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Happy Valentines Day! Hopefully you and your sweetie are enjoying a lovely dinner instead of listening to the Tuesday Evening Podcast. If not, give it a listen! On this week’s podcast I discuss sleep disorders, low carb eating, HIIT, and getting gassed walking up a flight of stairs. There’s also some discussion of HPA and another Instagram Live induced Q&A session. Thanks as always for listening.

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  1. You left out the best part about silencers you have to notify law enforcement where you’re going if you’re traveling with your silencer or any NFA item. That is absolutely ridiculous along with a $1,200 price tag. I agree to disagree with you Tyler.
    You can’t tell me that a silencer is harder to manufacture than a complete handgun. There are no moving parts inside a silencer and I can’t see somebody charging $1,200 for a muffler or your damn gun that’s ridiculous. It almost like you’re backing these fellows that only silencer companies pushing those $1,200 cans. If you’re talking about raw material costs you’re still talking about 3 pounds of titanium or other exotic metals the cost is relatively small for the bar stock even if you’re getting these exotic metals. It isn’t the most difficult thing in the world to actually manufacture. There’s a lot of us out here that don’t want to have to mess with NFA items. Not because we’re being put on a list but because it’s a pain in the ass. It’s just ridiculous to me and a lot of other of your readers to have to pay 1200 bucks 4 a piece of metal that is somewhat easy to manufacture into a silencer. I also believe you have misjudged a lot of The Machinist that are out there. I know about seven or eight fellows that are Machinist that machine all kinds of intricate detail Precision work. And they don’t charge $1,200 for a three pound unit. The actual cost of manufacturing one of those cans even out a titanium or other exotic metals is literally pretty damn cheap. Then you throw in a couple of hours three or four of pay to The Machinist turning the machine and you still don’t come up with $1,200. I think you’ll see a lot of high-quality units come out along with a bunch of junk as well but for the most part I don’t know very many Machinist that try to turn out crap. I don’t know maybe it’s just me but I’ve talked to quite a few others and they feel the same way.

    • in many industries, cost of goods sold runs about 1/10 of the price of the finished product.

      there are a lot of expenses besides just the materials.

    • Ah yes, my favorite anti-NFA argument, the interstate travel dilema. We’ve got some Cletus Spuclkler here who has probably never taken his guns outside of the county where he lives but is suddenly concerned about short notice trips out of the state with his non existent SBR (by the way, I don’t think this rule even applies to silencers).

      Ive never taken any gun other than my G19 carry gun across state lines, but the form to take an SBR out of state is really simple to file and is valid for something like a year or more and is easy enough to where you could just renew it perpetually. So using that as an excuse to not get a stamp is just laziness or covering for the fact that you are a cheapskate.

  2. Your points about HPA are spot on:

    Ignoring all the stupidity around price and availability, HPA passing is far from a “done deal”, people act like the election changed the entire political landscape, but the reality is margins were narrowed in both the house and senate. Culturally all the anti-2a animus leading up to the election didn’t suddenly go away, in fact several ballot measures at a state level were passed further eroding people’s rights. People forget that even with Scalia still on the court no one was chomping at the bit to hear pro-2a cases. With Gorsuch we are barely getting back to status quo and yet people are acting like the NFA is gone tomorrow, and as you pointed out there are far more important issues facing our country right now for any politician to burn what little capital they have left passing silencer regulations. Pull your heads out of your asses people.

    Back in 2011-2012 people were having a hay day with guns, ammo was cheap, reloading components were cheap, ARs were available at every price range anywhere you looked yet people were still reminding everyone to be cautious and be prepared because everything was far from certain. Sure enough it all evaporated over night practically and all the people who were “waiting to get an AR until prices came down…” suddenly were left wringing their hands accusing people of hoarding and price gouging when the only person they had to blame was themselves for being shortsighted.

    The silencer industry is barely keeping up with demand as is, and you are right, the only likely short term effect of HPA passing will be a rifle wave of crappy silencers flooding the market for all the neckbeards and mall ninjas and the pistol brace crowd. If you wait to get a good (i.e. Quiet, durable, and lightweight) you are going to likely regret doing so.

    You can keep telling people all day but it’s all jus pissing into the wind. Most people buy guns because they look cool and because they enjoy taking about buying guns rather than dedicating time and resources to becoming proficient with what they have, function and durability don’t even make it into the equation for most people.

  3. Combining a diet wth “High Intensity Training” equals

    Totally agree on the HPA. You just reminded me to buy another can for my 22/45 lite. And to have the granddaughters new chipmunk threaded.

    • “And to have the granddaughters new chipmunk threaded.”

      Hopefully, it can be threaded so that the can can fit the Ruger stainless takedown 10/22 grand-dad will get her in few years.

      And she can pass it down to her daughter on down the line.

      Family heirlooms, an official Martha Stewart ‘Good Thing’… 🙂

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