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Reader Nick P. writes:

You can safely say it’s not over yet, based on some fncking idiot still buying this sh!t.

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  1. I saw .22lr in fifty round boxes at an lgs today. 11 bucks a box. I may give up rimfires altogether and just shoot centerfire. It’s still expensive but at least it’s more fun.

    • Well said!

      Honor Like Dirt deserves to burn in hell.

      /Queue Supply and Demand Capitalism Mynah Birds…

  2. Not only is it disgusting that there are companies pulling this crap, but whats worse is there are dumb asses still supporting this ridiculous atrocity. Not only would I not pay that much, but I would never shop with any retailer that marked up their price like that in the first place. I have known for quite a while that Cheaper-Than-Dirt is about as good as its tertiary name, and have made it a specific effort to avoid them and others like them. Too bad there are far to many “naive” individuals out there for these companies to prey on.

  3. uh, i have some Agilua that just came in, ill let it go for the low low price of none of your business.

  4. I’m just hoping that my one box of Fed 525 and one box of Win 555 will some how last for ever. My 100 rnds of cci are for rifle/scope sight in only. They have become my match grade.

    Paying $.30 a round though for Hornady Crit Def in WMR, is to be expected but not for LR.

    • CCI at 11 cents / round is a good deal these days, which really sucks. I don’t even have 5k of .22 LR, and it isn’t for a lack of trying.

      • I started this mess with 6k and am down to 3k now. And all that’s bulk hollowpoints. I kept using all my solids as range ammo. Now I have no choice. It’s hollowpoints for range work. Lanzas mama should have been pro abortion.

  5. There are so many new shooters thanks to this whole fiasco (which isn’t a bad thing, mind you!) who simply have no idea what ammo should cost or used to cost, and who didn’t have any ‘inventory’ at home to rely on until things [hopefully] get back to normal.

    I feel very sorry for the people who just got into the sport and horribly overpaid for their guns and ammo, and either had no idea they were doing so or did it anyway because they thought they might not have the ability to buy these things in the future. Sad state of affairs.

    • A lot of people paid ginormous prices for soon to be banned EBRs and their mags. Now the expected ban has gone away. I bet there’s a lot of buyers remorse out there now.

    • new shooters? no. that’s just another NRA lie. Gun ownership is down the NYT said so. We are on the cusp of a generational change in attitudes about guns and every person from Arkansas to Nevada will vote with Mayor Bloomberg. Stop fondling your guns and get with the program. 50% more people bought guns in Massachusetts than last year at the same time, but those were just the right wing nut jobs who sell guns to criminals from the trunk of their car. It’s only a matter of time before they turn up on the street shooting people. THEN we will surely be able to ban everything.

      • Idiot…

        Read DC v Heller and some current stats on non-slave states.

        I for one am a new gun owner since January… 4 times over so tell me that new gun purchases are going down…

        Over 1million NICS checks from between the Newtown tragedy and Dec 31… another .5 million the month of Jan 2013… etc etc. Largest increase in new gun purchases in HISTORY!

        Go sell your commy crazy somewhere else, we are all full up here.

        • was really sad is that there are enough left wing nut jobs who would write a comment like this, enough that you cannot tell the sarcasm. Gun sales from the trunk of a car???

          NICS checks are indeed up 50% in MA year over year. wheres the homicide wave?

  6. so $1500 for 5000 rounds, that’s pretty bad. Though to me their prices on the CCI match ammo are the bigger offender. $50 for a 50 round box.

  7. One more thing to add:

    Local prices have been, for the first time in a long time, beating online prices pretty handily. I think it’s a market size thing. Online retailers are having trouble keeping product in stock, even at crazy prices, because of the whole ‘panic’ and the nation-wide demand they receive. Local retailers have only a small local market to deal with and they are having much less of a problem keeping things in stock at normal prices. The shelves at stores around me (Eastern WA) look pretty normal. Prices are full MSRP, in most cases, rather than what they used to be, but there’s little gouging going on and only a couple places are still restricting the quantity you can buy.

    I’m almost happy to see that, because I admit that for the past few years I have not supported local businesses with any ammo purchases. I have purchased only in bulk, online, to save money. It’s kind of nice to be able to buy from local, family-owned shops that I like AND be spending less than the online prices right now. That said… I’m still spending a lot more than it cost just 7 months ago ๐Ÿ™

    • I agree. My local Bass Pro has had plenty of 5.56 (Independence) for the past couple of weeks. Price is $10.69/20rnds. That’s what it was (almost) last fall. There’s still a 3 box/day limit. They occasionally have .22LR but good luck finding pistol ammo!

