Apparently the Tueller drill isn’t part of LAPD training: Los Angeles Police Commission Tells Officers To Run Away from Armed Suspects – “The Los Angeles Police Commission who is tasked with setting policies for the police department, has decided that if an officer is confronted by an armed subject they should run away. The decision stems from an officer involved shooting where a suspect charged two officers with a large knife, citing that the officers should have ‘redeployed’ to ‘create distance.’” When seconds count LA cops will be running the other way.


Clinton doesn’t seem to be spurring gun sales the way Obama did – “Gun sales have benefited partly from a string of high-profile mass shootings. They’ve benefited also from the perception that elected officials — Obama in particular — seeks to curtail gun ownership. Evidence suggests, though, that the prospect of a Hillary Clinton electoral victory isn’t spurring gun sales the way Obama did.” Let’s see what happens in November. There’s still time.


Your V8 moment of the day: Gun advocates: death toll at Cascade Mall could have been lower if witnesses had guns – “Local gun rights advocates rallied in Olympia Saturday on the front steps of the state Capitol building, claiming that if the Cascade Mall had allowed citizens to carry their legal guns, the death toll Friday night might have been lower. ‘If people were allowed to carry and they were trained, absolutely they could have possibly lowered the casualty rate,’ Christina Sheppard, a guns rights advocate, said.”


Vanderbilt grad student invited to White House to talk gun reform – “Plattsmier, 22, was invited to take part in the White House event because of her work with, a nonprofit that encourages young people to get involved in the social causes they’re most passionate about. The group’s motto: ‘Any cause, anytime, anywhere.’ The cause Plattsmier took up was “guns out,” a campaign against efforts in several states to allow concealed weapons on college campuses.”


  1. Everybody in America has a gun now. We’re full. There might be another buying frenzy once Trump does away with the nfa and it’s illegal constraints.

      • I believe he’s going to be elected. And I believe that will be better for gun owners than hillary.

        As for the details, we’ll see what the near future brings.

    • ” Everybody in America has a gun now. We’re full.” I am not sure if this is right or not and here is why: nobody had a gun at the Cascade Mall except the murderer. Nobody had a gun at Umpqua College except the murderer. Nobody had a gun at the Charleston Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church except the murderer. You get the point.

      We may have enough guns, but we don’t have enough good guys and gals who train regularly and carry them every day. Fifteen million Americans can carry but how many really do? The police will be there in a 5 minutes. The fight will be over in 3.

  2. I think the public now believes that the GOP will keep the Congress, and without the House, Hillary’s grandest ambitions on the subject will go… nowhere.

  3. I lasted a minute with the 2 senior citizens droning. No matter I’m buying ? and ammo. Yeah a “cascade”(too soon?) of gunfire should have met that Spanish looking fella’…aloha snackbar.

    • “If people were allowed to carry and they were trained, absolutely they could have possibly lowered the casualty rate,” Christina Sheppard, a guns rights advocate, said.

      Christina should know, and have so stated, that in Washington State, at least for now, there is no training requirement to receive a state permission slip to exercise your Second Amendment protected right to keep and bear arms. You essentially fill out at 4473-type form, pay $80 bucks or so for fingerprinting and a small fee for the permit and if the State or FBI do not flag you as a Bad Guy you get the permit about 30 days later.

      There is also no training requirement to open carry in Washington, although you should learn ahead of time, on your own time, how to politely interact with Law Enforcement because if you try to open carry in most of the larger cities around the Puget Sound (Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, etc.) you will spend a lot of time talking with LEOs. Just sayin’.

  4. “Hillary Clinton electoral victory isn’t spurring gun sales the way Obama did.”


    That trull is the exact reason I just bought a mag feed shotgun, bigs mags for it, and a15 receiver set.

  5. President Golfcart drove gun sales because he’s the freakin’ President. Granny Pantsuit isn’t driving gun sales because she’s not the freakin’ President.

    Why is this so hard to understand?

  6. After tonite’s piss-poor Trump debate performance I doubt that we will see a President Trump. Start buying your guns in preparation for the next President Clinton tsunami. Deplorable DMD

  7. If’s motto is “Any cause, anytime, anywhere” then I’m sure they’d work with someone advocating for gun rights, right? Oh wait, it’s not a cause they like… so much for that motto then.

  8. Scene: A half dozen forensics experts sitting in a room just after mall shooting looking over survelilence photos

    “Okay, we agree, the shooter looks Arab right?”…everybody nods in agreement

    Cop walks into room…”Hey we have a witness on the far side of store that said the shooter maybe, kinda, sorta looked Hispanic”

    Lead forensics person….”Well okay….who here wants to take the responsibility of sticking with our original opinion?”


  9. Citizens have every right to tell government employees how to do their jobs. A little redeployment would have probably meant fewer shootings and the riots they spawn. If the cops don’t like it, they are more than welcome to quit and find honest work where they aren’t living off the sweat of the tax payer’s brow.

  10. That Vandy student face and smile just make me want to vomit. You can almost see the little comic strip (non)thought bubble above her head:

    “Look at ME! I’m DOING something My Mommy was right. I AM a special little snowflake. When I’m done curing the ‘gun violence epidemic’ here, I’m going to ride my unicorn to Syria, fart some fairie dust on ISIS, and make those meanies work and play nice with others. Oh, golly gee, goodness, it feels so good to be good and do good and think good and spread wonderful goodness! Do you like my smile?”

  11. “Evidence suggests, though, that the prospect of a Hillary Clinton electoral victory isn’t spurring gun sales the way Obama did.”

    This bewilderment and misinterpretation of numbers should be expected from a news media that somehow believes that the previous buying sprees where merely motivated by the desire to acquire guns for people’s collections before the government outlawed them. They do not understand that there is a lot more to it than that. This is not about adding another dozen guns to a person’s collection. This is about acquiring that one rifle and ammunition just in case We The People need to fight against a tyrannical government. If a person already owns that one rifle and ammunition, there is no reason to go buy another simply because another tyrant is vying for the Presidency.


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