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“While we have promising leads, this unacceptable level of gun violence demonstrates the clear and present need for policy makers to convene in January and give Chicago the gun sentencing tools against repeat offenders so that we can adequately hold people accountable.” – Chicago Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmo quoted in Police Blame Gangs For Bloody Christmas Weekend That Saw 48 Shot In Chicago [via]

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  1. You mean the problem is the judges are handing out maximum sentences, and aren’t allowed to lock the perps up, when the perps get promptly kicked back out on the street to reoffend?

    Or do you mean you’re a lying sack of doodoo, Tony?

    Since when did police departments need press secretaries, whose full time jobs at taxpayer expense are to lie to reporters so the reporters will lie to the taxpayers? It’s bad enough we pay for a press secretary for the President without giving them to cops too.

  2. Heh, from the title, I was half expecting Guglielmo to implore policy makers to stop restricting citizen’s rights to carry throughout the killing zone, but alas, it appears he is intent on cultivating his career track.

    • OK, so 80% of this is gang on gang violence (hint, they don’t have CCLs), how are any changes to the carry laws going to have any effect?

      • I suppose they could start with the other 20% and go from there…or just declare it all futile and do more of the same…again, but bigger.

    • Acceptable level would be if gang members only shot other gang members without hitting anyone else. Hood Rat population control program, but due to their poor aiming skillz they are hitting too many non gang members so something has to be done………. It’s making the city look bad in national news.

    • I think to CPD an acceptable level would be one that didn’t put all this pressure on them. It’s not the violence that’s really unacceptable to them, it’s the heat they’re taking over the violence.

  3. “sentencing tools against repeat offenders…”

    Right. Because locking up his sorry ass the first time he shoots someone would be too harsh, I guess.

    Truth is, we already have the tools, Mr. Guglielmo. State’s Attorneys and judges in other parts of the state have been using those tools for a long time, with measurable success. Your situation will improve when the voters of Crook County start electing State’s Attorneys and judges who decide to use those tools.

  4. CPD identified 1,350 individuals with serious records who are at high risk for committing violent crimes or becoming victims of other criminals. Locking all of them up for an average of 40 years would cost $2 billion. Avoiding that cost is why they are let out so soon.

    • Giving each of them a well deserve bullet to the back of the skull would cost ~$300, I think I’ve found a major taxpayer cost savings…

      • If you want to live in a country that does that, can I recommend China or possibly the Philippines. I sure we can find some place they goose step high enough for you.

        • Yes… Because clearly punishing repeat violent criminals and permanently removing their ability to re-offend is a horrible plan… Look at the tolerant SJW paradise of Chiraq for example…

        • Once they’ve been convicted on an airtight case, I see no reason why they shouldn’t take a bullet…. they have already demonstrated that they will put others lives at risk and are a danger to the population at large.

        • Pwrserge, you want the government shoot people who have been deemed a high risk by the government; yes that is a great idea.

        • Because clearly, previous behavior is not a good predictor of future behavior… If you have multiple violent felony convictions, there’s not really a rational debate as to your dangerousness.

        • OK, I need to spell it out for you, multiple serious crimes not equal to “multiple violent felonies”. Second, the whole idea of making it EASY for the government to execute criminals of any type is such a insanely bad idea it is not even funny. Now if we had an totally ethical judicial system, I may agree with you. But I really don’t think we do, do you?

        • Do I have a long felony record? Please… Let’s not pretend any of these scumbags are anything other than sub-human career criminal pieces of shit.

        • Really, given how many gang members are killed by other gang members, do you think a few executions would mean anything?

        • Depends how you execute them… I’ve always been a fan of the Romanian school of thought on that issue. Never let it be said that Tepes never got results.

    • When we decide to stop applying the level of force necessary (AKA enforcing the laws) because it would cost too much, we have lost the war on crime.
      We have to either decide the cost is worth the peace (effectively admitting that some people are, indeed, evil), or just live with the consequences of not just the actions of criminals, but the consequences of our decision to save money.

      • The ‘war on crime” is nothing more than cynical political posing and twisted morality signalling to mask the real purpose: creating the American police state.

        • Don’t expect the brain dead hicks around here to understand this. Expect NRA state lobbyist for Illinois Todd Vandermyde to stick his dirty snout into the enhanced sentencing bill and sell out gun owners to the police unions the same way he did in 2013 with state Rep. Brandon Phelps concealed carry bill.

