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The battle over gun rights is a struggle between people who understand and value the American political system and those who could no more describe the workings of our Constitutional republic than ask Shlomit Malka for a date in her native tongue. I don’t see the general public’s ignorance—and the resulting support for civilian disarmament—as a conspiracy by left-leaning academics to undermine our way of life one pig-ignorant student at a time. I see citizens’ mindless acquiescence to the Progressive agenda as a reflection of our system’s success. Our government works so peaceably (in the main) that citizens don’t have to give gun rights any serious thought. Until they bloody well do. Literally. Let’s hope we don’t get to that point. Meanwhile, back at Stately Wayne Manor . . .

Welcome to Wayne’s World.

Forbes reckons NRA Winning the Influence Battle Over Gun Control. Tell that to New York residents. Or gun owners living in California, Connecticut, Maryland,  Massachusetts, Rhode Island or Hawaii. Did I miss anyone?‘s Jen Brockman says fear of government abandonment is The real fear that fuels the gun-rights movement Just take out the word “abandonment” and they’re not far wrong.

What about the media’s fear that a crazed gunman isn’t using an assault rifle? Red-handed: Associated Press caught inserting “assault rifle” into Alabama hostage standoff

Inalienable rights don’t have a “ground.” Gun debate: Where is the middle ground?

Inalienable rights don’t end at the school gates. South Dakota House passes bill allowing school districts to arm teachers

I have a sudden desire to hear Kraftwerk’s Pocket Calculator. Click here to get your very own Laser Activated Shot Reporter.

It stops being phony when it starts being you. The phony pro-gun argument

For example . . . Rape victim’s lawsuit dismissed

And again . . . Indiana murderer mistakenly released from Cook County Jail

Thank God Nutnfancy wasn’t around when General James Dozier was a hostage. (The loud music in question was AC-DC.)

Maybe we should force kids to listen to NPR in the schools. Beats the heck out of Time for Kids (which involves actual reading). Study: Most Gun Deaths Happen Outside Of Mass Shootings

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    • Not quite as severe, but I was almost “arrested” in high school for saying the word “guns”. When I was discussing my English assignment. By an off-duty state trooper who apparently had nothing better to do than hang around high schools and harass students.

        • You may be able to, but the price and hoops you would have to navigate through would be tough. There really isnt a significant advantage of auto over semi for self defense/asymetrical patriotic operations. Full auto really shines for room clearing and large engagements with lots of troops and LOTS of ammo.

    • i have 4 kids. Do i have to really worry about them saying the word ‘gun’? G forbid they take a sling or brass casing or something for show and tell. They’d have better luck if they pulled the marijuana plant out of the neighbors yard and brought it in.


  1. Lady gun owners, it would appear you ended up with the worst fight of all: It falls to you to convince a legion of wrongheaded soccer moms and aging pseudo-feminist pseudo-intellectuals just how stupid it is to infer that a 12 gauge shotgun is a better self defense choice than an AR-15 for anyone, let alone a female shooter. FaliaPhotography, yer up!

  2. Thanks to soccer moms, females will soon be hearing “when rape is inevitable, lay back and enjoy it” all over again. Full circle, right? Well, you brought it upon yourselves.

    • Pretty sad that nowadays due to group think some poor woman ends up getting beaten and raped before they consider arming themselves. In my utopia every woman would shoot a rapist in the f*ckin’ face before they could turn her life upside down.

  3. I’m surprised why parents continue to put their children in public school. It seems like a week doesn’t pass by that we’re hearing about some moronic behavior by the government babysitters, or about some child being bullied, or injured, not to mention being constantly propagandized.
    My wife and I purposely chose to fore-go material wealth to be able to homeschool our children. And we wonder why so many people in our nation are pro gun control, after sitting for 6-8 hours a day under such brain washing.

    • +100 on homeschooling your children. Political indoctrination aside, they will receive a much better education than a government or even a private school.

  4. Regrding the first story all I can think of is Chief Wiggum in The Simpsons Movie, “Stop in the name of American squemishness!”

    Seriously, this is fv@%!ng rediculous. I don’t want to use children but I seriously hope situations like this and the other girl with the bubble gun are causing people to pull their heads out of their @$$es and realize how out of control this is getting.

  5. Holy gun ban Batman, abandonment? Way for Jen to stand that on its head. Its the “anti” gun rights movement she speaks of, Randy

  6. Robert, you know as well as I that if I guy thought he had a chance with Shlomit Malka by asking her out in her native language, he’d learn in a hurry.

  7. The current battle over gun rights is a conflict between people who understand and value the American political system and those who could no more describe the workings of our Constitutional republic than ask Shlomit Malka for a date in her native tongue.

    RF, I know well it was a template throw-away, but umm…

  8. In a more serious vein, General Dozier was strongly urged to accept US military armed security 24/7 from the very best in the business when he arrived, but declined. Perhaps he wanted to enjoy Italy without minders. He was an extremely likely target for the Red Brigade, among others. It was, to that extent, his choice to spend 42 days in discomfort, assuming the protection would have sufficed. Many others at the time were listening to AC/DC by choice.