    • Hey, another Eastern WA guy! I’d like to know where you’re looking, because in my corner of the Inland Northwest, there’s nothing but empty shelves. I found some 9mm a week ago, and that was the only common caliber I’ve seen in months. Good news is the price only went up by a couple cents per round, but there was a 2-box limit so I couldn’t get much before it all disappeared. Haven’t seen a .22 lr in the wild since January.

  8. At that price I had to go there myself. It’s no bullshit. CTD is irretrievably out of line.

    Ten bricks at damn near $150 a brick? I’m not one to say this lightly but I hope those a$$holes go under.

  9. Ammo manufacturers claim to be working 24/7 sending out ammo, yet 9mm and .22lr are all but impossible to find. My local wal marts ammo cabinet has been empty for months…… Where is this ammo going?

    • The early birds are snatching it up and selling it on Gunbroker. :/ they know when the trucks come in and show up at 6am.

      • Don’t forget the store employees, who will always have first dibs on the inventory.

      • So who is buying it on Gunbroker?

        NOBODY I know has claimed to have bought ammo on Gunbroker, because the prices are just as ridiculous as on CTD.

        So again, where is the .22LR going? Can’t find it in any store that I go to, at all. I almost bought some boxes of CCI .22 short just for the hell of it, but then even those disappeared!

        I never thought that I would be thinking to myself “dude you need to go back in time and buy ten thousand rounds of .22LR. trust me. I’m you.”

    • at least at my local walmarts 1-4 people sit at the counter for 1-3 hours when they start putting boxes out on the floor to do stocking. After making friends with one of the night cashiers I have learned the same few people stalk the sporting goods cashiers at night when they go to the back and usually take the ammo out of the carts before it even makes it to sporting goods.

      also at one of the walmarts they cashiers just dont care and let those same people walk away with 10+ boxes at times.

      Its all in who you know.

    • I’ve gotten about 1,500 rounds of Federal 22lr from Walmart in the past couple of weeks. And that’s been buying one box (325) at a time so others can get some as well. Checked tonight and they had four boxes which came in sometime today. There were four of us there to buy it, and we were nice and only bought one box.

    • Russian calibers and even 5.56 are available where I’m at. But no 22 lr or 9mm. I also havent seen 17 HMR and 17 HM2 since the election.

      id hate to be pessimistic but most of that ammo at walmart is ending up on

      1.) the store shelves of mom and pop gun stores
      2.) Pawn shop store shelves (they pay bevis and butthead types to wait in line in the morning)
      3.) online auction sites, i.e. gunbroker, gunsamerica, local classifieds, etc

      As long as the price of 22 remains on average higher than 7.62x54R, they can go f^ck themselves with a glass shard cucumber.

      • .17 was still plentiful in MI till last week, I found some hm2 and 7.62x54r at mc sports and bought some of both. I have lots of .17 and I’m hoping that .17 super mag has a big supply when it releases. The .22 is collecting dust while the others are keeping me happy

    • For the love of Peter, Paul and Mary
      Preview of things to come: Correctibles!
      Preview of things to come:
      Preview of things to come: Collectibles?

  10. Worse? The next box over – $199.00 for 500 rds. That’s $1990.00 for 5000.

    Seems the $1500.00/5K is by comparison, a bargain.

  11. I think you’d have to be dumber than dirt to buy anything from Cheaper Than Dirt, where ammo is more expensive than moon rocks.

  12. I don’t understand all the whining and crying. Not like CTD has a monopoly.
    God bless the free market,

    • Yes, God bless the company who caved to immediate post Newtown pressure and suspended sales of all firearms to “review their policies” and then within two weeks jacked up the prices of all things firearms-related so they could take advantage of the mania.

      Good on ya for having any sense of decency, history or honor! /golfclap

  13. Good grief!
    That is recockulous!
    I’ve got 500 projo’s coming from Pats reloading for my .50. Those only cost be a bit over 200 bucks. Granted, some assembly required, but still.
    I will never do business with ctd.

  14. That is really obscene.
    I will never forget what they are doing to the people of the gun.
    Boycott ctd.

  15. I wonder why this site on picks only on CTD. I never see any LGS being ragged on or other sites on the net. It can be easily found. Do a search and you will automatically see who is ripping who off on ammo. Also, I have seen a $600 price increase on some firearms, and then 6 months later…the same exact firearm drops in price. Go Buds.

    • Did any of those local gun stores suspend all firearm sales after Newtown while they decided if it was still politically correct to sell guns? If you find one that did, please let us know.

