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Teen Vogue and the Demanding Moms; a match made in gun control heaven . . . Troian Bellisario Speaks Out Against Gun Violence in Boyfriend Loophole PSA Video – “Pretty Little Liars star Troian Bellisario is using her platform to speak out against gun violence. In a video PSA created in collaboration with ATTN: and the gun safety grassroots organization Everytown for Gun Safety, Troian breaks down the problems with the so-called ‘boyfriend loophole.'” ‘Pretty little liars’ just about covers it, no?

Oregon counties’ gun measures spark debate – “A measure challenging gun regulations is popping up around the state. Since 2015, four counties have passed a measure known as the Second Amendment Preservation ordinance, and commissioners in Malheur, Union and Lake counties have heard the same measure in the past few weeks. The ordinance is a reaction to the Oregon Firearms Safety Act, passed by the state Legislature in 2015, which requires background checks for transfers of firearms between private parties. These county ordinances allow sheriffs to ignore this law – which gun advocates see as unconstitutional.” If Portland can ignore immigration laws, why not Second Amendment sanctuary counties?

When it comes to guns, federal agencies have no recall power – “He adds a now federal class action lawsuit to force the rifle maker to fix more than 6 million rifles in circulation before 2006 wouldn’t have been needed had Remington voluntarily recalled and retrofitted the guns. And lives would have been saved. But under federal law, consumer agencies were powerless to order a recall. A consumer protection act passed in 1972 specifically exempts firearms and ammo from government recall’s. At the heart of the exception: The Second Amendment.”

‘We must brainwash people about guns‘ . . . Judicial Watch: Eric Holder’s Anti-Trump Gig to Pay $25k/mo for 40hrs Work – “Judicial Watch announced today that on January 12, 2017, it obtained records from the California Legislature Joint Rules Committee revealing that the Legislature will pay the law firm of former Obama U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder Jr. $25,000 a month for 40 hours of work each month for providing ‘legal strategies regarding potential actions of the federal government that may be of concern to the State of California.’ The contract precludes any other litigation or advocacy work.”

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    • They always miss this particular “dumb girlfriend” loophole – the assumption is that the gun-toting boyfriend is the only person in the room allowed to have/own/carry a gun. Why do so many women get shot by ex-partners? Because the girls have been brainwashed against taking effective steps to protect themselves. Instead of unconstitutionally taking away firearms from ex-boyfriends, get yourself a damned gun and learn how to use it.

    • If you (anyone – male or female) feels threatened by someone, get a restraining order.
      While they aren’t worth the paper they are printed on as far as actually preventing violence is concerned, it does put the authorities on notice that a judge somewhere has declared this person a threat.
      And several states don’t allow anyone with a domestic threat restraining order in place to purchase a gun.

      • If you got enough restraining orders and stacked them up and placed them over your heart they might protect your from incoming rounds. Maybe not.

        Restraining orders have only one potential value and unconstitutionally preventing ANYONE from exercising their RKBA isn’t it. The value of a restraining order is that there exists an official document signed by a judge that you have a reason to be afraid of and need protection from a specific person. If and when that person ignores the restraining order and threatens you with physical harm you can now wave that piece of paper at the police that come to draw the chalk outline around his (her) body and it may help in your legal defense.

  1. Every time I look at Holder I think that God decided that Hitler should be reincarnated as a black guy, and then Hitler said ‘I think I can still make this work’.

  2. We can’t afford to keep our dams maintained enough to keep them safe but we can hire felons like holder to work at curtailing our civil rights.

    Trump needs to pull a Lincoln and force CA back into the union.

    • Instead of spending billions on a train that will cost more and run slower than flying they should build a desalination plant and fix the dams.

    • I’d even be fine going the opposite direction and granting them outright independence. There’s some historical precedent for countries voluntarily giving up territory, after all.

      Portugal gave up Macau and East Timor. The UK gave up Hong Kong, though technically that was more a matter of their 99 year lease running out. Still, they didn’t weasel out of it by claiming squatter’s rights (which us actually a law in California).

      Even the U.S. has done it. We gave up Cuba, the Phillipines, and the Panama Canal Zone. There have even been minor cessions of territory to Mexico over the years, including literally a couple of acres as recently as 2009.

