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“Haw haw! We guess we do act like gun owners leave their firearms out for their kids to play with, possibly because reports in which that very thing happens are a FUCKING DIME A DOZEN IN U.S. AMERICA and we are FUCKING TIRED of grimly joking about how a dead person should have been armed against a kid who found a gun that was left out in easy reach. Yeah, that is maybe why we act like that.” – Doktor Zoom, Deleted Comments of the Day: Did Someone Mention Guns? [at]

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  1. Nanny state solution: We can’t teach personal responsibility, aka lock your guns up, because that goes against our main goal of government dependence, so we must ban them.

    • Refuse to allow sex and contraceptives education in schools and kids will impregnate each other. Refuse to allow firearm safety education in schools and kids will accidentally shoot each other.

      • WHAT? This one must be too subtle for even me. Sex education (well, technically it’s deviant sex, but…) is taught widely in schools. Contraceptives are handed out, and I guess they show how to use them … (I was TWENTY or so before I got the nerve to go buy some rubbers; I was afraid the pharmacist would leer and ask, “and what SIZE? What’s THAT? I can’t HEAR you!”)

        And yet teen pregnancy continues unabated. Can someone explain to me how this happens?

        • I’d be interested to hear your difinition of deviant sex, William. You have such a novel take on everything else. And 20 before you bought a condom? Did you already have multiple STD’s or were you still a virgin?

  2. guys dont go to these sites. places like gawker, wonkette and associated sites make money offa page hits by purposely attacking male centered hobbies and industries. like video games, guns, the computer industry etc etc. its their business model.

  3. It cannot take anybody seriously if they do not know how to write in coherent, proper English.

      • It’s Postmodern English; even our TTAG leaders engage in a less extreme version occasionally. It has its place and time, but care should be taken not to overdo it, like those Wonkettes.

        Postmodern English is not really new; partly, it can be seen to have its origins in the dialogue of hard-boiled detective novels. Who doesn’t like THOSE?

    • Amen, brother!..I thought I was an idiot because I had to re-read it 3 times to comprehend the meaning of the paragraph.

      • I think the meaning refers to gun owners being irresponsible and self defense being unnecessary, but it is so poorly written that it gave me a headache. These people strike me as the low information voters who will easily be convinced by Obama et all, hence why the country is $17 trillion in debt and embroiled in scandal from an exceptionally poor presidential administration.

    • I have to say that most of the comments make zero sense. There must be some newspeak or linguistics unique to these sites and their audience that is just totally lost on me.

        • Facerolling: the act of rolling one’s face on the keyboard in lieu of typing legitimate language.

  4. This is a current meme being circulated by the gun grabbers. I have encountered a number of people who have been challenging me with this BS. I just went through an exchange with a friend who has a swimming pool, which is more dangerous to young children then guns, two weeks ago. When I showed him the actual numbers he changed the criteria to include 18 years olds. I pointed out that even for the 1-18 group that excluding suicides the ratio of gun deaths to accidental drownings was still 1:1. He didn’t like that and then went back to the five year old meme.

    Second Amendment supporters need to be aware of what memes are being floated to low information voters so we can develop effective counterarguments.

    • Oh great, I cannot wait. I have a graduation party to attend next week and cannot wait to here the current memes

  5. Wonkette amuses me. It’s a haven for the more outrageous folks who get their comments scrubbed on the “ists.”

    That said, you keep posting links to these sites Dan, do the good people at TTAG need to get together and have an intervention?

    • Matt –

      The reason is simple, as written by Sun Tzu in “The Art of War”, in the 6th century BCE: “know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles”

      It’s imperative that we know as much as we can about those who support the Civilian Disarmament cause.

      • We know there is a core of folks who are ANTI-gun. They just dislike the idea of people owning them. We will never convince these folks, even if there were no crimes involving guns or kids accidentally hurting themselves.

        There is also a group that don’t necessarily buy into the constitutional/natural right argument but also don’t inherently dislike guns. Their problem is that they think “gun crime” is going up, or have an emotional reaction to stories like Newtown (which is understandable), which leads to a dislike of guns on public safety grounds. We may never get these folks to the range, but we could probably get them to neutral with a combination of education and demonstrating that gun owners take both the right and the responsibility seriously.

