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Gun-toting Democrats bristle at firearms limits in California – “Between eight and 11 million Californians are gunowners, according to estimates, about a quarter of the population — the second-highest number after Texas. A Pew Research study found that 40 percent of gun owners across the United States are Republican, twice the number of Democrats. But in California, the share of gun-toting Democrats is larger. “We believe there’s an immense number of Democrats among California gun owners,” said Sam Paredes, executive director of Gun Owners of California, noting there were no official statistics on that.” Here’s an idea…maybe they should stop voting Democrat.


Chris Brown: Sayonara, Japan! Gun Case Holds Up Tour – “Chris Brown fans in Japan are getting screwed by LAPD’s investigation into his gun case … which is preventing the singer from boarding a jet plane to perform there. CB has shows scheduled in Tokyo next week and sources close to Chris tell us he applied for permission to enter the country on a working visa. However, we’re told Japanese officials flagged Chris and denied him entry due to the investigation into claims he pulled a gun on a woman. A Japanese consulate official tells TMZ the country has a very low tolerance for admitting visitors with criminal backgrounds and open cases. Brown faced this same kind of scrutiny in Australia over his probation due to the Rihanna case.” Maybe the answer is to avoid pulling guns on other people unless you’re, you know, defending your life.


OMG! A gun store! Near a school! OMG! New gun store near school drawing attention – “’I’m a little upset that whoever backed up the owner would think it was cute to put a gun store across from a middle school,’ said Treasure Neal, who has a sister who goes to Manor Middle School. ‘Do these people want us to kill each other? With all the gun killings going on, why would you even bring another gun store into Killeen? I guess its because of the money. Seems like those who support this store don’t care about the lives being lost.’”


Constitution Check: Might the Supreme Court overrule its own gun rights ruling? – “The Supreme Court has told the nation that it does not lightly overrule one of its decisions. In 1992, when it declined to overrule its abortion rights ruling (the 1973 decision in Roe v. Wade), the court said that it was not enough that the members of a current court believed that a prior ruling was wrong. The decision to overrule, it said, should be guided by prudence and pragmatism. It gave several examples of the influencing factors: whether the prior decision had become unworkable as a legal precedent; whether and how much the public has generally come to rely on the precedent; whether changes in legal principles have undermined the prior ruling; and whether there has been a change in the facts that bear on the constitutional question.” Most gun owners have no faith that the Supremes wouldn’t reverse themselves given a re-aligned ideological post-election composition.

The Five Best Guns To Buy In Destiny: Rise of Iron – “Whenever Destiny gets an expansion, the vendors in the tower finally get new weapons in stock. Those of us who obsess over perks and rolls and stats promptly have an anxiety attack deciding which one to buy first. If there’s one thing I’ve learned after two years of Destiny, it’s that I’ll be able to buy everything I want in due time. We’re still in the early days of Rise of Iron,however, so it pays to be choosy. (As a side note, if you’re looking to level up as fast as possible, it’s probably smarter to spend your marks on 350-light armor and a 350 ghost shell before you buy any weapons.)”


Troopers allegedly sold several hundred State Police guns – “An investigation that led to the recent suspension of three state troopers involves allegations that they sold several hundred used State Police guns to a Greenfield firearms dealer on behalf of the department, then received more than a dozen of those weapons, free of charge, for their personal use, according to two people familiar with the probe. The attorney general’s office is focusing on how the guns — an assortment of pistols, rifles, and other firearms — were tagged as surplus and traded to Jurek Brothers during the summer of 2015, according to several people with knowledge of the case.” This happens regularly in lots of other jurisdictions.

Smith & Wesson has announced a recall on virtually Thompson/Center Compass rifles:


SPRINGFIELD, Mass., September 21, 2016 — Thompson/Center Arms has identified a condition that may exist in Compass rifles.  We have determined that there may be some instances, depending on the height and position of the rifle and other factors, where a chambered round may fire if the firearm is dropped with the safety in the fire position.  Safety is paramount to us, so we are taking this measure to further enhance performance and to meet our customer expectations, with the goal of reducing the chance of an accidental discharge should the rifle be dropped.