      Whatever California wants to do after expulsion is up to them. They can become sovereign, or join Mexico for all I care.

  3. No real surprise about Holder. Prior to serving as First Lady, Mooschelle was paid even more than that to be the Ethnicity Co-coordinator at a Chiraq hospital. Whatever the hell THAT is.

  4. Eric Holder-not so pretty little liar. Not to hijack a thread but with 2 and 11 year olds being murdered in Chiraq (as well as pregnant momma shot) look for federal action on the mean streets of the city. Will it help? Dunno’…

    • Who knows, if Trump decides to make an example out of the guy I’m placing odds on lots of federal time for gun charges. I’ll wager at least a decade if not 15+ years for GCA/NFA/other ATF relevant violations.

    • Trump could direct the US attorney responsible for Chicago to prosecute gang bangers under federal gun laws. The downside is that the prison costs would be born by the federal government, that is, all of us, instead of just Illinois.

      • There would be a cost, but in the scheme of the federal budget not that much. One thing that did stop the previous administration from enforcing the felon with firearms laws is that it would “negatively impact the minority communities”, in other words the stats would not be what they wanted.

        • Wouldn’t you think it would POSITIVELY affect the minority community if their gangbanging killers were locked up for a few centuries? If I were in that situation, I would sure like it!

        • LarryinTX : “Wouldn’t you think it would POSITIVELY affect the minority community if their gangbanging killers were locked up for a few centuries? If I were in that situation, I would sure like it!”

          What Rick meant is that it would highlight the fact that black-on-black crime and other crimes committed by blacks would show that it is indeed more blacks than other ethnicities committing the majority of the crimes, which goes against the liberal concept that this can’t be true. In the eyes of liberals, saying that blacks are more liable to be violent criminals, while true, is somehow harmful to the black community. It completely escapes the liberal mindset that removing those violent criminals from the community would help that community. The reason for this is that the liberals need victims to be afraid, so that they will vote for those liberals, who claim they are the only ones who truly care.

  5. The Boyfriend Loophole?

    As someone with a completely crazy ex girlfriend in my past, one who accused me of actions most vile which I did not commit (and couldn’t have since I wasn’t within 1000 miles of her at the time), I’m going to have to go with “no” on that one.

    Being met at the airport by the cops because your girlfriend cheated on you, decided to break up with you and her friends disapproved how she was acting so now, for reasons that make no logical sense, she’s making wild accusations is not the way you want to come home. Trust me.

    Sure, if you beat the hell out of her there should be some consequences for that but women are crazy and, in my experience, many are prone to flat out making shit up for sympathy and a multitude of other reasons known only to them.

    • @strych9, as a twice-divorced man, I feel your pain. The first divorce was a nightmare; the second was absolutely friendly. The first ex-Mrs. Ralph lied like a rug; the second never made up any tales. Guess who got the most money. If your guess was ex-wife number two, you nailed it. Ralph fights back, and fights hard, but the second was deserving.

      • Thanks Ralph but it all worked out for the best. I was actually getting ready to propose to her so I dodged a proverbial bullet on that one! Plus, my retaliation hit closer to home than she ever imagined it would or could.

  6. Are these people retarded??? That’s rhetorical LOL. Can someone please explain something to me? Why is it that people who commit criminal offenses using firearms are labeled as gun violence? Why in the world do they continue to blame a non-living object?? Why is it when somebody beats the hell out of someone else with a baseball bat a pool cue a lawn mower a car none of these things are called baseball bat violence car violence knife violence what’s up with that?? These people really think bad if there were no firearms on the planet that they wouldn’t have to worry about anything else. When statistics law enforcement prove that if you do not have a firearm and you plan on hurting someone chances are you’re going to use something else that is available to you at the time. So basically they want to start out banning guns and before you know it they’ll be banding toothbrushes toaster ovens barbecue pits automobiles trains and their tracks that they run on it’s just an endless circle of BS. These people are absolute complete morons if they think by banning guns they’re going to stop by land crime it’s actually a fact. More people in the United States are killed by blunt-force trauma than any other type of weapon. So this just goes to show you that if guns are not available to a person that wants to commit a violent act on another person or people they’re just going to go to the next object that they can possess it’s a simple as that hat. And I’m pretty sure you’re not going to be banning toothbrushes AKA shoves.

