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The New York Times is on board with gun control via referendum: When the People Choose Gun Control – “Legislative action, involving debate and deliberation among lawmakers, is preferable to ballot initiatives as a way to effect change, especially when a constitutional right is involved. But on gun control, many lawmakers have shirked those duties, and when that happens for a long enough time, the people will make their voices heard.”


County could build gun locker in courthouse lobby – The words “gun lobby” could have a whole new meaning in Sedgwick County. Sedgwick County commissioners will vote Wednesday on whether to build a gun locker for visitors to leave their guns in when they go to the courthouse in downtown Wichita. “It’s really about safety,” Commission Chairman Jim Howell said. “My motivation really is to create opportunities to be safe.”


VIRIDIAN® ANNOUCES NEW RUGER® LCP® II Laser/Light Accessories – Viridian® announced today the company is now accepting orders for its new product line of laser/light accessories specifically engineered for the new Ruger® LCP® II handgun. “Viridian has been working closely with Ruger for quite some time in anticipation of this very exciting new firearm,” said CEO/President of Viridian, Brian Hedeen. “Our engineering and R&D teams have done an excellent job developing a phenomenal new line of laser and light accessories for the LCP II. As Donald Trump might say, it’s going to be HUGE!”


Closing the “passion gap” on gun control: Anti-Gun Violence Group Launches Effort to Support Pi Pizza After Online Attacks – “In the wake of pro-gun activists barraging Pi Pizza with so many fake bad reviews that some of its social media pages had to be temporarily shut down, national gun violence prevention group One Pulse for America has dreamed up a way for people across the country to support the embattled pizza restaurant.”


McMillan Fiberglass Stocks is proud to support a new addition to the McMillan Group of Companies, Grayboe. Grayboe has developed a manufacturing method that produces gunstocks at a standard of strength, stiffness, and resilience that is unlike anything the market has ever seen. This method of manufacturing brings high volume and low cost to the well tested Epoxy based gunstock. Grayboe has succeeded in revolutionizing the way in which thermoset stocks are made, whereby filling a void that has been left empty for decades.  Grayboe stocks thus cannot be equaled in durability, accuracy, or price.


The world according to Cody: Come and Take It: “disintermediating the state,” one 3D-printed gun at a time – “Now, roughly 3.5 years after that first attention-grabbing demo, (Cody) Wilson has come out with a book, entitled Come and Take It: The Gun Printer’s Guide to Thinking Free (UK). Despite its title, the book is more memoir and less manifesto. Come and Take It describes how Wilson went from being someone who “didn’t know a thing about engineering, ballistics, or plastics” to being someone who was publicly chastised by everyone from former Google CEO Eric Schmidt to lawmakers nationwide. (I was disappointed to find out from Wilson that all the dialogue in the book is reconstructed from his memory—there are few primary source materials and no footnotes at all.)”


Ayoob on Trump: AFTER THE LATEST DEBATE… – “…there IS no debate, at least for people who want to keep their gun rights. It was sad that neither candidate could give a straight answer to simple questions. They say the devil you know beats the devil you don’t. This is the first time I can remember where I’ve had to choose the devil I don’t know, because the devil I do know so blatantly hates my kind and everything I stand for.”

Springfield Armory Daily Digest: A Disinterested ATF, An Intimidated Cop, and a War on Clowns">Previous Post
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  1. The New York Times fails to understand that fundamental human rights are not something that can be subjected to a popular vote. These things have to be kept out of plebiscites so that the majority does not vote away any of a minority’s rights.

    • Can you imagine the howling that would come from the NYT if we advocated having state legislatures decide how much, if any, freedom the press (including the MSM) should have. As the first poster said, fundamental rights are not up for a vote. These rights do not come from a government; they come from God. And, no government has the right to extinguish them.

      • in the alternative, I wonder how a referendum endorsing state-sponsored segregation would have faired in various areas of the country in the 1950s?

        Basic civics, but the NYT doesn’t get it.

