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Technology to fight gun crime hobbled by skepticism and disuse –  “Even among departments that use the system, only a handful have been using it the way ATF intends. NIBIN has been hobbled by years of inattention inside ATF, according to more than two dozen current and former NIBIN officials and law enforcement agents, some of whom spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to talk about it. Because the technology requires a considerable commitment of personnel and money, many departments have adopted it in a scattershot way: They enter shell casings inconsistently and fail to follow up on leads.” The Justice Department won’t prosecute people who lie on their 4473’s and the ATF blows $300 on an apparently effective system through disinterest and poor implementation. But more gun control laws are the answer.


The Ferguson Effect in action: Chicago Police Officer Says She Feared Using Gun While Being Beaten – “A Chicago police officer who is hospitalized after she was severely beaten said she was afraid to use her gun because of the scrutiny she would have faced, Supt. Eddie Johnson said. On Wednesday morning, police responded to a car crash at Roosevelt and Cicero on the city’s West Side where officers encountered a man that police allege was violent and under the influence of drugs. Three officers were hospitalized in the incident.”

Meanwhile, in another part of Mogadishu on Lake Michigan:


One gun’s journey — 42 bullets fired, 2 killed, 5 wounded – “The story of the Glock’s journey from safe to shoebox comes at a tumultuous time for Chicago as homicides spike to levels unseen in the city for two decades. Chicago police say the proliferation of guns plays a key role in the seemingly endless cycle of violence, particularly in impoverished pockets of the South and West sides. As police battle the glut of firearms, the Glock illustrates the devastation — both human and financial — that a single gun can leave behind.” A legally owned and properly stored firearm was stolen and used in a series of crimes. But remember, it’s the gun’s fault.


Accuracy is the thing: Hasbro’s new Accustrike Nerf guns want you to be a sniper – “Hasbro previewed its newest line of Nerf guns at its pre-New York Comic-Con event in New York last night, and while they lack the speed and size of some of the more notable Nerf guns in recent history they look pretty interesting on their own. The Accustrike line is a new set of Nerf guns with a redesigned dart for more accurate shooting.”


Don’t forget about the Biden Effect: Police: Clowns flee after homeowner fires warning shot – “A homeowner in Pampa fired a gunshot after two people dressed as clowns apparently entered his front yard, the city said Wednesday. The Pampa Police Department responded to a suspicious persons call in the 2500 block of Charles Tuesday around 10:30 p.m. A resident in the neighborhood told police he was working in his garage when he heard two disguised people laughing outside.The homeowner reportedly told them to leave, then retrieved a pistol as they advanced closer to his home.”

Elsewhere on the ever-expanding insurgent clown front:


Second Amendment For The Win: Woman Draws Gun, Scares Away Creepy Clown – The woman, who lives in Auburn, ME and did not want to be identified, said that she was relaxing on her porch when an SUV pulled up by her house. In the back seat sat a man in clown makeup, who “formed a gun shape” with his fingers and said “bang.” In response, the woman revealed that she was armed with a gun of the non-finger variety, and that was enough to scare the clown away. She then reported the incident to the police, saying the whole thing “freaked [her] out.”


Springfield Armory Daily Digest: Changing the Numbers, Debunking the Research, and Getting the Message Out">Previous Post
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  1. Those stupid killer clown rumors and idiots trying to scare people have been freaking my kids out.

    My two oldest keep waking up in the night frightened and waiting to sleep in our bed. And it’s getting old.

    If I see one of those clown chumps on the street I’m going to whoop their ass.

    • “If I see one of those clown chumps on the street I’m going to whoop their ass.”

      If a group of clowns rush you, you cannot take any chances … make sure you go for the juggler.

    • RockOnHellChild,

      Actually, the best thing to do is turn the tables on these violent menacing clowns and scare them to their core. And I think the best way to really scare them to their core is to capture one and eat it. When other would-be clowns hear that psychos will eat them, they will find something else to do so fast it will make our heads spin. But be forewarned, clowns taste funny.

    • A cute little thing was in the shopa few nights ago browsing the selection of pepper sprays. Asking if I could offer any assistance, she replid that she needed something to repel clowns.
      “A cream pie to the face. It’ll be like hitting him with a lightning bolt.”
      She bought Mace instead…

  2. My daughter is kind of freaked out. I told her a clown is not creepy with a hole in thier forehead.

  3. NIBIN? Really?

    Jesus, PopSci (the amazing publication that it is *roles eyes*) completely discredited most “forensic science” back in like 2009 by testing it and proving that when it came to bullet or casing identification, blood splatter analysis and a ton of other stuff including fingerprints, the labs they tested (including the FBI) were wrong 80% of the time or more.

    PopSci made the evidence and knew the answers. They handed it over to a couple dozen labs to see if they could get the right answer. For example, they fired a bullet into a water tank and then gave the bullet and six guns to a lab for them to determine which one it came from. Across the board 80% of the answers that came back were wrong. The only exception was DNA analysis which came back correctly 100% of the time but had an admittedly small sample. Either way, they came to the conclusion that DNA was good to go and everything else was unreliable at best.

    Sorry, “Forensic Science”, other than DNA is basically bullshit.

    • Yeah, buried way down in the article are these gems:

      The theory underlying NIBIN — that every gun leaves its own fingerprint — has never been scientifically proven.

      The bureau does not track how many hits end in arrests or convictions or whether the number of shootings or violent crime rates have gone down in places that use NIBIN.

      In other words, read between the lines and you’ll see what happens is for every casing the ATF returns an unreasonable number of false positive “leads” and hopes there’s some real meat in there somewhere. Then they blame the police for not following up on all of them.

