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Camden NJ courtesy

USA Today made an astounding discovery: “New Jersey gun laws don’t curb violence in Camden.” Although the Brady Campaign considers NJ to be the state with the second-strongest gun laws in the US, Camden’s murder rate was about 12 times the overall U.S. rate in 2011. There were 75 homicides in the city last year. Anderson Baker, a convicted felon and former gang member stated, “Gun laws to people in Camden are like saying you’ll get a ticket if you jaywalk…it means nothing. Most politicians don’t get that.”  So what’s NJ’s response? Pass more gun laws, of course. It all makes perfect sense. Or not.  And from Connecticut . . .

The more than 100 revisions to CT’s onerous gun control laws now before the governor for signature include several “technical changes” aimed at trying to keep gun manufacturers from leaving the state and taking their tax money with them. One clarifies the fact that manufacturers don’t have to register high-capacity magazines they produce (although they still can’t sell them in the state). Another allows gun makers to move weapon parts from one factory to another within the state. So far, no firearms manufacturers are saying if they’re going to change their minds about moving. Michael Nicastro, president of the Central Connecticut Chambers of Commerce admitted “it may be a case of too little, too late.”

Meanwhile, inside the Beltway, it’s zombie politics. Harry Ried plans to meet with Double Barrel Joe Biden and Formerly NRA A-Rated Joe Manchin some time next week to discuss trying to revive the DOA gun legislation in the Senate. Reid said “I’m not going to bring up a vote just to have a vote. I want to bring up this vote again if we can accomplish something.” Uh huh. What was it Einstein said about doing the same thing over and expecting a different result? This whole gun control thing is like the psycho ex who just won’t go away and leave you alone. Except you can get a restraining order against the ex and have her crazy ass tossed in jail.

In the Peoples Republic of San Francisco, Supervisor Malia Cohen introduced legislation on Tuesday that would would ban the possession of firearms with large capacity magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. Notice that doesn’t just say ban the possession of the magazines – it states it would ban the possession of the firearms with the magazines. It would also require gun dealers in the city to report the sale of any ammunition to the police, not just the 500 or more rounds previously required. She says “I’d imagine it’ll probably ruffle some feathers.” Ya think?

They’re taking their own innovative steps in Toledo, Ohio to get handguns off the streets. On June 8 at People’s Missionary Baptist Church, will hold a gun buyback where they “will pay $50 per firearm during a handgun buyback program at a central-city church next week, officials announced Thursday…Officials also will accept, but not pay for, unwanted ammunition, shotguns, rifles, BB and pellet guns, starter pistols, and visibly inoperable firearms, all of which will be destroyed.” Is it just me or does it seem they’re offering less and less dinero at these things? Fifty bucks? For working firearms? What a bunch of cheapskates!

If you thought little Fluffy was safe, it turns out that the LAPD and NYPD don’t have a monopoly on shooting dogs. From Buffalo NY comes a report that the BPD got the wrong apartment in a drug raid and shot Army vet Adam Arroyo’s pet dog, which he says was tied up at the time. Arroyo says he plans to hire a lawyer. Let’s hope so. This needless bloodshed at the hands of the police must cease. We have to think of the pets!

A pair of home invaders in Brooklyn, New York picked on the wrong 10-year-old. When they pushed their way into his house and tried to enter the room where he and his mom were located, she slammed the door on one of their arms, causing him to drop his gun. Then the kid grabbed the gun and fired at the bad guys. They fired back without hitting anyone and ran off. Perhaps they wouldn’t have gotten as far as the second floor if NYC gun laws didn’t prevent the homeowner from having a gun of her own with which to protect her family.

Nicholas Finch, the now-former sheriff of (ironically named) Liberty County, Florida near Tallahassee, has been arrested, apparently for refusing to arrest and book someone for carrying a concealed firearm. Per his lawyer: “The records at the jail show exactly what happened in this case and the records speak the truth. The sheriff looked at the facts and said ‘I believe in the second ammendment [sic] and we’re not going to charge him.’ That is not misconduct at all. That is within the Sheriff’s perogative [sic] whether to charge someone or not.” So the Florida Department of Law Enforcement had him arrested and the governor has replaced him.  There may be more to it than this, but something sounds kinda fishy. If any of you live in the area and have more information on what happened, please let us know in the comments.

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  1. One part of the story, regarding the gun by back at a church…

    Im saddened to here t y at those who value the right to freedom of Religion would stoop so low as to be fooled by rediculously notioned gun buy-backs.

    I suggest this in order to combat 5hese types of idiotic things, post a gun-purchase event for private citizens that offers $100 for guns. Then donate the guns in exchange for charity money to an FFL… is this a legal option for citizens? If it wasn’t intended for profit then how could the person(s) buying them be engaged in a business?