        • And this is why we’re a Constitutional Republic. and not a democracy.

          The FFs knew that “average” folks didn’t spend a whole lot of their time actually thinking….

      • The Professional Press SHOULD be tested, licensed and held to standards of truth and accountability like every other major profession. “Journalists” who lie, cherry-pick or fail to show non-bias would lose their license and be reduced to publishing in media which is non-profit and without advertising.

    • Most of these people don’t care about the “two wolves and a sheep voting what to have for dinner” until they’re the sheep, and by then, it’s two late.

    • If you are an MD, do you believe in people’s rights to make informed consent with medical care? As we speak, the CDC is looking to remove personal informed consent with police state powers and gain the right to quarantine and forcefully medicate anyone who ‘might be sick’.

      • In some circumstances, quarantine might be needed. The issue is, we cannot trust our government to use powers honestly. It’s become too politicized. Quite a shame.

        • Agree, the CDC is looking for a an unconstitutional power grab, so anyone can be forcibly detained, isolated, quarantined, and vaccinated. A traveling child with hay fever( or any other myriad of imagined or unimagined harmless conditions) can be taken from parents by unelected medical officials for up to 72 hours if he/she ‘appears’ sick, and receive whatever procedure these officials deem necessary. The workin in this new proposal by the CDC is vague and broad, they will power to detain anyone.

  2. Did I read that wrong or did the NYT just admit that the right to keep and bear arms was a constitutional right?

  3. Frankly the supreme court justice list and Eric+Jr. having total access to him gives me more confidence Trump will smash gun control attempts than Romney or McCain ever did.

    • The last three presidents were elected with a Congress of their own party. This election will probably be no different.

      If Hillary is elected, her Congress will give her everything she wants and more.
      If Trump is elected, a GOP Congress will rein in anything too extreme or crazy.

      Anyone with wealth or guns would be crazy to vote democrat at this time.

  4. Democracy in its purest form is mob rule.
    And we can’t depend on the SCOTUS to protect us from the whims of the mob….

  5. You are correct Mas. It’s ALL about guns for me this time. And living in Southern Cook ,IL my vote doesn’t count for S##T except locally…Trump/PENCE 2016.

  6. Regarding lockers for firearms at courthouses, Washington State has done this for years. I wish Federal facilities would give us this option.

    • That’s because state law says prohibited buildings have to have either an armed guard checking guns in or lockboxes, otherwise anyone with a permit can carry anywhere in the building. So it provided a bit of a push to have all the courthouses and jails put in lockboxes.

        • That’s not true.

          From the Seattle Mariners and MLB.com:

          Q: Safeco Field is a public place. What about my constitutional right to carry a weapon?

          A: Safeco Field, while it is a public facility, is privately operated. Private operators have the right to establish rules regarding what activities and behaviors are allowed inside the ballpark. Safeco Field is a weapons-free facility and unless you are a member of law enforcement, you are not allowed to bring a weapon inside the ballpark.

  7. If rights are subject to the whims of an activist court or money-grubbing politicians, they really aren’t rights at all.

  8. I generally don’t comment on politics like this but I’m with Ayoob on this.

    Hillary Clinton’s policies, generally speaking, a absolutely 100% bat shit crazy. Disarm Americans while allowing tens of thousands of “refugees”, that we literally cannot vet, into the country? If even only 1% are terrorists we’re letting them in by the literal truckload. Open borders, tax policies that seem like they’re designed to kill the economy… the list goes on. Not one thing she’s talking about makes any goddamn sense whatsoever.

    No, sorry, fuck that. I’d like a better job and more guns, thank you much. We don’t need more PC bullshit. We need to walk away from that nonsense. It’s not just guns. It’s that on every policy she discusses she’s dead-ass wrong. It’s almost like she’s campaigning on hating/damaging/destroying the country.

    Trump might not be the best candidate ever but, much like a gun fight, you go to an election with the candidate you’ve got. Trump’s what we’ve got.