      • Once they saw the prices they could get, I think CTD immediately stopped caring if it was “correct” or not. At least some of the other companies that made a decision to cease sales of “politically sensitive” items stuck with their choice and didn’t change their minds due to the allure of $$$$


        Any site that over the states the good deal is ripping everyone off.

        Local stores:
        WE Sell raised their prices up to 50% on ammo. 30% on firearms.
        Powder Horn…again same deal with ammo/50% raise in price on transfer fee.
        A discount outdoor store…almost 75% (forgot name)
        Duffy’s almost 100% increase in ammo cost.
        One store nearby $70 transfer fee (tried to pull my leg and used the insurance excuse).
        One more local 60% increase on AR-15s.

        Walmart…0% increase in ammo.

        Dan, are we talking about ammo or pulling firearms? Yes, pulling was bad. Ripping people off on high prices…just as bad. Wallyworld is the only place that I know that has kept their prices the same (I know when in stock). Has the price of material gone up that much to justify a cost of up to 100%+ increase in prices on some ammo? No, it has not. You guys are called TTAG, but I only have seen reports on CTD jacking up the prices and not any other sites. I understand if you have a grudge…but when not reporting other sites that jack up prices but only on CTD, that is just biased. And, just as bad as MSN being biased against gun owners. I know you do not want to report anything negative in the gun industry, but as your title suggests. It is the truth.

        • Wal-Mart, Midway, Brownells and many other U.S. wide retailers didn’t NOT jack up prices on ANY gun related items (ammo, mags,etc) during this crazy-ass time but CTD saw fit to make sure they screwed the Gun Community immediately after the tragedy.

          Availability was the key due to folks buying everything they could lay their hands on but even through that, there was well more than Wal-Rat who held true to their honor and didn’t gouge the piss outta their customers during this time.

          Given that there have been many claims of Wal-Rat employees holding stock back, i’d say Wal-Rat is slightly above Honor Like Dirt in this experience.

        • CTD came in for criticism here primarily for their gun moratorium. The prices they charge for ammo was a minor, secondary issue. I actually have no problem with it. If people will pay a buck a round for .22LR, more power to them. Capitalism’s a bitch that way. Don’t like it? Don’t buy it. Once the supply catches up, the price will come down.

      • Amen!

        I also notice that the “Contact Us” no longer exists at Cheaper Than Soul.

        I’m assuming that they have no time to listen to the hate.

        I’d dearly love a phone number for these POS to let them know how I feel.

      • Around here it was more of the opposite; longer hours, more staff, throwing guns and ammo out the door as fast as they could. At the height of the hysteria there were substantial price increases across the board, but nothing like CTD. . . not even the same planet as that insanity.
        Guns have returned largely to normal here, higher than before but nothing like the crazy numbers that have been. . . ammo is still too high but supply is regular enough.

  16. Hats off to Academy, per-craziness prices when they have it. I’m one of the show up at zero dark thirty on delivery day people. I’ve got ammo and I’ve made a lot of new, interesting friends. Pretty diverse group among the regulars; Two lawyers, Airline pilot, Minister, Redneck Cowgirl, Goat Rancher, Female Real Estate Agent, old Retired Dudes. You know the old saying; There are no atheists in foxholes? Well, there are no Democrats in Ammo waiting lines!

  17. I recently got 10,000 rounds of Aguila 22LR from the CMP for about $550 shipped. Hope they can get more in for October ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. You have to remember at least a portion of the people buying at these prices could be new to guns in general and may thing the prices are normal. They could also be people scared into getting into guns that are frightened enough to spend the extra money for bullets.

    As a person getting into shooting for home defense and some practice for fun, I had the sense to at least try to figure out the old prices and haven’t overpaid for anything. This has also meant I haven’t been able to get as much as I’d like.

  19. I saw this yesterday. CTD also has some CCI stock that’s $.99 a round, so that’s $49.59 for 50 rounds…just another reason to avoid them like the plague.

  20. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!JUNE IS AMMO BOYCOTT MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ya’ll forget that or something?

  21. i walk into the higher than shit(CTD) stores out in mckinney texas every now and then just to see if they stopped the madness, and im always disappointed. i dont remember ever seeing their ammo shelves empty, at first glance its like they drought never hit them until you see the prices

  22. I don’t understand why anyone is finding these “deals” on CTD–why are you going there in the first place?

  23. Now that’s a news article with journalistic integrity! I couldn’t do without write-ups like this. Leave google news behind.

  24. Just bought 100 rds of CCI at Academy for ~$7.00. Bought 200 rds of Winchester hollow points at Wally World a few weeks ago for ~$6.00/box. Paid $2.49/per 50 for American Eagle .22 at Bass Pro. It’s starting to trickle in, though I still have to hunt. I’m at least having better luck. I’ve found Academy (which also had good 9mm supply that day), WalMart, BassPro and Cabela’s to be my most reliable not to gouge (Got a good price on 9mm at Midway, too). Our local guys are charging 300-400% if they have it, and usually don’t.

