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“Some of the NRA’s ‘enemies’ are groups like Hadassah, the U.S. Catholic Conference, and the YWCA. At least all major religions are covered. Then you have your evil, gun-hating corporations like Sara Lee. Sara Lee? I suppose their new slogan will have to be ‘Nobody Doesn’t Like Sara Lee, Except The National Rifle Association.'” – Alan Colmes, Dear NRA, Please Put Me on Your Enemies List [via]

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    • Speaking as “the kid who had his lunch money stolen,” and then watching the school do nothing, it should not be surprising that I’m NRA today.

      • What’s surprising is that Combs isn’t.

        I mean we all know that he is Fox News’ easy-target liberal punching bag who is actually a character designed to be hated (we all do know that, right?), but he sure seems like a likely candidate for concealed carry.

  1. Poor Allen. Without Sean Hannity being the Walter to his Donnie (“Shut the **** up, Allen!”), the poor guy is lost.

    • About twenty years ago Colmes tried to host his own solo AM talk show & failed all three times since sponsors were skeptical about selling product on a show hosted by a wacked out capitalism-hating liberal. Did Colmes draw a lesson from this? No. Alan blamed his failures on the vast right wing conspiracy cabal of evil military-industrial complex warmongers.

      I’d like to see this nerd march into a gun show & point to a table full of weaponry & declare, “You know, you have no right to possess these things. Do you just enjoy seeing little children killed?”

  2. Colmes lost all credibility years ago. I have no idea why anyone keeps him on the air. He’s on the left side of every argument without elucidating any one stand he has taken with a legitimate historical anecdote or fact. He is a left leaning, whining, fear-ridden windbag who can’t even tell you what his Utopia looks like. Another “feeling” dictator…

  3. Huh, I can’t imagine why religions would be against people owning guns….it’s not like the purpose of religion is to control people. Wait a minute….

    • Totenglocke,

      I don’t doubt that some religions seek to control people.

      Please note that my faith is NOT about controlling people. My faith simply reconciles me to our Creator.

      Of course there have to be minimum standards of conduct for families and society to function with the least amount of conflict and heartbreak and my faith supplies such minimum standards. Such standards include “honor your mother and father”, “do not steal”, and “do not murder”. I hope that you would agree that such standards are good and do not see such standards as “controlling” people.

      • As anyone of any faith would say. The reality is that they were all created by men to justify controlling others. You may think that your faith doesn’t control people, yet every faith demands that it’s followers follow a long list of rules.

        • As an atheist I agree. History also shows that people were violently persecuted for not following faith. Now that is less an issue and is more regional than wide spread. Our Country was founded on freedoms including Religion. If someone believes and it provides the support they want, then I see no reason to belittle them for it.

        • Evert ideology is designed to control people, communism will convert, or kill you if you don’t follow it’s rules. As well as Islam.

          Christianity started out as a voluntary belief system, you could believe or not, but then it was taken over by the state and then used as a tool of control.

          Right now, humanism, the thought control of political correctness and hate speech to control dialogue is some of the current control mechanisms in place to attempt keep the state in a dominant position.

          Christianity has gone back to a voluntary belief , which I prefer since I am one.

        • Not only that Glocktoter, Religion found a way to upload a “policeman” into the followers so that now they “control” themselves. Some ancient king had a few smarts, Randy

        • My Catholic faith does not control people. It has an established set of rules to follow. If you believe then you follow and when you die you go to heaven. If you choose not to then you are not murdered or jailed like if you were Muslim under Sharia law. Funny thing is that people like you don’t realize that the laws in this country and the rest of the free world can be traced back to the 10 Commandments in some form or interpretation. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

        • MrVigs, your Catholic faith most certainly does control people (and has caused the murder of hundreds of thousands if not millions over the centuries). Do you deny that Catholicism demands that you have several kids and demands that they be raised as Catholics? That is because children are easily manipulated and once they’re adults, it’s very hard for them to accept that what they were told their entire life was wrong, so they will usually adamantly stick by what they were raised to believe no matter the evidence to the contrary. It’s the same reason why government’s always want to control what kids are taught, because then they can get the kids brainwashed into always supporting a powerful government and limited rights.

      • I agree US, when more than one person is in some type of relationship, they come to agreements that they agree to abide by, hopefully voluntarily; and there are agreed upon penalties for when those agreements are broken ,

        whether tou are talking about a violent drug gang with “blood in, blood out” or the death penalty for murder, all cultures have penalties for breaking the rules.

        The thing to remember, is that communism, which professes to believe in no god, has murdered over a hundred million people in the last century,

        Whether a person believes in a higher power or not, it’s all simpy a belief system, the thing to look at, will the person with a particular belief system believe that converting you or killing you is acceptable in thier belief system, government calling themselves “Christian”, haven’t done that in over a hundred years, those calling themselves communist and muslim are currently committing atrocites in the name of tbier belief system even today.

        Governments use whatever is useful for keeping control, they don’t need god to do it.