    • The goal of Hillary and the current version of the Democratic party is to turn all of the US into a sick combination of San Francisco and the South Side of Chicago. I will press the R lever for all candidates this year, something I do not always do, as I consider myself to be an Independent.

      • It’s worse than that. To some extent you are correct as that may be the look of the end result, but what it’s really all about is the global redistribution of wealth via force.
        Assuming Hildebeast’s comments about hemispherical open borders and free trade are indeed hers, and knowing that NAFTA has moved formerly well paying blue-collar manufacturing jobs south of the border, the only end result of her policies is an accellerated decline in the standard of living for the middle class.
        While the truth is that such policies will result in further consolidation of wealth and power in the hands of a few, it’s sold to their minions with the lie we can improve the standard of living in the world without harming our own – as the right thing to do for global progress. Because we need to care about people and not just ourselves. Because we’ve stolen everything we ever had from the rest of the world. Because we’re just so awful and can do better. Should you disagree, you’re a heartless, greedy, nationalistic racist who just hates brown people.
        This is where the true lie about gun control exposes itself: the only thing standing in the way is 75 to 100 million pissed off, hungry and newly homeless people with 400 million firearms. They know it. Gun control is sold with the same lies as are progressive economic policies (we need to DO SOMETHING and HELP PEOPLE!), and it’s gobbled up by the masses who have been bludgeoned into progressive submission by their education system.
        I’m voting for Trump not because I think he’s a saint, I’m voting for him because if Hillary gets to put two justices on the SCOTUS it will ultimately lead to the death of the republic…if messing around in Syria and kicking off WWIII in earnest doesn’t do the job first, that is.

  9. Something I commented about in wired magazine about it’s owner, also applies to the NYT owner, Mr. Sulzberger:

    SHEESH……make way for the elephant in the room people!

    The owner of the product you’re reading is a civilian billionaire named Sam Newhouse.

    Like all billionaires, Sam maintains multiple hired gunmen with multiple automatic weapons. This is in their mansions, vehicles, jets and yachts…. everywhere they go. This, of course applies to Karsh, Bloomberg, Soros, Redstone, Sulzberger, Buffett, Zuckerman, Zuckerberg, Murdock, and the billionaires of DisneyCorp, Comcast and TimeWarner….heck…even Oprah!

    Why do these rich folk NEED to carry so many weapons of war?

    Isn’t it time to close the billionaire gun loophole? But, as Sam’s media product demands little people disarm…..I say you first, Sam Newhouse!

  10. One Pulse For America is a closed Facebook group. I guess that they only want to read sympathetic comment. I was going to be polite, too.

  11. Oh god, I don’t want to vote for Trump. I will walk out of the booth feeling dirty. I have always felt like I could never vote for an anti 2a candidate, but he is really testing my resolve.

    • The decision is rather simple. We can fix whatever stupid thing Trump may do as President. We cannot fix what Hitlery has planned for us. We can vote for a lady who will bring us decades of tyranny, or we can vote for four years of a rich playboy. Your pick, but be warned that in a two party system a vote for anyone but Trump is a vote for Hitlery. Me, I am plugging my nose and voting for Trump, because this election is more important than me or the candidates.

  12. Let your voices be heard gun-grabbers, get out in the streets with your fists raised in the air, screaming.

    The people who are opposed to you can more easily point you out to the people you are attempting to disarm all of us for.

  13. “Legislative action, involving debate and deliberation among lawmakers, is preferable to ballot initiatives as a way to effect change, especially when a constitutional right is involved. But on gun control, many lawmakers have shirked those duties, and when that happens for a long enough time, the people will make their voices heard.”

    They have effected change. It just wasn’t the effect you wanted NYT.

    • State after state passed “shall issue”, now state after state passes “constitutional carry”, “campus carry”, and on and on. Still, no “gunfight at the OK corral”, no “two gun cowboy rigs”, no “blood running in the streets”, the silliness is winding down. Even America is not that stupid.


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