  25. There’s a solution to the problem:

    stop buying the scalpers ammunition.

    until then, it is all talk.

  26. I have just over a thousand rounds of remington and winchester with which i can be convinced to part ways.

  27. I gave up on CTD a few years ago when they ran adds for a ammo called DRT (espoused to mean Dead Right There). Some goofy claims that it was “smart” ammo in that it would expand like crazy on soft targets or could condense upon itself to penetrate like crazy for hard targets. DRT sounded like Super Magic Bullets. More awesome than Glazer Safety rounds or Hydro shocks. I read the claims and was like “yeah, right”.

  28. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to walk into Walmart and come out with the 1000 round bricks of Winchester M-22 3 times. They were just there, so I got them. So obviously, all Walmart store stalkers and the employees who want first dibs aren’t everywhere. On the other hand, finding 7.62 x 51 had been tough, but I found a few at normal pricing. I have not seen any of the 7.62 at my local Walmart or Academy stores. LGS recently came up with ball ammo and that has taken care of that for me. I hope CTD goes under in the most miserable and painful way a business can fold. But the minute they start to feel real pain from customer backlash, I bet a change of name or “New Management” story does it for them. And how quickly do the masses forget sometimes? I always thought that CTD’s current customer base is the new and uninformed shooters who got into firearms because of the “panic”. I hope they learn quickly, and drop CTD as fast as the current Democrat administration wants to drop the Constitution.

  29. CTD, way to be a team player.
    “There may not be an ‘I’ in team, but there is a ‘you’ in c0<Ksucker"

  30. I lost faith in CTD before The Panic after some purchases proved to be poor quality seconds sold as Top Tier items.
    I started looking at the S/H charges I was being charged and was mortified at the profit margin that was being built into those ‘Fees’. Due to their Customer Raping Business Dynamic I dropped CTD and I let them know why when I took my name off their mailing list.

  31. I have 18k rounds of CCI mini mags and M-22. Anybody give me $6,000?

    Based on CTD scumbags…my price is realistic.

    • Wow, no kidding. Was doing some mental math on what I’ve got. Wow!
      Then I was looking for my gerber multiplier and found two 525 boxes of Remington under my back seat. Forgot I stuck those under in January when BiMart had a sale.
      At ctd prices I’ve got stuff I should buy another safe for!

  32. Me and my dad went to our local range recently and we took some old .22 ammo he must have picked up in the 1980’s (I think it was Federal, with a squirrel or similar small game animal on the box. Wish I had it in front of me to confirm.). Anyway, people marveled at the fact that when we opened up the brick, the individual boxes all said “75 ยข”.

    Oh, how times have changed.

  33. Not going to do business with them. They supported Manchin-Toomey. Ask them if they’re familiar with the name Vidkun Quisling.

  34. For what it’s worth:
    Here in the Ohio/WV/KY tri-state .22lr is at $3.49 per 50, .223 at $9.99 per 20 and .45ACP at $18.99 per 50. yes this is for cheap ammo, but if plinking or basic target practice is your want, there you go.
    Also, AR-15 rifles are readily available from various manufacturers from $750 to $1200 dollar range depending on make and model.
    There are box per day restrictions on all the above ammo at most shops (typically 5 boxes per caliber per customer per day). Though if you’re a regular these are pretty relaxed.
    Along these lines, in this rural county of 56,000 people with a declining economy and disappearing business opportunity 3 new gun shops have opened in the last 3 months, none of the existing 5 have closed, and in the surrounding area the rule seems to hold.

  35. Upon more reading I’m inclined to post again on this thread.
    I believe all the ammo is being bought by either panic buyers who are still at it, hoarders who continue to buy whatever they see and haven’t yet come to the realization that the pipeline is opening, and finally by misguided entrepreneurs who think they’re going to flip it for a profit.
    The former will eventually cease, the middle. . . who knows, and the latter are going to end up burned when they have to eventually sell their stock for far less than they paid.
    I’m looking forward to buying some of that when they realize they can’t even get standard retail for it without opening a store front. Also, I’m eagerly awaiting buying some evil black rifles, never fired, at used prices when the non-gun people who bought them as ‘investments’ or in the panic realize they have absolutely no use for them (and who are wearily eyeing the credit card bill they ran up).

  36. If CTD runs a blow out special sale next month of 5.56 for 250 bucks per thousand, how many of you would hold to your principles that they are not worth doing business with?

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