gave short shrift to the claim that the (Uniform Firearms Act) did not preempt a municipality’s regulation of unlawful firearm possession.”

Abbott says Obama-backed arms trade treaty could let U.N. police guns – “Greg Abbott warned in a recent tweet that President Barack Obama seeks Senate ratification of a treaty that could empower the United Nations to regulate guns. The Texas governor tweeted: “This Treaty by Obama could give the UN some authority to regulate guns. Tell the Senate to reject it.” Abbott further pointed to a story stating, in part, that the Arms Trade Treaty, recently urged on the Senate by the lame-duck Democratic president, seeks to regulate the world’s annual exchange of $70 billion in conventional weaponry including tanks, helicopters and missiles.” January 20th can’t possibly get here soon enough.

An Experiment in Empathy – “Underwood, Tuft, and more than a dozen others on both sides of the gun debate — a hunter; two Baltimore cops; a criminal-court judge from New Orleans; a couple of high-schoolers who grew up in the ganglands of Chicago’s South Side — had agreed to meet face-to-face, tell each other their stories, and try to understand one another’s points of view, in an experiment in radical empathy organized by New York Magazine in partnership with a nonprofit group called Narrative 4.” Fake manufactured “news.”

Wait, this just doesn’t happen in the UK . . . Bus passenger blasted in head with shotgun while talking on phone ‘thought device had exploded in his hand’ – “A bus passenger suffered serious head injuries after a shotgun was fired at the vehicle. The man was travelling on the number 4 Diamond bus along Weston Street in Palfrey, Walsall, when it came under attack. He had been talking on his phone and initially thought his mobile had exploded by his ear and shattered the bus window.”

Gun confiscation prompts lawsuit – “A Yates County woman is suing the state claiming she should have had legal representation to defend her handgun license after police in 2015 impounded her guns following hospitalization for a night due to a cough syrup reaction. ‘No one facing federal and state disqualification from the ownership, use, and possession of firearms should represent themselves at a license hearing,’ Rochester-area lawyer Paloma Capanna said in a prepared statement about the suit she has filed on behalf of Donna McKay.” Civil rights violation is a feature of the SAFE Act, not a bug.

Christie’s gun gambit shot down, but the vulnerable need help – “The governor had unilaterally changed state gun regulations by expanding the types of people who could carry firearms in public in April, after his handpicked commission decided that the ‘justifiable need’ standard to pack heat was too restrictive. This three-man commission — comprised of Christie’s former legal counsel, his former assistant in the US Attorney’s office, and a law professor married to the governor’s ethics chief — changed the requirement to include ‘serious threats,’ which means anyone who walks out of their house in Camden or Newark could probably qualify for a carry permit. It was an intentionally vague amendment, so lawmakers stonewalled it Monday, using their authority to strike down any executive action that defies legislative intent.” Apparently unarmed New Jerseyans don’t qualify as “vulnerable” as far as is concerned.

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  1. Well after Bury Soetoro pulled that stunt at the UN I wouldn’t put anything past the Kenyan catastrophe. Good luck getting blue helmets patrolling America. Every blade of grass. Good luck in Joisey(NY)-you’ll need it?

    • Every blade of grass … except along large swaths of the eastern and western seaboards, that is, and not for lack of grass.

        • Vhyrus,

          I had the exact same thought and almost the exact same word choice spring into my mind before reading your response. I cannot begin to convey how eerie that is.

  2. “Greg Abbott warned in a recent tweet that President Barack Obama seeks Senate ratification of a treaty that could empower the United Nations to regulate guns”

    Good luck getting 2/3 of the Senate to go along with that one…

  3. “Gun Bans: Court Reminds Local Governments They Lack Authority to Restrict Guns”

    And can you believe it, this was a 2-1 decision. Meaning that one judge needs to be taken out behind the courthouse and kicked swiftly in the buttocks with an iron boot.

    • Your spell checker glitched on “hillocks.” Buttocks. Dang it … b o l l o c k s. I hate autocorrect sometimes.

      • (snerk), chokes on coffee.
        Can we be (gasp) certain this judge HAD bollocks?
        (off to restroom now to clean coffee out of schnozz)

    • I’ll volunteer my size 15 steel toe combat boots. . .

      Unfortunately I don’t really have steel toes, but I do wear size 14 – 15! (depending on whats available at the time)

    • I prefer “taken out behind the court house and shot”, but we can wait on your iron boot to be done with that particular treasonous piece of shit.

  4. What liability rests on township officials, especially the commissioners who exceeded their authority, if they persist in charging park visitors who carry in accordance with state law?

  5. That fat guy has a shockingly attractive/fit wife considering how badly he let himself go. I’m guessing he makes a fair amount of money or is a damn good liar. Possibly both.

  6. That’s the second time a confiscation after a hospitalization in western NY has made the papers … and been rolled back. Because, that kind of hospitalization doesn’t count.

    That seems an odd kind of error to make. Why so eager to report as “involuntary?” What’s with hospitalization reporting to the cops, anyway? I get assaults and g s w, but really, who gets to decide what “really” happened once I get to an E R? Based on whar? Then what happens? If you have guns, seems like you’re headed for a hearing.

    Seems like once yountou h any part of the system, you’re in the whole way.

    Seems like another cost n burden on having a gun … go to the hospital and you’ll havento.go to a hearing, n lose your stuff in the meanwhile. If you have a gun, that is.

    And they wonder why nobody trusts them.

  7. Speaking from my Canadian perspective, the UN ATT is bad news- make sure you contact your representatives and let them know to oppose it. Under no circumstances must you let it through.

  8. I think the solution to the UN Arms Trade Treaty is to get rid of the UN.

    I think Trump may be thinking the same thing but for other reasons.

    Once he sees the amount of tax money we spend on the UN, he may just do it.

    • Immediately solves the crisis Osama is giggling about with Israel as well. Pretty simple. Get the US out of the UN, and get the UN out of the US. And get it done before Jan 1, 2018. All by itself, that will put Trump at the forefront of the presidents of the past 50 years. And without the US, the UN would crumble to nothing in literally minutes, would never move anywhere, and most ambassadors would request asylum so they would not have to return home. Which should be automatically denied.

  9. Regarding the UN Arms Trade Treaty…. I’m always amazed at how quickly people believe the propaganda that this treaty will ban guns, or create a registry, in the US. If anyone bothered to read the treaty, they would see on the FIRST PAGE, about 5 paragraphs down, the treaty very specifically states it is NOT to dictate or influence gun laws within each country:

    Reaffirming the sovereign right of any State to regulate and control conventional arms exclusively within its territory, pursuant to its own legal or constitutional system.


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