          The anti-gun Chiefs of Police wanted Duty to Inform w/ criminal penalties in the “NRA backed” carry bill, so Vandermyde handed it to them. EVERY violation of Illinois’ carry bill is criminal, with penalties of SIX MONTHS or ONE YEAR in jail. Watch the penalties for violations of Phelps carry act creep up to felonies, just like UUW. That way the anti-gun police unions can claim that they are “doing something” about “gun crime.” Then Vandermyde creates job security to “fix” the shit bills he puts up. Treason is big business at NRA.

          This is what happens when Chris Cox & Chuck Cunningham let backstabbing rats run around loose in Springfield. NRA, Inc., the anti-gun police unions and the useful idiot flag wavers who vote for Brandon Phelps: they’re all “on the same side” with the criminal police state, against the Constitution.

    • Staying with the numbers Chicago has some 60,000 gang members organized in some 600 gangs or sub groups. That’s quite a voting block. Add in the revenue from their drug sales, the result is something that politictions will take notice of.
      Were there be a increase in long term incarceration, there would be a uproar about how “racist” it was.
      However, the reality is that swift and certain jail time would seem impact the violence.

  5. I agree that the level of gang violence in Chicago is unacceptable. Now, if all the gangs were to kill each other off completely, that’s something I would find perfectly acceptable.

  6. Whats ludicrous(not the rapper)is no murder records will be set. But maybe total shooting…and pick all up those shooters. I won’t go quite as far as serge but chaingangs and prison camps would stop this BS. They already have alotta’ laws. Oh and federalize all of it…

    • Get an ad blocker. That’s what everyone else does. Google. is. your. friend.

      Except for all the information they collect on you.

  7. “gun sentencing tools against repeat offenders” Isn’t that “tool” called the trigger?

  8. The political “fix is in” regarding Chicago’s criminal justice system, so expecting a significant change in how the system works – regarding the connections of politicians, the gangs, different sociodemographic groups, etc., is not going to happen in my lifetime.

    Except for a handful of urban centers there’s simply not much firearms violence in America. Bloomberg, Watts, Giffords, Kelly, Pelosi, etc NEED high urban firearms violence rates to give them numbers that they believe support their gun restriction efforts across the country. Remember, every 20 year old banger killed in a heroin deal gone bad is another “innocent child lost to the scourge of gun violence.”

    Chicago helps pad their statistics for gun control. So long as the majority of deaths are gang members, anti 2A people don’t want fewer deaths. They need the numbers.

  9. You say something needs to be done…. will be done…. blah blah blah…. nothing will change. Rahm needs his voter base. Until the dummycraps are no longer running the show, nothing will change.
    Do what I do. Stay out of chiraq. I used to enjoy going into the city. Now I avoid it at all costs.

    • unless you enjoyed visiting englewood, austin or grand crossing exclusively, you would not notice a difference. clark and diversey will still be nice to you.

  10. Neither a Mayor’s office with a history of using political influence to quash homicide investigations nor a police department with a history of home invasion robberies and an actual legal determination that it maintains a “blue wall of silence” have ANY credibility regarding “law and order”.

    Add to this the PERVASIVE political influence of the street gangs, whom aldermen ACTIVELY court for political support, and you have nothing more than political farce, drench in blood.

  11. Hillary & Barack ignored the Boston Miracle. The problem isn’t guns. But you know that.
    The Boston Miracle reduced inner city gun deaths by 65% in 18 mos. You know, they the powers that be, don’t really want it to end. Who is complaining? The local cops and local gov. agents. The big people only care if that 18-25 year old shoots up a school or movie theatre. That’s alarming and “Moms” gets all upset. So they wave magazines around and placate people.

  12. Saving money?
    Our tax dollars pay the drug enforcers salaries and equip them. Then the fat cats dine with the drug producers and everyone gets paid. No Chicago resident is manufacturing drugs or importing them. The supply is from elsewhere and he’s not a poor resident or a gangbanger.

    Now there are Americans making Meth but that’s another group that just doesn’t get the media play. They may not be having regular weekend turf wars that endanger noncombatants but their commerce is damaging families, making kids wards of the state and killing people. But why make that a news story?

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