    • What’s up with that?
      Where have you been for the last 50 years?
      People are inherently and completely good. The only reason people do bad things is because they are forced to by past oppression, or by society itself, or some mental imbalance. And by the easy access to guns. See, guns have only one function: To kill. And, as we all know, guns project power to kill someone, and if those who suffer from the imperfections listed above are allowed to have a gun, they will invariably eventually use it to kill someone. And since we have no way of knowing exactly when someone with a gun will snap and use it to kill, guns must be eliminated from society. Because without guns, there will be no killing by guns. And if you don’t see the logic in that, you certainly shouldn’t be allowed to own a gun. Therefore, because guns cause killings, they must be eliminated.

      That lesson into the mind of liberals is free.
      You’re welcome. 🙂

  7. “The Boyfriend Loophole”? Really? I guess they finally realized the “gun show loophole” is not a thing, so they have to make shit up. Also, side note, “domestic violence” has been rendered an utterly meaningless term by feminists. At least here in Colorado, the threshold for “domestic violence” is so absurdly low that the burden of proof (aka due process) is basically non existent.

    A guy I work with got into a verbal argument with his girlfriend and she got angry and wanted to call the cops (not because he actually did anything, but because they’d haul his ass to jail, at least for the night), so he was holding the phone away from her. She managed to get it away from him and called 911. Boom, arrest and DV charge.

    Next morning, she calmed down and told the court that she wanted all charges dropped (by the way, she didn’t even want to press charges in the first place; they just did it automatically). They said no, and he was convitced of misdemeanor DV. And that is just one example. The feminists have diluted the terminology of a real problem by expanding the definition of it to an absurd degree, just like they’ve done with sexual assault.

    • If you have a fight where you even think a call to the cops is a possibility it’s time to leave.

      Quite literally nothing good can come from staying and a hotel for a day or two is cheaper than what’s coming down the pike if you do make the dumb decision to stay.

      Fortunately for me I can cry on demand and I bruise easily so with going to BJJ five times a week if my wife called the cops I’d just say she beats, chokes and otherwise abuses me and she’d be the one getting fucked by the state. Of course I was smart enough to marry a woman that wouldn’t call the cops unless there was an actual reason and I’m not the the type to give her one. There’s one person on this planet that I’m afraid of, my wife.

    • His first error? Keeping her from the phone. That, in itself, is domestic violence–preventing or interfering with a ‘victim’s’ attempt to summon aid.
      His second error? Having a d*ck. Although it is not codified, there is such a thing as the ‘One Penis Rule.’ It’s rather simple, really: The one with the penis is assumed to be the ‘primary aggressor’ (the legal term for the ‘One Penis Rule”) absent any evidence to the contrary, and is automatically the one arrested.
      The moral lesson? “Eschew females. Acquire currency.”

    • I watch “Cops.” It’s great entertainment as well as educational.
      I notice that in several states, if cops responding to a DV call see any physical evidence of actual DV, someone is going to jail. No questions, no choice, someone is going to jail.
      I have noticed in several cases one side of the argument going to jail because the other side shows an injury that could have happened in any of several ways attributed to the other partner, and that person goes to jail, with an arrest for DV on his record. No investigation, no choice, off to jail, on evidence that would not stand up in any courtroom if challenged by a lawyer who passed the bar the day before.
      I used to listen to the Phoenix Police on scanners. The calls for DV were almost half made by males. Women can be vicious. And most women will admit that hold grudges far longer than men do.
      The idea that women are overwhelmingly the victims in DV cases is just wrong.

  8. “Pretty little liars’ just about covers it, no?”

    “Pretty” is subjective to the eye of the beholder.

    A consensus could potentially be made though, that the production indeed is pretty. That is pretty pathetic in setting up women as the quentissential victims that most certainly aren’t.

  9. which gun advocates see as unconstitutional.”