  9. “Tell that to New York residents. Or gun owners living in California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, Rhode Island or Hawaii. Did I miss anyone?”

    You missed NJ…no respect!

  10. I love how this toy gun was CLEAR! It’s not a look-a-like if it doesn’t LOOK LIKE a real gun. Expulsion is like using a M1 Abrams to take care of a fly in your kitchen. This heavy handed shielding that is becoming more and more prevalent is only further mystifying firearms to children, making them taboo and exotic so when their curiosity gets them and they’re in the presence of a real firearm, bad things happen. We’re so eager to start sex education at younger and younger ages, but the mere concept of a gun should be hidden?

  11. “The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it.” -attributed to Thomas Jefferson, actual origin unknown.

  12. I don’t see the general public’s ignorance—and the resulting support for civilian disarmament—as a conspiracy by left-leaning academics to undermine our way of life one pig-ignorant student at a time.

    Let’s do a little gedankenexperiment on this subject, shall we?

    If this really was a conspiracy by left-leaning academics to undermine our way of life one pig-ignorant student at a time, what would they do differently?

    Put aside your natural affinity for left-leaning academics for a minute. You know, the same ones who applauded 9/11, the same ones who declared that Western Studies was racist, the same ones who sided with every enemy this nation ever had, the same ones who invented deconstructionist theory… I can go on for pages here. Do you have it yet?

  13. I have to admit that in the past I’ve kinda derided folks that home school their kids but I can tell you right now if I had a kid that little sob would never set foot in a public school. This shit has gone far beyond ridiculous and I have to say the news gal on the right side of the screen was spot on.

    As for Ms. Malka – she definitely needs to rock the no-makeup look. Every now and again there’s a gal that needs zero makeup to look her best and she is definitely one of them.

  14. I’m sure those L.A.S.R. folks worked hard on adapting their 1990’s Nintendo duck shooting game to Windows….. BUT…… the guy is too busy doing double and triple taps in between trying to sever his vertebral arteries to show how this thing accounts for muzzle drift due to recoil.
    I guess if Wii comes up with an AR15 controller and plays Call of Duty, this will be relevant…

  15. So,,, if some naked male in a suit of armour and was to expose their naughty bits but not use the word “gun”?????

  16. The Seattle Times has a staff columnist named Danny Westneat who has used the nickname “Liberty Man” as a nickname/strawman for the position that ultimately, you’re on your own. It’s popped up when he’s discussed health insurance and again in a column about Sandy Hook. He intends it as a caricature, but here’s the thing: in self-defense scenarios, you are on your own, in all meaningful regards. Unless you happen to be accompanied by bodyguards (and sometimes not even then), it’s up to you to respond, and whether you survive or not is in your hands.

    I find it interesting that the media and the anti-gun people keep going to the “what gun owners fear” well, because in my dealings with my fellow gun owners, I’ve found them to have a fairly low level of fear. Fear is a reaction for that which is unknown, or for which you feel unprepared, or which you feel you need to control, but can’t. Gun owners, for the most part, aren’t living in that headspace. They’ve moved beyond that and are taking steps to reduce their vulnerability. Criminals and the possibility of being a victim of crime exist, so one looks at what works to reduce the risk of victimization. You lock your doors, you get an alarm, you pay attention to your surroundings, and you get firearms and learn to use them.

    I feel a lot of fear coming from the other side, though. You hear them talking about “the right to safety” and realize that’s a concept driven entirely by fear, and the need to keep fear at bay. You see the proposals out there, and hear people admit that they’ll do nothing, but that “something must be done”, and again, it’s all about fear. They feel like if they can just get a little more control over people, then people will be “better” and we’ll all be safer, and they won’t have to be afraid any more.

  17. Just because I disagree with you doesn’t mean I am ignorant. In fact, if you read the opinions of Supreme Court Justices, you will find most of them agree with my position, rather than yours.

    So next time you start writing that everyone who doesn’t agree with you doesn’t “understand and value the American political system”, feel free to consider that most people who have studied Constitutional law, gotten their degrees in it, worked their entire lives in it, and risen to the highest rank in the American judicial world, think you are a buffoon.

    • So, essentially what you’re saying is that because more people feel one way about something, their position must then be true. Like prohibition, or the slave trade.

      And you’re saying that those in charge are always correct and must always be obeyed. Yup, sounds American to me and not at all the type of government the founding fathers fought a war to escape.

      You’re also saying that studying something means you support it. I guess thieves study locks so they know how NOT to pick them, eh?

      Your ability to somehow not understand anything continues.

      • Silver, Please don’t restate my argument in incorrect words. What I said was that a majority of Supreme Court Justices agree with me.

        And no, we did not fight a war to get out from under the Supreme Court, unless you are counting the Civil War, and you lost that one.

  18. My daughter did a presentation on Annie Oakley in her fifth grade class last year- part of her exhibit was a live .22 round. Not a word was said (but this is smack in the middle of Texas- none of these kids, or their teachers, saw a thing unusual about it).

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