  4. At this point I have to call this a mass case of mental illness. I am not being sarcastic and I apologize if that seems harsh. How is it that all these people do not have enough regard for their own well being? Even worse, why do all these people want to deny me and my family the tools to defend ourselves?

    • Fear, denial, and ignorance all play a part in why some people ‘feel’ they way they do about violence in general and guns in particular.

      I recommend for your reading pleasure the paper by LTC Dave Grossman entitled, “On Sheep, Wolves, and Sheepdogs”–it’s a simple computer search. Col. Grossman has it right–most people are sheep, have no thought for the possibility of the wolf coming to their door, and therefore resent the reminder of that possibility that the sheepdogs present to them.

      • I would second reading “On wolves, sheep and sheep dogs”, it’s a fast read.

        The fact that even in states that have shall issue CC, only at the most, 7 percent of the population get a CCL, shows that the vast majority of Americans are in severe denial about the need for self-defense; if that many people didn’t wear a seat belt while driving a car, they would be considered extremely irresponsible adults and there would a constant drum beat by the press and broadcast news to change this behavior, as has been the case for the last forty years.

      • My wife used to be one of them. She was fine with me owning a few rifles or shotguns to plinking, hunting, or clays, but carrying a gun was too much for her at first. It’s taken 3 years, but she is now fine with me carrying everywhere. She even talks about getting her own CHL. People don’t like to have a light turned on when they’ve been living in the dark; it’s painful. But sometimes if you can ease them into the light, they end up liking the light better than the darkness.

    • Agreed. I’m not wasting perfectly good hate on this liberal weenie when there are so many more deserving targets, like whoever keeps giving Seth MacFarlane money to make those shitty cartoons.

  5. Is this proof that HuffPo is scraping the bottom of the barrel? Believing the anti-crowd is hitting pure desperation is looking less wishful thinking and more fact, the worse these editorials get.

  6. Dear Mr. Colmes,

    First you have to get someone to know who the hell you actually are before anyone’s gonna pay attention to your crackpot political thoughts. Kinda that whole tree falling down in the forest when no one’s around to hear it kinda thing. And no, getting made to look the fool by a mouthbreather like Hannity doesn’t count.

  7. Two points. First, why is Sara Lee even stating an opinion on this? Just make food. But this media has no problem criticizing Chik-fil-a for giving their opinion on social issues but doing the same to Sara Lee for speaking out against rights is just fine. Artists and corporations should just make their product and keep quiet or they can suffer the consequences of a free (for now) society.

    Second, I am aghast that religions, especially Jewish groups, would be against private gun ownership to protect against tyranny. Are they so removed from Nazi Germany in the 1930’s and 1940’s and just a social justice group now that they can’t see how dangerous disarming a society is? Christians in the mid-east, like Egypt and Lebanon, are being slaughtered today as well.

  8. When I look upon this metro-sexual’s smirking face and read his shallow comments about the NRA I find myself thinking that the linked image had him in mind.

    Better protection than a pacifist male

    PS If anyone knows which gun model the young woman is holding in the picture please let me know.

  9. hottie news wife, hottie news sister in law…..otherwise a liberal troll, probably gets extra from the DNP just to be on fox

  10. Alan Colmes, some day if you become a grownup and learn to string together a few lucid thoughts, I’ll consider you my enemy. Until then you’ll remain a squeaky meaningless twit with no opinion of your own.
    Take comfort in knowing you are, however, a speck in the sappy rabble of my greater enemy: The horde of whiny, feely morons who believe their whimsical visions utopia would come true “if only… (insert your current, borrowed, wide-eyed fantasy vision and back it up with a clever, borrowed platitude here)”.

  11. You don’t have to be alive to get on the list but you do have to be relevant. Maybe you should beg Hannity to take you back as your first stop towards relevancy.

    • If you can find an old, dusty backwoods general store (a few still exist), they probably have a couple made back around ’89 or so, and as good as the day they were made!

  12. If it’s any consolation, Colmes has no credibility among liberals, either. Must suck to play a universally hated character.

  13. The whole concept of the NRA “enemies” list is laughable. The libtards want to call it an “enemies” list as it evokes the paranoia of Richard Nixon (and for those of their followers who don’t make the connection on their own, they specifically mention Nixon’s list).

    anyway, the list, which can be found here: is simply a listing of organizations, people, and companies that have supported gun control laws. I, for one am glad to have this list as it makes it easier for me to determine whose movies I’ll bother watching, whose products I’ll buy, whose organizations I won’t contribute money to, etc.

  14. That means no Sara Lee goto Sharie’s for your pie!!!!

    Plus not all religions my Pastor wants a gun really bad a 1911 is his dream.

  15. Sarah Lee is anti gun? I cc into a Sarah Lee bakery outlet all the time. They should have posted signs like other antis so that I could spend my money elsewhere.

  16. Token Broccoli eating, self loathing Jew, libtard who cant see that he is going to kill us all with his road to hell good intentions.


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