  4. Um sorry-I don’t believe the chick cop in Chiraq. She just let herself get beat up ’cause she’s SLOW on the trigger. Black dudes get shot weekly by cops and unless it’s egregious (and silly) like Laquane McDonald (16 boo-lits) for a boy with a knife(and surrounded by 5-O) she can shoot the perp. As far as clowns go I think menacing/malicious mischief charges may be in order-or 00buckshot…

    • First off, I think female officer is the term of choice. Next, Not one but three were hospitalized in this event. As for too slow on the trigger? I’m still waiting for why a mass murderer can be taken in custody without gunplay; but you want to shoot mentally unballanced guy in a car crash? Flying lead is a option, but not always the best one.

      • If a gal in Chicago chooses to be a cop and lacks the resolve to shoot a deranged lowlife she’s a CHICK COP. What are you an apologist for the corrupt Chicago Po-leece? Or
        just a cop? Go CUBS!

        • Better a cop get beaten than a citizen get shot. Citizen’s lives are more important than a cop’s safety.

      • I see this line of reasoning all the time, but it is deeply flawed. People keep asking why mass murderers like Dylan Roof are apprehended without a shot fired, but mentally unstable (or just plain angry/violent) black people are shot. The reason is exceedingly obvious – compliance. If the mass murderer puts down his/her weapon when he sees the cops, he won’t get shot. If a mentally unstable man acts like he has a gun (pretending to draw and point at the police), he’ll get shot. The vast majority of the unarmed black deaths by police would not have occurred if they simply had not resisted or feigned resistance.
        Please note: I’m not saying it’s right or wrong, but the issue is clearly that people do not follow instruction and/or do not know when to quit (hint: it’s when you’re outgunned or ungunned, unless you would prefer to die).

      • The response should be driven by the threat. James Holmes wasn’t injured after shooting up the movie theater because he surrendered peacefully to the first cops he encountered. In contrast, a psychotic football player, off his meds, was shot and crippled by two cops because he overpowered them when they tried to take him into custody. The most one can criticize about the latter case is that the cops might have used pepper spray or a taser at the first sign of resistance rather than get into a wrestling match with someone so big and powerful.

        • James Holmes(and Dylan Roof)were/are puzzies. Large deranged black men in Chicago are not. I know- I lived in Chicago for years and was attacked more than once. No place for tiny Tina…

    • The problem with the McDonald shooting isn’t the 16 bullets, it’s the one or two that came after he was crumpled motionless on the concrete.

  5. BATF program derived from failed “ballistic fingerprinting” programs that started in the 90s, and were shut down shortly before this program started in 2005. Huge waste of time and money.

    • “Huge waste of time and money” Yup. That about sums up modern government in general and the BATF in particular…..

  6. We had that doofus “ballistic fingerprinting” in Maryland for many years. Every new handgun sold had to come with a fired shell casing which the dealer submitted to the Maryland State Police – even for revolvers. Some gun makers refused to do business in the state because the requirement was such a PITA for them. Even the MSP tried for years to get the General Assembly to drop the requirement because of the cost in time and manpower to them for no tangible benefit. And I do mean “no”, as in “none”. There was never a single instance in which the “ballistic fingerprinting” resulted in an arrest for a crime of violence in the state. The state police finally convinced the GA that the whole thing was a waste of resources which could have been put toward something useful, like a DNA laboratory, and the shell casing is no longer required with a new handgun sale.

  7. I’m fighting an uphill battle because so many otherwise literate people misuse the word disinterested when they mean uninterested.

    An uninterested person would rather be paying attention to something else. A disinterested person has no preference about possible outcomes of a decision or question.

    The usual example is that if you are being tried in a court of law, you want the judge to be disinterested but not uninterested in your case.

    Alas, modern usage is becoming more accepting of the confusion.

    • Its a good idea in principal, but I think the affect will be limited. Irregardless, maybe you should take a brake from all this; their isn’t allot of worry weather Grammer is right at TTAG.

      • You hone in on your point very well. I need to reign in my inner proofreader even though that is my forté. (-:

    • Now work on teaching the difference between a bullet and a cartridge. Next you can work on clips vs magazines. Anybody should be able to understand what a spring is, yes? Alas, no. At least so far…

  8. Fine, then I refuse to stand for the clown’s anthem being played! Taking a knee for clown justice…same hair styles too, sarc

  9. Pampa…..where the fμ©|{ is Pampa? Research indicates it’s in Texas, learn something new every day.

  10. I have no real love for toy guns (Disclaimer: I did have them, and play with them, as a kid, until such a point as my Grandfather took me out shooting and taught me never to point the muzzle end of anything resembling a firearm at anything I wasn’t willing to destroy), but I don’t see the harm in an ACCURATE nerf gun. When you put a projectile downrange, it’s always better for it to be going along a predictable and replicable path.

  11. I fully support and encourage a war on clowns, creepy or– well that’s the only kind really.

    Best hunt down all the Juggalos too. Just to be safe.

    • I thought about that yesterday.

      But then I was wondering if that was still a thing… I know it had a small niche following there in late 90’s and early 00’s, but I figured it lost steam years ago.

      Are there still “Juggalos” running around dressed as clowns listening to white boy rap…?

  12. “Chicago police say the proliferation of guns plays a key role in the seemingly endless cycle of violence…”

    Yeah because the animals committing all the violence, would just stop without the guns. They’d just resort to knives, sticks, rocks, an hands. Nothing will change unless they address root causes.

  13. When I first heard stories about creepy clowns running around scaring people, I thought the articles were referring to escaped congressmen.

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