Not that he’d ever make that connection: Watch The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah Accidentally Destroy The Case For Gun Control – “Trevor Noah, the host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, accidentally destroyed the case for gun control during his show on Wednesday night. Noah’s accidental broadside against gun-free zones came during a portion of his opening monologue in which he made fun of a Minnesota man fed up with Islamic terrorism. The target of Noah’s ire was an ice cream shop owner in a small town southeast of St. Cloud, Minnesota — the site of a mass stabbing at a mall last weekend — who put up a sign outside of his restaurant that read, ‘Muslims Get Out.’”


As always, the NRA is to ultimately at fault: The Problem With Leaving a Gun in Your Car – “Cars are a bad place to keep valuables—especially if those valuables are weapons. But every day, U.S. gun owners store their Glocks, their Smith & Wesson 9mm pistols, their .22 rifles, and plenty more firearms in their cars as they go to work or the grocery store. A jimmied door, a broken window, and someone can steal a gun that can later be used to commit more crimes.” Or maybe the problem is too many businesses that ban lawful concealed carry, forcing law-abiding gun owners to leave their firearms in their cars.


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  1. The official veto gunmageddon website (or whatever name they gave it) has an up-to-date tracker on the progress of the petitions. They are updating it every 30 minutes as they count signatures. By the looks of it, Cali gun owners didn’t show up like we had hoped they would.

    • I showed up. I brought my friends and my dad on several trips. But the guy working the petition table at the local gun store told me that some people just didn’t want to sign, even when he had his table at a shooting range. Even while I was at the gun shop talking to the petition guy, a man who had just bought ammo was walking away from the counter. He was invited to come over and sign the petitions to “overturn the new gun laws”. His response was “Nope, I love ’em.” And then he walked out.

      I hate the fact that my home state is like this. I’m starting to really consider moving out. But I don’t want to give up on California just yet. I don’t want to abandon CA just for this idiocy to spread everywhere else.

    • They canceled Larry Wilmore. He was a lot funnier than Trevor Noah, who just comes across as a snarky, unfunny libtard most of the time. I’ve read that Trevor Noah adapts his comedy to wherever he is, and he used to be funnier in the past but said some things that made the leftists squirm in their seats, so when he got the Daily Show he probably decided to try to be more leftwing than Jon Stewart (who was genuinely funny in just about every role I’ve ever seen him in).

      • Thank god they finally cancelled Wilmore. Openly racist (which is cool if it’s against white people) and annoyingly smug about it all.

        A guy who creates a show called “blackish” featuring blacks just trying to be normal Americans and not hood-rats. That somehow they should be conflicted. Reinforcing the you can’t just be “normal”, ya gotta be “black” which is different.

        I could write a lengthy piece on how wrong that guy is, how flawed his narratives are, how Klan-level racist he is, but it’s not worth the time.

  2. “’I’m a little upset that whoever backed up the owner would think it was cute to put a gun store across from a middle school,’ said Treasure Neal”

    Who dug up the buried Treasure?

    • Yeah, lots of people are. There’s lots of new players, as well – including me. I remember poo-pooing the game in a blog a couple years ago when they were still developing it. I started playing not quite two months ago and it’s the first console based FPS that I’ve really enjoyed.

  3. “the court said that it was not enough that the members of a current court believed that a prior ruling was wrong”

    …because it would harm the myth of the SCOTUS if they just admitted that 19 years earlier, a majority of the court made up a Constitutional Right that was never in the Constitution to begin with…so we have to let a wrong decision stand rather than admit that SCOTUS could do wrong…

    • Aye. Wouldn’t be in this position if the Court would just, you know, FOLLOW THE DAMN LAW.

  4. Seems to me that gun-owning Democrats are a self-correcting anomaly. If they continue to vote Democrat, eventually the “gun owner” part won’t be an option.

      • Well, unless your a rich banker, college administrator, GM executive, someone who does business with Communist China, or in the energy industry (even in the oil business since Obama came to power)…

        You can bet the “1%” and most of the lesser rich-filthy people will keep their guns AND armed security no matter what because they already own the politicians and bureaucrats.

        • Yes. Certain people do very well under leftist authoritarian regimes. Always have. That’s kind of the point. And the useful idiots still, somehow, never see it coming.

  5. As to the last story:

    Well, that wouldn’t happen if where they worked or shopped wasn’t a GFZ… just sayin’.

  6. There they go again, blaming law-abiding gun owners for “providing” guns to thieves. I wonder when they’ll get around to blaming women for providing sex to rapists.