  2. Sry for Sherrif in FL but the case law on concealed carry is not forgiving to it being deemed unconstitutional, sry. States that allow non-permit concealed carry is great, but if that exists as a law then I have to say that saddly it is not going to go well.

  3. Wow. Pols in San Francisco appear truly deranged.
    Even though I hate the rain, I’m so glad I moved north in 80.

  4. Ah San Francisco and its inane ordinances. I don’t think SF can ban guns that can accept a tem plus round magazine, and the banning of currently legal magazines is questionable at best. While its true that SF PD doesn’t have to look far to find high capacity mags, that has something to do with the fact that they all carry high capacity Glocks. And I have a real hard time believing that any law-abiding citizen is employing extra capacity mags in confrontations with the police–love to see the stats on THAT whopper. The bit about reporting ammo sales is even more bizarre–there is only one outlet for ammo in the whole city, and they already make that poor schmuck report; this new ordinance is just another attempt to run him out of town, which they’ve been trying to do for years. I recall reading that the SFPD doesn’t allow him to even keep more that a few thousand rounds for sale as it is.

    And need I say that Senator Yee is from SF? As is Kamala Harris? And the next candidate for Governor, Lt. Governor Gavin Newsome? Nah, we got the message. They must be putting something in the water…

    • SFPD carries Sigs, not Glocks. They issue both the 226 and the 229, both in .40 S&W.

      And yes, High Bridge Arms is the only gun store in San Francisco and the only place in the city that sells ammo, AFAIK. There are actually tons of FFL’s in the Bay Area… most people would be surprised. But, in the actual city/county of San Francisco? One.

  5. Just found this link at a site not to be named, but apparently the FBI is counting some 73.44 million firearms purchase background check (according to the article) since obummer took office. Obviously some are likely carry permit checks, but still, damn.

  6. I think they’re offering less money at gun buybacks cause these things are simply running out of steam and it must be harder for them to get funds. Anti gun efforts simply aren’t panning out and with the recall going in Colorado and 2014 coming up it’s only going to get worse for those trying to repress our civil rights.

    • Our 2A folk go to those gun buys, get good $ for old guns and upgrade to new guns.. Gee, ya think that’s one of those “unintended consequences”. (grin)

      • I’ve done it Nora. Turned in busted junk, got the cash and put it on a new gun. That’s been some years back, but it happened.

        • Hahaha. Great call. I found an old raven 25 auto under my work bench. Now I know what I’m going to do with it!

  7. Happy D-Day all.
    I find myself wishing that someone would hold a buy back here so that I could convert some of the garbage laying around into cash. However living someplace where anyone who suggested such idiocy would be laughed out of town is more than worthy compensation for having to simply keep my junk.

    There are still place where freedom reigns, here in southern Ohio conditions are such that the tales from Connecticut, NY and California seem impossible.
    Last Monday I found myself waiting outside a local news and coffee shop with a quartet of other men awaiting the good, cheap coffee and their favorite magazine.
    The topic of conversation turned to ammo prices, then concealed carry, and in no time it was revealed that all 5 of us were CCW holders and all armed. This was followed by a trip to one fellows SUV where a recently purchased and well dressed AR was admired, and a pistol bought and sold. All this from 5 random strangers on their way to work before morning coffee was even served.
    I cannot imagine it being different as I was raised here and it has always been so. LGS here often serve coffee for free and often have stools or chairs so that people of the gun can gather and chat. A local flea market even has a gunners corner where people gather to swap, buy and sell, or just talk and show off, it draws quite a crowd on the weekends.
    My condolences to all those people of the gun living under restrictive laws. I cannot imagine your misery.

  8. I live in Tallahassee and this is the first I’ve heard of this. There could be more, there’s been corruption scandals in sheriff’s offices in this part of the state before. That said, not really suprising that FDLE has gotten involved, or the Gov. Gov Scott was a tea party fav coming into office, but he seems to be gently drifting left. Not as hard as Christie, but somewhat. He took the Medicare bribe in order to not block the Obamacare exchange, which put him at odds with the people that elected him. The establishment Republicans aren’t fans anyway, I have a feeling he might have a primary challenger next year, which is fine with me.

  9. How loudly can someone yell, “NO SHIT, SHERLOCK!” or maybe “NICE WORK, CAPTAIN OBVIOUS!!”?

    It’s like having a friend complaining about something all the time and never taking your advice even though they keep wasting your time asking you for it.

    People only have so much energy to go through this for so long until they just say, “You know what? STFU. I’m tired of hearing it.”

  10. Since we have let the Marxist Liberals make us so P.C. No one would dare bring up the racial makeup of all high crime areas. Maybe time we stop the P.C. B.S.

    • Chuck, I’ll do it. Camden, NJ’s population is a whopping 95% Bantu and mestizo. In 2012 in Chicago, 94% of the homicide victims were Bantus (77%) and mestizos (17%).


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