        This Wonkette comment is the first group trying to convince the second (sort of). And every tragedy brought about by a gun owner being dumb gives them ammo.

      • Really, guy? My post was clearly tongue-in-cheek and you come at me with Sun Tzu?

      • Instead of dismissing them as halfwits, as people here commonly do, you mean?

        I call it “nirvanity”: “I don’t like them people, so I’ll just decide they’re stupid; everybody knows I’m not!” Well…..

  6. You know what, though? It is pretty damn inexcusable. And it does happen far too often. Not nearly as often (in comparison to other childhood accidents) as advertised, but this really is a situation where even one is one too many.
    It’s just like owning a bigger breed dog. You trust your dog not to chew your hand off, and your dog is pretty good with the kids, but you generally wouldn’t leave a big dog alone with a toddler. Little kids like to pull on tails, poke eyes, and imagine that? The dog will eventually bite back.
    But unlike a dog, it is entirely humane and possible to lock up a gun, or secure it in a location where they can’t get to it. Even better, it should be WITH YOU, on your hip, where it can actually do it’s job should you need it.

    • +1 This is an area where the NRA should be more vocal. I know they push the issue within the community, but they can’t push it hard enough. The more the general population identifies them and the community in general with gun safety the better off we will be.

    • What is it with you and large breed dogs? Were you attacked in your youth? I frankly dislike small breed dogs. The yippy pieces of crap were always the one who chased me on my bicycle or bit me when I visited a friend’s house. They should be outlawed. For the children.

      • Not only do I like love big breed dogs, but more importantly, I respect them! And honestly any dog shouldn’t be left in a situation with an unsupervised child. It’s just not fair to the dog, and inevitably, they’re the ones who get blamed when somebody gets hurt. I thought it was a pretty fair comparison.

        But yeah, I don’t like the little yappy ones a damn bit, either.

      • All dogs can bite, and appropriate precautions should be taken. Pitbulls and Rottweliers cause the most deaths. However, the most dangerous animals in the US are white tail deer. They run out in front of cars and trucks on a regular basis, and can cause fatal collisions at freeway and highway speeds.

        • Oh God, now you’ve done it.

          Here come all the white tail deer owners to defend the breed.

        • Yeah, but how many of those deer deaths are suicides? You can’t count those in the statistics. /sarc

          Seriously I hate those things. They are such vermin.

    • “but this really is a situation where even one is one too many.”

      YUP. Personally, haven’t seen enough kids drown in pools or die in car crashes; not yet anyhow! You?

      We could stand one or two more, doncha think?

  7. While no one should confuse Wonkette for rational, fair, or accurate, this does highlight the reality that irresponsible gun owners hurt all of us. We as a community need to encourage best practices, because we are not going to be judged as individuals by the general population.

    • This site has highlighted the IGOTD many times.

      Many efforts have been made to spread the “Eddie the Eagle” programs all over the USA, but they are ALWAYS shot down by the progressives. Their only solution is ban not education.

      If Obama et al had a little bit of a clue and REALLY wanted to help and for just one darn second get off his high horse, he would have mandated “Eddie the Eagle” education in all grade schools to teach small children to stay away from guns. Really, its not that hard, but that darn dogma, Ego I am smart than you thing always gets in the way.

      But….abortion education and Day After pills for any girl of any age…they are all over that.

      • The NRA has how many millions of dollars? They should be running ads on CBS during Big Bang Theory about gun safety, going directly to the public.

        Your point about Eddie Eagle is a good one, but when it gets shut down by anti-gun types the NRA should publicly shame them, talking about how non-ideological the program is and asking the parents if they are ok with gun safety not being taught in school.

        The antis are trying to paint gun rights groups as fronts for “big gun”, the best way to counter that is to be seen, as publicly as possible as being pro-gun safety, and the real stuff, not the “gun safety” euphemism used by anti groups. If Joe and Jane Sixpack can think of the pro-safety ad the NRA ran on tv that will hopefully make people safer and help make the antis demonization efforts that much harder.

        • They have tried, and their ads even on safety have been shot down. Even if you are willing to pay, the networks do not have to accept or air your ad even if it is a PSA ad.