    Mumble, mumble, something about the proliferation of short skirts among the 3% of women who are “super flirts,” mumble mumble…

  7. “Annie Thornhill, another local resident, said she’s concerned that silencers may be tested on the premises of the store, which could lead to safety issues for students at Manor.

    She said it is common for similar gun stores to test guns and silencers outside.”

    Wait, what? WTF is she talking about? I’ve been to quite a lot of gun stores in my time, and have yet to visit one where employees and patrons test out guns by stepping out the front door and popping a few rounds off toward the nearest school.

    How do these people come up with shit? How is it possible to be that dumb and survive to adulthood?

  8. “the court said that it was not enough that the members of a current court believed that a prior ruling was wrong. The decision to overrule, it said, should be guided by prudence and pragmatism.”

    Well, ‘prudence and pragmatism’ is what they will cite when a Clinton SCOTUS rules the 2A applies to the US government and not individual citizens.

    Uhm, yeah. ‘the people’ in the 2A aren’t the same ‘people’ in the 1A “the right of the people peaceably to assemble”, or the 4A: “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures,…”, or the 9A:” shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”.

    The other 9 of the ‘Top 10’ rights are limitations on government. But not the poor, lonely 2A.

    Progressives aggravate the ‘livin Hell out of me, they might drive me to crawl back in bottle after 15 years.

    (Not really, it’s a whole better out than in…)

  9. “The decision to overrule, it said, should be guided by prudence and pragmatism.”

    Shouldn’t it be guided by the law? This is why I could never be a lawyer.

  10. Yeah with only two days left to sign all those petitions it looks like “Veto Gunmageddon” is a bust! What a disappointment. Probably means CA gun owners won’t rally to defeat Gavin Newsom’s Proposition 63, either. There may be Democrat CA gun owners “bristling” over these laws, but they won’t take a stand for their 2A rights. And yeah they’ll keep voting for the Democrat Legislators that took their gun rights away. What a bunch of !#)&*%(!$ ! On the bright side, the rest of you may get some great buys on guns being sold out of CA when their owners can’t get ammo for them any longer…

  11. Didn’t we just discuss truck/trunk guns? Who doesn’t keep a weapon in n their truck? Ford puts 2 lockable spots in their trucks.

  12. Democrat gun owners. I’ve said it before. Millions of hunters, farmers, ranchers, and other gun owners who traditionally have voted Democrat…they just don’t really believe that THEIR guns are at risk here. They need to see what “Australian style” gun control, as suggested by Hillary, really means. Gun owners could carry this election, if so many weren’t so stupid!

    Chris Brown’s gun problem. Another black man who feels it is discrimination for him to have to follow the same laws as the rest of us. Tough S**t!

    Gun store. Yes, it is very possible that the shop was opened in order to make a profit–JUST LIKE EVERY RETAIL STORE IN THE WORLD! What are you, a Communist buffoon? Or just an idiot? Oh yes, the store owners must be stupid, too, as they had to know this would be controversial. Buy a gun in our store, walk across the street, get arrested. Brilliant.

    Guns left in cars. A big problem, but here are a couple of ideas. Don’t shop at Whole Foods or other places that are designated killing zones. If you must go to a place that is gun free, like your kid’s school, leave your gun at home. Another option: consolevault.com has an expanded line of products. It used to be limited to just a few popular pickups and SUVs, but it’s getting better. Not cheap, but a lot cheaper than a new Glock and having to live with the knowledge that YOU put a gun into the hands of a criminal.

    • We should pass a law against breaking into cars, and follow that with a law against stealing guns! That will take care of it!

      • Just carry your gun anyhow (properly concealed of course)–have it if you need it & won’t be there if your car is broken into

  13. Killeen? You mean, Killeen *TEXAS*??? I don’t believe it, unless that numbskull just arrived from NY or CA.

  14. So far, I’ve liked the Destiny update. I’ve only been playing the game at all for a bit under two months, but it’s been a blast. After 10 years, it’s the game that got me back into FPSs.

    If there’s anyone else that plays, I’m looking for fireteam members. I’m new to the game and just getting my bearings back in the genre, but I’m getting “it” back. At least my son, who’s a CoD and Clancy geek, is surprised how fast I’m getting it back. 🙂

    My xbone gamertag is Celebril63, if you’re interested.

  15. Interesting to see Scrap & Worthless already recalling another firearm, one just introduced no less–glad I swore off S&W a while back

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