    I used to live in Oregon. The Progressives throw around the word “unconstitutional” to convince those who are ignorant of what the Constitution says to agree with them. They will even get their Progressive judges to rule on it too. Case in point, in Oregon it was ruled constitutionally protected speech to have sex in public and practically rule it unconstitutional to be publically opposed to it. Screwy state that has gone off the deep end…which is why after living in the state for over 40 years, I moved my family and business to Arizona.

    • Could we make it a felony for girls to refuse to have sex in public? Call it the “stranger loophole”, or something?

  10. “Just as many dating partners are killed in domestic violence as spouses?”

    Tell me, how many of these “dating partners” never cohabited or had a child with their killer? It’s called “domestic” violence for a reason, because it’s between people sharing a domicile. That’s why they don’t call it “met-at-a-bar-once-for- drinks violence.”

    If somebody has assaulted you and continues to threaten you, get an order of protection against them, and that “loophole” goes away. Then arm yourself, because paper never did make a very good shield.

    • OR don’t shackup with women to whom you’re not married. And don’t shackup OR MARRY crazy. No matter how “hot” she may be.

      • This has nothing to do with people who are “shacked up. ” That’s the whole point: they want to extend the definition of “domestic violence” to people who’ve never shared a domicile in any sense.

  11. It’s pretty damn messed up the way these fake women’s empowerment outlets do nothing whatsoever to empower women and instead focusing on destroying the man. But that’s liberalism at its most basic level, right? Don’t work to lift anyone up just bring everyone down to the same lowest common denominator. Except for the authorities of course. They need to be extra powerful to protect us in a newly weakened state.

    My wife flips out whenever her friends or sisters parrot this “womens pity” tripe. Tearing down others to cuck status is not feminism. Disarming yourself and your loved ones is not feminism. Depending on a government to care for you is not feminism. Letting a dead tree rag funded by special interests and corporate bodies pushing whore mask makeup onto 11 years olds tell you what is right and wrong is not feminism.

  12. The Pretty Little Liar doesn’t realize that whenever she’s alone with a larger, stronger, faster guy – you know, the tall, athletic type eye candy pop-tarts tend to pick as boyfriends – what happens to her depends entirely on the stud-muffin’s discretion … unless she happens to be armed. That’s why they’re called “equalizers.’

    Even my tiny, frail, slow, weak, ancient mother stands a better chance of surviving abuse from someone stronger with an “equalizer” at hand; fire arms translate resolve and presence of mind into physical effects. My mother doesn’t have much strength, but still has lots of those other things.

  13. “There’s an Oregon firearms pre-emption law that states that counties, municipalities, cities actually can’t make certain laws regarding certain aspects of firearm sales, ownership, storage,” Okamoto said. “So these ordinances or resolutions really are largely very symbolic.”

    How convenient that Penny can use the pre-emption law to her advantage. She seems to think it’s just fine that Multnomah County and the city of Portland as well as Lane County and the city of Eugene have made their own laws defining “loaded” as having a round in the chamber or in the next-firing cylinder, and that open carry of such a gun is illegal without a CHL. (Open carry is legal without a CHL in Oregon.) They get away with this pre-emption due to the population of snowflakes in these regions.

  14. 1.) Girlfriend Loophole in Democratic Socialist Liberal Progressive state. Trailer park trash, Project rats, Gold digging tramps…Uses sex acts, intercourse–(of course of course) to entrap horney like-less-minded male into a pregnancy. Gold digger uses child as meal ticket to secure benefits and in-cash child support. Gold digger stops relationship and starts having sex with other guys…To entrap another, or create a “Jerry Springer style jealousy group” to piss-off the original idiot that bop-her..Then idiot male gets angry, when ex-GF flonts her “group”, and maybe goads fights between them…Creating ” Baby-Mommy Daddy issues”.Then Golddigger will go to the local police department and to court to secure a “Domestic restraining order/ or an Order of protection.” Gold digger will use this as a weapon to keep “cash cow” on a lease through force of arms by the police…All are bottom feeders and deserve to be deported to Afghanistan…Just one type of scenario…..Played out like this at a place I once worked at….

    2.) Good for some places standing up for the 2nd amendment, and the people…Don’t wind up like California, Massachusetts, or NJ.

    3.)-Defective!!!! NO KABoom!

    4.) Globalist.

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