          The media bias against guns is to the point that even if you have something useful to say and you are part of the NRA, it will not get any attention or will be rejected without thought. The open minded media is complete close minded except for the agenda they wish to carry.

          At the school level, there have been posts on TTAG about schools completely rejecting the Eddie the Eagle programs and replacing them with their own. Some non-gun owner teaching someone about gun safety.

          The fact that they do not accept a true safety program is proof that the anti-gun and the MSM do not give a darn about safety.

        • I’m skeptical that the networks will turn down prime time ad dollars given the decline in viewership, but at a minimum they should make ads for cable and the Internet, not aimed at the community, talking only about safety.

    • We are not going to be judged in a positive light, NO MATTER WHAT. Go ahead, play their game; it was only designed by them.

  8. Right up there with leaving the keys to the cars on a key hook by the door.
    I’m pretty sure by the time my kids were 10, I knew I could relax just a wee bit.
    In retrospect, I was right. Thank God. My kids never play(ed) with guns, never stole the cars, didn’t burn down the house. Didn’t get drunk and stupid.

    OK, maybe they did get drunk and stupid.

  9. I went to the site and was reading the responses to the gun rights people, all I can is wow!

    Like a pack of rabid dogs; no debate, no talk of facts, of history, no discussion of the reality that accidental gun deaths is at the lowest level of possibilities for a child to die, below drowning in buckets and bathtubs.

    Just unending adhominem attacks; these people have so dehumanized all of us that support gun rights that they would be cheering wildly if the government were to round us all up and march us into the ovens.

    Now I truly am coming to see how mass genocide can be supported by supposedly “civilized” people.

    • I would argue there is opportunity in this. Those guys are a small but vocal minority, if the general population is exposed to them and then a gun owning community that comes off as responsible, sensitive to the tragedy that occurred, calm, and willing to discuss things rationally which side (and by extension philosophy) will come off looking better? This may not get the gen. pop. all the way on our side, but it will undermine the anti- side’s credibility.

      OTOH if it is just one big screaming match an opportunity to win, or at least not lose hearts and minds can be squandered.

      • I agree. I think in the long game, the rabid personal attacks these anti-gunners fall back to are turning more of the people on the fence to our side.
        Or at least, not to their side. Not having an opinion on something you don’t know about is much preferable to having a WRONG opinion on something you know nothing about.

      • Yeah…. RIGHT.

        Really, I admire your optimism, I do. But it’s better to ration it sometimes.

    • “Just unending adhominem attacks; these people have so dehumanized all of us that support gun rights that they would be cheering wildly if the government were to round us all up and march us into the ovens.

      Now I truly am coming to see how mass genocide can be supported by supposedly “civilized” people.”
      This is why we cannot allow to be disarmed even if it means breaking the law to do so. They want our blood for daring to stand in their way. With no weapons, it will be easy to herd us on the cattle cars, just like cattle.

  10. I’m all for stupid people aborting their DNA AND making it as difficult as possible for their propagated DNA to survive. — Darwin

  11. TO: Wonkette
    RE: Going Off the DEEP END

    So you’ve become an S&M cat-woman thingie?

    So sad…..if that’s the only way you can get attention.


    [The Truth will out….’progressives’ won’t……]

  12. This is a cheap rhetorical trick that can be applied to almost any misbehavior by any group. With a population in the hundreds of millions and widespread archiving of even local news on the internet in a searchable format, it’s trivial to find a half-dozen examples without breaking a sweat. Want to paint rape victims as lying sluts? Environmentalists as terroristic luddites? Immigrants as violent criminals? Youth pastors as child molesters? You’re limited only by your imagination.

  13. Why do we call them “low information voters” when we mean “@ssh0les?” Whatever happened to plain speaking?

    • I think it’s a Rush Limbaugh term. It implies that, “if only the people had all the facts I have, they would vote how I want them to vote.” It’s basically the current term he uses to call all non-republicans idiots.

      • There are Republican idiots to be sure (e.g., Gov. Kris Krispy Kreme), but “non-republican idiot” is a redundancy.

  14. Perhaps the NRA should talk to the SSAA (Sporting Shooters Association of Australia) about their gun safety campaigns.

    “Secure your gun and secure your sport!”

    The idea is not give the anti-gun groups and their media lackeys any excuse or opportunity.

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